Coffee shop

We stopped at our favorite coffee shop to get my usual.  The shop also has wonderful pastries.  Even though I work nearby, I had not been able to get my favorite caffeine fix.  The shop had been closed for business for a couple of weeks now while the interior of the shop gets a total restoration.  They were finally at a point in the restoration where they can at least sell coffee out of the to-go window.  Yes, I finally have access to my favorite latte.  In only a few days, the inside of the shop will be reopening and available for all the customers to come back in with the new HVAC system keeping the air clean and everyone cool. For now, with their indoor air quality basically just an open window, I’m more than happy to wait in line for my turn to order, via the  same open window.  I could see many different types of building restoration ongoing.  I saw plumbers, window treatments and HVAC technicians onsite.  As I finally get to the head of the line, I notice heavy HVAC equipment being brought into the building through the back door.  I inquire as to what work is being done on the building and the coffee barista informs me that the building is very old and in need of work.  I always liked the style of these old brick buildings, but they do require a lot of upkeep.  He went on to say that they will be getting a newly rebuilt kitchen, with all new plumbing, counters and various other kitchen equipment as well as a completely new HVAC installation with an air purification system included.  I’m sure the coffee shop owner will request an HVAC service plan to continue scheduled maintenance on the new HVAC equipment.  That would be the smart thing to do and judging by the lines waiting to be served, I believe the owner is very smart.

heating and cooling

providing a heater from top to bottom

I moved to the west coast thinking my days fumbling with thermostats were over. You always hear about how it never gets above or below 72 degrees and even if it does you can solve any temperature related woes by simply opening or closing your window. I was wrong. My first apartment relied on a single wall-mounted air conditioner that would have been considered “state of the art” during the Reagan administration. To make matters worse, the apartment turned into an icebox come December and since we had gas heating, my weekends were mostly trying to reignite the pilot light. I’m certainly no professional when it comes to HVAC repair and I can tell you from experience, it doesn’t take more than a few frustrating hours tucked away in a heating vent to throw in the towel and call a HVAC technician to come bail you out. However, when the technician arrived he had nothing but bad news for me. It turned out the entire heating vent had been clogged with debris on the roof, so to even light it would have been a hazard. After several angry calls to my landlord, our HVAC service provider came in and installed an entirely new heating system from top to bottom and I was left to live comfortably in the west coast climate I had always dreamed of, and by that I mean my thermostat stayed on a constant 72 degrees day in and day out.


The seasons of heating

The change of seasons by itself is mesmerizing to me, even though I savor the colder seasons the most. There is something especially magical about all the snow and frosted plants. I also enjoy seeing the chilly rain coat the surroundings in a thin ice blanket. It’s such a great sight to see. Another large thing of course is the moderate feeling of the holidays when all the family comes together. Everyone in my family traditionally visit our parent’s large cabin to celebrate and appreciate the season. My parent’s cabin is equipped with a relaxing heating system. You don’t have to be next to the fireplace just to recognize warmth even though I still savor to rest next to the fire. It is undoubtedly relaxing and brings a sort of peace of mind. I enjoy catching up with our relatives and swapping gifts with each other. It’s especially nice to see the kid’s faces light up when they open up presents. All of us enjoy going outside and playing in the snow. All of us build snow forts, snowmen, snow angels and have snow ball fights! Once we were creative and built a fleet of snowmen battling each other on the open field. When we’re just about freezing, we go back inside and share cups of my mom’s sizzling cocoa with marshmallows! It’s especially nice to recognize that perfect warmth from the heating system in the house. It entirely makes everything perfectly comfortable. There is never a greater time then the fun every one of us have in the holiday season!

