Budget-temperature control

My spouse and I have been in the process of talking about investing some money into a new smart thermostat for our heating and cooling system. When we went down to our local heating and cooling company to obtain some expert advice from the HVAC technicians there, we were rather disappointed with what we learned from them. We found out that this particular heating and cooling business contracted specifically with only the most expensive brand of smart thermostat. They were essentially unable to recommend any other brand of smart thermostat to my husband and me. We were more confused about this than before. We knew that a smart thermostat would be a great investment for our home, and we wanted to save money on our heating and cooling bills. However, we were not prepared to pay the most exorbitant price for our new smart thermostat. In an effort to be fair, we decided to stay at the heating and cooling company to at least find out about this extremely expensive brand of smart thermostat. We learned that the expensive brand can automatically learn about our habits and would then just adapt the heating and cooling settings to our specific lifestyle. We were informed by the HVAC company that this clever thermostat was so smart, we might never even have to program it! Well, we ultimately decided not to purchase the expensive thermostat. In its place, we went home and did some more research on our own to locate a smart thermostat that would be the most effective fit our needs and our budget.


Picking out HVAC equipment

    If you are the type of person who is ready to finally invest in an innovative heating and cooling system, here is some good advice for you!  It is very important to do your research before spending such a massive amount of money on your home. You should have at least a vague idea regarding the type of heating and cooling system you would like. However, it is also important to keep an open mind and take advice from your heating and cooling contractor. Honestly, it is really possible to know definitely what heating and cooling system would be best for one’s individual home from a knowledgeable and licensed heating and cooling contractor when they visit the premises. The process of an HVAC home visit, along these lines, would be for the heating and cooling technician to take a thorough look throughout the home and ask the appropriate questions about your needs, your budget, and your needs. Ideally, the HVAC technician should tell you everything he knows about the different options for your home, as well as for any possible solutions. For instance, if there is an enhancement to your existing system that could be cheaper but just as useful, your HVAC technician should let you in on that information. They should also be allowed to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred HVAC system as well as a few other options. The HVAC technician can calculate which size the new HVAC equipment should be, based on the size of your home and various determining factors. Be sure to listen to your heating and cooling company and have the home evaluated before you make a major decision about your home’s HVAC system!

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Surprise smart thermostat

I decided to go ahead and purchase a brand new smart thermostat for my dad for his birthday. He was recently talking to me about heating and cooling upgrades that he was interested in researching, and he just so happened to mention a particular brand of smart thermostat that he really admired. My dad’s sixty-fifth birthday is just around the corner and they had a sale on the specific brand of smart thermostat at my local heating and cooling company just the other day, so I made sure to stop by and buy one for him. I cannot wait until my dad opens this smart thermostat! He was telling me all about the interesting features and functions of the thermostat. I could almost imagine owning a smart thermostat, myself. I wish I had one installed in my own home, because I would definitely get a lot of use out of the ability to adjust the heating and cooling settings from my smart phone. My dad likes his technology, but he does not play with his smart phone very much, and I doubt that he would use this function very frequently. I honestly think that my dad is more excited about the idea of saving some money when it comes to his heating and cooling bills. Smart thermostats maximize the energy efficiency of a household, and ultimately end up helping the homeowner save a bit of money! After I got home from the HVAC dealer with my dad’s present, I started to think about all of the ways I would use a smart thermostat as well. It was not very long before I was in my car again, headed back down to the HVAC company to purchase a smart thermostat of my very own!

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Tired of a Broken HVAC unit

I’m now sixty-five years old and retired. Everyone says these are the golden years. I don’t  believe everything I hear. I’ve also heard the older you get the wiser you become. I’ve worked hard all my life, and not a lot to show for it. I’ve been married fifty three years, have five children.   

