Not able to work as a HVAC worker

Just the other day I got back from a several week tour I took traveling parts of the country. I had been laid off from my task as a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance worker so I took the golden opportunity to travel a little plus see some places I have never been before. I had been working with this particular Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier for a few years so it was a bit distressing to be laid off, however times are rough plus they just couldn’t keep enough business to keep me there. It absolutely sucks being the low guy on the totem pole, however there are a ton of other Heating plus Air Conditioning companies in my town plus I am sure to get another task soon enough. In the meantime I took this trip to totally enjoy some time off plus see new things. I drove through plus hung out in so many little towns as well as villages that I lost count. It was also intolerably hot during my trip plus I had to get the cooling machine fixed at a single point in time. That was a tad bit frustrating as it cost a couple hundred dollars, but I am great at saving cash so I have plenty for emergencies like that. There are also some delightful mountains in this particular region to check out. I even got to see a fox eating a dead pigeon on the side of the road. It is beautiful when nature meets up with civilization… Now that I have this trip finally out of my system, I believe it is time to get back to seeking for another Heating plus Air Conditioning task position.

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HVAC for the home

It has been quite a tedious journey over the past numerous years, although I have worked hard at it in addition to have created my Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C company into something of a masterpiece. I started working out of my basement with my brother in addition to numerous years later the two of us have an excellent shop in addition to are really the largest Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C company in our immediate area. We have numerous full time Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C specialists and sales in addition to front office staff… I know that I can thank my uncle Patrick for all of this. Uncle Patrick provided me with a superb piece of advice when I was a senior in high school! He told me that school needs to be thought of as a tool. For some people it works in addition to for others it does not at all… This was in my mind when I made the choice to go to trade university after taking a year off. I always felt great when working with my dad around the residence when I was a kid; especially working on the oil furnace. I just naturally took a liking to Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C as the discipline in addition to went with it. I was able to learn just about everything in regard to air conditioner in addition to oil furnace repair. I learned all about how to install ducts, radiant floor heating, in addition to everything else that relates to the Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C industry. I worked for another Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C company for close to two years before moving out onto my own. My brother joined up with me close to a year later in addition to the rest is history. I did actually attend university to take some classes for small business ownership. Use school as the tool it is in addition to it will easily serve you well.

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Hate the lowered heating level

I have found that baseboard heating can be a bit of a pain sometimes, especially in smaller apartments. Some of the bad things include you have to be careful not to cover them with your furniture and they need to be cleaned often, more so if you have small pets that might knock toys underneath them when they play.  But there are also ways to make baseboard heating help you out, regardless of whether or not they are electric heating or for an oil gas furnace. The main thing is to understand your living space & be prepared to make quick changes as needed. One of my favorite things about moving into a brand new place is discovering all of the little quirks about baseboard heating & ways you can make the most of a space that others might not have considered. One example is the time I found out that my apartment had more zones in its less than 900 square feet than my parents 2500 square foot home.  It even had a heating unit in the bathroom which had its own temperature control for the little electric heating baseboard. I was able to put that little baseboard to my advantage by installing the bathroom towel rack directly over it. So whenever I wanted to take a long shower, I would run the heater unit in the bathroom for no more than 10 minutes and then shut it off to shower. Every time I got out of the shower, my towel was amazingly warm–a blessing in a sometimes drafty apartment in the winter season. Furthermore, the owner of my apartment building liked it so much he asked if he could keep it that way. I was very flatured to let him! Even awkward central oil furnace baseboard systems can be used creatively to make heat for you.  All you need to have a little imagination & to not be afraid to try different things.

