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A while ago, my sister and I partnered up and opened a Farmers Market. We were both born in the country where we always grew our own veggies. After a few successful years we were able to buy a piece of property and would soon expand our seasonal business. We made sure to carefully search for a new HVAC system, as we needed an environment that would give our fruits and veggies a longer shelf life. We installed an A/C inside the window near our office, but that was our own personal preference. We didn’t have live in a place where central was necessary. In fact, we wanted to avoid central air as we worried it might create a dryer environment for produce and would be too costly. The benefit of our seasonal business was closing in the winter, thereby eliminating the need for a heating system. The first few years we used a series of humidifiers to maintain a higher level moisture in the air for our produce we set out for sale. With our new HVAC system, we had installed in place of central air, a humidistat. We can now control the degree of humidity in the store and we are even able to program it to many rooms at different temperatures, for example, the nursery requires higher amounts of humidity than the fruits. The smart humidistat makes sure the budding herbs and plants get their required moisture but back by the office and register, we set the temperature low. We can relax with A/C during hot spells in the winter drying out our vegetables and fruits.


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Have you ever heard of the liturgical calendar? The liturgical calendar is the calendar that the Catholic Church uses. Perhaps other Christian churches use it also; the dates are not different. The year is broken up into seasons that are different from winter, spring, summer, and fall. The seasons of the liturgical calendar are Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Right now, every one of us are concluding the season of Lent while getting ready for the joy of Easter. During lent, we, Catholics, are supposed to make sacrifices. We are supposed to give something up and do other things. This year, I decided to give up A/C for lent. Of course, I could not give it up at work since I am not in control of the A/C unit there. Plus, I wouldn’t want to get all hot and smelly at work. As a result, I gave up a/c at home. Additionally, I would not go anywhere other than work or church that had a/c. Giving up the comfort of a/c was the hardest lenten sacrifice I’ve ever made. There were times I felt downright sick because of the heat. It was then that I would take cool showers. Giving up the a/c was not enough, though. I also decided to give the money I saved from not running my air conditioning system to charity. That is called almsgiving, which every one of us are supposed to do during lent also. It has been a challenging lent but a rewarding one. If anyone ever asks me for advice about what to give up, I will suggest giving up a/c.

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When you are from the south, it is crucial to be a good neighbor. In fact, everyone grows up treating their neighbors as if they are family. It’s what we call Southern Hospitality. Where I live, southern hospitality reigns supreme. The main themes of southern hospitality are iced tea and cool A/C. It is almost always hot in the south, so when people come to your house, they will be, too. It is your duty as a host or hostess to offer them a glass of sweet tea as well as to sit them in the chair that’s right next to the air vent. Most likely, the chair by the vent is someone else’s favorite chair. I mean, everyone wants to enjoy the cool, refreshing air. You must give it up for your guest(s), though. The needs of the guest as well as the comfort of the guest is priority #1. That almost certainly means making sure they are quite cool. You should plan on adjusting the thermostat on your central air conditioning unit to a temperature that is a bit cooler than you customarily use. You will also sit your guest near the aforementioned air vent. You will also be sure to flip on the ceiling fans even if they were off before. All that said, no one should ever be surprised about this excessive attention you are expected to give to those who come to your house. People up north say to make yourself at home, but people in the south supply the sweet tea and top-notch AC!

