Everyone wants a better home

Based on the recommendation of one of my very close friends I decided to pursue a career in the real estate business. She told me that this was a lucrative business to invest in at this time of year and also that it would only take a small investment. And honestly, I was exhausted with the current retail job I had and was absolutely desperate for better work so I figured what could it hurt?. I did research and put a small amount of money down and over time I purchased a little condo, I fixed it up, did basic maintenance, and found some tenants. Everything was going along well and I was very excited but anxious as the benefits and results ran in. This was definitely something that paid my bills confidently. However, then I got a complaint that the AC system inside the property stopped working. I immediately contacted the local HVAC service provider who sent a technician over right away. After a thorough check up and analyzation, he explained to  me that apparently because of a complete lack of yearly service, the HVAC unit within the dwelling was shot. I guess I neglected to read some papers because he showed me several of his documents that showed the house unit hadn’t been serviced within the last few years. Needless to say, that’s when my life became a disaster. The entire HVAC system internal parts all needed to be taken apart and replaced with new discs, condensers, coolants, filter systems, and much more. It appeared costing me a fortune.

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There’s so much ice build up

We have a sunroom attached to the house that was an addition. The sunroom has a separate roof, but it was originally built as a flat roof. Because of the area where we live, a flat roof is pretty much a very bad idea. We have a large amount of snowfall in the winter. Without a pitch to the roof, the snow continues to pile up and becomes very heavy. When it melts and refreezes, there are layers of ice that are produced. That ice manages to manipulate its way under the shingles which  causes them to peel and fall off. The ice will also build up across the entire overhang in massive icicles. The icicles cause damage to the gutters, and when they fall, they have broken windows and destroyed the trees and flowers that are planted in the garden below. There have been many times that my husband climbed up on that flat roof in order to shovel the snow off of the roof. We’ve often used a broom to knock icicles off the overhang. My eventually started to really worry that the roof had damage and that he’d finally end up falling through the thing and break his neck. We had no choice but to hire a roofing contractor to look at having the roof replaced. We decided to request an entire redesign of the roof so that it would have adequate pitch to combat the snow. The slanted roof installed now allows for the snow to slide off the roof. We no longer have the huge ice buildup or a million gigantic icicles hanging from the edges. We also think this slanted roof actually looks so much better. Although it ended up to be a rather expensive project, it was absolutely worthwhile, and I’m glad that we had  it done. I no longer have to worry when my husband crawls up on the roof with his shovel during the cold winter months.

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I’ve tuned-up the heater

There are several reasons why you should schedule annual maintenance for all models and makes of heating equipment in the fall season. Before the commencement of colder outside temperatures, most HVAC contractors are certainly not all that busy and can offer a prompt and accommodating appointment. Once the temperature decreases, the HVAC companies are handling repairs for people who didn’t maintain their furnace well. Having your heating equipment checked by professionals ensures that the system ready for the winter season. Every worn or broken part is caught, and there’s a lot of time for you to order and install new parts. Because all components will be in good working order, there is little chance for you to be faced with a sudden breakdown. Since preventative maintenance is less costly than repairs, you’ll save a lot. You can also expect your heating system to operate more efficiently and last longer. A HVAC technician will ameliorate performance by cleaning it carefully. Removing contaminants like spider webs, pollen, and dust increases maximum airflow in the system. The furnace will not be required to operate as long or work as hard to manage the thermostat setting, minimizing your month-to-month heating bill. You’ll also benefit from cleaner, healthier indoor air and decreased sound levels. Scheduling professional service fulfills your manufacturer’s warranty requirements. If you happen to have a problem with your furnace, it will be included under warranty. For effective, safe operation of your heating system, it is vital to receive annual maintenance from a knowledgeable and licensed HVAC contractor.

