The story of how Gran and Pops got their first air conditioner.

One of my favorite parts of visiting my grandparents is sitting at the kitchen table eating pie and ice cream while listening to them telling stories. Gran and Pops have lived a very long, happy life, and they have very clear memories of what life was like when they were young. Their favorite story to tell has to be the one about when they got their first air conditioner. They got married around the time that the air conditioner became a standard household commodity. Pops worked long hours at his small grocery store, and Gran helped here and there with whatever sewing people paid her to do. The lived comfortably, but they had to budget and watch their finances very carefully in order to live that way. At the time, the air conditioner was still a bit pricey. Gran says they had to save for a solid two months in order to afford one without going into debt. Pops came up with ways to sell more at his store, and Gran took on more sewing jobs as well a babysitting in town. Slowly, by earning a little extra here and skimping a little there, they put together the money for that new air conditioner. They said that the day the workers came to install it was one of the best days of their lives. They were amazed how much more comfortable their lives were with this new technology. The old air conditioner was nothing compared to the ones we have today, but back then, it was a top-of-the-line model. To this day, Pops says he’s never seen an AC unit that could compare to the one they had back then.

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Appreciated a heated home

I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world when I was asked to be part of a scientific expedition to the South Pole.  The Antarctic was going to be a big adventure and I couldn’t wait until I got to go.  I always hated the way my dad kept the thermostat down low, but I was glad for it because I would be able to get used to chillier temperatures.  When I got off the plane at the southern tip of Africa, I knew it did not prepare me.  The cold was a tangible thing, and I ran, even though my muscle were stiff, for the inside of the airport.  I then found out that this was just a quick stop before our final destination.  The inside of airplane was every bit as cold as the outside air, and we were off.  I was watching it snow inside, from the breath I was emitting.  When we landed and got to the barracks that would be my home for three months, I was devastated.  There was a row of cots that was our beds, and the inside was about fifty degrees.  We were handed special clothing and warned to keep a close eye out for frostbite.  There was a small gas furnace that had a hard time keeping the temperature at fifty, but we got a few extra heating degrees out of the furnace, about once a week, for our showers.  When I finally got to go home, I was thrilled.  I turned up the thermostat to the furnace, and snuggled under the covers.  It took me about two days to finally get warm.  I never want to be without a good furnace again.

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Company HVAC won’t work

I work for the city’s local Heating as well as A/C company. I am the receptionist in the office. I take calls from our loyal patrons, schedule appointments, and do some light filing. I have been at this work for over 11 years. I like it for the most part. It is respectfully a simple work and I get paid a terrific wage. However, there is a new manager at my work. He is trying to break costs. He had just laid off a couple of the Heating as well as A/C professionals. He is not taking correct care of our own building. It is frustrating… Last month the Heating as well as A/C company’s office building was so very cold. That was because our Heating as well as A/C plan was not working, then our new office manager never had one of the Heating as well as A/C professionals repair it in the fall months, however now that it is the start of Wintertime, it is not working. Everyone in the office was annoyingly cold. I had to wear my sweater and gloves while I was working. I thought that was so darn unprofessional. I thought our boss would have let us go cabin until the Heating as well as A/C plan was working. But he just told us to continue working. He did not even apologize for his many mistakes. The first Heating as well as A/C professional he found he asked to repair the office Heating as well as A/C system. This person had other appointments all day, but spent over three hours servicing our equipment. He would be behind on his other appointments all day long because our manager was not fantastic at his work. Thankfully I only have 18 months until retirement. I hope I can last that long. Each day feels like a new battle with this manager.

