Where are these sounds coming from?

I don’t think that I have never been the kind of person to love horror films or anything that is terrible.

  • My annoying hubby prefers to go to haunted houses for fun, however I cannot rest to go, but I truly despise being scared.

My hubby hides behind walls as well as jumps out to petrify me, as well as I truly want to slap him, then the last time he did it, I accidently knocked him out. It was just my automatic reaction to hit him with the metal pan that I had in my hand, and without needing to be said, I do not think that he will be scaring me again anytime soon. Because I am not a fan of being scared, I refuse to guess the crazy horror stories that my friends try to tell me every so often. The only thing that I have come to guess is haunted is my electric heater. It has a mind of its own. I bought it about two years ago because I noticed that our residing room was a bit more chilly than the rest of the house was while I was in the Winter months. I put the furnace in the residing room that way we can use it whenever we are going to be in there for very long periods of time. There have been many times now that I suppose I have turned the furnace on, however when I go into the residing room to watch TV or read a book, the furnace is off. No a single else is home, so I suppose that it is not my hubby playing tricks on me. My hubby told me the other day that the same sort of thing happened to that guy! He turned the furnace on as well as left the room. When he came back, it was off, and our furnace is haunted or maybe just broken, however haunted sounds fun.

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