Monthly utility bills

Sometimes, my energy bills get quite out of hand, and I just do not understand why they are so high & they only get higher each month. I did a little research & found a few energy saving tips. First & foremost, people are advising that you turn your air conditioning system to as high of a setting as you can in the hot seasons! Even a few degrees difference can undoubtedly save you a bunch of cash at the end of the year in your annual energy bills. The same goes with the chilly seasons. Turn your heating to as low of a setting as you can to save cash in the end, and when your air conditioning system & heating doesn’t have to labor as hard to attain the desired temperatures, it saves cash on energy. Another good tip Iearned is that you always make sure you are closing the doors to the rooms that you are not using. When your heating & air conditioning system devices do not need to work as hard to heat or cool to a comfortable temperature, then again, you do not need to spend as much on your energy. Then another popular tip I heard was to make sure you turn off your air conditioning system or heating when you are not in the house. It seems pretty obvious, however I was undoubtedly surprised at how often my family would keep the air conditioning system or heating on despite us not being there to utilize  the energy. With these tips I was able to drastically bring down my monthly energy bills. I often share these tips that I learned with my friends and family so that they can save money as well.

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They are sticking with me through the day

Just last year, my buddy and I wanted to go on a long road trip. I asked him where exactly he wanted to go and he said he wasn’t sure, he just needed to get away from his life and from work. He mainly wanted to get away from a lot of the responsibilities and tasks needed for his day-to-day work. I, on the other, hand really enjoy travelling.  I really enjoy my job too, and I get paid quite well. I work as an a/c serviceman and I repair people’s HVAC systems, and trust me, there is almost always a need for people’s a/c’s or furnaces to be repaired. Of course we have our busy moments, which are typically at the beginning of winter or summer. When summer season rolls around people will turn on their a/c for the first time in the year and realize that it’s broken or in need of servicing. The same could be said about their heating when they first turn it on and realize that it is also in serious need of a repair. In this part of the country, it is pivotal that you have an operational HVAC system, because it can get drastically chilly and hot in the extreme seasons of the year.  We truly get a lot of snow with dangerously low temperatures as well as freezes. Then when summer season rolls around we see the opposite, with ridiculously high temperatures and heat waves throughout the entire season. So I must say that living in this section of the country is truly a blessing for us in the heating and a/c repair business.

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Nothing is going to ruin this

Last weekend was me and my boyfriend’s first year anniversary. He took me out to a wonderful Italian restaurant that we both really enjoyed. I got my favorite Italian dish: chicken parmesan and he got his favorite pasta dish too.  If there was one thing wrong with this date night, it was the faulty air conditioning blowing really cold air throughout the restaurant. Normally the atmosphere is truly wonderful and the temperature is at a comfortable degree. This time, though, it was truly chilly. I had to make a comment to the waiter and he replied that the a/c was broken and constantly running full tilt. I asked if there was any chance of a service anytime soon and he replied that the a/c service business was on their way as we spoke. I was so thankful to hear that, because I was genuinely enjoying our date and I genuinely wanted to continue it. I asked my boyfriend if he wished to stay as well and he said absolutely. Nothing was going to ruin our first year anniversary date. Not even chilly temperatures from a broken air conditioning. We ended up staying and shortly after I made the comment to the waitress the air conditioning repairmen arrived and fixed the issue in 15 minutes flat. They then turned on the heating to compensate for the cold temperatures. Our food turned out wonderful and we genuinely enjoyed the rest of our meal.  I can’t wait for our two year anniversary or perhaps a marriage proposal.

What do we do now?

