So many complications are happening with us

When our hubby and I purchased our house, we were glad by the historical integrity.

The beach house is close to two hundred years old. It has all the original structure, hardwood floors and plaster ceilings. The people I was with and I were excited by the sizable windows, hardwood stairway, high ceilings and intricate molding. The people I was with and I never considered how hard and high-priced the home would be to heat and cool. In the section we live in, we deal with harshly chilly winters and brutally hot and humid Summer seasons. The beach house was not equipped with ductlabor or any type of whole-home temperature control… For the first few years, we got by with electric space heaters, portable air conditioners and box fans. The people I was with and I shivered all Wintertide and sweated while we were in the summer. The heating and cooling equipment was high-priced to operate, ineffective and ruined the look of the house. I finally did some research and came across high velocity heating and cooling. This type of method features honestly tight, stretchy mini-ducts which can be snaked through existing walls and around obstacles separate from causing disfigure. The method works through aspiration, delivering heated/cooled air at a honestly high rate of speed and creating a gentle suction, but because of this, the heated/cooled air mixes with existing air suddenly to deliver charmingly even temperature control. The people I was with and I were able to have the high velocity Heating and A/C method installed separate from chopping down walls or investing in a sizable renovation project, but plus, the smaller vents blend seamlessly with decor and don’t detract from aesthetics. It is such a relief to have whole-home temperature control. Our home is comfortable all year long and because of exceptional energy efficient operation, we don’t drain our budget.


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