electric heater

Having to get the spa thermostat fixed

I just had a spa night at my new apartment. I had all of my friends over and some of our family members. It was going to be so much fun. I even made pretzels for my friends to nibble on while visiting. During the spa night every one of us observed that the house was getting undoubtedly cold. I went to the thermostat to try to turn the heat on. I wanted to make the house warmer for my friends. But it seems like the thermostat was not cooperating. During the night I had to call the local Heating plus A/C business. I had to do this so that they could come look at our thermostat. I wanted the house to be comfortable for my guests, however, the house was not going to be comfortable if it wasn’t the right temperature. All of us all had to run and get sweaters so we could put them on to stay warm. During our spa night the Heating plus A/C corporation showed up. The Heating plus A/C technician was a younger man so it was kind of unusual to have an Heating plus A/C technician at our house during a girl spa night, however, we went on with our spa night. I am sure the Heating plus A/C technician thought every one of us were weird. In any case he fixed the Heating plus A/C thermostat and we felt moderate air coming through the vents right away. All of us enjoyed the moderate air evening out the undoubtedly cold air that was already inside the apartment. I hope I can redeem myself in the future and have the appropriate air quality in our home. I also can now notice when our Heating plus A/C thermostat is not working.

heating and air conditioning

Good HVAC equipment goes a long way

Working on your belongings is an art that is apparently lost on many today. Whether it is something which is not properly taught anymore when kids are young or maybe it’s really a matter of human evolution. Maybe we got so smart and developed many things that clean and maintain life for us, that we are no longer any good at doing it ourselves. Whatever the cause, I am dedicated to improving the next generations, part of which will be through my writings. I am lost as to what the best starting issue is, so I have chosen to tackle the core of a good home environment, the ever important, HVAC system! I think everybody learns somehow that on the homefront, one’s climate control is a really high-maintenance commodity, but if you thought about the comfort that heating and cooling devices provide, it’s really not a big deal. Having an annual HVAC servicing is really the main part. You just need to have the pros come in. Your climate control performance will be unparalleled afterward and you will be quite happy to have perfect indoor quality of air. Also, your bills will be reduced if your equipment is well looked after. HVAC systems are very expensive to change, but you will not have to for a very long time if regular climate control maintenance is practiced. Even something as simple and easy as changing air filters makes such a huge difference when all is said and done.


My truck has bad AC and heating

When I bought my first car, I was only 18 years old. I had been doing paper routes and helping out at my parents’ flower shop for many years. All that time, I had been sure of exactly why I was working. I did not want to be like my cousin, who was 25 then and did not have a license or a car. His life was harder because of this. We live in a rural community and he has no choice but to hope somebody may give him a ride to places or he has to ride his bike. To be sure, riding your bike around is a superb source of exercise, but what about the issue of climate control? I remembered him coming to our house sometimes in the winter on his bike. Our fireplace was always where he’d spend the first half of his visit, just to thaw out. With an HVAC geared up car, his whole life may be different. Think of all the time he would save with some sort of climate controlled car. Aside from getting from point A to point B more speedily, the whole huddled by the fireplace for a half hour thing would come to be completely eliminated. In the hot months it was the same, but with air conditioning. He would always bust into our home, sweating like crazy, and he’d sit by the A/C just to cool down back to normal. So thanks to him, I had a car with heating and cooling shortly after I turned 18.


Different temperatures in my work location

I am employed at a fancy market in a rather ritzy neighborhood. We rotate positions on a weekly basis which I actually really like since we all then get time to move around and not get too bored in a single spot. I think it also really supports learning new things for other jobs you may go to next. The only position that is not really my favorite is the meat counter. They have these huge freezers with all the meat and fish packed on ice, but underneath the freezer, is in fact a heater that blasts out hot air the entire day. So for one minute you might be reaching into the bitter freezing cold freezer to get your customer their meat, but as you close the door heat is blasting onto your legs and your body. It’s a confusing mess and my body can’t figure out what to do about whatever temperature I was in. Then when I go on my break to the break room or even step outside to the standard temperature, it is an entirely different temperature! It never fails that during my time at the meat counter, I get a cold that sticks with me till about the time I am rotated once again to the meat counter!. There just has to be a healthier way to keep the food at it’s temperature plus the freezers at their perspective temperature without killing one’s own employees. They need to call out the HVAC technician about this soon!

