A little air conditioner goes a long way

A little air conditioner goes a long way.

Me and my girlfriend recently moved into a small home that had no form of climate control. There were ceiling fans in a few rooms, and we brought a couple box fans with us. We were hoping that we would be able to open the doors and windows and use fans to circulate and cool the air throughout the house. Sometimes, this worked better than other times. With one of the hottest summers we have ever experienced in this town bearing down on us, we knew that it may not be enough. Going to the trouble of installing central heating and air was way above our budget, and we were not even sure if it was possible in this house. By late June, we knew we had to think of something, because the afternoons were typically in the 90s and there was high humidity! We finally decided that until we could think of something a little more robust, we would try to work with a couple window air conditioner units from the hardware store. We would put one in our living room and one in our bedroom. Many experiences in life are only a matter of perspective, and compared to the heat wave we had to experience before we got the window air conditioners, they felt like bliss! We still used the ceiling and box fans to circulate the cool air from the window A/C units around the house and it worked marvelously. We figured we could make it through the summer with nothing more than these two little A/Cs.

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