My best friend is a very nice person

I hadn’t seen my best friend in an awful long time, so we had a lot of things to discuss. We decided to meet at a local Diner and talk about our respective lives. It had been five years since we had time to catch up. The dinner date happened to be during the last week, as well as it was a single for the record books. The Steakhouse had a broken air conditioner, as well as the air quality was terribly poor. The air ducts we’re making it taxing to concentrate, as the cold air poured out from them. The overactive air conditioner was absolutely exhausting even though it was the middle of summer. The faulty HVAC idea had us freezing cold, as well as every one of us transferred our meeting to my house. I knew that the air conditioner inside of my house wouldn’t make this freezing cold. Once we ride to the house, I set the thermostat to hi, just so we could fall out. As the motor air from a furnace flooded through the air ducts, it made our indoor air quality much more comfortable. We discussed our lives with ease and laughter. I was really amazed by how significant the heating plus cooling idea was to our conversation. I seem to forget how much air quality can easily affect the comfort of your body, as well as your personal life. I’m glad that our home felt much better than that Diner did, as well as my friend and myself could enjoy our conversation for hours.

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The air quality makes it more comfortable

It had been so long since I had seen my best friend. We had so much to discuss! We had decided to meet at a local restaurant to talk about or respective lives, and to simply catch up with each other. The lunch date took place last week, and it was one for the record books! The restaurant must have had a broken air conditioner, because the air quality was super freezing! The air blowing out of the ductwork was making it really hard to concentrate. The air quality became pretty uncomfortable, to say the least. The overactive air conditioning wouldn’t have been bad if it was the middle of the summer, but it was now late November. The faulty HVAC system made our meeting very difficult. At one point, we decided to move our meeting back to my house. At least the air conditioning wouldn’t freeze us there. When we arrived, I had to turn my thermostat on high just to thaw us out! As the warm air from my furnace blew through the ductwork, it began to make the air quality more comfortable. We discussed our life with ease. It amazed me how important a working heating and cooling system is to life. Air quality can affect more than just your bodily comfort, a broken heating and cooling system can affect your personal life today. I decided to call my local HVAC technician to schedule a heating system tune up. I don’t want my home to ever suffer with bad air quality like that restaurant did when I met my best friend!

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A winter storm

I hate the winter season. I hate it so much that I packed up my things and moved south by myself. I couldn’t stand the thought of snow or ice and wanted to trade it all in for unlimited sunshine. I’ve been living down here for over 5 years and haven’t seen a single snowflake. The temperature very rarely dips below 60 degrees during the day. Unfortunately, we had a rare winter storm come through the other day. The northern part of the country was getting hit by a huge blizzard, while we were getting non stop rain and dreary weather. The temperatures were dipping into the forties and it was freezing! I like to avoid turning on the heat until absolutely necessary, so I tried holding out for as long as I could. During the evenings, I’d bundle up in my blankets. I prefer a cooler environment when I sleep, so I was perfectly fine. However, when I’d get up for the day, I’d be freezing! I couldn’t stand the idea of getting a shower or getting out of my warm pajamas. Then, I had a day off and caved when it came to my furnace. I had to stay home all day and the outside temperatures never warmed up. I had to turn on my furnace to keep from shivering all day. I couldn’t stay in bed all day long! Thankfully, my apartment heated up within minutes and I was able to keep warm. Hopefully, we won’t be experiencing anymore winter storms, because I didn’t move south for this.