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rental car a/c

Last summertime my partner and I decided to take a trip across the country. Both of us had never fully explored the west coast, so both of us were both undoubtedly excited for it. Both of us flew into a important village and then rented a car to get around. Both of us really wanted to visit some national parks and see some sights. Both of us planned to travel a significant distance in our rental car. The car both of us ended up getting was a measly compact car. It was so tiny. Both of us did not guess about the terrain on that coast. It is undoubtedly mountainous, so the car had a strenuous time going up and down the long and winding roads. There were multiple times when both of us thought the car would not make it another mile. My partner and I were having a good time regardless of our tiny car though. However, when both of us crossed a state line, both of us realized that the temperatures inside the rental car were getting quite warm. Both of us had turned on the a/c earlier in the day, but now the little car’s a/c did not seem to be working appropriately. My partner held her hand in front of the a/c vent. There was no cool air coming from the vent. Both of us were way out in the middle of nowhere, so both of us had no option but to roll down our windows and allow the strong breezes to cool us down. Both of us would have to wait until both of us got to a village to find a good mechanic. My partner was not too upset because she is always too cold anyway. I am always feeling too hot though. I knew that I would be perspiring through my shirt within an hour.

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Heater broken

I am a creature set in my habits. My preferred pop shop is situated down the street from our modern home plus I go there to relax in the sizzling environment. I usually go there to get some homework done, even though I find myself spending too many hours with a enjoyable book on some days. They serve the best coffee. The ambiance is snug and cozy, so it is easy to get comfortable plus lose yourself for hours in a book. I go there very often for these reasons and more; they even suppose myself and others by name! A few weeks ago, when school had been cancelled due to a immense snowstorm, I walked down to the pop shop to get some task done. I was so glad to see it was open. I settled in with our preferred tea plus a stack of homework assignments. A few hours into our visit, the old gas furnace started to make some funny noises. The director looked alarm, which made many of the customers also guess a bit of panic. All of us started to guess the heat escaping the little cafe. The furnace was certainly seasoned so it broke down after now working certainly strenuously to keep the store warm! I felt so bad because the staff was clearly frazzled. They had to close up shop for the remainder of the day to take care of this issue, which was disappointing. I tried to help by providing an HVAC recommendation. This very thing happened at our Grandma’s modern home last year, so I understand  how difficult it can be to get this resolved. I hope they resolve this HVAC problem abruptly though so that I can spend time in our preferred cafe again.

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Installing an air cleaner

My most despised time of year is the Springtime. Many people find this shocking, even though I am easily loathe this season. My flu symptoms flare up during this time of year. I live in a pretty sizzling region of the state, so I start using our cooling equipment at this time. No matter how often I wash the filters in our central a/c unit, the lack of fresh air plus mediocre filtration system causes our flu symptoms to worsen greatly. If I open windows, the pollen makes myself and others guess worse. If I keep them closed up and then continue to circulate processed, unfiltered air, I struggle to breathe comfortably. I often wake up wheezing, with puffy, itchy eyes plus a runny nose. I take flu symptom tablets twice every day to try to combat this, however it does nothing to improve our condition. I called up our mother to ask her what I should do about this because I have had enough. She told myself and others that she had an acquaintance of hers who had installed a modern filtration system that has certainly helped her breathe better. She recommended to me that I call an HVAC supplier to gain a free inspection. I was hesitant at first because this sounded as if it would be an immense investment.  Since I am a modern homeowner, I finally decided that this really would be something worthwhile. I would be able to breathe certainly for years or decades to come. I finally made the call plus tied up an inspection appointment for next week. This appointment cannot come soon enough.  I am beyond thrilled because this will be the first step towards a better, more breathable life!

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Any type of heating issue

I truly like to camp… I have been a camping fan since I was a small child. I have several sisters who were all girl scouts, but so, they knew how to camp very well in addition to do it right, the outdoors is an amazing adventure when you are camping, but you miss out when you do it any other way than staying in a tent, then well, our fiance turned out to not like camping as much as I did… She loved to travel, as I did; But, roughing it in nature in addition to camping was simply not her cup of tea. She was all about needing a reliable heating unit. She wanted to ‘camp’ in a modern apartment with a fireplace in addition to an Heating in addition to A/C unit. I had a taxing time getting up and on board with this at first. I absolutely loved the outdoors in addition to sleeping on the ground personally. I ran warm as a bottom line, so any type of heating was never a pressing issue for me. I knew if our sisters found this information out they would absolutely tease him in addition to me relentlessly. So, I decided to compromise with him a bit. I told him that I would be willing to book a apartment for one week of indoor ‘camping’ with her all inclusive Heating in addition to A/C heating in addition to such. But, she would have to attempt tent camping in nature with me for at least one weekend. She looked at me with a disdain, although she knew I was totally right in asking him to try this. He, also, knew she was right in needing to try this other type of camping for the sake of our whole relationship. I will provide him credit. She showed up that weekend with a small battery operated heating system for the tent. She gave it her best shot!

