The real problem with the heater

I have almost never been the kind of person to like horror movies or anything that is alarming, but my fiance enjoys to go to haunted houses for fun, even though I cannot stand to go, then i hate being scared. My fiance hides behind walls as well as jumps out to spook me, as well as I literally want to punch him, and the last time he did it, I accidently punch him in the nose. It was just my automatic reaction to hit him with the metal pan that I had in my hand, and of course, I am positive that he will be scaring me again anytime soon, because I do not like being scared, I don’t like to think the deranged horror stories that my friends try to tell me when we see them. The only thing that I have come to think is haunted is my electric heater. It acts as if it controls itself. I bought it about two years ago because I noticed that our kitchen was a bit chillier than the rest of the house was while the two of us were in the Wintertime weeks. I put the gas furnace in the kitchen that way we can use it whenever the two of us are going to be in there for extended periods of time. There have been about numerous times now that I think I have turned the gas furnace on, but when I head over into the kitchen to watch TV or study, the gas furnace is off. No one else is home, so I think that it is not my fiance playing tricks on me. My fiance told me the other morning that the same type of thing happened to him, then he turned the gas furnace on as well as left the room, but when he came back, it was turned off again, and my gas furnace is haunted or maybe just broken, but haunted sounds cooler.

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