Letting the A/C go on full blast

I am always very well prepared when I am about to take a vacation. I put a plan together ahead of time for what I am going to wear, pack, and do. I go through my checklist of things that must be taken care of thoroughly before I actually go, even if I am only going to be gone for one night! My last trip, though, I was less than prepared. I was planning to meet up with some old college buddies for a beach excursion for Friday and Saturday night. I was going to leave work early on Friday, then load up and head over. Well, misfortune struck I was unable to get off early, in fact, I left late! I was rushing around when I got home that I just threw some things inside of a bag, grabbed my essentials, and headed to the resort! It was not until I walked into my hotel room and felt that wonderfully refreshing air conditioning that I realized I had not powered down my thermostat! Now, my air conditioning would be running full blast both days! I would be wasting so much money over this mistake. I was so angry with myself I could barely enjoy the trip. I never gave my mom a spare key, so I could not ask anyone to go fix my thermostat. I wish I would have already gotten my smart thermostat installed. None of this would have ever happened! But you can be sure that i adjusted my thermostat first thing when I got home on Saturday.

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I was very pleased

Quite a bit ago, I noticed that I had started sneezing a lot and found a lot of dust building up all over my house. This caught me off guard because I replaced my filters regularly, and did not know of any allergies that I might have. Every night I had issues sleeping, waking up at strange hours and not being able to fall back asleep. The other day, a friend of mine visited me and informed me, somewhat firmly, that my house smelled and that they thought I had terrible quality of air. I immediately started doing a bit of investigating and found that I should have an air purification system in my home. Working in conjunction with an HVAC unit, this system clears the air of dust, allergens, and dirt, providing much better air quality. After reading up on this, I determined that an air purification system would likely solve all of my problems, but I was excited to find out for sure! I called the local HVAC company that is just down the street. I’ve had them come out before and I knew they were reliable. An HVAC contractor was at my house the next day with a quote for a  new air purification system. The price was a bit higher than I’d hoped, but i knew this was something I needed for my house. I decided to have them install my new air purification system. Thus far, I have been being extremely pleased with the difference it has made! My air smells fresher and cleaner. My sneezing attacks have lessened and I am able to fall asleep much easier. No to mention, I do not have to do as much dusting as I once did! My air purification system has been amazing!

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Fixing my HVAC system

When I had found my HVAC system had failed yesterday, I was concerned. I  needed to get my HVAC unit fixed straight away, but the prospect of finding a good HVAC provider, a fair deal on my HVAC repair or HVAC replacement unit, plus scheduling time actually get the issue resolved was borderline terrifying. With all that I have going on at work though it would be difficult to find the time to research potential HVAC companies, much less take off the necessary time. While driving to work this morning, I just so happened to be struck behind a van affiliated with an HVAC repair business. The fair chance I had, I did a quick internet search for that company, and found it quite easily, along with their multitude of good reviews. Now I just needed to ask my manager for time off, which he was quick to approve.He  was adamant that having a fully functioning HVAC unit was very important, especially during the wintertime. His concern over my comfort at home was heartwarming. He even suggested that I get a quote from the same HVAC company that he had used last year. His recommendation also happened to be the same company I had reached earlier. It seemed as if everything was falling in place! Hopefully everything will be back in working order soon, I just have to schedule the appointment!HVAC

Cleaning out our air

Some people call me Noah. They joke that my trailer will be the world’s smallest arc. They also like to call the animal control officers on me, thinking that anyone who owns as many animals as I do must be treating them poorly. However, I treat all my animals like children. In fact, I treat my animals better than most people treat their children. It helps that I once was a veterinarian, so I can deal with their healthcare needs on my own personal. Other issues do arise though that make a big difference, like air quality and temperature control. With so many animals housed in a small space, the air quality needs to be excellent. Otherwise their respiratory systems could weaken. My HVAC system seemed to be enough at first. But I ended up cleaning air filters almost daily. While my system could control the climate, it wasn’t great at dehumidifying or air purification. So I decided to get a small but powerful portable air filtration unit with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is basically the Rolls Royce of air filter systems. It removes over 99% of all allergens and contaminants in the air. With this machine, combined with the original circulation provided by my principal A/C system, my air quality is fantastic.

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Portable HVAC systems

I’ve loved to hunt and fish all my life. Somehow, through relentless effort and dumb luck, I get to make my living like this. I am a lucky man. One can find thousands of acres of deep woods containing game where I live, and few come around to hunt. I had the bright idea then to get trailers in a valley so I could rent these out to tourists and take them on guided hunting and fishing trips. So now I’m a hotel manager and a hunter. I have to care about things like bills, insurance, and HVAC systems. Travellers love comfort and won’t happy with less though, so my business was a bust at first. That is, until I had small heating and cooling units installed in all the trailers. It’s makes me laugh that people want to hunt game and chase down salmon in the stream, but they won’t go without air conditioning or heat. They simply don’t get that roughing it trades a furnace for a handmade fire, but the customer gets what they want! Those portable HVAC units have virtually every weekend here booked. Since I know just how important they can be to my business being successful, I have a heating and cooling contractor who stops by once a month to service them.

