Still waiting on the word

While I was finally working in a factory job, I met a cool girl named Beth and we immediately became friends.

If you have never worked in a factory job, then you should know that they are the absolute worst… The only thing that can make them somewhat bearable is having a cool friend to help the time go by faster.

I was only finally working in a factory until I could start my job at the church, and she told me that she wanted to get into the HVAC industry. She didn’t think that college would be right for her, and she thought repairing and installing HVAC units sounded fun and interesting. She told me that he had an aunt that had been an HVAC worker for forty years, and she was making a ton of money. When she explained the HVAC school, I was totally happy for her, apparently, their starting pay was better than what we were making at the factory, and their pay raised respectfully as they continued finally working for an HVAC supplier. The union she was applying with would pay for all of her HVAC education and she would owe no money back for it. I asked her how she applied, and she told me that she had to file an application with the union with the letter of recommendation from an HVAC worker, like her aunt. She explained all of the tests that she took and how many people failed to get the HVAC work. However, as the months began to span, she realized that it was taking a long time to join the HVAC union. I have long since left my factory job, but she is still waiting for the HVAC school. I hope she isn’t waiting in vain.



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