I have the components in the right position

All my life growing up all I wanted to do was be the boss for a big time company in the city.

  • I wanted to live a lifestyle that I was always seeing in movies and reading in books.

The fancy suits, the massive office, and the notoriety of course. Now that the years have passed into adulthood and I am in the exact position that I had always dreamed of however, I am sad to say that I am miserable. Whenever I go out for drinks with my best friend who works as a certified HVAC repair tech he always has so many cool and interesting stories to tell me from his day fixing and installing units. The way he describes his daily duties as an HVAC repairman couldn’t be any more different than what my normal day sounds like. I have expressed to him just how much I have been hating my office job for the past year, and my friend has offered me a very lucrative offer to work under him as an HVAC repair tech trainee. I would lose my job at my comfortable and safe company, but I think that is exactly what I need. Working with my hands installing state of the art a/c systems, helping people out, and staying active during the day. No matter what the change in yearly earnings is, nothing is more important than actually loving what you do in my mind. With some hard work and guidance from my friend I hope that working as an HVAC repair tech will be just that.


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