The cooler is super noisy

When my wife plus I separated the other year, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a hotel! My wife plus I have a small corporation office, plus I decided to sleep there for a little while! One of the companies in our suite is a bakery, and the bakery is located right next to the vacant room. In the morning, I could easily smell fresh donuts plus bagels! Even though I long to be at my own place, waking up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee was truly great. After a few days, I started hearing a loud noise during the night. It got so loud, that I could barely sleep. I decided to ask a couple of corporation owners if they were having any trouble with the awful sound. The owner of the bakery was having issues with the walk-in cooler. The walk-in cooler was having a taxing time keeping the correct temperature, so they were using another cooler as well. I had a friend working for a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment company, plus I asked him for a favor. Since I was sleeping on the other side of the cooler, I couldn’t listen to that terrible sound all night long. Jake agreed to come have a look at the walk-in cooler, to see if it was a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment problem. The owner of the bakery was ecstatic with my nice gesture, plus started bringing us coffee plus bagels every single day. Jake couldn’t repair the problem with the walk-in cooler, because he didn’t have the official certifications for this type of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment problem. However luckily, Jake knew someone who did, plus they agreed to trade repair for free donuts plus bagels.

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how to fix my furnace equipment

I am not genuinely handy around the property! I can cook, clean plus google like nobody’s business. When it comes to repairing things, I am entirely hopeless. When our furnace would not turn on, I knew I was in some trouble… Since it was a Saturday, I did not want to call a Heating as well as A/C business. An after hours repair would have cost almost double what it normally would be. I also did not want to babysit a Heating as well as A/C worker on my Saturday. So I used my googling power plus looked up furnace troubleshooting. I found that the furnace could have been completely dirty. I replaced the air filter with an up-to-date one. Nope, the furnace still refused to click on. I then vacuumed inside of the heating equipment! That did not help all that much either. I then discovered that the furnace might not be lubricated enough. I had to watch a video on how to lubricate the fan motor belt. I thought I did it the right way, but evidently not since nothing happened. I also looked up how to oil the blower on the furnace. That was truly gross, strenuous plus a total let down as well. I finally looked up how to deduce if our heat exchanger was broken. That could be a rather extravagant oil furnace repair. I found that the heat exchanger could have a microscopic crack plus then the oil furnace would fail to work. Since I don’t even have decent eyesight, I am not sure this is the issue. I spent the whole day messing with our oil furnace plus not getting it fixed. Now I am going to have to call a heating business anyway.

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Cleaning out the basement

I came home from my place of employment the other day, to find that my husband had the steps off the porch.  I was entirely unsure how he was expecting me to get into the property. He told me I had to get in through the basement.  I hadn’t been in the basement since he had taken my washer and dryer upstairs. I knew what it looked like then and since I wasn’t entering anymore, I knew it was likely going to be worse.  I was afraid of what I was going to be walking over. He had some nasty odors coming from down there, quite often. I opened the door to the basement and I stepped back out. I asked him to get me a ladder to get into the house.  He asked what was wrong and I told him I was absolutely afraid to go in there. He smiled and said I had no reason to be scared. The last time I was down there, he had the humidifier running because it felt like a sauna down there.  There was what I called junk lying all over and he made a path for me. I walked in and the air was absolutely fresh. I could see the floor. There was such a fresh smell down there that I thought he had an air purification system working or something.  He told me that he spent the last several weeks, cleaning up the basement thoroughly. He put an air purification system into the heating and air conditioner equipment. He also said he had cleaned especially well. He wanted me to totally want to come downstairs when he was doing his work.  He said that he really missed my bothering him when I was down there doing laundry.