I kept them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The children are all grown and it’s just my wife and myself. We decided to make an investment in our retirement years. This is important to us. Our health is not as good as it once was. So we contacted an HVAC company for consultation on a brand new HVAC system. The next few weeks we got our brand new HVAC system installed. The air quality in the house was so refreshing. The house was absolutely comfortable. We never had a brand new unit the whole time we’ve been married. We made do with what we had. You just can’t imagine the difference between the air quality with a brand new system. My wife has asthma and clean air is important. I quit smoking and the air is just so much better with this new unit. Well I think our first investment was right on target. Now we want to purchase a new automobile. This will probably be our last major purchase. Believe me there has to be an air conditioner in it. And if it works like our house unit, we might go on a trip far away. So just remember if you get a new HVAC system it might extend your life. Especially when you are older.

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Miss having a basement

My entire childhood I grew up with the simple luxury of having an in ground basement. It doesn’t sound like much, and I don’t think I appreciated it at the time, but as an adult I would kill to be able to have all that extra space, not to mention the naturally cold indoor air! I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was an amazing advantage and saved my family a lot of money on air conditioning costs. We barely ever turned on our AC unit, because we could just go hang out downstairs when the air got too hot in the house. If it was a particularly hot day, we kids just hung around in the perfectly cold air for the whole afternoon, rather than facing the sweltering heat outside. My mom wouldn’t run the AC anyways, so this was the best solution for us. It felt like extremely efficient temperature control, without the investment in a super powerful HVAC unit or the burden of high energy costs. Sometimes I would even go down there to sleep at night, because the air temperature was ideal for falling asleep wrapped up in a cozy blanket. I hated the spiders, but I loved the feeling of cool air on my face. Now, I wish more than anything I could access a basement on the hottest days of summer instead of running my air conditioner 24/7. I’m going to wear out my HVAC unit quickly because of my intense desire for cool air when I’m falling asleep.

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Buying dream house

I am so excited, because my husband and I are buying my dream house. Literally. I have this repeated dream, in which we’re located at a beautiful house on a nice piece of property, and although the conditions of the dream are constantly changing, the home is always exactly the same. I might be there with my husband or my family, or just some random acquaintances, even, but the exposed beams of the house are always identical. The other thing that I always note, is that the house has zone controlled heating installed. I know that’s a really strange thing to dream about, but I’m always uncomfortable indoors when I’m trying to share the thermostat with another party. I feel like it’s extremely difficult to find just the right temperature setting for more than two people, and I’d like my guests to always be comfortable with my air conditions when they visit. That’s why the modernized thermostat, complete with a touch pad monitor, always makes it into my REM cycle. I find myself adjusting each guest room to the exact specifications of my visitors, and they can decide how much or how little air conditioning and central heating they would like. I can’t wait to do this in real life, and I think it will really impress everyone who stops by when they get to customize their own thermostat. I hope we can find a home equipped with zone controlled heating and cooling sooner rather than later, because I can’t wait much longer to experience that level of luxury, either!

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Air cleaner

With the blooming of flowers and trees on my street, I have discovered a newfound hatred for my allergies. My allergy symptoms were so horrible this year that I ended up seeking another solution in addition to simply taking my allergy medication. I knew that there had to be a way to keep some of my main allergens out of the air in my home. I contacted my local heating and cooling company to find out more. In doing so, I was told about the miracle of air purification systems! I learned that air cleaners can actually operate totally independently from an HVAC system, but they can also work together with the system. I was excited to discover that my brand new air cleaner would be working constantly to remove airborne contaminants like mold and spores, bacteria, random smells, smoke, and particulates like dust and dirt from the air in my home. Most importantly to me, the air cleaner would go ahead and remove pollen and other airborne allergens from the air around me! It was tough to decide between a UV air cleaner and an air cleaner that would replace my standard furnace filter, but I ultimately picked the air purification system that would replace the filter in my furnace. The HVAC technician advising me on this decision recommended this version of an air purification system because it turns out that they require a good deal less maintenance. That type of air purification system can keep the heating and cooling units in my  home cleaner as well, which in turns increases the HVAC equipment’s longevity as well as efficiency overall.

