Trying to change the mind of a spouse, much like trying to breathe underwater

I met my wifey many years ago, and even then I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my days with her! Beginning a family together was definitely in the plans.

The first conversation that the people I was with and I had with each other felt like it was planned, yet so natural, so it was like we practically knew each other already – like real soulmates! Having met while I was on vacation I spent about a month on the remote island where she was from.

Before long, I decided I would go back to visit often until she agreed to move back to my country with me. I started to finally see how unusual the people I was with and I certainly were around each other, as it became clear to us that we weren’t as cohesive as we though. For the first few months of us living together, my lady and I would get into a tussle over me trying to turn on the air conditioning system whenever I was hot. See, back where she was from, they rarely ever used any form of air conditioning systems as they were accustomed to the heat. On top of this, most of the people on the island believed that air conditioning systems contribute heavily to the climate change phenomenon. It wasn’t until I took her through several lessons on how A/C systems work, and explained to my wifey how once in a while, the A/C system would have no affect on her health, she finally allowed it to stay on for the day! Times sure have changed!

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