How do I get my company noticed with PPC?

As I work with HVAC companies on their ad campaigns, I find that they want to let people know what kind of HVAC machinery they are able to work on.

They bring in the name brands like Trane or Mitsubishi. Not all brands have that amount of accumulated information to draw from. Most HVAC companies cover only a very small area of customer and they have a small amount of traffic that will flow to their website during an average day. If you want your HVAC PPC to work, you need to allocate a very small piece of your budget to name brands. The rest of your budget needs to be centered non-branded keywords. Branded and Non-branded keywords are two types of keywords you will be using in your pay per click advertising campaign. Branded keywords are keywords that are related to your company, your brand, or a specific product. The click-through rates are amazing, but that isn’t always a good thing. Branded keywords don’t always give new customers to the HVAC company. Branded keywords are higher in ranking, but lower in the HVAC industry when you compare them to non-branded keywords. Branded keywords should only be used when protecting your brand with a small amount of spending. Non-branded keywords are very generic but still related to HVAC. Air conditioner, air quality or heat pump would be considered non-branded keywords. The non-branded keywords are more competitive and they do get lower click-through than branded keywords. The good news is that they also bring new business to your HVAC company so it can thrive. The goal in PPC is to put the proper keyword into Google so that when someone searches for ‘heating contractor near me’ your website will appear in the results.


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