AC system that is ductless

I regret going with a ductless mini split AC system. Last month, I decided to update our whole home as well as get everything more modern. I got all up-to-date appliances, floorboards plus furniture–the last thing to update was the AC unit. The air duct was older, dented and slightly dirty. The AC unit was around 12 years old. Instead of getting another central air conditioning system unit with a replacement air duct, I decided to go with the up-to-date ductless mini split option. I had a HVAC business come in plus do the total remodel. They had to tear down our walls plus ceiling to remove the air duct. I then got newer walls put up and painted. Then, the ductless mini cut was installed right on the wall in our home office. It does look sleek, up-to-date and very clean in our house. The downside is that the ductless mini cut AC unit is not as powerful. I went from having air conditioning system in every room of our home due to the air ducts. It was easy to have AC in each room with it. The ductless AC unit is only in the one room of our house. I could add more indoor air handlers to the home to have that powerful. Each unit costs currency though, plus having tons of AC devices would look hideous. I miss our air duct and the hidden AC unit. I want the strong AC through our whole home again. I also don’t love the look of our updated walls. I hate the color I painted them. The AC was the one section in our home I should have left alone.

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Need to get duct cleaning

When our hubby Brian and I moved into our latest house. We thought everything was set, the floors, ceiling fans & lights all looked clean. The yard was well cared for and the carport did not even have dirt in it… However what Brian and I rapidly realized is that the people before us only cleaned where you could see. The drains in our bathroom were totally clogged with soap scum and hair. The dryer had to be taken apart and vacuumed. The worst was the ductwork in our house. The HVAC idea from the outside looked modern and shiny. It was totally clean in appearance. When you turned on the HVAC unit, the dust would fly all in the air. The HVAC filter was clogged with dust, debris and hair. The HVAC then would turn on and flow through disgusting ductwork. Brian opened our air ducts and shined a flashlight inside. The ductwork was filthy. There was literally dirt caked inside of the ductwork. It was black scum all over the air ducts. So the HVAC was already dirty, and then would run through contaminated ductwork. In order to fix this issue, both of us had to call a HVAC business. The HVAC professional had to perform ductwork cleaning as well as HVAC cleaning. It was expensive getting the home back in shape, then also, it was absolutely frustrating, since Brian and I thought the home was clean. It is amazing how the previous homeowners managed to trick us into thinking the two of us were getting a clean house. I will never fall for that trick again! First thing I will check is the ductwork.


Furnace charges

I am incredibly careful with my money, as well as trying to avoid unnecessary spending.  I occasionally go way too far, which can end up in unpleasant situations. Last January, my central heating system abruptly quit while I was in the middle of the evening.  The outside temperature was down to eighteen degrees, as well as it was snowing love crazy. I was unwilling to call for central heating system maintenance because of the extra charges for overtime services.  Since this was a Saturday evening, I needed to wait until Monday day to schedule a repair. Going without heat as well as trying to keep warm was a challenge. I bundled up in heavy sweaters as well as socks, all while wrapped up in a blanket.  I closed the doors to all but a couple of rooms, hooked up mini ductless heaters, all while being concerned about my water pipes freezing. First thing Monday morning, I called every local heating and A/C dealer, but no one was available to supply service that day.  I needed to wait three more days for an appointment. Since I work from home, I ended up spending a lot of time at local diners, soaking up their heat. I was genuinely happy when the heating and A/C dealer finally showed up to repair the heating system. When he took the system apart as well as tested the issue, he found several parts which needed to be upgraded.  He did not have these parts available. He offered to expedite the shipping, even though I was unwilling to pay the higher price. I went without heat for three more days, and nearly froze to death. When the heating and A/C dealer completed the repairs on the heating system, he explained that the malfunction could have really been prevented with annual furnace maintenance.  I had never enrolled in a maintenance program because of the cost.