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Ac and the odors

I enjoy pickles very much as well as I don’t care if they are dill, garlic, sour, or sweet pickles.  I enjoy all of them. I went shopping a little while ago, as well as I bought about 6 different kinds of pickles.  They were for a get-together I was throwing in the near future. I was truly excited to place out the pickles I had bought as well as let people try them.  There were pickles made from mangoes as well as habanero. I even had pickles made from radish as well as some that were made from pears. I was easily surprised as well as excited to try them all.  I was just getting back to my beach condo from the store as well as I had all of those plastic bags in my hands, heading up the porch stairs. I figured I had caught a single one of the bags on the railing, even though I couldn’t see any tears whatsoever.  I stepped into the kitchen area, when the bag that held some of the pickles easily split wide open as well as I had jars rolling on the floor. As I went to put the bags on the table, the final jar actually dropped out of the bag, landed on top of another jar that skidded across the floor as well as slammed into the second jar.  All of the jars were busted as well as the juice was all over the floor. The terrible stink of the vinegar as well as habanero had me gagging. I had to get rid of the stink in a hurry with my whole house air purifier! I turned on the A/C as well as the whole-house air purifier, as I grabbed the mop as well as began to scrub. The stink was so penetrating, I had to turn on the ventilation fan in the bathroom, as well as the whole-house ventilation system fan, that was in the hall.  I never thought those pickles could make the place smell like that!

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Setting up closed vents

Have you ever closed off the air vents in unused rooms in your property? Several years ago, when I was struggling financially, I decided to shut the air vents in the additional bedroom & the back room that was never used. I was thinking the air vents being closed would simply push all the cooled air into the rooms I was using. I honestly thought that is what happens, but it turns out that is not the best idea. When you close the air vents, the same amount of blowing is still being done by the cooling equipment fan. Very similar to the veins & arteries in your body, the pressure becomes too high in the ductwork. But your cooling equipment can’t take high pressure medicine like you are able to! So, anyway, what ended up happening was that our cooling equipment bill got even higher than it was in the past! So I called in a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair corporation to see what they could tell me! He said our ductwork actually developed cracks because of too much pressure, & the cooled air was leaking out under the property! Because all the frosty air was just out there cooling the world, our property was sizzling. The cooling equipment was absolutely working even harder! He also said it was likely that the fan in the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C was a great deal faster. If your cooling equipment fan runs faster, it uses up so much more energy & costs more money. So, I am here to tell you, if you have been thinking about saving money by closing the air vents in your extra rooms, please leave those air vents alone!

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Office HVAC control

The most hysterical thing happened to me the other day at our office… I was just relaxing in the office doing my work. While I sat there, I started getting rather hot. At first, I didn’t really notice, not unlike the frog in the water on the stove… Then I really began to think there was something going on with my internal thermometer. I sat there thinking about how rough it is to be a person of a certain age because we always use so much air conditioning because of our terrible hot flashes. I never even thought to get up as well as check the reading on the thermostat! Then, about 3:30 pm, after I was working almost the whole day, several men knocked on the door. They said they finally finished the air conditioning equipment repair as well as wanted to check as well as make sure the air coming out of air conditioning equipment air vents was cool. I laughed so hard when I learned about this. It wasn’t my internal thermostat, it was a broken air conditioning system! I told them that I did not even realize that the air conditioning equipment was broken, as well as they laughed as well as asked me how I could not have known about it. The building was blazing hot, they said. They are right, however I am so used to saying, “Is it really hot in here, or is just me” as well as having people say it is just me! I just automatically was thinking it was only me. The air conditioning equipment repair men got a great laugh with me. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C equipment in the office has worked great ever since they took care of everything!

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Timing our heating and air

I have been the owner of our modern air conditioner for 8 years now and really believed I had all of the controls and features working perfectly.  I dealt with the proclivities of that plan on a quarterly basis for almost a decade and knew its pluses and its minuses – when the most optimal part of day to run it is, how many minutes to run the cooling cycles and when, and what sort of impact I can see on our energy bill because of how often I run it and for how long.  I had a coworker over for a few drinks last Monday and he saw myself and others excuse ourselves and go to our temperature control three or four times to turn up and down with the temperature control. After he paid attention to myself and others get up a second time in equal length intervals in between each time we left, he asked myself and others why on earth I was changing the AC.  When I told him that I had a cooling cycle schedule all planned out that I tried to adhere to during the super sizzling May through September, he asked myself and others what kind of temperature control I owned and I showed him. He told me I can program that thermostat because it is a smart thermostat. It can change automatically based on time of day, day of the week, and other things.  He showed myself and others just what we could plug into the thermostat to get into our temperature control’s menu settings to get to the timer scheduling. With my coworker’s help, I was able to set our temperature control to turn itself on and turn off in the exact time periods that I was previously doing manually. Learning about this feature has been amazing, and now that I can do it so well and precisely, I have been experimenting with other settings to see if I can my a/c bill even more.