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The lack of a/c put a damper on the trip

Road trips are not always as amazing as I once thought. I work at a university in the northern United States. During the fall semester, I work as a secretary for a single one of the vice presidents of the university. I undoubtedly fancy what I do; anything that keeps me working at a desk all afternoon is the kind of work that I enjoy. Pretty much most people suppose I’m crazy when I tell them that I actually fancy kneeling behind a desk all afternoon for the whole week. The only time that I get catch a break from this is during the month of August! Each August, I take a group of university students & travel around different parts of the country. The students travel to all kinds of camps & churches to help out & recruit for the university. The last time I went on a single one of these road trips, the A/C in our van decided to quit working half way through August. It was a very challenging situation. We checked the fluids & replaced some parts; however still the A/C blew only hot air. I usually really love road trips, & I look forward to August each year. However, last August was easily an exception. Without any working AC, the trip seemed longer than ever before, & most of the students got car sick because the van was so sizzling. We were able to switch vans for the last week thankfully, & it felt pretty much like paradise. The A/C machine worked great, & it made the rest of the trip a blast. Instead of dreading everyday that the people I was with and I had to be on the road, the people I was with and I sincerely couldn’t wait to travel to the next stop. August road trips are wonderful, however only if the van you’re driving has a functioning A/C machine.

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The HVAC service days

It’s May, and I can’t wait for the warm season! I live down South, and the weather usually begins warming up in March. Around April, all the people are enjoying the outdoors in shorts and t-shirts. By the end of May, my hubby turns off the heat in our place. Both of us get to enjoy a few weeks separate from having to use the oil furnace or the AC machine. This is our number one time of year. The weather is gorgeous, not too sizzling and not too cold. This year, at the the time both of us usually turn off our heating machine, both of us decided to remove our oil furnace in order to have it upgraded. It actually still worked, but it didn’t work like it used to. Both of us knew it was about time to get a new one! We searched for an oil furnace for a few weeks, but then my hubby hurt his back pretty bad. Both of us had some unexpected medical bills we had to pay. We decided that an oil furnace wasn’t completely necessary until next Wintertime anyways, so it was not such a huge deal. Unluckily, both of us had a brutal cold front come through our section of the country that lasted for a whole week. One night it actually snowed for a few hours. It was especially freezing in our residence that entire week. We absolutely regretted taking out our oil furnace so fast. We did have a few electric section furnaces to keep us warm so we were able to sleep, but it wasn’t all that easy getting through those long, frosty days. Two weeks after that awful cold front, both of us had a brand new oil furnace installed in our residence. We knew that the chances of another cold front coming through were not good, but both of us weren’t going to take anymore chances in the least.

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Seasonal heating system repair

I just need our heating unit to last a bit longer. The cold season lasts a long time in our region. Basically the cold comes in September and does not leave until June. Obviously, heating is a priority and high-priced in our location, but within that several month time span, heating maintenance is easily high-priced. The HVAC contractors in our area charge so much to just look at the heater. What I do every year is wait outside of peak season, I don’t get our heating tune up right when the weather is cold. I don’t get it cleaned when there are noises being made. I wait until it is warm out plus the HVAC contractor has nobody calling them. I get a cheaper maintenance appointment that way! However, I am having some trouble with this right now. It is slowly getting warmer in our area. But, it is not getting warm fast enough, then my oil furnace has been on its last legs for weeks. It has been making this horrible wheezing and churning noise. I know that there is a space that is broken, rusted or corroded! Something easily awful is going on inside of the heater. The more I run my gas furnace, the worse it gets. I need to use heating still though. Anytime I can turn off the heater, I do though. I just need the heating unit to last maybe 2 more weeks. Then I will not need heating anymore plus the heating maintenance will be half the cost. Right now though, it is still technically peak season, so I am not calling now.

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Water comes right out of the boiler

I’m a cheerleading teacher part time. Love my kids and studio. The studio is slowly dying though. The floor tile is coming up and the ceilings are falling down. Water consistently is leaking in the studio as well. The worst is the messed up boiler system. The boiler is made for the downstairs studio and the upstairs grocery store that we rent from. The boiler is huge and powerful enough to heat both spaces, and the boiler incorporates water into its heating. There is a whole bunch of piping connected to the boiler that somehow affects it. Once a year one breaks. That’s when we need a boiler repair. The boiler is in a storage closet, however the water flows underneath, and my whole classroom gets flooded with brown, dirty water. The floors then get muddy, slicky and I have to clean. I also have to beg the grocery store managers to get down into my studio to check out the boiler. They regularly try to send some stock boy to do the heating repair. It never works and just wastes time. Then the manager wastes time messing with the boiler, but finally he caves plus has the HVAC company come out. It takes them around a half hour to patch or switch out the old pipe. Then we are back in business! Eventually the boiler will be totally brand new or broken beyond any possible HVAC repair.

