Everyone has a strong opinion on AC

After work my only thought is to get home as quickly as possible and shower. I work for a local construction firm and so every day I am covered in everything from sawdust, to sweat and grime. My wife won’t even talk to me when I first get home because she knows that I am miserable until I can get cleaned up and cooled off from a hard day at work. My line of work is grueling especially living in the South like we do where the heat and humidity can be overbearing most days. I suppose it’s better than living up north and having to deal with freezing cold temperatures while trying to build a house but there are days it’s just exhausting to me. Because we are building new homes there is no opportunity to cool off during the day so when I get home I want my air conditioner set as cold as I can take it. My wife often complains and runs around the house in long pants and sweatshirt but she understands that I need to rest and for me a cold house is the best environment to do that. There have been rare occasions where I’ve had to travel out of town to do a job and I’m sure on those days she turns the air conditioning off and enjoys the warmth for a bit. I know that I will never take for granted the ability to have quality climate control in my life.  I think anyone who has a job that is forced to work outside, no matter whether it is in the Heat or the cold, would agree with me.

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Giving a mini split as a gift

My dad is building an addition onto the house for my sister and the woman’s baby. It will have the many amenities. The most important thing, I told my father, is going to be the heating and cooling system. A baby needs to have a cool and comfortable natural world. I told my dad to call a local HVAC company and get a lot of estimates and ideas on what type of A/C unit he should have got installed. A few days after, my father had told me that they contact a HVAC supplier to install for a mini split system in our home. This shall be perfect for my sister together with her child. It will even warm up the little apartment when the climate outside acquire a bit cold. The weather doesn’t really get too bad here, so that the mini split system should operate just fine. The HVAC technician would definitely come by the following week to put the new system in my sister’s apartment. It took three days to complete the installation, but it was worth it. My sister was so thrilled and thankful, because she believed she was only obtaining small air conditioning window unit. This mini split system was very efficient, I told the girl. I knew her baby would love it the maximum amount of. They would be thankful on really hot nights should the baby woke up at 3am for a bottle and diaper change. I am so happy that I contemplated this and told my dad to sort it out. It was the best judgement I have made in a long time.

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cooling helps him play video games

My hubby is addicted to his smart phone games. Whenever he has a free minute or several, he pulls out his phone and starts clicking away. At nighttime, when we are watching w not. v., he still plays concerning his phone. His favorite place to sit down and pay is right when in front of our air conditioning unit. He told me he gets a little stressed when playing some of those games and it causes the dog to sweat, so sitting before the air conditioner allows him to reside cool and continue his video games. I really get aggravated in such a. I feel like we tend not to spend enough time together from now on. I feel like I am competing with his smart phone and our heating and cooling system for his attention. I think that My goal is to sabotage our air conditioning system which means that he won’t be tempted to play those games so much. That way we can have any time together without getting into a spat. So, I unplugged our air conditioning unit and put a table in front of the wire so he couldn’t  see it. When he got home from work, I had told him that your air conditioning wasn’t working, and that I had identified as a technician to come fix it the next day. He seemed frustrated, but we had a excellent night watching movies together along with laughing. I just plugged it back in the next day, and told him this HVAC technician repaired it. I just might do this every month to get a little quality time with him.

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Heating by gas is not safe

I probably should have read the small print located on my heating system. I own a gas furnace and I have used the furnace for many years. I get it serviced regularly and I am very good about cleaning it. Every month I take out my furnace filter and replace it which includes a new one. Once a year, I oil the blower in addition to lubricate the fan motor belt. I also vacuum out the inside of it. Additionally once per annum a furnace tune up is performed on the HVAC system before winter hits. The furnace is treated quite nicely. Well this past year the furnace were heating like it should. I could not get the heater to heat up my home at all! The thermostat kept saying it’s only 55 degrees in my home. I was freezing cold and was forced to require a heater repair. The heating and cooling contractor came over and seen the gas heater. He then laughed and told me that my heat exchanger have cracked. It was a microscopic saturate for 15 that became more prominent as the time passes. It is typical that HVAC workers miss this heater repair. The problem is that the heat exchanger looks after the carbon monoxide that the air furnace produces. I did not are aware that I have a system of which produces this poisonous gas. While using cracked heat exchanger excessive levels of carbon monoxide was leaking in my home and the culprit of making me sick. I had no detector and no other way of knowing. I did so not realize my system could do such a horrible thing.


