I had the same concerns with my furnace

I can’t stand having to handle the same problem twice. When I go through my to-do list for the week, I will know my eye begin to twitch if I see something on the list from the month before. Sure, there’s things you always have to do on a routine basis, such as picking up groceries, then however, I shouldn’t have to make a note to check on my furnace every week, plus verify that it’s laboring as intended, then about a month ago, I started to get headaches at night while trying to sleep. I felt like I might’ve just been dealing with head colds, but I wasn’t – it was absolutely a leak of carbon monoxide from the furnace in my basement! Imagine your air quality being quietly sabotaged by a silent, odorless gas that can entirely kill you. It’s enough to startle you, right? Well, the fear died down after the first week, as I had to make it a bi-weekly routine to go into the basement plus make sure the furnace wasn’t leaking again. The flue for the furnace seems to have a crack in it, but I can’t figure out where it is! Every time I know I’ve fixed the issue, the carbon monoxide levels in my basement begin to climb – plus the headaches come back. At this point, I know I’m just going to have to call a professional heating plus A/C serviceman to handle this issue, then clearly, I can’t figure out the problem – plus I can’t risk waiting around until the Spring, because that’s just going to end in disaster for me. I just hope that when I do get this Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service serviceman in here, he can service the problem instantly!

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