Adding a Humidifier to the Gas Furnace

My husband and I bought an older home not far from downtown.  The house was in a historic district and needed some work. It took us several years to make improvements but we were finally close to having it just like we wanted.  We had installed a new HVAC system early in our renovations and it had made a big difference in our indoor quality of life. The one thing we did not like was the dry indoor air which caused static electricity during the winter months.  A friend of ours suggested we have a humidifier added to the gas furnace which would add humidity to the air and make it more comfortable and less static. We called out the HVAC company we had used for the new system and within a couple hours they had installed the humidifier onto the side of the furnace.  The new system was attached to a water source which ran over a filter inside the unit. The warm air leaving the furnace would flow across the wet filter and add humidity to the warm air. We could feel the difference immediately. The air just felt better not dry. The first night sleeping in the house after the humidifier was installed was amazing. I would normally wake up with a very dry mouth and nose but now it was moist and comfortable. Adding a new humidifier to our gas furnace was a very good idea and I wondered why we had waited so long.

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Heating the Garage in the Winter

A year ago when I retired, I decided to give my wife some time away from me and I started working on different long neglected projects in my garage.  Our garage was a seperate building and not attached to our house. It had electricity but nothing else. My first thought was to get an electric heater for the garage for the times in the winter when I felt like tinkering.  I figured that this could keep the garage toasty warm for me. Well the first time I ran the heater on full blast it blew the breaker for the garage. I knew this was not going to work so I called out my local HVAC company to make some recommendations for heating my garage.  They suggested that a ductless mini split system would be perfect for the size of the garage. This system only needed a small hole in the wall and no ductwork. The HVAC company did have to run a dedicated electrical line to the garage to avoid any further breaker issues. The mini split unit was mounted on the wall a couple feet down from the ceiling.  It was sleek and modern looking and even had a remote control. I was able to set the thermostat on the unit to my desired temperature and within a few minutes the garage would be that temperature. I was very pleased with my ductless mini split system and highly recommend it to anyone who needs to heat or cool a smaller space.

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No HVAC In Bathroom

I really hate going to the bathroom in public places. Not only does it get real dirty in there, but it is just down right nasty! If you have ever went to a public bathroom in the middle of the summer time, it can get real bad. The stink is beyond ridiculous. Most public bathrooms do not have air conditioning or any kind of quality HVAC system. At least at home in my bathroom I have top quality HVAC system. The reason why is because just recently I had called my local heating and cooling specialist and got installed a high quality, top of the line, upscale, and extremely and very much so up-to-date heating and cooling system! Without my own brand new, high quality, top of the line and very very in the most brilliant way extreme up-to-date heating and cooling system I do not think I could survive. Most public bathrooms need to do the same. That is very right, they need to instal a high quality, top of the line, over the top, super dooper, and most high quality up-to-date heating and cooling system! Do you get my point? That is right, I said once again, a high quality, top of the line, very important heating and cooling system. Without it, all bathrooms will stink, smell, collect mold and more. And folks, that is just the way it is today in this lovely country. I will always be sure to keep my high quality over the top and very up-to-date heating and cooling system. End of story!

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HVAC Cleaning

Well, it is now that time of the year again where I need to have my HVAC ductwork and air vents cleaned. The private heating and cooling contractor I used to hire just went to work out of state, so I have to find a new heating and cooling specialist to take over for me moving forward. So I went and I looked online to find out what was out there, read a lot of reviews and finally found the right one! So I called this new heating and cooling specialist from the friendly HVAC local dealer, and I set up an appointment for him to come out and do my cleaning, which I do every six months, twice a year. The heating and cooling company was very friendly on the phone. And when the brand new HVAC worker came to the house to do the heating and cooling ductwork and air vent cleaning for me, he was very nice and friendly as well. He spent a good few hours going deep into the ductwork and everything to clean everything as good as possible. He did such a great job I even had to give him a nice tip. He even made some suggestions to me about possibly upgrading my heating and cooling system to a brand new, high powered, up-to-date and latest in HVAC technology heating and cooling system! I really loved the idea of this, but sadly at the present moment, I do not have the money to be spending on something like that. It would take a major investment to even undergo that process. But when I am for sure ready and can afford the brand new, high powered, very nice looking, top of the line, shiny and thick up-to-date heating and cooling system, I will for sure go with this new heating and cooling company I found! They were great!

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Fall is on its way

  I looked out across the driveway today and I almost fainted with joy.  There on the trees were some red leaves. The first sign of summer waning and fall arriving, was staring me in the face.  I looked at the thermometer on the porch and I was almost crude enough to stick up my middle finger to it, but I resisted because that would have been childish.  Instead I stuck out my tongue to the thermometer and I blew a kiss to the red leaves. I walked back into my air conditioned house and I went over to the thermostat.  It was still set at sixty-eight, and I gave it a loving pat while telling it that soon it would be controlling the furnace. It is so much cheaper to run the furnace than it is to run the air conditioning.  The air conditioning needs to have a dehumidifier and an air purifier. Summers where I live, are brutal. There is always high humidity. Even if the temperatures aren’t in the nineties, the humidity makes it feel  like it is not just in the nineties, but closer to one hundred. Our weather forecaster goes by heat indices and not by actual temperatures. Without the air conditioning, everyone would be so miserable that no one would ever talk.  I remember when air conditioning in a car was a luxury, but of course, air conditioning was not widely used by anyone back then, even in their houses. Trust me, it wasn’t because it wasn’t wanted, but it was too expensive. I am so glad that air conditioning comes in every car now, and it seems to be commonplace for every home.

