A/C repairs

My buddy and I rent an exceptionally large, very old house way out in the middle of nowhere. It is the perfect spot to have huge parties. We’ve got a great amount of parking, no close neighbors, and lots of space. Last weekend, my roommate thought that we should throw a huge, extensive end the summer party. He had at least fifty people there, and the party was seriously out of control. Everyone was moving in and out of the house, and leaving the doors and windows wide open. I knew it was going to cost us a fortune on our utility bill, so I shut the air conditioner down. Since I had to wake up super early for work the next day, I went to bed. It was really tough to fall asleep without the air conditioner, because it was an incredibly hot and humid night. At about four o’clock that morning, my roommate woke me to tell me there was something wrong along with the air conditioner. I told him that air conditioner was simply turned off. He tried argue with me, but since I reckoned he’d had a lot of to drink, I could ignore him. The next morning, I checked the air conditioner. I turned it back on again, but nothing happened. I played around together with the thermostat, but I didn’t have time for it to mess with the cooling system before work. By the time I made it home from work, the home was really overheated and sticky. It was also a complete disaster, with cups and bottles and food strewn in all places. I tested the batteries in the thermostat, changed the filter, and even checked the circuit breaker. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with this air conditioner at all, and ended up naming an HVAC contractor for repair job. It was really embarrassing when the guy got to the house and saw the huge mess.

residential HVAC 

I like to seal the air ducts

Two or three weeks ago, my Mom was scheduled for knee replacement surgery. It’s been about 10 months since the other knee was replaced, so she was feeling anxious concerning the process. I wanted to find a way to alleviate some of that nervous feelings my Mom was having, so I offered to stay with her for those two weeks. It had been a while since I had last visited, however, not much had changed. There was still dust on the mantle, dishes in this sink, and drapes that blocked out any light that could possible shine in during the day. I started to do a nice thorough cleaning of the house, when I noticed something making a noise. It was coming from behind the intake vent,  that leads to the air conditioner. I dived back, and yelled. When I told my Mom of what I saw, she informed people that “her friend,” had been living in there for the past two months. After much discussion with my mother, I called an exterminator, who came out that same afternoon. He told me that my Mom had mice living in amidst the air ducts. They had been able to make their way in, through the attic. He could rid the house of all the pests, but he couldn’t fix the ductwork. So, then I called an HVAC company who came out, and repaired all the ductwork indoors. Those mice had chewed holes in nearly every room, and there was significant, and very costly damage. I guess it’s the good thing my Mom was having surgical treatment, otherwise we might not have known about the problem, before it ate the whole house.

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My dad likes this

My Mom and Pops went away for a couple of weeks vacation to the islands of Puerto Rico. They had an enjoyable experience scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing with the sea, and eating all the delicious treats. They told me it was the best vacation they are able to ever remember having. Unfortunately, when they arrived home they were saddened to learn that the furnace had quit working completely. Thankfully, it was close to spring, and heat wasn’t a necessity. Still, it would need to replaced before too long. Since the unit was about twelve years old, they decided to replace the entire HVAC unit, including the oxygen handler and condenser. When the HVAC company left my dad and mom’s home, they dropped information off, with a list of helpful; ways to maintain your HVAC without intervention from a professional. Most of a tips were suggestions that my own parents already knew about, like changing out the air filters from month to month. If you change your filters monthly, then your HVAC unit doesn’t work as hard to keep the house comfortable and cool. One of the things they didn’t realize, was that we could purchase a “fin comb” from the hardware store, and fix the coils when they bend inward, leaving very little air flow. My parents also didn’t know that they clean the air conditioner coils either. Apparently, maintaining coils helps to alleviate issues with the unit working too hard, also. They can become grimy and dusty, and should be properly cleaned one or more times every year. Thanks to the details the HVAC company left, my parents can help preserve the unit themselves, and save a couple of hundred dollars on service appointments.


