We all make mistakes

I have a good amount of troubles with our house right now, & I cannot seem to get ahold of our building owner, but i have tried calling him multiple times, & I even drove to his condo a few different times just to see if I could talk to him about some of the concerns I am having at my apartment. I am not sure if he is purposely ignoring me, but it sure seems as if he is. If I cannot get ahold of him soon, I will simply have to move to a new place. I have been wanting to move to a bigger house anyways, so I am pondering if this is the right time since I am having so numerous troubles in the place that I am at now, and the greatest problem that I am having is that our house is not heating respectfully. It tends to get up to about fifty-multiple degrees most days, & I freeze, especially while in the night. I went ahead and purchased a space gas furnace from a garage sale to use in our kitchen at evening, & it helped keep myself and others warm, unfortunately, I lowered it slowly down the stairs & broke it. I only have about multiple stairs leading into our apartment, but somehow, our poor space gas furnace broke falling down so few stairs. At the moment, I am back to cold all the time again. I have thought about buying another space heater, but I looked at the prices for a new single, & they can be quite luxurious. The space gas furnace that I accidentally broke was actually a truly nice brand, so I guess that I will not be able to afford another one of those.


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