My fiance did not have much to do. I am a take charge kind of person. I make lists until I can’t make any more lists. I prefer following through with projects! We’ll, we decided to buy a condo before we got married. I wanted to have our cabin all set up and settled in before we got married so after the honeymoon we could just start our lives together. Buying a cabin is a massive deal. There are so many more little things to take care of than you could ever imagine. I had no clue about all the maintenance I would have to deal with each day. So, I decided I was going to delegate a little bit of the household to-do list. I asked my fiance to search out HVAC providers. I didn’t know anything about heating and cooling plan details! And, for some reason, I just assumed he would understand it all better being a guy. Boy was I wrong, and he was just as lost as I was when it came to the search. He didn’t even know where to begin, honestly. So, he called the first HVAC provider in the city that he could find. That was not a great idea. The local HVAC provider looked to be around 70 years old! He looked as if he had no real idea what he was doing anymore and finally, I decided to step in. I jumped on my laptop to start to search out as many HVAC providers as I could. I created a cross comparison chart as to what they offered in terms of heating and cooling. I tried to see who had more reviews online and I went from there.

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I’ve always understood climate control

Every year there is a group of us from our high school days that gathers for a reunion camping trip! Honestly, I genuinely love most aspects of our annual trip. It is pretty amazing that all of us have been able to stay in touch over these many years. To me, the bonds you make in school are important. I dislike losing more of our lives as we enter into the adult world. So, these camping excursions are usually pretty fun! All of us will rent a handful of cheap cabins by the lake. This way if people want to camp in tents they can do so, or they can hang in the minimal comfort of the cabins. I say minimal since they don’t have lavatories at all! You have to go down the road to the shower house. And there is no such thing as an air conditioning system in the woods. It isn’t usually that bad, really. But recently, the weather has been odd with unpredictable heat waves one after another! The ceiling fans in the cabins don’t do any good. So, this year, I rented a portable window box a/c unit. I was a bit worried that I was going to get teased relentlessly for it. But honestly I didn’t care that much. If there was anything I couldn’t stand, it was not being able to sleep due to too much heat! Well, let me just tell you, this most recent summer season was one of the worst summer heat waves on record. And, when I pulled out my portable air conditioning system from the trunk, nobody laughed at me! Soon, actually, everyone was hoping to be in my cabin!

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We’re looking for new HVAC technology

Lately I haven’t been able to find any relief for my allergy symptoms. For as long as I can recall, I have been suffering dust sensitivities. I have also found there is a marked lack of understanding when it comes to dust sensitivities! What people don’t stop to understand is that when dust sensitivities and the air they breathe come together, there are significant consequences created. Air filters in heating and cooling systems are essential to someone who suffers from dust sensitivities. If you aren’t sure to clean out your filters as often as is directed, then the air you breathe is going to infect a person with dust sensitivities’ lungs in a bad way. In the last decade there have finally been some new and worthwhile developments in the arena of dust sensitivities and air filters. One of the newest market trends in the Pure Air Filter System, and I can tell you that I have never believed that we could experience anything like it! The air is so crisp, one would almost think that they were in the mountains breathing in the clean, fresh air. I have never felt so great as I did after using this particular air filter system. I have looked for flu symptom solutions for years with no luck, which means for me this new development is like a dream coming true! Now my goal is to try and have this type of filter available in our own home. However, my partner doesn’t suffer from any type of symptoms from allergies, so he has little patience nor any understanding when it come to my allergy symptom struggles. He thinks that I overreact more often than not. I expect this will be interesting for sure!

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We can improve this

I was the last of my siblings to leave my parent’s house and go off to college! I knew that my parents were nostalgic, but they also seemed a bit excited to have the house to themselves again. I don’t blame them at all, especially because they raised seven kids. The majority of their lives were spent raising kids, so now they could focus on themselves. I knew they were planning to take a nice getaway and to upgrade the house in a few ways. I was so excited for them! During my first school break I planned a trip in the middle of winter to visit my parents, and when I called to tell my dad the fantastic news, he sounded super excited. He told me that he had a surprise at the house. I didn’t know what to expect. The next week, I arrived in my hometown and was looking forward to spending a cozy break in my parent’s house. What I did not expect to find was that my parents had installed radiant floors. I was blown away at this huge improvement from their outdated boiler furnace! It made a big difference. I could walk around the house without slippers or socks and never feel the cold. It heated the entire house evenly, so there weren’t any random chilly areas to be found. Turns out, it was more cost effective and efficient than any other system too! I loved this improvement. I was so excited for my parents to be able to enjoy it for years to come!

