Apartment needed the cooling hooked up

Pulling up stakes and moving into a new home is a scary and strenuous process. Not only is it mentally taxing because you’re leaving the familiar for the unknown but it’s also physically exhausting as well; packing, cleaning, hauling away, unpacking, more cleaning. It seems like a never-ending chain of work. It’s helpful to get friends or relatives to help you move, but that can be nerve-racking too as everyone always seems to have an opinion on something. While I was moving into my new home last month, I experienced all the turmoil of moving first-hand. As my friends and I were transporting the last few remaining boxes into my house, the air conditioner stopped working. It was already sweltering outside, and now, the inside was stifling as well. I wasted no time in calling an emergency HVAC provider to get the central air conditioner working again. I had to wait about two hours, but the AC repairman and his helper arrived and remedied the situation. My friends and I were so grateful to have the fresh cold air blowing on our faces after such a hard day. I ordered a couple of pizzas, and we all sat around in the cool house enjoying the new scenery and listening to the quiet hum of the air conditioner. It was bliss. So far, I love my new house, and my heating and cooling equipment is still working great.


HVAC service at the office

    I just took a job at an area PR company. I majored in marketing as a college student, so I was excited to be working for a company that matched what I went to school for. However, I realized after a little while of working there, that my place of work is not set up in the best way. My office is on the second floor, in a corner, and it stays hot and humid there. The HVAC system hardly ever works properly. It is going constantly, yet the cool air doesn’t reach my office. I think that this has something to do with the fact that the HVAC system hasn’t been cleaned properly. I know the air ducts must be cleaned every couple of years, and the air filters have to be changed regularly, as well, and are very important to the system working properly. If this does not take place, the system will fill up with dust and dirt, and it has to work harder than it usually would. I think that the management, and the maintenance staff, have been negligent on the subject of the HVAC system. I have a difficult time getting my work done when I cannot get cool enough. I truly wish that they would insert more thought into this. Because I’m a new employee, I don’t want to complain yet. I still feel that I am settling in, and adjusting, and I don’t want the management staff to get a bad idea about me. However, I still think that an air conditioner is a crucial part of an office, and I have a right to ask about having it repaired.

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It is easy to save on your electric bills

When my mother moved in with me, every one of us abruptly found out that an elderly woman needs more heat.  She had been wearing her sweater even when it was like ninety degrees outside.  We would operate our a/c and she would wear a sweater.  She must have possessed numerous sweaters, and most of them were identical.  One day I walked to her room and she had the small area heating unit on.  I frowned and checked to ensure that he didn’t have a fever, and when I was confident she wasn’t sick, I inquired about the heater.  She informed myself and others that she was chilly, and she was only going to operate it a little while.  Unfortunately, she kept her door open so the heating unit was really working hard trying to heat that cool air as it went into the room.  I asked if she minded if I shut his door and I walked away.  About a few minutes later she told myself and others her heating unit was broken.  My fiance carried it out to the kitchen and he investigated it.  There didn’t appear to be a thing going on, however he was able to feel some heat.  He looked over at myself and others and said it was in need of a resistor.  I shook my head letting him know I wasn’t sure what that was.  He exclaimed it was the resistor that took care of how much heat was sent out and since mom was running it like a heating system for the entire house, the resistor had been unable to keep its fan running and the heat blowing.  Mom raced away and I felt so exhausting, so I went out to purchase a small heating system that did not have resistors.  

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HVAC saving tips

    My grandfather has lived in the same home since I was a young girl. It sits on ten acres of land, in the midst of a small rural town. He has horses in his field, and a few other animals that roam around freely. The ranch is a marvelous escape, and I enjoy visiting him, from time to time. However, there is one thing which makes my stays with him unpleasant. He refuses to use his air conditioner unless he’s on the brink of a heat stroke. Even though he has a totally functioning HVAC system, he does not like to utilize it, because he does not want to overwork it, or raise his utility bill. While I am aware of the importance of saving power, he takes this to an extreme. One would think that he would be willing to splurge a few dollars, to keep his residence somewhat cool, but he would prefer to turn off the air conditioner, and just open a window. This only helps so much, because of the high humidity in our area, and when I stay with him I find myself sweating all the time. When I ask him to turn the air conditioner on just for a few minutes, he always gives me a lecture about the importance of not being wasteful. For me, a cooling system is not a luxury. Instead, I view it as a necessity. After staying with him for a few summer days, I am always ready to return home, to the comfort of my climate controlled house. If only he would think about running his cooling system, now and then, I would probably consider staying with him longer.