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Radiant floors not with the brick

I totally regret getting radiant floors installed in my home. My house is old and one of my favorite things was that the floor was all brick. When I got radiant floors for my home, I did not realize that the brick was going to be ripped up! I called an HVAC contractor, and set up the upgrade, and I stayed at my sister’s place for a few days. I came back and saw that the brick was gone! I read up online and found that in order to install the electric heated mats, they need access under the floors. The heating and cooling contractor literally took a sledgehammer to my unique brick floors! I was so mad! They then fit in the electric mats for radiant floors. Then they put some ugly tile over the radiant flooring mats to hide them. I do not like the look of my floors now and I will have to purchase something better. I could go with hardwood, better looking tile or carpet. One thing I can’t do is get brick, but how many bricklayers do you know? Nobody can lay brick these days, and if they can, it is super costly! So I sacrificed my favorite house feature for a heated flooring system. The radiant flooring system is not even that good of a heater either. I would take my brick floors with a basic standard gas furnace anyday! It is too late now though!


Gas heating unit is a hazard

My oil furnace in my home is horrible and stupid, and the little oil furnace does not know when to turn off! It also barely alerts me if something is wrong, but basically, the oil furnace works pretty good all year in the home. Then, all of the sudden it gets a clogged up air filter. The oil furnace then just keeps on heating with a dirty air filter. If left dirty, the oil furnace could overheat and catch on fire. The gas oil furnace does not turn off to save itself or make a loud sound to let me know that I might be burned to death! Nope, our warning is a small light that blinks. The light is also under a cover. If I open up the cover and see the light, I know an air filter change is needed. I never remember to check the thing until it undoubtedly has been weeks of this. One of these times I am going to let it go too long and all sorts of problems are going to form. Because of this, I am thinking of getting rid of that little oil furnace. It is not that energy efficient and too small to correctly heat the home. I believe I might get a ductless mini split heater for the home. It can install right on the wall and run all on its own. There would be no worry of it catching on fire due to being dirty. Also, the ductless mini split would be more powerful and keep our home warm, and just perhaps, I would not have to deal with a dirty air filter issue every week too!

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Unhappy with the heater

My home is currently heated by a forced air gas furnace. Although the gas furnace is fairly new and achieves an AFUE rating of 93%, I’m not totally satisfied with it.  Because the method relies on air to convey heat, it continually introduces contaminants into the home. While I keep up with decreasing the air filter as well as professional repair, there’s consistently a bit of dust within the gas furnace as well as duct system. When the oil furnace starts up and the air flows in through the vents, it carries dust, dander, pollen as well as other particulate that aggravates my allergy symptoms. If I was to climb up on a ladder, I can guess the temperature stratification.  Because the cooler air is near the floor, I end up raising the setting on the thermostat, as well as paying higher energy bills. I am suspicious that the duct method is wasting energy. Every couple of years I invest in professional duct cleaning as well as sealing from a local HVAC corporation. The HVAC corporation inspects the ducts for leaks or holes, as well as provides a process called Aeroseal. He also uses a specialized brush as well as vacuum method to disinfect out any accumulation of dust, bacteria as well as other contaminants. These services are fairly costly however entirely necessary. The gas furnace requires a fantastic deal of respected repair to keep it running at its best. And yet, I can only expect it to last around eleven to twelve years. Toward the end of its lifespan, it will begin to diminish in efficiency, provide less heat as well as really happen to need small repairs.  

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