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NO AC for the end of the school year

It happens to be finally the end of the school year, which should be a joyous time for teachers as well as students. For me, the end of the school year is so awful and I wish it would just be done with already. The students get so out of hand, because they already have summer vacation on the brain. Us teachers must keep them busy so we are able to finish other duties. We are still required to give the students tests and score them, and fill documents out about their performance. I’m sure dreading this last month since my school building doesn’t get air conditioning. It gets so hot, plus the students are miserable and sweating without any kind of cooling system. I guess it is too expensive to pay for a cooling system in a big building. Some rooms do have air conditioning units since they’re housing computer servers. Classrooms don’t have got air conditioning though, so we must suffer with the heat. It is really hard to cope with the hot temperatures and personally I think it is a big problem. If we could have AC in each class, we could be cool and comfortable when we have to give tests. How can we expect the students to concentrate when all the rooms are too hot and there isn’t any source of cooling? They should consider getting a particular HVAC business to recommend the proper heating and cooling system for our building. The HVAC business could land an immense contract to work on our facility. They would probably suggest a central air conditioning system, but maybe even some powerful window AC units could be installed. The other teachers and parents agree that it would be great to have cooling systems inside classrooms and we really are hoping it happens very soon.

A/C workman

Wanting to locate air conditioning at the park

A few of my friends and I made a decision to spend some time together before two of our group of friends had to leave state for graduate school. We agreed that we should spend our weekend off at the nearby amusement park. We were longing to have some fun there. My boyfriend and I  love the roller coasters, and we all enjoy hanging out at water parks. Luckily, this amusement park was close by and actually had both thrill rides and a huge waterpark, so we thought that it would really be an enjoyable time for all. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. We went to the waterpark section first because the sun was out and it was hot. We spent a while playing around the waterslides and lazy river. Needless to say we were soaked. The weather changed on a dime though, and it grew cold suddenly and began to rain a bit. We all went to change out of our suits and put our regular clothes back on, but everyone was chilled. We thought we’d attempt to warm up inside a building at the park. We headed into the arcade and were  immediately hit by the overactive air conditioning in that building. It felt like someone set the  thermostat on zero. That arcade must’ve been close to about thirty degrees! Being all wet, the air conditioning made us all shiver with cold. The A/C equipment made all of us so uncomfortable that we made the decision to leave early. After we left, we went to grab a pizza at a great local shop. Luckily for us the waiter turned the thermostat up to make sure that we could stay comfortable.

cooling control

Heat stroke air conditioning

I actually had to deal with heat stroke.  I found out that heatstroke can be incredibly scary, and that it’s considered the most serious of any heat injury. The medical profession considers it a medical emergency. I was at the beach yesterday and noticed my friend seemed to be experiencing symptoms of heat stroke. Some call it sunstroke, either way.  I noticed the symptoms of heat stroke in my friend when she complained of being hot but wasn’t sweating at all.  I immediately called 911. Heat stroke can be very dangerous. It can actually damage and/or even kill areas of the brain combined with other organs. Although heatstroke is most commonly found in those that are over the age of 50,it has affected younger runners, whether or not they seem to be healthy. Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include cramps, fainting, headache and heat exhaustion. When the core temperature of a person exceeds 104 degrees, there is real concern. Cooling a person down who may be experiencing symptoms of heat stroke is helpful.  Any person that is exposed to heat over a prolonged period may very well be susceptible. This is why I consider it incredibly important to possess a good cooling system. Air conditioning is by no means a replacement for first aid, but cooling a person down who is overheated by taking them to a space with nice cool A/C can help prevent an actual heat stroke. Whenever I work outside, I take frequent breaks into the A/C to cool down.

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