did not clean the a/c filter

Family reunions are great and well, but there’s a reason you have years to plan them out in advance! My family, unfortunate as it is, has a bad tendency to procrastinate and put things off until the last possible moment… I still remember one family vacation, where my dad waited until three weeks weeks before the trip to call and reserve a hotel for a full week, if you can believe that! That’s the level of procrastination I deal with in my family! So when my uncles sent invitations to the family reunion with only a week’s notice, I knew I was in for a wild ride! We were set to gather at a community rec center. Which while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the rec center had pretty bad indoor air quality. I think the property managers had neglected to rotate the air filters out for quite some time–their heating as well as A/C equipment was certainly overdue for a tune-up! To make things even worse, the already poorly functioning air conditioning plan gave out from trying to cool a room with thirty people inside. Then as a result, the rec room became so hot and stuffy that all of us had to move the event outside! It was a hot day outside, but at least there was a breeze. As all of us moved our food and games outside the rec room, my dad disappeared to go talk to the property managers in the leasing office. He must’ve said some pretty extreme words, because a Heating and Air Conditioning repair truck pulled up in front of the rec center only an hour later! Thankfully, the heating as well as A/C specialist was able to remedy the problem with the air conditioner, and get it going once again. She said it would keep us cool for now, but she would certainly need to come back and perform a familiar tune-up on the equipment. Hopefully she does that before tomorrow!

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AC during the movie

My siblings plus I have got into our fair share of screaming matches over the years. Still, everyone says that family is family, plus the two of us all have our outbursts from time to time. Well, I’d enjoy to see what those people have to say after seeing my younger sister and I go at it! From a young age, she and I have argued about everything, from who gets to play video games first to who gets the bigger bed. Generally, our arguments are petty plus trivial at best, however the two of us occasionally get into absolutely intense arguments that leave us unwilling to speak to each other for a few days! A few months ago, the two of us had such a blowout when our sibling decided to get her town home’s heating plus air conditioner plan tested by a professional Heating & A/C specialist. Generally, she would ask me to perform her twice-a-year plan repair, so I had no idea why she went with someone else to handle it. See, I’m a licensed general corporation that specializes in heating, ventilation plus air conditioner! When I cornered my sibling about the incident, she genuinely told me that she expected those services to be free! Can you believe that? I’d enjoy cleaning out her ductworks, testing plus repair her air conditioner plan plus repairing her furnace at no cost, however I’m no philanthropist! I just couldn’t fathom that the woman I call family could be so horribly selfish. If she told me she was considering hiring another professional to handle her heating plus air conditioner service plus repair, I would’ve been willing to work with her on a discounted rate for our services. But still, a woman has to eat! I can’t just work for free, unless she wants to begin donating to a charity that feeds homeless Heating & A/C specialists.

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Getting a review on the HVAC

Last week at work when I was up for annual review, I was a concerned wreck! Everyone hates getting their annual performance reviews done, including the supervisors who have to give the reviews! I suppose it’s an annoying, painstaking process, no matter how you end up doing it. I guess when your salary plus a possible raise depend on your review, it is naturally going to stress you out! Well, as if I wasn’t concerned enough already, the air conditioning in our office died out last week. The whole air conditioning proposal stopped laboring plus so there was no cool air blowing in through the air vents at all. The temperature outside was really hot last week, plus so of course that made the air quality less high quality than it normally would have been. I was all dressed up in a suit plus tie. Of course, suits plus ties aren’t exactly the coolest articles of clothing! So between the suit plus tie, the lack of air conditioning, the high rapidly increasing temperatures outside, plus the stress from this annual review, I was dripping with sweat. I have to admit, I really felt like an idiot going into the boss’s office with sweat dripping all down my face. I was praying for the air conditioning to kick back on. Sady, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal was completely down for the count for the whole week. I didn’t get a big raise, when my boss finished up the evaluation, yet I was happy to hear that she was planning on getting the air conditioning fixed the honestly next day!

