The dreaded overnight shift really sucks when you work in a chilly hospital!

Don’t let anyone tell you that working the overnight shift at a hospital is anything but a form of punishment.

  • Being a respected registered nurse at this hospital has been a very lucrative choice for my career, but I can’t say I’m enjoying the night shift at this hospital.

The pay is a little bit better compared to working normal hospital hours, though I don’t see myself keeping this up. Adjusting our sleeping schedule hasn’t been the taxing part compared to getting through each night without freezing to death! That massive industrial grade heating and cooling system in the hospital doesn’t do me any favors. It’s a powerful and usually always running system, which I never notice in the day when there are thousands of people running around the hospital. The bulky medical instruments emit a ton of heat too, so the air conditioning isn’t really noticed. As you might have already pieced together by now, I hate the night shift! At one point, I was so cold that my teeth began to chatter. I struggled to find the thermostat for my floor in the hospital, and was upset to find that it was still locked to prevent tampering! I had no choice other than to call my wife, and have them bring in the portable heating system for my nurse station. While I can’t have any guests in my house, I also can’t freeze to death when I’m trying to take care of patients!

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