My animals getting in my ductwork

I just adore animals, there is just no short way to put it. I have several long haired golden retrievers and two really old cats. I have had my cats for nearly 19 years and the dogs maybe share of that time. They are very behaved, though, there is no chance to get around all of the hair that they shed. I bought a high powered vacuum this current year to help with picking all this up and I thought I was performing a great job until a local HVAC technician came to my place for a quarterly maintenance check. The initial thing he does is go straight away to the vents for he recognize that cleaning them with animals like mine is no other option and he should have always replace the heating and cooling air filter nonetheless clean thoroughly around the air vents. This visit he could barely obtain the air vent covers off. Since the cats have been aging so much, they usually are losing more hair. Apparently, this has been worse than I thought and not only did it get inside the heating and cooling ventilation, but it got way up within the ductwork to really do several damage. He told me that he couldn’t believe I didn’t notice an improvement in the temperature of my home when I fired up my HVAC system for obviously almost never any air, cool or awesome, would have been coming with. Honestly, when you get just useful to a certain way, you just stop questioning while you’re caught up in the busyness of day. He told me how much it would cost and believe me, We heard that loud and very clear! I need to get maintenance and cleaning done to my HVAC much more regularly.

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Heat pump that is geothermal

My husband and i are building a new house the year of 2010 and have been discussing our HVAC needs using a local HVAC provider. They suggested the utilization of a geothermal system for your heating and cooling needs for cost and energy efficiency. We were not to familiar with geothermal systems and needed some explaining by the heating and cooling provider. What I find about this heating and cooling technology amazes us. The HVAC technician explained that your earth, below the frost line, is a constant temperature between around 50 and 60 degrees. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use a underground system of pipes to make use of this constant temperature. The looped piping is installed horizontal or vertical pc amount of land you supply for this task. Water, or even water antifreeze mixture, then flows with the looped piping system to exchange heat regarding the home, ground source heat pump and the earth to provide heating, cool and water needs. During our summer, geothermal systems transfer heat through the home back into the floor. In colder months, geothermal systems pull heat within the earth and into your your home. Needless to say, we’re sold on purchasing a geothermal heating and cooling system for our new house. The HVAC technician said that our ground source heat pump could run off of electricity and will also be more energy and cost efficient eventually. I am really happy with our geothermal system, as we will using heavy fossil fuels; thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

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Heater professional is my brother

My brother, Tim, built a new house quite a while ago and has never had his furnace serviced by a great heating and cooling technician. He assumed that since he had a new furnace that it could be used for a few years before it needed any kind of HVAC maintenance. I tried to tell him which didn’t think that was a good option; I said that new furnaces need HVAC maintenance the maximum amount of as older ones do and additionally he should especially have an HVAC technician investigate it before the winter season rolled in. He assured me which he would get to it, nevertheless he never did. I urged him to at the least turn the furnace on whilst the weather was still warm to check to see if it would run; but, he laughed at that concept. He never did get a HVAC technician to service this furnace and soon winter was upon us therefore was time to finally flip the furnace. It was your blustery Sunday, and his air conditioner wouldn’t start. With temperatures decreasing, there seems to be no other choice but to get a HVAC technician. Tim was aware that his procrastination would reached his wallet hard. Calling the HVAC technician past regular operating hours on a Sunday meant trouble. The HVAC technician told Bob that servicing and maintaining a furnace is far cheaper than furnace repair fees. He had explained to me that HVAC technicians could be the busiest when winter arrives so you might have to wait for a technician to remain available and be charged high emergency repair fees besides the needed repairs for the furnace. Tim was not happy in reference to his bill; however, he learned a very important lesson. Please, don’t take your furnace for granted and ensure you get a tune-up before winter sets in.

