I am a penny-pincher, and my HVAC use will prove it

I have been a penny-pincher since I was a kid.

While other kids were spending their allowance on something dumb like candy that would only last a few seconds, I was silently saving my money. While every other teen spent money on events and activities as teenagers, I found free ways to enjoy myself without spending a dime. Now that I am an adult, I have carried on my cheap habits. While this does not mean that I will not spend money or cannot spend money, I prefer to save money wherever I can. One of the ways that I do this is through my HVAC equipment. My thermostat is my most important money-saving device. In my house, during the Winter, I prefer to use my furnace as little as possible. I purchased a very efficient HVAC unit to cut down costs for heating. However, even with that extra savings, I bundle up while inside and turn my thermostat down until I am just comfortable enough with a sweater on. When I leave my home, I turn it down to 50 degrees, which is warm enough to prevent my pipes from freezing. I never use my HVAC equipment during the Spring or Fall, because it is never cold enough to need a furnace, and an air conditioner isn’t very necessary. During the Summer, my air conditioner is programmed to keep the temperature below 85 degrees. While some would argue that that is very hot, I will remind you that our ancestors have survived much hotter temperatures than that without an air conditioner of any kind.

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