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My home has a strange odor

I enjoyed very many years of being a realtor. It was easy to go inside of a home, and convince the new owners, that this house was the one that they cannot live without. I was super great at my job! I wanted to one home, with the intentions of placing it on the market for sale. Although the home was still inhabited, I made an appointment to see the owner as well as look at the house. I met with the owner and we walked into the home. There was a small path on the floor between dirty Linens and garbage cans. The smell inside of the home was so horrible, that I almost got sick. I asked about the heating system, because it was very cold in the home. She informed me that the heating system was working great, but that they keep the thermostat very low, because they can’t afford the bills. They were much older folks, in addition to they were very poor. A few months later, the house was cleaned and ready for viewing. I had my first open house scheduled, and I turn down the thermostat because it was cold outside. When I didn’t hear the furnace come on, I readjusted the thermostat once again. When nothing seemed to happen, I made my way to the basement to check on the furnace. I immediately noticed that the HVAC system was missing. A piece of overhead tile was missing, and you could see that the ductwork had been removed also. I contacted the home inspector, who pointed out someone had stolen the HVAC plan. All of us had to contact the owner and tell them that there was no HVAC plan inside of the home any longer.

This home smells pretty bad

I work as a house realtor several years ago. I wanted to a lot of different houses when I was freezing, because the owners didn’t use the Heat or they had turned it off. I absolutely love seeing the look on children’s faces, when they knew they would be seeing their bedroom for the first time. I visited one beach house that I had the intentions of placing on the market. There were dirty clothes and trash on the floor that work the one side as well as trash and dirty clothes on the other. The smell in the air was completely obnoxious, as well as I thought I might throw up. When I asked about the heating system, I received a puzzled look of wonder. The homeowner told me that the heating system was working, even though I could tell that it was not. They were older people that barely had any money, but I promise to sell their home. Several months had passed, and their lake house had been scrubbed as well as no longer smelled of dirty Linens. I had my first open house meeting, and turned up the temperature control. When I didn’t hear the heating system turn on, I adjusted the temperature control once again. Nothing happened a second time, so I went to the basement to be sure the heating system was working properly. The electricity was working as well as there was power going to the machine. When I looked at the heating system, I noticed that there was a small piece of tile missing. I called the lake house inspector who visited quickly as well as pointed out that someone remove the heating plus air conditioning system. There was no real HVAC system there, and we were in trouble.

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My home smells and nobody likes that

I happened to work as a realtor several years ago. It was easy to go into a home plus freeze, because the owners didn’t use the heat after they vacated. I love being a realtor, because I love the look of children when they see their bedroom for the first time. I want to go home recently, to put it on the market. The homeless still occupied, and I was given a tour. I watched the owner walk through the house and make a pass while kicking dirty clothes to one side plus trash to the other. The indoor air quality was so poor, and I thought I would be sick. When I asked about the heating system, I received the puzzled look. The owner of the house said that the heating system was working, even though I could clearly feel the shiver. I promise to sell their home, if they could make a few repairs and clean. A few months later, it was October, plus I had my first open house. I turned up the thermostat on the heating system, but didn’t hear a sound. When I turned up the thermostat a few more degrees, nothing happened. I walk down to the basement plus make sure that there was oil in the furnace. The electricity was still attached, so it there was no problems that couldn’t be fixed. When I looked up to the air ducting system, I noticed that a small piece of tile was missing. I called the home inspector, and he hastily pointed out that someone had removed the entire heating, ventilation, and A/C system. All of us had to have a current heating and A/C system installed before we could show the house at all.

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You don’t want your home to stink

I happen to have been a realtor for numerous years. It wasn’t anything to have to go inside of a home and freeze just because the owners had turned off the heat when they vacated. I love my task. I love to seeing the look on the children when they walk into a room that would soon be genuinely their own. I want to one home to put the house on the market, even though the homeless still occupied. I followed the owner inside of the house and stayed on the path. She kicked clothing to one side and trash to the other side. I asked about the home’s heating situation, and I got stared at. When the owner of the house of the heating system was working, I knew that wasn’t true. I could clearly see my cold breath in the air. A few months later, the house was completely scrub down and no longer smelled of bad odors. It was October, and I turned up the thermostat for the open house. I took care of the thermostat once again and turned it up even further, but still didn’t hear anything. I went to the basement to be sure there was oil as well as the electricity was attacked. I wasn’t sure of anything else that I could check. The ductwork was completely missing from the house. A piece of tile was missing and you could clearly see that the ductwork had been removed. I called the home inspector who pointed out that someone had purposely remove the heating and A/C program. The people I was with and I had to put a current heating and A/C program in the home before it could be sold three weeks later.temperature control