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I’m enjoying this heating system

I’ve been dating my current girlfriend for over six years. We’re currently discussing marriage. We have been living together for about the last four years. We think we’re ready to make this partnership legal! We thought that in order to prove that we are truly ready by getting a dog. One Saturday we went to a local animal shelter and adopted this little mixed breed dog. She is roughly 12 inches tall and looks to be a rat terrier, poodle, and perhaps basset hound mix. He really is a odd looking creature! She has horrible allergies, but her eyes were so kind and just pleaded with us to take her home. Her allergies caused her to lose a substantial amount of hair. We have her on some medication now, and we got a special shampoo for her. However, she is still without a lot of her hair right now. This apartment is a little too chilly for her. In our apartment, there is zone controlled temps. We can adjust our heat to the dog’s comfort level, specifically by room.  If we are all sitting in the living room watching tv for a bit, we’ll bump the heat up in the living room. This convenient zone controlled HVAC allows each room to heat up individually, thus we save on energy costs. The kitchen has radiant flooring, so needless to say, our little hairless dog spends plenty of time in the kitchen, she loves laying on the heated floor tiles. We were glad to have the opportunity to give this dog a good home. We’re also happy that our heating equipment keeps her comfy without raising our utility bill!

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We need the central heater to keep working

I’ve lived my entire life in the northeastern region of the country, and I’m quite used to the very severe winter weather. The outside temperature becomes colder around the beginning of September, and it doesn’t heat up again until the middle of April. It snows for about two-thirds of the year, and we’re disadvantaged as a result of horrible blizzards, frigid temperatures, and rough high winds. The roads are often slick, impassable, and hazardous. We sometimes don’t leave our home for days. It is crucial to be ready for winter. I always store a supply of water in bottles, canned food, and flashlight batteries. I possess a snowblower, snow shovel, and loads of rock salt in my basement. There is always a possibility that we will encounter a power failure during the winter blizzard. The weighty snow, strong winds, and accumulation of ice can knock down branches and whole trees, and ruin power lines. It is inconvenient and dangerous to be without power during a winter storm. We can’t do without an operational heating system when there are sub zero outside temperatures. Our furnace runs for hours on end, at its highest capacity, and we can’t stay warm enough. Without electricity, we would have no access to running water, lights, or heat. I’m able to go without washing up, and don’t mind lighting a few candles. The furnace is vital for survival. Because of this, I have bought a standby generator which can be installed forever. If a power failure occurs, the generator will automatically provide needed power in the building. The furnace will stay functional, and we’ll have uninterrupted use of the appliances in our household.

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A guitar store

My parents own a guitar store down in the center of town. They sell a wide variety of stringed instruments but mostly guitars. A lot depends on what they’ve in stock, they can have anything from violins to mandolins available for their buyers. There is also a large area where members of their staff give lessons. It’s pretty critical that they have a reliable HVAC system in the store. If there are wide fluctuations in the humidity, or if the temperature shifts too rapidly, the wood on the stringed instruments will start to warm. This was a hard learned lesson that was taught to them the hard way when my folks first took over the guitar shop. Apparently, the previous owners had sold the shop because they couldn’t sell any instruments so the shop was failing. My parents soon discovered that there was an inadequate heating and cooling system in the shop, who knew that the uneven temperatures and sporadic humidity levels were ruining the products? My dad called our local HVAC provider and quickly received additional information about maintaining the temperature inside the store. Then they had the HVAC company send out a technician, he evaluated our old HVAC products and gave us some ideas for potential upgrades. My parents made a very informed decision, and soon they were owners of a great HVAC setup! This new and improved HVAC equipment also came with humidity and temperature controls. Soon they were able to put a new line of instruments up on the shelf for sale. These instruments were free from any warping and in superb shape! The business soon began to take off and they’ve maintained a steady customer base ever since.

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Weather can have a pretty big impact

I was glad when the scorching heat of summer finally went away. We went through months of desert-like temperatures with no relief or rain. I had my air conditioner on for days straight, and I spent lots of cash on electric bills. Every time I stepped outside, I started sweating, and I felt suffocated by the humidity. When the middle of October arrived the weather finally cooled down. I was happy to turn off the air conditioner, open my windows, and let the fresh air come in. I was excited about airing out my residence, and getting rid of leftover dust and debris. I planned to call my HVAC contractor before winter to get my furnace serviced professionally. Unfortunately, my plan always seems to slip my mind. The outside temperature transformed from nice and cool to Antarctica in days. I quickly closed the windows again, and had to rely on my HVAC system to manage the warmth in my home. Instead of having the air conditioner on 24/7, I had the furnace set at the highest level it could go. Instead of paying sky-high electric bills, I was shelling out for super high gas bills. Because I didn’t have my furnace serviced like I promised, it ran for nearly two months before it started making odd noises. I had little choice but to schedule an appointment for repairs. I knew it’ll be a while before the weather becomes warm again. I am just hoping that next spring wouldn’t be too short.

