Good air purifier for the home


     Never before had I heard of an air ionizer until my Heating and A/C corporation suggested  I install one in my home. These devices don’t use fans or filters to remove pollutants from indoor air.  They use electrically charged air molecules which effectively fight against particulates, smells, mold, bacteria, dust and all sorts of contaminants.  An air ionizer successfully maintains healthier indoor air conditions, making it easier to breathe. They are ideal for people who suffer from dust irritations, asthma, and other respiratory-related ailments.

                They are not very expensive, require little service, and are installed into existing Heating and A/C equipment.  Because I live in a place with really severe weather all year round, there is rarely a time when I can open a window and invite in some fresh air.  I worry about energy waste and have my house tightly sealed up.. I operate either the oil furnace or the air conditioner constantly.. The ducts brings in allergens such as dust, dander, and pollen, and there are added sources of pollution in nearly every room.  Cooking smells, the family pet, carpeting, pesticides, and personal hygiene products all create troubles.

               The air ionizer uses electricity to create negative ions and then discharges them into the air.  The negative ions attach to the dust and other pollutants and create dense particles which can no longer float in the air.  These heavy particles fall to the ground, and can then be swept up or vacuumed away. No only does this better the health and cleanliness of the home, but it also helps to keep heating and cooling systems clean and running efficiently.  The air ionizers reduces Heating and A/C service needs and fosters more reliable operation.

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Thermostat by a remote control

My neighbor Greg is getting ready to sell his home, and he has lived there for thirty years however has decided to downsize a bit. He hired a realtor who has the reputation of being a pitbull.  She immediately set a sale goal and says that she has only missed a sale goal once in her twenty year career. She came to the home and made a list of all the things Greg had to do before she would list the house. She wanted all the Christmas decorations down by December 27th. She wanted the couch covered or removed. She told him to paint the dining room and the bathroom. She also said that the home should be exactly 68 degrees during a showing.  That, according to her, is the ideal temperature. It is cool for everyone, however not cold. It is warm for others, however nowhere near too hot. On a hot afternoon, the home will feel cool. On a freezing afternoon, the home will know warm. He took her advice and called my trusty heating and air conditioning guy. He has been Greg’s go-to heating and air conditioning guy for almost 20 years. He has worked for four different heating and air conditioning companies in that time, however Greg has been loyal to him at each. Greg called him and he was there the next morning. Greg asked him if there was a way that the thermostat could be controlled remotely so that she could set it or change it just before a showing. The heating and air conditioning technician told him that there was no way to do that with his current system. Instead, he recommended a programmable thermostat. That way Greg could tell the system what temperature to switch to and at what time to do it, and additionally, the thermostat comes with a smartphone app. Greg can use that app to adjust the temperature in the case of a last minute showing at the house.

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Climate control for dogs

We decided we wanted to go into business for ourselves and with our love of pets opening a doggie daycare was what we decided we wanted to do.  We started researching all of the things that would be required and found that in order to compete with other companies we needed to offer amenities that they didn’t.  We have everything from a play yard to a full spa where you could get your pet groomed while you were at work however the most pressing thing that we featured was our heating, ventilation and a/c system, and because we have long-term boarding as well we needed to make sure that all of our pet guests would be as comfortable as possible during their stay.  We knew it would be extravagant however my business partners and I decided that we wanted to install mini split HVAC units in each area of the building, by having several of these units will insure us the capability of decreasing the temperatures individually so that each of the areas would be comfortable for pets that needed it either warmer or colder. Having this feature meant that if you brought your dog or pet in to be boarded and they liked it colder or warmer we could set them up in the room that would accommodate them perfectly. These days pet owners, in several cases, consider their pets to be their four legged children and they want them to be treated as such. The upside of this attitude is the fact that they are willing to pay to have them pampered while they are away. This means that our business will thrive so long as we provide them with the services.