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Mall HVAC use

I entirely hate to go shopping–I will procrastinate it for as long as possible.  I order a tremendous amount of necessities online and have them shipped right do our door.  It is so much more pleasant plus efficient to simply order shoes, cleaning products, furniture, clothing and even groceries through the internet.  I can entirely shop around for the best prices. I wear our pajamas, sip wine plus listen to music. There are no crowds, no long lines or difficulty finding a parking space.  I like the ability to control the thermostat plus maintain a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, I occasionally need to venture out to purchase perishables. This is always a huge hassle plus it puts me in a poor mood by the end of it.  I often return new home with a vicious headache; I blame the store’s overuse of the oil furnace and central air conditioning system. When I go shopping in the middle of the winter season, I dress for frosty weather. The temperature in this area is frequently below freezing plus there’s usually multiple feet of snow on the ground.  I bundle up in multiple layers, including a wool coat, and heavy boots. Then I arrive at the grocery store plus get blasted by the oil furnace. I rush through the store, feeling overheated plus sweaty, then step back outside into the freezing cold. In the summer, the problem is the exact opposite. Because of the excessive heat and humidity, I dress in shorts plus a loose tank top.  Then I arrive at the grocery store, where the air conditioning is creating arctic conditions. There seems to be HVAC duct vents located in every aisle, because there’s no escaping the frosty air. Unless I remember to bring a jacket, the air conditioning causes me to have goosebumps. I’m sure the overuse of the commercial air conditioning and central heating idea is costing a fortune.  

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The hotel HVAC unit

I’m a salesman like my father before me, and I endelight in interacting with people on a weekly basis.  My dad sold vacuums and small lake condo appliances door to door and enjoyed getting to meet his neighbors and travel to far off towns for business.  My goods are more intangible, because I sell online services and items that are used to make life easier for the customer. But, my Dad and I do have some things in common being a salesman nowadays and when he was finally working: where are we going to stay while we were on those far away trips selling our wares?  Even though I’m not walking door to door as my father did in his finally working days, I still need to have a comfortable locale to rest my feet and my head at the end of my work day. I have particular cities in my selling district and my favorite hotels within those areas. They all have a list of things in common:  comfortable beds, good service, free breakfast as I rush out the door in the morning and excellent heating and air conditioning equipment. Having a comfortable climate controlled space makes all the difference when you’re away from home. I travel both in the summer season and the wintertime and my favorite hotels keep me comfortable and refreshed after a long shift at work.  The central heater, ventilation and A/C systems aren’t noisy, are easy to use, and never create a concern if I need to turn the thermostat up or down a touch to reach my desired room temperature. I’m glad I found these fantastic hotels in my sales region!

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Should get a heater and a/c system installed

My hubby and I have decided we’re ready to buy a condo of our own and the search for the perfect condo is on!  The pair of us have similar tastes, so I don’t guess there will be much arguing when we do find the right condo just for our little family.  One thing my hubby and I do differ on, however, is the condition of the home. I’d rather have a newer condo with amenities already in place and is quite simply move in ready.  Perhaps a fresh coat of paint is needed, however not much else that needs to be done with the place for us to settle in and claim it as our own. Then just the other afternoon, however, my hubby and I found an appealing condo in a desirable town close to our favorite restaurants.  As a bonus, it also had a nice sized yard for our dog and room to plant flowers. The only issue? It needed a whole new heating and air conditioning plan because neither the heating or cooling systems worked. It was a quaint home, perfect for the two of us, and did need more work than I wanted to invest in.  But, my hubby is the fix it type who enjoys a challenge, and the two of us finally agreed in the end that a new central heater and air conditioner was worth the effort with this home. My husband and I put in an offer on the condo and it was successful almost instantly! We were thrilled and now are looking over the most current heating and cooling systems in our budget to refurbish our house.  I really enjoy the method of smart control component technology, because my hubby and I often run late at the office and our conflicting schedules mean wasted temperature control money when no one is in the condo to benefit from the comfortable temperatures. I’m looking forward to our current updates and exploring the current heating and air conditioning features on the market.

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A/C taken care of before the pool

Saturday I am off from work and I have big plans.  I am planning to invite my brothers and their wifes over to my pool. I am picturing an all afternoon pool affair. I want to have drinks at the ready so every one of us can get pretty crazy and wild! Next, I guess every one of us could all go to a nearby restaurant and have a nice supper together.  For my pool afternoon of fun, I need to prepare a lot of things. I need to find a restaurant that will take 6 drunk and crazy people after they been at a pool all afternoon. I also need tons of drink mix, booze and clean wine glasses at the ready. I need to clean, dump chemicals and clean my pool for the big afternoon party. Finally, I want to get my cooling system serviced beforehand. I think that seems odd, although I know with my family, the AC can make or break the afternoon festivities. The weather is supposed to be in the high 90s on that day. We will all drink to much in the sunlight and want AC afterwards, or, it could rain and the celebration will need to be held indoors. Either way, there will be a point that all of us will want some quality cooling down. This year, my a/c system has yet to be cleaned or serviced. I need a HVAC business over cleaning, oiling and tightening any loose part on the unit. I do not want an unexpected malfunction, or dirty air quality. I want my pool afternoon of fun to be perfect, and with fine AC, it should be.