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AC on vacation

We were so very gleeful that our family was going on a real summertime vacation for this year. My parents never could afford real vacations for us. But, this year, my dad was really having a good commission year at her job, the economy was picking up plus this meant the people I was with and I got a real summertime vacation! We decided to rent a loft on the beach. When the people I was with and I arrived to the brand new rental house, the people I was with and I were so surprised how tepid plus humid it was being so close to the water. We had just assumed that the ocean would cool us down We really never thought to ask if there was an a/c. It is a summertime loft on the beach. It would just have 1 for us, right? Nope, then nothing, but every single room had a ceiling fan, but there was no formal Heating & A/C system somewhere in the house. This was not good, plus my parents definitely knew it. With that more than 2 people in 1 loft plus in that kind of heat for three weeks, the people I was with and I knew that the people I was with and I desperately needed air conditioner. They called up the realtor immediately plus asked for guidance. They said this actually happens all the time; She told us that if the people I was with and I felt that the people I was with and I couldn’t manage without any air conditioner system that the people I was with and I could call the local Heating & A/C provider for an easy  rental. Who knew that you could absolutely rent an Heating & A/C system! We were so glad to find that the solution was fairly self-explanatory.

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Enjoying a/c on Christmas

Christmas is legitimately our favorite time of year, i mean, isn’t it most people’s too? Now that our sister as well as I are grown up, it’s also really the only time of the whole year that our whole family gets to hang out as well as be together, every one of us consistently have so much fun together, even if it’s just for a few days. It’s so funny how much we used to actively try to avoid each other in school, as well as now being together really is a single of our favorite things… Last year we were in for a drastic Christmas treat. Every one of us had some insane hot weather right on Christmas! Every one of us live in the north, so this is totally unheard of! But last year, it was almost eighty degrees on our Christmas day. It was totally bizarre. I will never forget having to absolutely turn on the air conditioner! Every one of us pack a lot of people into our Grandma’s lake house while in Christmas, as well as without the old air conditioner, it was starting to get pretty steamy as well as stuffy in there, however so we decided, we had to finally turn the air conditioner on as well as it was a huge relief, then as much as it hurt us to do it, seeing as it was supposed to be Winter tide and instead we really wanted a white Christmas. But, most people’s comfort was more of a priority unfortunately… Of course, only a few weeks later it was freezing freezing as well as we all had to crank up our gas gas furnaces once again, but I will never forget absolutely running the air conditioner on Christmas; Totally weird, however who even cares, it was just nice to be with our family!

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Fireplace use


My family always lived entirely far north; Up there, occasionally people say every one of us really only experience one seasons: a few weeks of summer, plus then all winter, however it snows so much you’d think every one of us were simply living in Alaska, but for most of the year, it is super desolate plus absolutely chilly cold… The snow gets so deep it covers entire vehicles, no joke. I remember one single year when I was a kid, every one of us had a awful storm. It snowed for several afternoons straight, plus eventually at some point while I was in the hour afternoon, all of the power in the state went out at once. It was insane. The two of us had to stock up before on non-perishable food, batteries, water, etc. I remember thinking it was pretty cool at the time My sister plus I lit a bunch of candles while my dad told ghost stories, every one of us played cards, hide plus seek, the whole nine yards! However, it got brutally chilly at evenings. The two of us had a fireplace in the house luckily, a necessity because of storms adore these, but since our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C was out, sleeping at evening was entirely impossible. There was no heat to speak of, plus my bed is normally right next to a heating vent so I sleep entirely well plus sizzling while we were in the winter… Not that evening, but eventually, I moved into my parents’ room just for some small semblance of extra body heat if every one of us were all in the same room. To say the very least, every one of us were all pretty stoked when the heat came back on after a few afternoons. It was rough!

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