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Advantages of the boiler

I woke up the other day and just knew that it was going to be a stressful morning. I went downstairs to realize that my husband had drank all of the coffee before leaving for work. He had not made a second pot for me. I went to take a shower, and the hot water didn’t work. I didn’t have any coffee, so I didn’t realize that the lack of hot water meant a problem with the boiler until after my freezing cold shower. By that time, I was awake enough to go ahead and call my local heating and cooling company. Luckily for me, they had a heating and cooling technician available to come over to my house and take a look at the boiler malfunction. When the HVAC tech arrived, she immediately was able to assess that the boiler was compromised. It was an older unit, and apparently it was just its day to kick off. The HVAC technician was really knowledgeable and was successfully able to help me figure out what type of new boiler I needed to invest in. She helped me select a boiler that would provide my home with greater energy efficiency as well as much better comfort. Because my old boiler was quite outdated, the HVAC technician assured me that a new unit would come with higher safety qualifications as well. She also told me that there would be a lifetime workmanship warranty on the boiler installation. The day turned out alright, and it was all thanks to that skilled heating and cooling technician!

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Ductwork cleaning is a problem

Ductwork really is a pain for any homeowner to deal with. Most older homes are not necessarily fitted with air ducts, and I think it’s better that way. The ductwork in homes is never great. For starters, ductwork installation is a total mess, especially if you suffer from asthma and also allergies. This is because ductwork installation requires a HVAC technician to rip open your walls and ceilings. Dust goes flying absolutely everywhere, polluting your indoor air quality. That ultimately means that you are more likely to help you suffer an asthma attack. And who cleans it up? Sometimes HVAC businesses don’t even clean up after the demolition job is done. Even if they pick up big chunks of debris, then you’re left with the dust all over the carpets and hardwood surfaces. That’s a mess. The ductwork set up is also usually super hard on the framework, too. Most homes cannot handle the installation. Even if you manage to put the air ducts up, it isn’t the end of the story. The air ducts require a lot of maintenance by a HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractor has to perform ductwork cleaning on them. You don’t realize that you can clean the HVAC ducts each and every year. But dust, mold and even small animals can get right into your ducts. Then when that HVAC system turns on, you’ve got polluted indoor air quality. The air ducts have more than just dirt issues, too. They are able to get holes in them and make your monthly bills skyrocket. The treated air is literally flying away. Ductwork sealing sometimes even gives more cracks and tears too since the ducts are so fragile.

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Always hate the HVAC settings

There exists something rather upsetting about waiting rooms, don’t you think? It’s my joy to partake in people-watching, but whenever I’m confined in a waiting room, the people’s activity starts to freak me out. If I am confined at the doctor’s office, it is usually quite easy to tell why people are at the doctor’s office. If I am at the dentist’s office, I can easily discern who needs a tooth pulled and who is there for their regular checkup. I have started to begin thinking that I suspect that medical offices keep their waiting rooms deliberately uncomfortable. Never has a fellow waiting room resident met my eye while sitting inside the waiting room. On top of that, the books and magazines provided are always old and the heating and cooling system in every waiting room I’ve ever been confined to has been atrocious. I don’t know if the terrible heating and cooling settings are adjusted to those levels with a purpose. But I do know that the doctor’s office is always amazingly cold, as if the air conditioning runs throughout the course of the night. The dentist allows their waiting room to stay a little too warm. I tend to see patients wiping sweat from their brows while they wait as a consequence of the overwhelming heat from their particular furnace. I would be interested to be familiar with when these places last scheduled their HVAC equipment to be inspected. Perhaps their employees there are just familiar with the uncomfortable heating and cooling settings that they just can’t figure out that everyone else is either excessively sweating or freezing? Either way, it’s a fascinating topic. I just count myself grateful that eventually, I am able to go home as I abandon the ominous waiting rooms to enjoy truly great climate control.

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