We’re all worried about the air handler

The southern half of my state is nothing more than swamp land. Most of the areas are only accessible by boat or pontoon, and there are no stores for miles upon miles of waterways. It can be incredibly scary at times, especially in the dark of night when everything is pitch black. We don’t have a lot of weather problems except for hurricane season. The typical hurricane season will last from May until November.  We have only had a few serious hurricanes since I have lived here, but we have had terrible thunderstorms. The thunderstorms are the worst for me because they spawned numerous tornadoes. I’ve always been frightened of tornados because my home was hit by one when I was a child. It was about seven o’clock in the evening and my Daddy was just getting home from working on the farm next door. The wind was roaring all day long and the clouds were starting to get dark and stormy. Five minutes after my Dad walked into the door, a tornado appeared over the field. It was heading straight for us and we got down in the basement for cover. After the storm passed a few minutes later, everything was sunny. We could see the wind had picked up our outdoor air handler. The cement slab where the air handler once sat was empty, and there were bare wires hanging from the base. We finally found the air handler about three houses down, next to the park. The air handler was the only thing that we lost in the storm, other than half of the side fence.

air conditioner tune-up 

This winter has been quite harsh

I have known people that have lived in a variety of places in the United States while they were going up.  They all seem to describe the different places they’ve lived by mentioning the temperatures and weather patterns they dealt with while living in those particular places.  Some stress the heat, while others stress the cold.  If you ever try and say something like how cold it was today, they would just reference the colder climate that they used to live in, and suggests that you just don’t get it!  To me though, different temperatures and weather patterns are something that should be compared only to other relevant and local geographical locations—not some far away region of the United States.  For instance, some people who live up north may not even have strong and dependable air conditioners because a heater is more important to them.  People who live in northern places in the United States may just open the windows instead of running the air conditioner because they either don’t have good air conditioning, or it broke and they never called their HVAC technician. That is, when you have mountains of snow every winter, who cares about air conditioning if your summers are mild.  Same would be true if you lived in the southernmost areas of the United States, where you might never run your heater, or HVAC system in the winter.  I guess people who live in areas with all seasons, winters, and summers, need to keep their HVAC units well repaired and serviced more than other regions.  Also, HVAC technicians, in those regions are probably cherished more because both heaters and air conditioners are needed all year round to get one through the shifting and changing seasons or drastic shifts in temperature.  indoor air quality

I’m starting to love the boiler

When I first bought my house, I was not happy to discover the boiler heating system in the basement.  I had always had a gas furnace is my previous homes, and I was reluctant to try something new.  The boiler was quite old, and I assumed it would only last for a few more years.  I planned to replace it with some other style of heating equipment that would do a better job.  Once I moved in, I was totally surprised of how much I loved that boiler.  Unlike a gas furnace, the boiler is completely silent, doesn’t cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, and doesn’t introduce dust and contaminants into the indoor air.  Since the boiler relies on water to transport heat, rather than air, it is a very clean, efficient, and gentle form of heating. There are baseboard heaters throughout the house that are compact, attractive, and easy to keep clean.  The heat is supplied very close to the floor and it rises gradually.  Instead of the majority of the heat being trapped at the ceiling, it remains where I need it the most.  The boiler also features zone control, which allows me to set different temperatures in each room of the house.  I really like being able to personalize the comfort in the various rooms to suit preferences or requirements.  Because I avoid heating empty rooms, I also save money on my monthly energy bills.  The boiler also supplements out hot water supply, trimming my water heating costs as well.   I have completely changed my mind about the boiler, and I now hope it continues to operate for a very long time.

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Listening to a famous writer

If there is anything to be said about the idea of following your dreams, I would say that people should do so with caution. It is easy to get carried away with the idea that anyone can do anything. I have first-hand experience with the danger of blindly following a passion. Since high school I wanted to be a writer. I wanted my name to be known around the world for novels that I knew I could write if I just had the time. So I quit my job and decided to dedicate all of my waking hours to my craft. Less than a year later I was living in financial ruin. Luckily, I had an old family friend who owns an HVAC supply shop and happened to be hiring. He took pity on me and gave me a loan and a climate control engineer training position. With his help I was able to get back onto my feet. Nowadays heating and cooling is how I make my living. I never became a famous author, but I do enjoy fixing HVAC systems and helping people install new ones in their homes. It is an honest and practical job. Air conditioner issues also seem to be a common thing in my life, so it’s great to be able to troubleshoot the A/C myself. I can’t think of any practical real world skills I ever learned from writing. Being an HVAC engineer may not have been my dream, but now I make enough to live comfortably. Plus, the climate control job still allows me enough time to write as a hobby.