Make sure you maintain your heater

When we had our new HVAC system fitted last month, the installation company left us a few brochures and pamphlets. Most of them were concerning our new features and upgrades, but one of them was an exceedingly helpful list of ways to help your HVAC system last a lifetime. The list includes ways to help keep your air conditioner and furnace running at peak performance. These are tips for homeowners to complete, without the aide of an HVAC specialist. One of the most important ways you can help to maintain your HVAC unit, and help save money in the process, is by changing out the air filters monthly. Each unit has a filter that helps clear away particles of dust and debris, from the air. When the filters become clogged, it can obstruct free airflow, and lower the overall efficiency of your HVAC unit. Most filters are placed along the return duct, but they can be found in ceilings and walls also. When you take the time to replace your air filters each month, you can actually lower your energy consumption, and that in turn you will save money each and every month. If you don’t change out your air conditioning filter frequently, it can become clogged up with dirt and dust. This blockage can cause the air conditioner and furnace to have to work harder than usual, and that will cost the homeowner money in the long run. I want to do all we can, to ensure this will be the last HVAC unit we need for a long while.

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I think an air filter would fit well inside an HVAC system

I was oddly very healthy, rarely seeing a hospital at all during the past forty years. Lately nevertheless, it seems like I have been sick regularly. Strangely enough, I think I have developed allergies. It seems odd to think that now, suddenly, I could develop allergies, but my family doctor has assured me that this is really a common practice. Now I have to see what will be the ultimate way to deal with this affliction. The doctor said that my allergies are bothered by the air quality inside my home. I live in the country, down a dirt road, and that causes most dust and unwanted debris to be in the air. I’m going to invest in an air purifier for the living room, and my bedroom. I’m hoping that this will be enough to help relieve the symptoms that are making me miserable. If the air purifiers don’t work, I may be required to upgrade my HVAC system to incorporate an air filtration system. This will be a very costly upgrade, that I am not prepared to make at this moment. The hardware store helped me to choose a model of air purifier that uses HEPA filters, the very best filters to use for allergens. HEPA filters are used in hospitals as well as other medical facilities because they supply the best air filtration. They remove 99% of all allergens from the air. I will probably need to change the filters regularly, and that’s ok. I really hope the electronic home air cleaners can help relieve the headaches and sneezing that are bothering me so terribly.


Our shed

My significant other has been working on making hair bows only a few years. It started out being a fun way for our daughters to complement each other, but it’s turned into a booming small businesses. She started making hair bows for the kids’ friends, and the other parents at the PTA meetings, and then more and more people started asking. Before she realized it, she was working virtually every day on these bows. That was nearly two years ago, now she has her own etsy site, and makes a trip for the post office every day to ship orders. I am so proud how she has turned a hobby into a lucrative internet business. She has been using her craft room as her unique office and creative room, but she’s running out of room. I have contacted a hardware store, and I am having an outside shed delivered this weekend. Since the shed does not come with any heat or air conditioning, I’ve an electrician coming in to put up a power pole up, just for the shed. Our HVAC installer wasn’t sure if we can duct the HVAC unit, so instead, we selected a ductless mini split system. My wife will be able to run the furnace or the air conditioner, whenever she would like.She can be pleased and comfortable while she works on her hair bows. I’m very excited to surprise her. If the room is perfect, then my wife is able to work in there without any disruptions from the kids, and that’s very awesome!

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My new shed has a quality heating and air unit

We have our own plumbing company. My husband has been a plumber since he finished exchange school, twenty years ago. I run the business office and maintain the books, and my husband is the skilled brains behind our family operation. Together, we make a great team, and business has been escalating over the past five years. We have wanted to purchase an extra truck, in addition to hiring two more employees. We are at the point of moving into a new space next year. We have a little office at our home, and currently we have three trucks parked in front of our home garage. With the addition of a fourth truck, we must find commercial space. We considered a few different spaces with a realtor, and I think we found something that will work well. It’s an old warehouse that had been used for an air conditioning and heating repair business. It’s around five thousand square feet, and plenty big enough for the growing business. One of the nicest perks about this space, is the upgraded HVAC system. Since the building was once used as an HVAC repair service, they made sure the air conditioning and furnace have been functioning in pristine condition. The market office located inside, has it’s very own mini split system installed, so the temperature inside is cooler than the shop area. I have to admit, the HVAC system was the biggest reason why we chose this brand-new space. It’s an expensive upgrade to make to a building, so I’m very excited to have a great system already there.