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AC in the dorms

Thankfully when I moved to pursue my degree, I was lucky enough to live in newer housing the more than four years I lived on campus.  It wasn’t like living at Trump Tower, but compared to some of the old and decrepit apartments some of our friends were forced to live in nearby, I was fixed up pretty well with the amenities that were to be found.  Although the Heating & A/C plan wasn’t perfect when I was there, it worked relatively good and at worst I had to use a box fan from time to time to stay cool on really hot days. There was this old residence hall on campus that was built back when the university was first built sometime in the 1930s, and I’m not sure if anything was ever replaced in that time, including the heating and cooling units.  I stayed away from that building because it radiated the stench of mold, even though I visited a neighbor there when necessary and he told myself and others stories about the central air conditioner plan that is connected via ductwork to every room and circulates through the entire building. Anytime someone opens a can of tuna you’d be breathing it in your room, and on the few off chances of someone smoking a joint in their room, then you’d be breathing in heavy weed odors.  Just thinking about a single air conditioner and filter shared by all those people grosses myself and others out a little. I consider myself lucky to have enjoyed a private air conditioner both years; I had to share it with just the one roommate, but thankfully my roommate and I agreed on comfortable indoor temperatures.


Getting the HVAC increased

I couldn’t tell you how long my husband and I have been fighting about the temperature control settings in our beach house! It’s so silly to me now, especially since it’s grown to be an unbelievable tension between us! Luckily, a friend was telling me that there is a solution for this type of problem, and that is called HVAC zone control. When I asked what that was, he explained that the home is basically set up into independent zones that are heated and cooled by the HVAC idea separately; This was absolutely fascinating to me because I have never heard of this and I knew instantly this would be the solution to our main cause of stress! I soon contacted an HVAC contractor and talked with them about HVAC zone control. They sent out an HVAC worker to our property and he tested the installation. This was all done while my hubby was on a business trip, so he was really surprised when he came back to the beach house to learn what had been done. When I said the two of us now had HVAC zone control, he had to right away question what I was talking about. So I explained that I had HVAC zone control installed in our beach house, and that all of us could now control each room’s temperature separately! He couldn’t fathom that what I was saying was true, so he had to see it! When I showed him how to adjust the settings for each room, he was amazed! The two of us are so cheerful with our HVAC idea upgrade. Seriously, I would suggest HVAC zone control for anyone who is fighting over their temperature control settings!

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The necessary HVAC skills

The other day was a little crazy. I had just gone to a music shop as well as was looking to get a nice harp for our beach house! Well as soon as I went into this instrument store, I was amazed by the exceptional air quality. I had to ask the owner of the store about it, what they used to keep their air quality so excellent. He told myself and my wife that they had a luxurious air cleaner, as well as they also utilized a nice humidistat component to keep the humidity level perfect at all times. It was pressing he explained to keep the instruments in excellent shape. As much of what they sell is made out of wood, the instruments need to breathe the air too! I have never honestly considered that, but it made sense! You absolutely don’t want the wood to warp or anything. I sat down at one of the harps as well as just started playing. People were rather impressed with my harpist skills, so I played a variety of songs at the few harps in the shop. Fortunately for me, the owners of the store appreciated this! It brought a lot more people off the street that day. Plus, the new customers wanted to buy the harps that I had performed on. The owners entirely joked that I should play there full time; the owners even offered to pay me a share of the sales. I would almost go for such an offer, just playing my favorite compositions in the classical music shop all day, making sales while enjoying the excellent climate control. I absolutely need to upgrade our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C idea at lake house so that not only can I take care of the stunning harp that I purchased, but so that my wife and I can experience excellent air quality such as that constantly.

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