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I’m the absolute WORST at making decisions! I get so anxious when I have to make a decision because I can never make up my mind. It gets even worse when there are multiple options to choose from. My friends constantly make fun of me because they know how bad I am at it. I get so scared that I’m going to make the wrong decision and that it will hurt myself or someone else. Lately, I’ve been legitimately tied up out about picking a portable a/c unit. My condo doesn’t have any A/C unit installed whatsoever, plus the outside temperature heats up pretty quickly–especially during the warm times of the year. I spent the last warm season enduring the horrid heat and humidity inside our apartment simply because I couldn’t make a decision. I’ve been to multiple HVAC suppliers and seen their options; however, I haven’t been able to commit to anything. It doesn’t help that there are so many options to choose from plus they’re all pretty lavish. My friends have suggested that I just purchase a portable fan. That way I can stay cool in the meantime. I know I need a portable A/C unit, but I can’t decide if I want a remote-controlled unit, a built-in dehumidifier, a compact model, or a smart drain. And don’t even get me started on picking a color. There are just so many options that I’ve never even considered. I’m determined to pick one before the summer arrives…even if I have to send one of my friends to the store with my debit card!

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Living a very traditional life

If the thought of rooming with 12 dogs sounds like an enjoyable experience, then please send me an e-mail pronto, because I am desperately looking for a housemate! For the sake of an honest and open background, I am a young, urban professional, who has always had a knack for finding stray mutts, taking them into my home and giving them my love and care. As previously noted I have 12 of them. Well, I guess to be technical the initial one was a legitimate pound adoption, but in either case, they’re all my best pals and I treat them with the same care and adoration nevertheless. I would happily list for you all their names and breeds, but we’ll do that at a later date. Another thing you should probably know is that the heating and cooling system at my apartment doesn’t work. I know that a lot of people would not wish to ever live without indoor climate control, in its traditional sense, but I will boldly exclaim that any type of heating and cooling HVAC system, and the hefty utility bills that come with them are far overrated! The main element to living a comfortable life lacking any sort of HVAC system, is to  simply go and get yourself 12 dogs. Heck, you may well pull it off using only 6 dogs. You see, for me heating is absolutely unnecessary, doesn’t matter how cold the wintertime gets. You will only need a central heater or fireplace if you don’t have a band of cuddly puppies to keep you nice and warm. And as for air conditioning for the summer, these dogs have you covered there as well! I don’t miss having my old A/C system at all because to be frank, 12 wagging tails around me constantly does better to cool me off than air conditioning ever did.

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Noting a lot of things

Recently I broke a few bones in a bizarre fruit cobbler making incident, which rendered me bedridden for almost 3 full weeks. Over that period I would read many books, eat many foodstuffs, practice my guitar solos, and engage in some serious contemplation of the world around me and my place in it. I made a handful of breakthroughs regarding personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth. I found a religion that I now subscribe to, and learned to show love to many things I had previously not appreciated. If it’s all the same to you, I would rather not get into details about what which religion, as I think this matter to get highly personal, but instead I would like to mention my newfound love with my HVAC system. To anybody who knows me, you are probably in shock right now. The central HVAC system in my home, as many of my friends have made note of in the past, was always turned off. I thought of heating and cooling in general as being a racket and a large, unnecessary waste of capital, so I would typically remove the batteries from my thermostat. I had no problem braving a lot of harsh winters and never used a furnace and similarly persevered through countless summers, and under intense solar assault, without any central cooling system. But now that I finally found this new spiritual calling, I found everything was somehow connected to my HVAC system. The distant encouraging voices I heard were speaking to me from deep within my air ducts. Even today, I’m not sure how this happened to me, but I decided to not ever question it. The important part is how the climate control system helped me find true happiness.

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Having a good heater installed

About six months ago it came time for me to purchase a brand new work vehicle for our farm. The old pickup truck that my dad gave to me after I bought the farm from him, had kicked the bucket finally. I was not upset about it though, as I could get the money for it comfortably and, let’s be honest here, who among us doesn’t love car shopping! So, quite happily, I went to the local dealerships and searched for a new workhorse. Of course I had a number of obvious features to focus on in the search, like a four wheel drive for traction, and enough horses under the hood to pull my trailer & haul heavy loads through the fields every day. But one of the most necessary features to me was a powerful HVAC system inside the cab. Whether it is for the summer days or the chilled winter mornings, the truck always makes a great climate controlled spot for lunch and breaks from doing labor in the field. Having a fantastic heater in the winter months makes a truck so much more valuable. Don’t mistake my meaning, there is nothing quite like a fireplace in the cold to get your hands toasty, but you can’t always just drive back to the farmhouse and so the heating unit in the car just has to get you by. And, of course, during the hot season, it is really refreshing to feel the air conditioning in the pickup’s cab. Our farmhouse actually doesn’t have an HVAC system at all, so the truck is often preferable on those really brutal humid days. My new truck’s HVAC system makes me very happy overall. If you have the opportunity to take a nice climate controlled break, the hot summer work day is just a little more rewarding.

