I was looking for the best deal

Our state recently made it so we could choose who our energy distribution can be.

Both of us can choose the corporation that has the cheapest per kilowatt rate, and have them for our distribution business.

I found rates that went from .05 cents per kilowatt hour, to .0708 cents per kilowatt hour. I took the time to stand down and figure out how many kilowatts per hour, our Heating & Air Conditioning used when running full-time. Right now, it is summer, and we are using our air conditioning all of the time. I was kind of surprised to realize that we used less kilowatt hours when the gas furnace was running, than when the air conditioning was running. I didn’t suppose that our window A/C component could possibly use so much energy. When I showed the results of our research to our hubby, she kind of shrugged and told me that it didn’t surprise him. She said that our window a/cs were getting quite aged now, and that would attribute to much of the higher cost. She also told me that if we were to get a couple of new a/c that had higher BTU, it would be much cheaper. I also didn’t take into consideration, the fact that during the summer, we were using our electric hot water heater. In the winter, since our gas furnace is legitimately a boiler system, our water is heated by the boiler. Now that it is summer, our boiler is no longer running, so we need to have the water heated with the electric hot water heater; and it is legitimately an energy hog.


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