Construction job needs to have a/c

It has been a real hot summer this year.

  • In fact, it has been so hot I feel like my face is going to stay pink forever.

I have been doing construction full time for the past year now. When I get home, I am sleepy & covered in sweat. All I want to do is rest down next to the cooling system unit. After a solid week of doing the same thing each day, I decided to make a change. I took a day off of work. On my day off I slept a bunch, watched Vikings, & soaked up all of the cooling that I could. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend & my friend at work, I never would have returned back to the construction job. Those two can be entirely persuasive. It was nice to take a small break though. Working outdoors with no cooling gets to a person after a while. I needed to be by our A/C device in order to feel better plus get back in gear. After soaking up the A/C for the day, I was feeling a little better with going back outside once more. It was like all my muscles were able to recharge plus finally able to cool down. I was able to go around easier plus build that much faster. I think that our job either needs to have A/C component on the task site, or the crew of us don’t work as long of hours. I just can’t stay in the heat, light plus humidity that long without seeing some drastic concerns, but even one afternoon off made a difference.


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