That is my philosophy

My philosophy with life has always been to just focus on fixing what I can now, and saving what I can for later.

Sometimes, saving things for later happens because I need to be better equipped – whether that means skills, finances, or whatever else is needed, then when our vehicle started having issues with the transmission, I knew that I needed to be careful with driving the car, and i also had to keep plenty of transmission fluid available, just to make sure I wouldn’t run out on the way home! The same philosophy applied for when our home’s air conditioning plan broke down.

When I had a consultation with a local heating and A/C repair serviceman, he gave myself and others a bid for repairs that was astronomical! It was undoubtedly cheaper for myself and others to buy and install a window A/C unit for our house, instead of getting the central A/C repaired. Ridiculous as that sounds, it was undoubtedly a actually effective way to make sure that the home stayed cool! The air quality in the kitchen – where the window A/C unit was installed – had improved considerably, too! By the time I could afford to have the HVAC serviceman come by and perform the necessary repairs, I had grown to almost care about the air conditioning plan that I installed in the window, and of course, I knew that I needed to make sure the central A/C was repaired, as I couldn’t just keep the plan broken, then that could lead to mold growth and worse! So, while I got the central A/C plan fixed, I hung onto the aged window air conditioning unit just in case.

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