Making sure they take care of the replacement in due time

One great piece of advice that my mom and dad gave me years ago was this: when you’re paying for something by the hour, get it done right way before it’s too late! This advice has always stuck in my head through the years.

For example, a few years ago when my partner and I decided that it was time for us to get radiant flooring installed in our home.

We were so eager to get the new heating systems installed, as we’re getting older and less willing to put up with the northern cold weather. After so many years of dealing with cold weather all the time, it’s time for some real relief from it! The old heating system we had was this rusted old furnace, and we needed something to go along with it. After reaching out to the local Heating and Air Conditioning team to set up the appointment. I was told that it would be best if the people I was with and I were not present while the crew worked, and I could understand their logic. However, both of us were paying this company by the hour to install these floors, and we were told that this was a four hour job. They were fools to tell us that, because I sure as heck wasn’t going to let them take as long as they wanted while I waited for them to finish up! The replacement team was surprised to see both my wife and I in their presence, as they weren’t going to be able to take their sweet time to make as much money as possible. They got the job done on time though, and just to show some good faith, I still paid them for five hours of labor to show my gratitude.



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