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What a precision resistor means

We used to own an ancient a/c in my living room, that looked as if it could have belonged to my grandmother.  Well, maybe it had not been that old, however it really looked like it.  I lounged in the living room doing my work, and I felt like it was getting a little chilly, so all I desired to do was adjust its fan speed.  Not a thing happened, and I pouted as I realized that the only setting I had was max.  I powered the a/c off and waited for my fiance got home.  He realized the a/c wasn’t on because of the humidity that had built up.  I let him know what was going on with my a/c, so he messed with it himself.  After switching it on and off, he arrived to the same conclusion; there was only 1 setting.  He announced that a resistor had blown.  He contacted several stores that specialized in older equipment, however none of them possessed the resistor that I needed.  Finally he located 1 business that told him they would have a resistor, however they needed to see our resistor that he had taken out of the a/c.  We were inside the car, before I knew every one of us were even heading someplace, and driving to this tiny neighborhood I had not heard of.  We waited in the middle of a heap of dusty tools and electronic things, and the store smelled stale.  The guy examined that resistor, and told my fiance that he should be right back.  After ten minutes he came out of his back room and he handed my fiance that ‘new’ resistor.  We carried it to the house and placed it in the a/c and then we possessed three speeds again.


HVAC zone control for new home

The Heating and A/C system in our house is approximately nine years old, and  I’ve been mostly happy with it.  The gas furnace and air conditioner are capable of handling the weather swings  we often experience.  However, I noticed that several rooms sometimes get overheated, while others remain a bit chilly.  Also, our energy bills were far too high.  I was spending a small fortune to heat and cool the whole house to a single temperature. Typically, only a couple of rooms are in use at any given time.  It seemed like a tremendous waste of energy to condition the whole house.  I did some reading online, and found a whole bunch of energy saving measures.  I invested in new windows and caulked around them.  I put extra insulation into the walls, ceilings and attic.  I weatherstripped under exterior doors, and signed up for an HVAC maintenance agreement with a local HVAC provider.  When I spoke with the HVAC tech  about high energy costs and spotty comfort, he recommended  that I upgrade to zoned heating and cooling.  Since the furnace and A/C were relatively new, the addition was fairly simple and inexpensive.  The change has paid for itself because of the energy savings.  The HVAC tech installed a series of valves which regulate the heated or cooled air to each room separately.  A control unit, mounted in each of these rooms, allows us to tailor temperature settings to personal preferences.  I no longer am required to maintain the house to a single temperature.  I can now target those room that are a challenge to heat or cool.  Everyone in the family is certainly pleased with the zoned HVAC.   I am happy that the energy bills are significantly lower.

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RV with air conditioning

During the summer season, my husband, Ed and I look forward to camping in the area along the  River. There are any numerous campgrounds in addition to RV sites located in the area, so it’s convenient.  We can always  find somewhere to park our camper. This past year, Ed and I  decided to try a new campground,  in a different location than our normal haunts. The  big complaint we had  with the new site, was that there were no trees to provide sufficient shade. Without any shade, our RV became ungodly hot and uncomfortable every day.  The average summer temperatures climbed into the triple digit mark, and it became quite taxing to keep our RV cool.  It was nearly impossible to sleep.  In the heat of the day, it didn’t matter how low we set the thermostat or how hard the air conditioner worked.  The inside of the camper was hot and humid. Even with the air conditioner running non stop, it was impossible to stay cool. Ed and I camped in our RV for several months last summer and we enjoyed it.  When we got our first electric bill, we were anxious to head home.  We were forcing the air conditioner to run for far too often.  We knew this would put strain on components and possible lead to an air conditioner malfunction.  Plus, it was impossible to sleep or relax.  This was not the ideal camping trip.  Next year, we will choose a location at that has some shade.  Although our air conditioner is very reliable and effective, it simply cannot combat the sun beating on the camper all day long.   