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The best kind of cooling equipment

Whenever we looked to replace our old Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system with a brand new, updated system, we were surprised by the new features which are able to be added. I’ve never had to replace the entire HVAC system, so everything we learned was amazing to me. One of these features is a smart thermostat. It’s one of the most interesting pieces of electronics that you can purchase in addition to your HVAC system. This thermostat learns your HVAC needs, and can program itself accordingly. After a few weeks from learning your habits, the thermostat reprograms itself, to help you save money and save on energy consumption. Some models can even measure the humidity on your property. If you are away from your home, you can use the application for your smart thermostat, and control that temperature from any cellphone and also tablet. Some units also have motion sensitivity, so they can tell when someone is home, and adjust the temperature appropriately. That might be useful if what’s more, it tells me when the kids come home for the day. It’s an  interesting thermostat, and we ordered the very best model that we could afford. We are having the HVAC company out in a month’s time to replace the system. It’s an expensive appliance to fix, but we’ve been saving all year to afford this purchase. Our old system barely cools at all anymore, so I’m excited to begin using the new unit. We were told that it wouldn’t take more than a day to have the installation completed. Next month we can easily throw a huge party, and showcase our new heating and cooling system.

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I want all the kids to sleep good

My children are very active. I don’t know where their energy comes from. We make certain they don’t get any sugar after dinner and we let them be as active as they like to be during the day. They never seem to get tired, though. We get tired trying to keep up with them. Bedtime has been an issue almost their entire lives. We put them to bed early and in the midst of the night we hear bumping and scuffing with the bedrooms above us. When we be sure that them they are always awake and doing something in their rooms besides sleeping. I don’t remember how we invented it, but we put air conditioners for their rooms. I think our plan was to have the rooms get cold enough that they chose to stay in bed and keep warm underneath the covers. We didn’t tell them of the plans with the air conditioners. The first few nights we still heard moving around upstairs but it was slightly muffled by the air conditioning. The kids were getting to sleep earlier and earlier every evening and they were actually staying asleep. The only thing of which had changed was the addition of air conditioners. It was long shot, installing the air conditioners, but we were so happy that it really worked. Now our children get the rest they needed inside of their air conditioned rooms and we are also able to arrive at sleep better, knowing that our little ones were asleep and safe. We even put an air conditioner in our room and found the same results.hvac-parts

Make sure you understand space travel

I enjoy thinking about the future as I’m sure countless others do as well. I actually watch Sci Fi movies, read stories and play games that are set in the future. The future in these stories is always describing space travel and connection with other species and realms. I love to dream but when you are affected by the reality and practicality today, it just seems silly. A lot of other worlds would have many environments that its people would probably live in. I’m sure there may be people who live on planets that could kill us temperature-wise. I like to think other species would have HVAC setups similar to what the people of Earth do, but it still wouldn’t matter while they would be used to their climates and that is exactly what they would all thrive in. If space travel was a product, we would probably be stuck in your spacesuits the entire time to hold us from dying from lack of air conditioning or an absence of heat. Not to mention whatever would be in the air of those other planets. Our suits would have to be equipped with HVAC accessories to either heat us up or cool us down. Oxygen tanks might be a must or perhaps there would be some type of air conversion unit and air purification built into the suits that would convert whatever gasses of other planets were out there into oxygen we could breathe. As great as this future looks, it just sounds impossible. Being stuck inside a suit or a ship that suits my HVAC preferences just doesn’t sound like a good time.climate-control-system