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The heating unit in my house

Living up North can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to the weather.  This is the reason you need to make sure your Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit is prepared to get you through this before it breaks down as well as your heating system or air conditioning maintenance may end up being more costly in the end.  The best way to do this is to make sure you have an HVAC service warranty or a heating system maintenance person that you trust. A warranty on your heating air cooling system is unquestionably the way to go. I know a lot of people forego the warranty thinking, this is a new unit, I shouldn’t have any issues.  Or, they just do not want to spend money the additional costs of adding an extended warranty on to their cooling or heating systems. Believe me, these Heating, Ventilation & A/C units are not cheap by any way. Even minor repairs to your cooling system could be hundreds or thousands of dollars. When you purchase a new Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit, it’s always smart you use a fully licensed Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider or heating and cooling maintenance service for your Heating, Ventilation & A/C installation.  The last thing you need is someone just telling you they know how to install an cooling system or heating unit. Then they leave, you start having a costly issue with your heater, now they are nowhere to be found! By doing a little research as well as choosing a licensed Heating, Ventilation & A/C business, as well as getting that extended warranty going, you can save yourself a lot of heartache, money as well as time in the end.

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I can’t make it through this

Thinking about summer time heat without air-conditioning makes me cringe.  A lot may not realize the cost of repairing their HVAC System. It can certainly be costly  But more than that, it can be detrimental to people who are elderly and ill. The best thing to have is an a/c repair warranty in site.  If you can not, watching for warning signs is going to be your next defense. The easiest to spot is any unusual noises that may be coming from your HVAC outside unit.  Maybe you shall notice some ticking, or banging against the metal. This is easily a reason to call out your Heating and air conditioning worker instantly before the problem gets any worse.  Also, be sure to check and see if your HVAC unit is blowing out cool air. If it’s cool and not cold, you may be running low on freon. Doesn’t mean your heating and cooling plan is falling apart, but it may cost you a ton in your electric bill!  It’s regularly a fine plan to call your heating and cooling worker at least twice a year for a tune-up. Once in the spring before heat starts kicking in, and once in the fall before you switch the HVAC unit over and beginning using your heater. The cost to repair a heating as well as cooling device could cost hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on the situation you got.  It’s better to be prepared and take notice and attention to your Heating and A/C device before it burns a hole in your pocket or possibly even worse… It shuts down altogether and you are in trouble.

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Our christmas climate control

Today I took our Dad out to visit all of the Christmas bazaars in our area… The bazaars are always held the first weekend in October; they are kind of the kickoff to the beginning of Christmas & holiday season around this part of the country where all of us live. Of course, the weather & the temperatures have been cooling off quite a bit around here too. The colder temperatures always put me in mind of the holidays. That, & being able to use our wood burning fireplace. All of us love burning wood in our fireplace, & so all of us are always thrilled when the weather starts cooling off. Today, the bazaars were in full swing! Even though the temperatures were really cool outside, it felt like you were inside of a gas furnace inside the churches where the bazaars were held! They really had some complications with their heating & air conditioner units at these churches this week; I’m not sure if the heating was stuck or if they just had too many bodies packed into the churches at the same time. Yet it was a relief for me to get out of the heat & awful indoor air quality & back outside into the fresh frosty air! The weather is still cooling down now, & all of us are expecting to get more snow… But that’s okay with me, because once at the I’m beach house in front of our fireplace I will be thrilled & content. No more Christmas bazaars for me this year, that’s for sure! I’m ready to snuggle in at beach house in front of the fireplace & let them worry about their heating problems themselves.  

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I am setting up the options

I’ve really come into my own as a successful marijuana farmer. Working as a contractor for the legally operated local dispensaries was the best decision of my career! At first I thought it was shady work, but everything is nice in addition to above board. What a time to be alive, when you can loudly brag about your work as a weed farmer! it still makes my head spin from time to time. I truly enjoy my work, especially since I make a nice living as a result, so I have no rational alternative than to be blissful for this life. I get support from close friends that is both moral, spiritual, and even professional! One of my dearest friends will lend his Heating and A/C expertise to my projects from time to time, as he knows what kind of climate conditions controls are best for the plants, while I don’t quite understand the whole HVAC system. I do have the experience and hands on expertise to set up any kind of greenhouse, but how to calibrate it for best results with a new HVAC system? That’s all my friend who can do that. At first he set up gas furnaces in my first little greenhouse, but now we have a fairly large greenhouse in town that’s equipped with more than five hundred plants in it! I needed a more advanced Heating and A/C system to keep everything in order, and my buddy always says how fun it is to set up these HVAC systems for my growing facilities. I myself have been retired from the military for a few years now, and it was nice to get my hands dirty again with my dear friend the HVAC wizard. Getting the systems set up is the hard part, but now he only needs to come by in addition to check the Heating and A/C device once a week or so. It could entirely be only once a month, although I think he uses the Heating and A/C inspection as an excuse to hang out. I never mind the company!