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We really need a new heater

I had some serious bad flooding last summer. We had gigantic thunderstorms on a daily basis followed by a category one hurricane that brought a huge amount of cold rain. At one point, I saw it over ten feet of water around my basement! We had so much intense damage to the property. Unfortunately, my brand new gas furnace was completely underwater for most of the storm and the water was full of sediment and dirt. I asked an HVAC computer professional neighbor’s advice and he recommended I replace the gas furnace. He said that the multiple valves along with electrical components were likely damaged and it would surely pose a very high risk of failure that could be fatal to me and my children. I am not much of the risk taker to start, but I don’t have the money to buy a whole brand-new gas furnace again either. Other friends suggested that just getting someone out from a local HVAC company to scrutinize the furnace and replace any sort of damaged components would be fine. My neighbor across the road had similar flooding in the last storm and just had her furnace repaired as an alternative to replaced. But, I really don’t know what I will do. Part of me wants to follow my HVAC friend, but too, money is tight and easily can just replace the bad portions of the heating system and come out okay, I’d much rather let that happen for now. But I am not some risk taker and no amounts of money are more important than keeping our neighbors safe. I think I ‘m going to work some overtime in next several months, replace the gas furnace, and chalk it up to bad luck. I really hope we don’t get flooding along these lines again for a very long time.HVAC products

Hiring a home inspector

I have very big issues right now. I just purchased a brand new home to me that was built in the 1970s. I was actually excited about this house since it clearly has everything that I requested. It is a two-story house with four bedrooms and an alcove in addition to a very large kitchen. It has a back porch laundry room, huge backyard, together with a giant sunroom and lots of windows and natural lighting. I also bought this house because it was supposed to have gas heat. Nevertheless, I just received my electric bill along with big shock at a whopping $500. It’s deep in the winter now, so our heating system is on for hours and all night long, but it is a gas heater, so the electric costs shouldn’t be this high as a fact. I called the utility company this morning and they said that something would have to be wrong with my furnace. Consequently, I proceeded to call an HVAC technician and he comes out to tell me that my heating system is not really a gas system and in fact entirely run on electric. If I wanted to convert to gas, it is looking like it may well cost me over $4500. I looked over all the documents from the original home purchase agreement, and all of them say that the home’s heating system is powered by natural gas. It doesn’t say electric heating at any place I signed my name! I called my realtor and she recommends contacting an attorney, or maybe even calling the home inspector to file a declaration on his liability insurance. I doubt the home inspector will cooperate and lawyer fees tend going to be over $4,000 so now I am in a bit of a conundrum to consider. I don’t want a stainless steel electric heating system. I never did. My dream home is seriously a nightmare.

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Brand new heating system

I have lived in the same apartment for a number of years. It’s a huge four bedroom apartment right adjacent to the University I attend and I like it a lot. Right now, I live with three other roommates and all of us get along fairly well. I’m pretty content with my neighbors and I’ve never had a problem with too much noise or being annoying. The only issue I have is with the electric heating in the apartment itself. It costs us over $575 per month or so during the winter months to heat our apartment well while using the electric furnace full time. I think part of the particular reason why it is now costing so much is a result of the poor insulation together with a strong draft that comes in through the windows and doors as well as it’s actually an electric baseboard heating unit, which is notoriously inefficient. Even when we split the utilities four ways, it is still quite a lot. So, I have to renew the lease this year with the landlord, and pretty much trying to weigh if we will renew ever again. Well, I just got a new notice from my landlord stating that he wants to install a brand new gas furnace for the apartment that will likely hugely reduce our electric bill by thirty to forty percent every four weeks. However, if we help cover the costs of the gas heater installation, he wants to begin raising our rent by $200 per month, which is about 15 percentage. On one hand, I can see how that would be really nice to possess a reduced energy bill each month and completely new heater, but at the same time, I’m not sure it’s realistic that my landlord wants us to chip in for his maintenance on his property. I am going to have to take into consideration this more and crunch some numbers, before I make any decision.

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