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It’s freezing cold in here

Ever since I moved out of my parent’s house, my dad has been giving me direction on how to maintain my new home. I felt that it was thoughtful of him to worry about me and that he wanted to make sure that my first house owning experience was successful. After a while, however, it felt overbearing. He was calling every day with warnings and it just gave me anxiety. Every one of his phone calls began with either “Did you remember to….?” or “Don’t forget to….”  I eventually started to tune it all out. I was ridiculous to not take advantage of his advice. Right before winter began, he told me to schedule an HVAC inspection with a heating professional. He said it was precautionary, but it is important to ensure that the oil furnace is in working condition before I need it. When he told me this, I tuned him out. I couldn’t listen to another warning from him. I ended up telling him I did the inspection so that he would just stop talking about it. I never should have lied! My furnace was working nice for the first few weeks of winter, but when the weather got down too low, and my furnace started to work harder, it quit on me. My furnace shut off in the middle of the coldest night. I woke up chilly and freaked out. I called my dad and told him the truth about the inspection. He abruptly drove over to pick me up and set an appointment for a professional to look at my furnace the next morning. It turned out to be a small maintenance problem that was preventable. Dad does know best!

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I’m trying to remain a proud person

I toil in the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business. I have been thinking of starting my own business for a while. It seems like a really hazardous thing to do, taking on a company; But, I think like there is a safe market in the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C industry today. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company I have been really toiling for the last ten years has been seeing a big stream in business ever since the discussion of weather conditions change entered into the news force. It’s as if just mentioning something about it made me go straight to buying and not even researching the scientific research. However, I actually belief that climate change is real. The temperature and weather conditions that every one of us are seeing on a quarterly and seasonal basis are harshly hazardous when you stop to really inspect the issue; you cannot explain it away anymore when you have 80 degree weather 1 day, and it hails the following week. Since it looks like it is here to stay, people are buying HVAC units at a very rapid pace. They are finding the importance with the drastic weather and temperature changes that occur yearly at a rapid speed right now. And with Heating, Ventilation plus A/C units and greater usage comes repairs and service. This is great for a business owner in the HVAC field. So, I went to my dad yesterday and begged him to help me get a business loan so that I could develop my own business. I have to tell you, that look of reverence is the best look of all to get from 1 of your parents. I haven’t see it frequently.

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This is incredibly reliable

Since the winter was coming, all the temperatures were dropping very quickly. Our Heating plus A/C unit had been on the decline for months! It only partly worked most of the time, plus it seemed like all of us were paying for more than it was worth. I just didn’t want to risk not having heating in the depths of a Winter season, when Heating plus A/C repair calls cost many times more than they did off season. Thankfully, I saw a heard on the radio about refurbished Heating plus A/C units. With the frosty weather coming in, they have been broadcasting more about these units for decreased income families to be sure no 1 was literally left in the frost. I told our hubby about it, plus he wanted some more information. So, all of us made the choice to go down to our neighborhood Heating plus A/C provider store plus learn a little bit more about what a refurbished unit is like. It undoubtedly wasn’t as exhausting as I thought. Often these used systems were taken out of apartments that just desired to get the next fancier model, without undoubtedly anything being incorrect with them. However, there was no real guarantee on the lifespan, so the Heating plus A/C provider offered their quarterly maintenance checks as a free alternative for many years. That seemed pretty sufficient to me. Emergency calls were 30% off, which means we could probably afford it. I couldn’t believe our luck as I heard our hubby telling the technician that he would look forward to going ahead with this plan, since he is always so pushy on money! It made me feel a lot more confident about this decision, and we have our new (to us) HVAC unit on the way.

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