I am either active or reclusive depending on the time of year

I’m either a shut-in, or an avid explorer of the outdoor environment depending on the season and probably not in the way you’re thinking.

If it’s hot and sunny outside, I’m sorry sun worshippers, but I’m indoors enjoying the air conditioner with the blinds and curtains drawn.

It’s more the heat I hate then the sunshine itself. Heat and humidity does not make me want to go anywhere, not even the beach! Why would I when I have a perfectly comfortable air conditioned home and a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture? I paid for all that fancy equipment, so why not use it? I didn’t just pay for it either, I maintain it faithfully. It’s the winter that makes me want to go out exploring. I love the brisk chill and the beautiful snowfall. I even feel more alive when it’s overcast and snowing; I know, I’m weird. While I like to go skiing, ice skating, and hiking during the winter, that does not mean that I don’t appreciate the warmth of my furnace at home. Staying indoors in the warmth can be quite enjoyable during the winter as well! I go the whole nine yards with a roaring fireplace, lit candles, a piping hot cup of tea, and curling up in a blanket on the couch with a good book! Sometimes, I like to go for a ride in the winter too. I’m pretty good at driving in snow and ice, and I’ll risk it just to see the countryside and all the pretty lights and decorations around people’s houses at Christmas. Of course, my robust heating unit in my truck has me covered when it comes to warmth!



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