It was a long day at work

Most afternoons while I am out on my 9-5 job, time seems to skip along pretty quickly.

I have always liked this work well enough, and I know that I want to be in this line of work for the long haul – always have been, ever since I was a teenager.

Working at this company though, I have also been lucky enough to make some amazing friends! I will be close with these folks long after my career as a Heating and Air Conditioning repair technician ends. Still, I like this work most days, and there’s still the occasional reminder that I prefer working in the field. In most circumstances where I am having a bad day on the job, it’s due to a terrible afternoon call in which I have to deal with some rude customer. I was trying to help this one lady, for example, who called over to the store and insisted that her brand new air conditioning unit was broken down beyond repair. I had my questions, so I drove over to her place and took an initial look at it for my own reference. It was painfully obvious that this “totally new” air conditioning system was years, if not decades old! This seasoned junk was worn, rusty and totally falling apart. It might have been the first air conditioning system ever crafted on this planet! I told the woman my concerns and my findings, and explained that the age of the unit is the problem. Before I could explain how I knew it was old, she instantly laid into me with the belligerence of a thousand dissatisfied customers. She began berating me, saying I was a liar and that I was out to get her! Luckily for me, I was able to pass her off to sales.



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