I am pretty sure my air conditioner is letting water in through the window

I have an air conditioner that has been on its last leg for a long time.

The air conditioning unit is very old, and it looks like it has seen much better years.

The only reason that I have not gotten rid of the air conditioner is that it does a great job of keeping my room cold. Even though the air conditioner is ancient, it can make my room frosty in just a few seconds. Though I have been looking for an excuse to purchase a brand new air conditioner, I didn’t find one until today. This week has been a bad week for thunderstorms. However, it is still hot and muggy outside, so the air conditioner has been running for a long time. As I was looking at my air conditioner, I noticed a large gap under the air conditioner that was letting water inside of my house. As I looked closer, I noticed that the wallpaper and floor were taking on water, creating a lot of damage to my house. This was exactly the excuse that I needed to get a new air conditioner. I have never liked window air conditioners anyways, and I was interested in purchasing a ductless mini-split air conditioner instead. I would still have use of my window whenever I wanted, and there would be no need to pack the air conditioner in the attic during the Winter. It also works as a space heater and air purifier, which would free up a lot more space during different seasons. Better yet, I would no longer have water damage!

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