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I really want a new heater

In the winter, I am late to school almost every day. I live in an area that gets awful winter weather, and I have a hard time getting up most mornings. I have a heated mattress pad, and in addition a heated blanket on my bed. This causes me to be reluctant to crawl out of my cozy bed. The last thing I desire to do is set my uncovered feet on the freezing floors. Because of these things, I usually stall the process, get out of bed late, and end up arriving late to class. My teacher gets furious when this happens. I think I have finally found a wonderful solution to the problem. Basically, if we were to have radiant flooring installed in my home, I would never be late to school again. I know that I would be okay getting up each morning if the floors were heated and warm. I would have no need to hit snooze multiple times. I would place my fuzzy socks and house slippers in the donation box, and dance barefoot on the warm floors. I asked my parents to contact a HVAC specialist to get an estimate for retrofitting heated floors into the house. Unfortunately, my parents already know that heated flooring is rather expensive and there’s no way they can afford heated floors on their present salary. I told my parents to speak to their managers at work, because I think they ought to get raises. If their managers were to fork out more money, it would benefit the whole family. My parents could then afford to have radiant flooring installed in the house, and because of the flooring, I would always be on time for class. This would make me, my parents, and my teachers extremely happy. My parents did not seem to be convinced, and are refusing to ask for raises.

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My sister picked a great air conditioner

My cousin got married last July, and she really wanted to have an outdoor wedding. Her mother and I talked her out of this idea. Where she lives, the weather is not predictable, and typically requires some kind of temperature control. In the summer months, we can easily transition from high temperatures and humidity to pouring rain and freezing temperatures. We imagined the nightmare of 190 guests huddled under on a porch during torrential downpours. We explained how summer temperatures could cause her to sweat her makeup off for her pictures. Renting a venue with an HVAC system to maintain the right temperature only makes sense. My cousin finally agreed, and she found a lovely reception hall with a real wood dance floor, crystal chandeliers, and plenty of seating. The day of the wedding was absolutely beautiful, with mild temperatures as well as a light breeze. Inside the reception hall, it was extremely hot, sticky and uncomfortable, due to the air conditioner being broken . With two hundred or so people packed inside, and no cooling system to give relief, the venue smelled heavily of sweat. People were going outside, and sitting in their cars with the air conditioner running, just to cool-down. Although my cousin complained to staff, there was no way to have the air conditioning fixed during the reception. The staff opened all windows and doors, but a little outside breeze is no substitute for a good commercial HVAC system. It was so ungodly hot inside the reception hall that the bouquets wilted, the cake melted, and then a groomsman threw up on the dance floor. My cousin was extremely unhappy, and I felt bad for helping to convince her to have an indoor reception.

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I’m finding out so much about HVAC

When I first enrolled in college, I was extremely eager for money. I had taken out a lot of student loans, and was trying to cover the cost of food, housing, and books. I had moved cross-country, and I knew absolutely no one. Without any contacts, I found it hard to get a decent job. I needed a part-time job with flexibility around my classes, yet pay sufficiently to cover most of my expenses. I didn’t want to end up working at the mall or in junk food. I eventually got lucky, and I was hired by the local HVAC company. I was initially just answering the phone, appointment scheduling service, and keeping track of the inventory. After a while, I went along on product calls and hauled equipment and did cleaning. The HVAC technicians were exceptionally kind, and they taught me a whole lot. They showed me how to take apart, properly clean, and get a furnace, boiler, heat water pump, and air conditioner back together. I learned processes to replace belts and fan blades, how to charge refrigerant, along with how to lubricate the moving parts. I worked for the same HVAC company all four years that I of college. The more I found out about the industry, the more interested I became with the HVAC field. I realized there’s always a need for HVAC assembly, repair, and maintenance, whether it was residential and commercial applications. It is a service that is in demand everywhere. After I graduated from university, I started working for the same HVAC contractor full-time and took the chance to get fully licensed and certified.

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