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central a/c is a gamechanger

Because I live in the northern part of the country, air conditioning is not actually necessary.  For the majority of the year, the weather is cold as well as damp. We experience various months of temperatures below freezing, and it’s not unusual to experience negative temperature control readings.  While our summer season is short, it is often terribly humid and hot. For quite several years, I managed with some box fans in addition to a couple of portable A/Cs. I always hated the way these units looked, and wasn’t pleased with giving up the view from my windows to install the A/Cs.  The box fans did little more than blow dust around, and I was constantly tripping over the electrical cords. I finally decided to spend the money on central cooling, and I figured I would actually regret it. Once the central air conditioning was up and running, I couldn’t imagine how I ever got along without it.  Whole-home air conditioning provides way more than just relief from the heat. I can now keep my windows shut tight, I avoid a whole bunch of dust, fumes, as well as noise. I don’t need to dust and vacuum every couple of days. I don’t hear the neighbor’s dog barking, traffic or lawn mowers. I sleep better at night and think more productive during the day.  My house is not only cooler and more comfortable, but it is also healthier. I suffer far fewer headaches, sore throat, sinus infections and chest congestion since installing my central cooling system. With less moisture in the house, there is also less opportunity of mold and mildew growth. This improves indoor air quality levels.

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Full career in HVAC

After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I was not ready to head off to college and invest a bunch of money in classes I might never need.  I knew that I needed to get a job while I figured things out. I ended up getting hired at a local heating, ventilation and a/c business.  I started out sitting in the office, handling the calls. I’d set up scheduling for the repair workers, take care of inventory and fill out all of the necessary paperwork.  Every now and then, one of the workers would need some help on a job and bring me along. I started learning more about the upgrade, repair and repair of all types of heating, cooling and air quality equipment.  As I became more knowledgeable, I got more interested in the job. The owner of the business finally suggested that I start training to become a certified heating, ventilation and a/c technician. Since I had no better ideas, I took the necessary classes and exams and earned my NATE-certification.  At first, I only handled the seasonal repair and minor repair calls. Over the years, however, I’ve become qualified in every aspect of heating, ventilation and a/c service. I supply the full range of heating, ventilation and a/c services to both giant corporations and local homeowners. I’m frequently on call for emergency repair 24/7.  What started out as a temporary part-time job has turned into a career that I’m exceptionally proud of. I love that I can help people out by saving them money, improving their comfort, and resolving sudden troubles.

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HVAC is super updated

Way back before I was born, my dear old dad was a complete musicaholic. He went to school for music, was regarded as a professional percussionist all across the state, and regularly guest starred on local tv shows as the musical visitor, as well. ALl of that is in his past and he rarely talks about his past as a professional musician and minor celebrity. The only souvenir of this past life is his vinyl collection.  His aged record collection is legitimately big and he really has found some of the most precious albums on earth. To this day it is still fascinating to me to calmly flip through all of his vinyl stacks and read the titles. He literally has an entire room of his apartment devoted to his collection, but the problem is that he hasn’t outfitted the room to care for his albums. There is so much mold and mildew that has taken hold of most of the precious albums. I am not sure if the collection can actually be saved from this stuff, which has taken over at this point. The Heating & A/C proposal at their apartment is super aged and I’m pretty sure it does not do much to maintain the indoor air quality. That’s why it always feels damp and musty in their house, promoting the growth of mold and mildew all over his prized possessions.  I’m hoping that if I can buy him a new modern AC system and oil furnace package at the “friends and family discount” rate in town, perhaps their indoor air quality would be improved to the point that at least no modern mold and mildew will grow.