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Pizza time and cooling

Unless you’ve been employed behind a stove for a living you couldn’t possibly understand how ridiculously hot it gets back there. Working at a pizza restaurant is the worst. Between the giant oven that bakes the pizzas as well as the stoves for all of the other meals it is a wonder how anyone could survive cooking for almost the whole day. The first task I ever had was at a mom as well as pop pizza parlor. The owners were certainly charming as well as created many of the dishes themselves. Their speciality was of course pizza. Now the pizza oven was about as tall as me and took up most of the floor space in the kitchen. The owner made sure to keep the living room cool though, with modern HVAC. He hat HVAC zone control as well as had the latest technology installed to the living room to keep his cooks from suffocating. The heating and cooling plan provided HVAC zone control which provided the chance for the chefs to keep the cooking area a colder temperature than the thermostat setting in rest of the restaurant. HVAC zone control was preferable because occasionally the chef’s would prefer the living room to resemble a tundra and would set the thermostat accordingly. They would have their temperature setting at around 65 degrees even though it only felt savor 75 once the oven as well as stoves started going. The HVAC kept them from sweating all over the food. If the people I was with and I set the thermostat the same in the restaurant, the customer’s pasta and pizza would be freezing before they were served.

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Cousins too Cheap to get new HVAC

Beach conditions are the worst. I suppose that is silly to hear someone say however beach weather is troubling. Sand makes its way everywhere. The breeze is unpredictable and just moves around even more sand. The worst part is that the humidity in the air is twice as bad by the beach as it is inland. My cousins inherited a house right on the edge of the beach. When I was younger I was thrilled about going to visit every day and be able to go from the sandy shore to a lovely house. Now I have no interest in going. Not because of the weather, however because I am constantly forced to empty the more than one dehumidifiers my cousins bought in hopes of making the little cottage less muggy. These dehumidifiers are pretty big and heavy and do a easily fantastic task of ensuring the air inside the house is not all humid and nasty and doesn’t make you feel all sweaty. That being said the amount of water I have to empty from the dehumidifiers is unbelievable! Several times a day, I am going around emptying the containers of water that fill up on the dehumidifiers. I have pleaded with my cousins to try and find a better way, such as a more modern HVAC system, to get rid of the excess humidity in the air however they don’t want to spend the money on a new HVAC system with included dehumidifiers. I just guess they have no problem with the free labor of me dealing with the giant heavy dehumidifiers when I visit.

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Theatre AC issues

Has anyone ever noticed how uncomfortably icy Dipson Theaters are? I assumed that it was just me being sensitive to cold. I am regularly icy in air conditioned sites regardless of what I’m wearing so I tend to make sure to bring a cover-up of some sort everywhere, and but Dipson Theaters regularly seem to be twice as icy as the other sites. I think they set their a/c thermostats to zero! I first assumed that the low a/c thermostat settings had something to do with the fact that the theater itself is usually meant to hold so many people. That many people in one space can produce body heat so naturally they need to run the air conditioning to keep people comfy. I then wondered if maybe it was because the films themselves when playing can get too hot. If the movie projector gets burning hot it could possibly burn the movie thus ruining the film plus viewers as well as how they experience the movie. If so, the equipment needs would demand frigid air conditioning. I also realized that the amount of air vents in each theater is quite tremendous, so the a/c has a lot of places to enter the room. This lead me to guess that my first thought about making sure housing enough people as well as them being comfortable was the correct thought. I have a few points though, for instance, if the theater isn’t fully packed couldn’t the management set the thermostat higher? Wouldn’t that possibly save the theater some income and then they could put that savings to better use other than running the a/c unnecessarily? Like maybe reduce the price on tickets since they are actually a bit lavish as well as don’t even get me started on the price of the snack items. I think though, I could just try as well as get there sooner so I can make sure to take a seat as far away from the air conditioning as I can find.

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