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This is very special

A short while ago I went to Puerto Rico. I don’t usually travel much, and this was the first time I’ve ever left the continental United States. My wife has been wanting me to travel outside the nation with her though. The problem is I just don’t feel safe leaving America. We thought Puerto Rico was a good compromise for us both. It had the feel of a Caribbean nation, but was still attached to the country I love in some way. There was a bit of a language barrier, but there were always people willing to translate close by. The only real issue we experienced was that our rental cabin over the beach lacked air conditioning. I spoke to the manager to see if we could sort it out. It turned out though that the problem wasn’t a language barrier, just a cultural difference surrounding the use of air conditioners. At home, everyone has AC, and nearly everyone keeps it running on all but cold days. I can’t imagine renting an accommodation without an HVAC system installed. I’d hit the roof. In Puerto Rico isn’t standard though. I worked with the manager to cool off the cabin without an AC. We opened windows and doors to let in the ocean air, turned on some fans, and the circulation really did change the atmosphere. Having A/C would have been better, but it was still an enjoyable time.

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I love this hot water heater

I am surprised that I have never been made aware of heating pump systems before in my life. We recently purchased a new home, and we were excited to find one with a great deal of modern upgrades in it. One of these upgrades in the home was the heating pump system connected to our refrigerator. I had never even heard of such a heating system before I first saw it in the house there, and none of us in the house knew what exactly we were supposed to do with it. We called our favorite heating and cooling repair technician, and we asked him to stop by the home and take a glance at the heating pump unit. He spent a couple of hours inspecting our heating pump and other HVAC items that our home had in it. The previous owners had installed a very smart thermostat, but not a single one of us had any clue how to program it or utilize it. The HVAC repair man had to walk us through each step of the process. We really just wanted to know how to manage and maintain the HVAC systems that were there in the house. We did not expect the HVAC repair man to take his time to show us all about the HVAC systems and the multiple benefits that they offered. It was obvious from his eagerness that we had HVAC systems in our house that were definitely both modern and very expensive. I am certain that I would not have purchased such a HVAC system if it had not been given to us with the house that we purchased. Nonetheless, we are very eager to have a smart house filled with an advanced HVAC system, and now we can say that we even know how to use most of the many items in the home.

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Enjoying the spring months

This has been the most difficult winter that my husband and I have ever experienced! We live in the northern mountains where the winters are incredibly brutal, but we have done so for the better part of two decades. We all know what is to be expected when those cold fronts hit, and we have learned to prepare the house for this temperature drop. We installed an advanced heating and cooling unit when we first moved in with a backup wood stove for those occasions when we had power outages. While we loved the cold plus the snow, we weren’t cave people and liked being warm! The temperatures were commencing to drop, so we did our usual testing of our heating and cooling unit. We are thankful that we did because the heating and cooling system didn’t turn on! We called the heating and cooling technician right away to find out what the problem was, and it turns out that a small animal had infested it and destroyed the inner workings of the unit. There was no way around choosing a completely new heating and cooling unit, but we did not have the money to pay for this new unit. Our business did not make much money in the fall and winter. We asked our technician if he was able to establish any ideas, as were hesitant to rely solely on our wood stove, nor did we have enough wood to take action. He suggested a heating and cooling rental agreement. We had no idea that was even a possibility! It turns out that it actually wasn’t even that costly to rent the system for the winter. We figured if we juggled between the heating and cooling system and wood stove, keeping an eye on our thermostat and base temperatures, that might be okay to cope with the winter at our same cost level that we had already budgeted. We were so grateful for this rental option!

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Lowering my operating costs

My spouse and I just bought a new house! After living in the same apartment for about five years, we thought it was time for us to find a place with more room to grow. We have decided to start a family this coming year and our little one bedroom apartment would have become too small very quickly. We searched for the house our dreams and found it. It is the perfect size and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. I was so happy because we got it for the first price we offered. I am most looking forward to the kitchen, it has cool equipment and everything is stainless steel. My husband is most enthusiastic about the big backyard and is already planning lots of summer barbeques. There is only one problem with the house. It has an extremely outdated HVAC unit. It hasn’t been replaced since the house was built 20 years ago. I thought we could have the HVAC unit replaced, get parts and change the oxygen filters. However, my husband was in favor of installing an entirely new HVAC system, environment ducts and all. I believe both were good options. We decided to get an estimate from our area HVAC technician. We thought it over and to replace the whole HVAC system was higher in price, but in the long run would be the better option. We finally have all the ductwork complete and are prepared to to take up residence in our modern home.


Heater safety

As my parents’ one and only son, I take special pride in ensuring that all their needs are met. Besides, I’m sure they’d do the same in my situation if I needed them to  and if they could. After all, they gave me only the best while raising me to the man I am today. What’s more, my folks are getting upward in age now, so they need help now more than ever. I am always ready to lend a helping hand. Given that my parents are very sensitive to cold weather, I had radiant flooring installed in their apartment as a Christmas gift for the 2009 holiday season. The panel design was top-ranking and the overall system was visionary and advanced. Moreover, the company I hired to do the job had the work completed by Christmas Eve. The system lasted through the entire entire winter without any difficulties. However, like most all good things, that Era of Good Feelings eventually came to an end… or kept on keeping on is a lot more like it, I suppose. Once the winter months had passed, both the temperature knob and the On/Off switch seemingly got stuck. The system wouldn’t turn down or off for some reason, even well into the new season. The issue wasn’t a major concern for my parents simply because they could just wear shoes; it was an entirely different story because of their pet cats, though. Consequently, I called the installation company for my parents and the same installation team came out to assess the situation. Upon doing so, they confirmed that there had been a technical glitch with the switch. In a matter of minutes, they repaired the it, and my parents together with their pets went forward into the spring season, free of unwanted heat.

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