This house stinks

I was a realtor for many years.  It was nothing to go into a house and freeze because the owners had turned the heat off after they vacated.  I loved my job.  I loved seeing the look on the faces of children when they walk into a bedroom that would soon be their very own.  I went to one home with the intentions of putting it on the market.  The house was still occupied.  I followed the owner in and stayed on the path she made as clothes were kicked to one side and trash to the other.  The smell was so obnoxious, I felt I would be sick.  I asked about the heating and I got a stare of wonder.  She said it was on, but I could see my breath in the air.  These were older people and barely squeaking by.  I promised to get their house sold.  Several months later, the house was clean and no longer smelled.  It was now October and I turned up the thermostat for my first Open House.  I didn’t hear anything.  I tested the thermostat again, by turning it up further, but nothing happened.  I went into the basement and made sure there was oil, the electricity was attached, or anything else I knew how to check.  I thought to look up.  The ductwork was missing.  A piece of tile was missing and clearly showed that the ductwork was removed.  I called in my home inspector who quickly pointed out that someone had removed the HVAC system and replaced it with just the shell of one.  We put in a new system and I sold the house three weeks later.

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Renting an apartment

After college, I had some trouble finding a job in my field.  I sent resumes everywhere, and finally got hired by a company down south.  I grew up in the northeastern region of the country where the weather is predominantly cold, and our priority is a reliable heating system.  I had never even owned an air conditioner, and could easily survive our mild summer weather by running a few box fans.  Moving down south was a huge transition for me, and I had very little money.  I had student loans and a car payment to make, and my new job paid very little.  I was forced to take the cheapest apartment I could find.  I rented the apartment through an online service, and I was extremely worried about what I was getting into.  When I arrived at my new apartment, I discovered outdated appliances, slanted floors, and windows that wouldn’t open.  The carpets were stained, the water pressure was terrible, and most of the electrical outlets didn’t work.  I figured I could live with these problems. When I tried to start up the air conditioner, I realized that it barely operated.  No matter how low I turned the thermostat, the air conditioner would only provide very little tepid air.  Plus, the air from the cooling system smelled moldy and stale.  The air conditioner dripped water constantly and made a very loud screeching sound every time it ran.  My apartment was so overheated and sticky that it was impossible to sleep at night.  I bought a lot of bleach to combat the bacteria and mildew that wanted to grow on my windowsills and in the bathroom.  Because my windows wouldn’t open, I couldn’t even install a portable air conditioner.  I had signed a lease, so I was stuck in that apartment for a year.

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Relaxing after work

My wife and I are complete opposites. Sometimes I wonder how our marriage will survive. She is such a free spirit and likes the natural daylight, so she is forever opening the blinds and curtains to let in the sunshine. I am the money saver in the family, so I like to keep the hot southern sun out and the curtains completely closed. My wife thinks I am part vampire. I think she thinks I am a rich man. The temperature of our home has also been a problem for us from the beginning. She is a tiny woman who get cold pretty easy, therefore she likes the room to be warm and cozy. I am a large man and I sweat easily, causing me to prefer a cool room with very low humidity. Because I love my wife more than anything and want to remain married for many years to come, I decided to do some HVAC research. I found many different HVAC systems, but the one I thought would help us deal with our temperature issue the most is the HVAC with zone control. My wife now has her own thermostat control. I also upgraded her to a smart thermostat that she can control from her smartphone. She loves me more for this for sure. We never argue about what temperature our home should be anymore. She relaxes after work with the curtains wide and the room as warm as she likes, while I unwind in the next room, with the temperature turned way down. At night, we compromise and sleep peacefully together.

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