central cooling

Deck should have a radiant heater

My loving hubby Miles and I built a deck on the back of our home over one summer.  We used to have French doors that opened onto a cement patio. We built our own wooden two story deck right in our backyard for parties.  Miles as well as I like it out there as well as wish we could hangout there all year. I want to upgrade our wood deck. I want to enclose it with walls as well as add windows. This way the deck could be used in both the hot summers as well as  the winter. In the Summer we could open the windows to get fresh air. In the winter season, I assume we could install radiant heated floors in the deck. Our home already has a boiler system in the basement. The basement gas furnace is right next to our deck. All we would need to do is install piping under the floorboards. The piping then would connect to the boiler system. The boiler then would heat water that would flow through the pipes to create hydronic heating.  If we build the walls, add insulation, windows as well as heating, the deck could be used in the winter. This would be very relaxing wouldn’t it? Miles does not believe we can do the heating installation. My point is though, we installed that deck on our own. I assume the heating installation will not be as difficult to do. I also want to utilize our deck to socialize more during the winter. Adding heated floors will allow this, as well as add value to our home. If we research radiant floor installation, we can feel comfortable with the project in no time.

heated floors

New roof and better HVAC

I put off replacing the roof of our ranch style home for as long as possible.  I knew it would be an costly, messy and lengthy project. When I started finding shingles in the front yard and needed to catch leaks with barrells, I knew I couldn’t procrastinate repairing the roof any longer.  The ordeal was even worse than expected. The workers made a tremendous amount of noise and woke the family up early every day with the noise. They trampled my vegetable garden and left a bunch of construction debris in the backyard.  With the roof apart, the people I was with and I couldn’t run the central cooling system, and the house was overheated and dirty all the time. We dealt with tons of dirt, bugs, humidity, and found it nearly impossible to rest in the evening.  My whole family was eager for the job to be finished so we could finally start up the air conditioner unit. I had not expected to notice a significant difference in the comfort, cleanliness and energy efficiency of my home so soon. My house is now airtight, which has reduced demand on the air conditioner unit and furnace.  Because the heated and cooled air is no longer escaping from the repaired roof, the HVAC components don’t need to run as long or struggle as hard. My biweekly energy costs are so much lower that I’ve absolutely recovered the cost of the new roof within several years. I’m able to set more conservative temperature on the temperature control, and yet the heating and cooling is more evenly distributed.  The house stays cleaner, smells better, and there are less troubles with high levels of humidity. If I’d known all of the potential rewards, I would have replaced the roof much sooner.

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Trying to fix my skin issues

For most of my adult life, I’ve suffered from a condition known as psoriasis.  I have patches of psoriasis on our elbows and arms, it’s itchy, sore, and can be rather embarrassing.  The skin becomes bright red and scaly, unfortunately, there is no known cure. No one is even certainly certain what causes psoriasis.  The best I can do is to treat the symptoms, and try whatever I can. I’ve gone to the doctor and invested too much money in pricy prescriptions that didn’t help relieve the discomfort.  I’ve experimented with home remedies and over-the-counter medicines. Even if a product provides some relief, it is only effective for a couple of days. Over the years, I’ve figured out that our problems with psoriasis are much worse during the winter, when the air becomes especially dry.  I live in an area where it’s cold temperatures and long winters are common. It is often necessary to rely on the furnace for more than six months. With the furnace pumping out heat, the home becomes so dry that I’ll get an electric shock every time I walk across the carpet. Frizzy hair, chapped lips, static cling, headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes and dry skin are all the result of insufficient humidity.  Furthermore, the air feels colder, leading to higher thermostat settings, wear and tear on the heating system, and higher energy bills. I originally invested in a whole-home humidifier to reduce the workload of the furnace and save money. However, once the humidifier was running, I noticed a significant improvement in my psoriasis. My lovely house is far more comfortable, plus I assume much healthier.

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