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Homeowner help

My cat survived a real close call. She didn’t die, but her curious side definitely got her in some trouble. It was December, and I was out at work when she decided to take a stroll through the air ducts. I’m not sure what inspired her adventure, but I imagine she was trying to figure out where the warm air was blowing from. She wasn’t content with standing on the hearth or napping beneath the air vent. She had to see for herself what was producing the air. I can envision her walking into the air ducts as if they were some kind of cave. She should have snuck down to the basement instead. That’s where the HVAC system is. When I came home from work, I called her, but she didn’t come. Usually, she is anxious to eat, so I knew something was wrong. I looked all over my house for her, but she was nowhere to be found. I searched the yard, the garage, and the tool shed too. Finally, I heard a sound coming from the ceiling. It was her crying, so I asked my neighbor to help me get her out. She is extremely lucky that I didn’t turn the heater on when I got home. It wasn’t too cold that day. If I had, she would have been scared to death by the air blowing through the ducts. I really hope she learned her lesson. I never thought I would have to keep my pet out of the air ducts of my heater. Cats just don’t know how to stay out of trouble.

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Never again will I try to repair an HVAC system. I tried to help my brother fix his recently, and I learned my lesson for good. His air conditioner had been dysfunctional for a few months, and after hearing him talk about it, I wrongly assumed that I could help him out. This fiasco began when my brother came over for our weekly dinner. This has been a tradition of ours for years, and over the last several months he has repeatedly mentioned the problem with his air conditioner. His thermostat seemed to be the issue because he claimed that when he turned on the A/C to cool, it would blow hot air. When he tried to heat his house, it would blow cold air. I had done some light work on my own HVAC system in the past, so I thought I would be able to solve his problem. It seemed to me like a relatively easy fix, so I got to work after we finished dinner. I went terribly wrong in thinking that all I would have to do was wiggle the wires around. After doing that, the thermostat cut off completely. I continued to finagle with it, and before long, I was unable to make the HVAC unit turn on at all. When my brother realized that I had done more harm than good, he was pretty upset with me. I ended up calling an HVAC technician to clean up the mess I had made, but it cost more than it would have had I called them from the beginning.

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I live in the middle of the city buildings, where the weather can go from one end of the spectrum to the other. The long Winter seasons are below zero temperatures with non-stop snow and the warm seasons can bring on such warm heat that just sets you off balance weeks at a time. But what makes it worse is when you live with more than one roommate that you have to account for so various odd body types. Everyone likes to keep their home climate a temperature that makes them feel content. It seems that there is no common temperature on the gas furnace in the Winter season or for air conditioner in the summer that keeps us content. Each of us tried portable heating units for a little bit, and while they absolutely warmed up the house as well as our bedrooms, our utility bill nearly doubled. The portable heaters  just didn’t seem legitimately efficient at all. In the warm season we tried using fans to assist the forced air conditioner, however it could never get to the right temperature that pleased everyone. So you can imagine how glad we were when we heard that our landlord decided to upgrade the entire building to a new heating as well as cooling zone control unit. There would finally be no more arguing since we could each have the temperature we wanted in our own space. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair provider came out and assessed each house so that in only a couple of weeks they could have the entire heating and cooling system up and running.for every apartment. Each of us were all so relieved for the modern HVAC system.

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