Sub shop had the best a/c and is the quietest place

When going to school, you need to find a good location to do projects! It is not easy because there are so many distractions that come with sitting around hundreds of young people.

  • It is harder than you can believe to find a location on campus where you can really focus.

Back when I was in private school, finding a quiet location to learn was the least of our concerns! Times change fast as a child. Most of our friends believe that the local bars nearby campus are nice spots to do projects. In my opinion those bars are just excuses to hang out & drink booze with friends. They are there to chat plus enjoy the free cooling system for as long as possible. I appreciate making fun of the booze and bar people plus the free cooling system. But, I will admit it is an alright atmosphere to study. I have found that the best locale to do projects is at the local sub shop on campus. This might seem seem like a weird thing to say, but kids around here don’t use the campus sub shop. I appreciate the sub shop for many reasons. They have wonderful AC, great seats, wonderful food plus the Wi-Fi is charming. The silence might be the best reason to be in a sub shop. I have started going there to read & do work on all of our projects. I have seen an increase in my own productivity & my grades are turning out to be decent. I just needed the right temperature control program plus a wonderful spot to hear my own thoughts.


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