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From no AC to central AC

I remember this one apartment I used to live in.  It was horrible. There wasn’t any air conditioning and I wasn’t able to bring in a window air conditioner.  I couldn’t afford a different apartment, because I was on my own. I couldn’t live in the dorm where most of the students lived, because of my allergies to perfumes and hair products.  So, there I was, in this cute little apartment, with no air conditioning. I had fans for every window, which was really expensive to run full-time. All I was doing was pulling the hot and humid inside.  I tried to turn the fans around and pull the hot and humid air out of the apartment, but the air was coming in around the fans, so it was a futile attempt. It gave me a bit of relief, but not enough to even be comfortable.  I had this friend who would pick me up at work and he would take me for a ride in his car, which had air conditioning, just to give me some comfort for a bit. I ended up spending a lot of time with him, and he was nice. Then he invited me back to his apartment.  I had met him at work, and I think he had taken pity on me. It was the hottest and most humid day of the year. He told me to pack an overnight bag and to stay with him for a couple of days. I now own a home with central AC. He and I got married after I graduated college, and he insisted we had central AC in our home.

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Helping those who need heat the most

I grew up very poor, and I don’t mind letting people know that. I happen to think that I can be a role model for people in my community. With studying, hard work, and determination, anyone can make a good life for themselves. I am not so foolish as to say anyone can be whatever they want to be, of course not. That is not a reasonable expectation, but what is reasonable is finding a path that allows you to achieve some measure of success. Even if you can’t be a doctor or a lawyer you can have a home a family, and live the American Dream. For me that path was HVAC repair, and I am trying to pay that forward to getting young people involved and interest in heating and cooling repair. Admittedly, HVAC repair is not sexy or glamorous, it is hard work that requires a specific education, but it is an “evergreen” field. What that means is that if you have a certification in HVAC repair, you can go anywhere and be able to find work. HVAC companies are always in demand, and new technicians are needed every single day all around the country. By mentoring at risk kids and guiding them towards a future in HVAC systems, I am giving them a clear path to success. It won’t be easy, like I said determination is required, but heating and cooling contracting work is a good, dependable way to earn a very good living. HVAC workers are retiring faster than they can be replaced, so this is a growth market!

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Cooling off the gym

When I built a gym on an abandoned lot in the middle of my neighborhood, my intent was to keep it open 24/7 free to anyone who wanted to use it. This neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of options for kids, which is partially why the teenagers are so prone to trouble with the law, so I thought a sports based gym would be perfect. There is a basketball court, two handball courts, and a few general purpose rooms geared towards gymnastics, tumbling, weight training, and obstacle courses. There are bathrooms, of course, and couple of rooms out back for homeless people to crash. There is electricity and plumbing, but no air conditioning. Installing an HVAC system big enough to cool down the whole gym was a huge expense that I could not afford. Also, HVAC equipment needs a lot more care than I could expect to give it. Some of the kids complained about how hot it got in there, but I told them an air conditioner was just not going to happen. Instead I consulted with an HVAC expert about improving the ventilation of the building. With the right amount of air vents and fans, there could be enough good air circulation to help keep the temperatures in check. It doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as an A/C system, and should help lower the temps in here by as much as ten degrees. It still isn’t as good as having an air conditioner, but since it costs ten thousand dollars less it is clearly the way to go.

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Building my dream house

I still have the first set of blueprints I ever drew, back when I was eight years old. Even then I knew I wanted to be an architect, to design buildings for a living. It still drives me to this day, and I love my career. Finding that first set of plans for my dream house, the place where I would raise my family, really inspired me. Oddly enough, at the time I was successful architect who rented a cheap apartment. That very night I started revising my original plans, taking into account my knowledge of home building, to make my true dream house. One difficulty I found was in incorporating the central HVAC system. Modern day heating and cooling components are smaller and more efficient than ever, but it still took careful planning to work them into the architecture. If I did it correctly, the place would not appear to have an HVAC system at all. I would use hidden air vents and heating registers for air circulation, and install radiant heated flooring in the main rooms. There was no cooling equivalent to the heated floors, so I had to settle on the most streamlined AC system I could find. I talked to a friend of mine who is an HVAC contractor, and he gave me a lot of good ideas for hiding the AC in plain sight. That was two months ago, and now the house is currently being built. My friend is handling the HVAC system installation himself, so I know the results will be just perfect.

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Heating up the slopes

Even though I had not been skiing since I was a little kid, I was very eager to get up to that ski resort for the weekend. Of course I wanted to try skiing on for size for the first time in twenty years, but I also wanted to do the other fun stuff one can do at a resort like that. Namely, partying, drinking, hanging out in hot tubs, and sleeping for half the day. Let me tell you, a “ski weekend” only has a little bit to do with actually skiing. This was especially true for me, because the first day there I was messing around with the wood burning furnace and broke my foot. You see, I thought that the old wrought iron furnace in my room was just for show. I actually believed it to be a space heater dressed up to look like an old-time heater, but I was wrong. So when I picked it up, I quickly realized how heavy it was and dropped the heating unit right on my foot. Thankfully I broke no bones, but I was going to be off my feet and stuck inside with this heater for the rest of the vacation. I got a wheelchair and sat next to the massive fireplace in the main lobby for a while. I talked to the skiers as they came and went, stopping by the fireplace to warm up a little bit after a long downhill run. I drank enough brandy so that my personal heating was always great even with no fire at all.