Getting hurt and staying home was awful

I am so happy to be back to work

I got really hurt at my job not that long ago. There was a crazy accident that could have happened to any one of us. It happened at the tail end of the afternoon. I got hurt by not having my pants tucked in properly. I had suffered an ankle injury that has laid myself up for around 2 weeks now. I have constantly been the type of person who prefers to be more on the stressed side too. So having so much time off is upsetting to me, not relaxing. So with all of the free time, I watched a lot of Sons of Anarchy. After I finished the seasons, I won’t watch TV again. I went to trying otu movies, knitting, playing on my phone and even trying painting for the first time in my life. Then I started to try my hand at reading. I started reading about HVAC. I wanted to keep up with the mental aspect of the job since I wasn’t able to physically task on our craft. Now that the time has finally gone by & our ankle is feeling nearly 100%, I have finally been able to return to task as a Heating & cooling system repairman! Going into the shop & seeing all of our coworkers so happy to see myself and others again, is one of the best feelings. I am so happy to be back to work. I am even more happy to help service & install heating & cooling units to help improve the lives of families all over the city. I will be more careful on the job site now plus not hurt myself again.

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