I need a getaway before I come unglued

It was this wonderful little beach front house.

I was on a little getaway last month, and I was entirely having the time of my life! Having booked this trip quite some time ago, I did it after earning a well deserved promotion at work. In all honesty, I was more timid about going on this getaway than I was excited! I had never taken a trip like this by myself, and I had never left the country before. I still have no idea what it was exactly, though I can tell you this: I had the most amazing time from the moment that I arrived at that vacation spot! I think one of the best parts of this vacation was the lovely place I stayed in. It was this wonderful little beach front house. It had incredible luxuries that any man would love to have! Despite how seriously hot it was down on that southern island, being able to come back to this perfectly air conditioned place after sitting on the sand and surfing for the day was just divine. Being someone that can’t stand always being overheated, the fact that I didn’t have to worry about being all sweaty was totally worth all the expenses of this trip. To be honest, I enjoyed the trip so much, I booked that same vacation and rental home for another trip in a few months. If not for the excellent air quality created by the perfect air conditioning system in that home, I don’t know if I would’ve enjoyed the trip half as much as I did!
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