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Cat weird over the a/c

I remember when I first got my cat, however she honestly belonged to a friend of mine who had to transfer across the country for her work. In the place that she was going to be moving into, she was not allowed to have any pets, so she asked me if I would take her cat named ‘Bella’. I came to learn that this was a honestly spoiled cat. She was demanding that I do something for her, always meowing at me for things. Well, it was an entirely hot day plus she wouldn’t leave me alone. So I cranked up the air conditioning a little bit plus put her on top of the air vent… That honestly calmed her down instantly; she seemed to like the air conditioning. When I put the climate control device settings back to normal, she kept meowing at me again. I realized that she must like that air conditioning plus wanted me to put it back on. Yet after awhile, it got entirely discouraging. I had her food plus water set out for her, I had her scratching post, plus she even had toys… But no, she wanted to keep bothering me about the air conditioning. It go so ridiculous that when I was trying to sleep, she kept scratching at my door–I knew she wanted me to turn the air conditioning back on. I decided to let her get her way plus turned the air conditioning on for her. She was glad plus peaceful again. Though I was sort of frosty, I was able to sleep. I decided that if I was going to keep this cat, I was going to have to get Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C zone control. That way, she could hang out in her own area with as much air conditioning as she wanted, while I didn’t have to freeze to death.

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I can’t believe this

My wife has become a truly talented marijuana farmer, and is now running a supplier’s operation for the legally operated local dispensaries. At first I thought it was shady work at the least, though everything is nice and clear with the law. It’s really just crazy to me, you know? Not many husbands can brag about their wife the marijuana mogul. She loves the work though, and makes a great living that allows her to give back to her community. I actually have no rational alternative than to be blissful for her, right? I support her in every way I can, from morally to spiritually, and even professionally! This is including when I lend my Heating as well as A/C knowledge to her construction projects. She knows what kind of climate conditions are best for the plants, but she can’t control them! Well, not the way I can. I do have the experience and the hands-on skills to set up any kind of climate control equipment, and I know how to calibrate it for the best possible plant yield. At first, I set up just a few oil furnaces in her original little greenhouse when she first got started in the business. Now, she has a massive grow operation in town, and more than four hundred plants in it! She needed a more advanced Heating as well as A/C plan to keep everything in order. It was actually kind of fun! I have been retired from the Heating as well as A/C industry for a few years now, so it was a nice change of pace to get my hands covered in oil all over again. Most of the work was in getting it set up, now I only need to come by in addition to check the Heating and A/C unit once a week – if that. It could really go for a month without needing an inspection, but I use the Heating as well as A/C inspection as an excuse to hang out with my wife as she tends to her “crop”.

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Little worried about my HVAC

It seems that a few times I have cheated death… There was something wrong with the engine once when our friend was flying us around in her private airplane and the people I was with and I had to crash land. I really thought I was going to die but the people I was with and I both survived the landing. But this single time I entirely tripped and tumbled down a flight of stairs! While I thought I might die from that, I amazingly survived and there weren’t even any broken bones. A neighbor of mine was filming at the time and she entirely caught it on film, so the people I was with and I watch it occasionally and have our laughs. People even comment that it’s amazing that I survived that, and from the look of it, I agree with them. This other time our cooling system failed in the midst of a bad heatwave. When I called the Heating and A/C company, they said they wouldn’t be able to make it out for numerous mornings. That’s why I was surprised when there was a Heating and A/C professional at our door merely a few minutes after calling the Heating and A/C company. I figured it was some sort of mistake or just a lucky coincidence that I needed her help and she showed up to our door to maintenance our air conditioning. I just showed her straight to the a/c component and she diagnosed it. I paid the woman and she went on her way. I figured without her help, I surely would have suffered a heat stroke in our own home. But this Heating and A/C professional saved me from that when she wasn’t even supposed to be there. Honestly, I don’t know if God looks after me or if I’m just drastically lucky. Of course, I don’t want to push our luck if that is indeed what it is…

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