I do not like having to worry

I have spent hundreds of dollars this year unintentionally… Because of our forgetful brain, I am never able to remember to do the little things every morning to keep our bills low and our house clean! One of our worst yet frequent mistakes is that I forget to adjust our thermostat before I leave the house, i have a normal manual thermostat that does not allow me to pre-program our week, but this means that if I want to adjust the temperature to a weird setting, I have to do it myself, but during the Summer, I try to turn the off whenever I am at work. Though it means that our house will be warmer when I get back, I recognize it saves me a lot of money in bills. But since I cannot remember to adjust the thermostat, I usually allow the to run all morning while I am gone, wasting enormous amounts of money. During the Winter, it has always been our goal to lower the thermostat. I don’t want our pipes to freeze, however I also don’t see why our house has to be 70 degrees when nobody is there. But it is usually 70 degrees because I don’t remember to change it. I am considering getting a new thermostat to solve this issue. I could get a digital thermostat that would allow me to pre-program our month so that I wouldn’t have to touch it again. If I wanted our thermostat to be any more convenient, I could purchase a smart thermostat that would allow me to program it, but it also allows me to adjust our oil furnace or from anywhere if I have our iphone. This way, I would never have to worry about wasting money on our Heating and A/C equipment!



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