What happens to the old HVAC units?

When we got our new furnace, I was so excited because they told us they would take it back with them.

After the HVAC technician and his crew left, I started to wonder about what happened to the furnace they took with them. We had that furnace in our house for almost thirty years. I didn’t want to see it sitting out in a junkyard and getting rusty. The furnace had never seen rain, snow, or any other type of weather. It didn’t deserve to be thrown out onto a pile of junk and forgotten. There would no longer be a friendly HVAC tech coming to visit every year. No one would come by to clean it, mend it and give it a new air filter. I began to cry as I thought about how lonely the furnace was going to be. My husband came in and asked if I was all right. He wanted to make sure nothing had happened and I told him how I was worried about the furnace. He told me it was a machine and it would be all right. He said it was just a pile of metal and it didn’t have feelings. For some reason, I went off on him and told him that it was our furnace and it was part of our home. That’s when he told me he would bring it back to the house if I wanted him to. I sat there, but I couldn’t imagine what I would do with a worn out old furnace that no longer worked. I called the HVAC company and asked them what they did with the old HVAC units. They told me that the HVAC units were torn apart and recycled. \

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