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The climate control should be better

Travelling surely is a number one interest of mine personally. There are few things in this world as rewarding and enjoyable as seeing weird and modern places all around our great planet. Ironically, while we all know how exciting and nice as travelling can be, it can also get so very irritating and stressful when things go wrong. In modern times there is a great need for heightened security at every step of your travel plans, so the process really has been complicated to a particular degree. Just working to move through security and so forth can be quite a hassle. For this reason actually, I’ve been limiting my casual travel plans. I’ve had enough of the constant stress. The last time I flew, for instance, I got held up right when the Heating & A/C proposal quit working. I was in a long line, stuck within the winding ribbons that managed the crowd, to have my passport checked and then the AC system stopped doing its job. That little air current was so crucial, I learned quickly. It was a shock when the temperature control went off, and it was doubtless that everybody noticed it instantly when the cool air stopped flowing. A wave of claustrophobia erupted right that moment from the Heating & A/C system’s failure, when suddenly everyone became a bunch of sardines, crammed in a tepid can together. The cooling system was the last thing making us dignified human beings at that point. When the temporary temperature control breakdown was announced over the intercom, chaos erupted and everyone began to throw a fit. The whole airport was shut down until the HVAC unit could be repaired.

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We have portable heating and air

As I neared the age of retirement, I started to consider buying a small place away from the rat race of the big city where I could just get away from it all. Living in the northeast, I realize that our winters can be pretty taxing but the other seasons are pretty great: not too warm or too cold during spring, fall, or even summer. Well, I found a little cabin about 45 miles from my house in a secluded wooded area. The cabin was only about 650 square feet but it was quite quaint. And I really loved how it looked as you drove down the long wooded driveway. I knew the HVAC unit at the cabin was outdated and the price had been lowered a bit to compensate for that fact. I called out a neighbor who owned a local HVAC business. Come to find out he owned a lodge not far from mine so he was very familiar with the area. He also knew what it would take to get a great HVAC idea that would make my time at the cabin the most comfortable. He advised a forced air gas furnace and a humidifier added to the unit. That way the lodge would be heated and the air quality would be unquestionably comfortable. This all sounded fantastic to me so I agreed. In a few afternoons my new HVAC idea was installed. When winter came to the northeast, I escaped to my cabin in the woods and was unquestionably comfortable with my new gas furnace and the air quality due to the humidifier was excellent. I should have done this many years ago!

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This is comfortable

A few years after my mother died, my dad called me up and wanted my help in getting him a new HVAC system for his house. My mother had seemed to be freezing all the time so the furnace was consistently turned up in the long winter months. My dad said that his furnace was making some weird noises and he felt it was undoubtedly time to get a new one. Even so, he did not even know where to begin. I looked up a few choices on the internet and printed them out for my dad. He said he didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles in a furnace. He just needed to heat his house and keep it comfortable all winter long. I also showed him a few options like adding a humidifier to a furnace and how that would make the air quality more comfortable to him. He listened to my suggestions and nodded. Then we called out a HVAC business to provide us a quote for a new HVAC system for my dad’s house. The HVAC professional laid out all the options with beautiful color brochures. After a bit, my dad asked about having a humidifier added to the system. So he had undoubtedly heard what I had said!  In just a few days my dad’s new HVAC system was installed and I went over for a visit. The house was pleasantly warm, the air quality quite comfortable. The humidifier was undoubtedly doing the job. My father said he wished he would have known about a humidifier when my mother was alive as he felt she would have really liked how it makes the house feel.

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This is my passion

I had lived in the southern section of our country for my entire lifespan. I was born there and was also raised there; it had long been my home. So when I was gave a promotion that required me to pick up and move to the northeast section of the country, I had no idea what it would really be like. I moved north in the summertime. I did not know what to expect at all. The temperatures were mild as well as very comfortable, actually. It didn’t get too hot during the day and it was often cool and dry at night. I was used to humidity and heat almost all the time. The house I was renting had a fairly up-to-date HVAC system, at least that is what the director of the property told me. The a/c was almost not needed at all during that first warm season or in the fall in the northeast. When the weather started to turn cooler and the air was crisp, I learned that a fantastic furnace was vitally important in this region. The first legitimately cold snap brought the furnace on as well as the control component set for 69 degrees. The house felt pleasant and comfy. The colder it got, you see, the more the furnace was an incredible part of our comfort while at home. Within a few years, I decided that this was the place I wanted to stay as well as so I bought a loft not far from my job. I knew that one of the most important things to look for when buying a loft here in the northeast is a fantastic HVAC system.

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