Bought a house with bad heating in it

I purchased our house around one year ago to this day.

Both my mom and dad thought my girlfriend and I were insane.

My parents were so against us buying our new house that they even tried to bribe me with tickets and helping us hire an expert to find a different home! Despite what everyone was telling us, my girlfriend and I ignored all of the advice and ended up going through with the sale rather fast. Her and I have now been living in our lake house for a few weeks. There is no doubt in either of our brains that we might have rushed into this decision a bit too fast! One of the things that we were not able to recognize at the time was how poorly the lake house was heated. The only heating element in our giant house was a small gas furnace set up in the living room. Even with that heating system on the highest possible setting, my girlfriend and I were only able to enjoy the heating in one room. It was not warm enough to feel comfortable in, on a cold afternoon. I honestly have no clue how the previous renters were able to live here for so long. After several weeks of being forced to rely on thick wool blankets, the two of us finally decided to make the adult decision and invest in a brand new furnace. Now that we have our new oil furnace to keep us warm, it is much less annoying to be in the winter season.



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