Our ongoing battle with corporate about the thermostat settings

Working in a large office has its distinct frustrations.

First, you have to spend most of your time sharing an office space with a lot of people, most of which you probably do not like.

The job is sedentary, which means that you spend most of your time sitting down and not being physical. This can prove to be extremely boring in the long one. However, one of the worst parts of the office is that our thermostat is controlled by a corporate office in a different state that has no idea what we need in our building. It wouldn’t be so bad if they set the thermostat to a certain comfortable temperature and let the thermostat control the air conditioner or furnace to keep the temperature constant all of the time. Instead of doing that, they just change the temperature constantly. Some days, they will decide that it is cool enough to not need an air conditioner. However, on those days, the temperature in our building will become very hot because of all the people that are crammed into a tiny space! Winter is even worse because the furnace will suddenly stop, allowing the room to cool down to where our fingers are shaking. We have argued with the corporate office, but they told us that by regulating the thermostat, they are able to cut costs more effectively. However, since we are in the office, we should know how to program the thermostat effectively. Also, keeping the furnace and air conditioner running will make our office more comfortable, which would improve the quality of our work!


a/c worker