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We’re all feeling grateful

Unlike most people, I spent my childhood living with my grandparents. Upon hearing this, one might assume that my parents abandoned me or that I lost them early on in life. However, the simple truth of the situation is that both of my parents worked third shift at the same job, so they had opposite schedules from my school schedule. For this reason, I lived with my grandparents. It is kind of funny to think that this job was the reason they first met and thereby indirectly the reason why I exist. Also, it looks like I will be getting hired at the same company as soon as I graduate high school this year. They produce mostly HVAC related components and ship them all over the world. My position will be in the office, taking climate control orders and making sure they get filled. It’s much more enjoyable than the actual heating and cooling component manufacture floor positions that my parents held all these years. HVAC technology really is a great field to work in since there will always be a demand. Heating in the winter time is an undisputed necessity. Many people would venture to argue that air conditioning in the summer is just as important. So to keep all of the world’s HVAC needs met, the company that has supplied my family with work for decades, will keep the climate control parts coming and I can rest assured at my job security. I never thought that heating and cooling supply would be my career, but right now it looks like a very tempting prospect.cooling and heating

Working on my pilot light

The pilot light has gone out on my oil furnace. You see, there is a small flame in my oil furnace that is lit all the time. I don’t know exactly how it works, but when the light goes out, your furnace won’t turn on and you don’t have any heat in your home. I guess I could pull out a match and light it again, but I think it would be better to call my HVAC provider out to the house to do it. I don’t like to fool around with fire so it would probably be better to call a licensed HVAC professional out to light my pilot light. Also, I need to find out what caused it to go out in the first place. I think it may have been yesterday when I opened the basement door and a lot of wind blew in. It probably blew out the pilot light. I need to have my HVAC contractor out to the house anyway to inspect my HVAC system as summer is almost upon us and I don’t want my air conditioning to fail me when the hot summer months get here. I have been thinking about replacing my HVAC system as it seems like my air handler stays on most of the time now. The last time my HVAC provider was here he said that was because the system was getting old and it becomes less efficient as it gets older. He said I could replace the HVAC cooling coil assembly but that would just be a waste because the next thing you know the condenser outside will go up and then I’ll need to replace it and the cooling coils again. So I think it may be best to simply replace the whole HVAC system.

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Cleaning my indoor air quality

The other day I overheard an advertisement on the radio from my HVAC provider. I guess he is hoping to drum up some fresh business. I told him I would shout out a great recommendation if he ever wanted a reference for his proficiency being a HVAC contractor. His is a licensed HVAC provider and he does such a fantastic job. I had him revamp my entire HVAC unit most recently. I stepped up to a much smaller split heating and air conditioning system. My HVAC contractor had to put down refrigeration tubing all throughout by condo and he did it speedy and with the least amount of disruption. Now I don’t have air ducts in my condo attic anymore, so I am very pleased with the result. Now, I won’t have to call a person out every year to fix up my air ducts anymore. I’m sure that will make the quality of air in my condo much better. The air ducts used to take on much dust and it got tossed about my condo. I was thinking of having an air purifier installed in my condo, but now that I have a mini crack HVAC system I won’t screw with that. The only thing I don’t like for the mini split system is the breaking point when I was having to place refrigeration tubing on the outer walls of the entire condo. But, it’s actually a small price to pay for passing on dealing my air ducts anymore. I can’t bring on summer fast enough, so I can see how comfortable my condo will be with my completely new air conditioner unit. I think I will save a lot on my condo association bills.

HVAC maintenance 

I finally repaired my heater

My great buddy Thomas has bugged me for ages to go on a survival mission. His plan was to hike up in the mountains and camp out there for most of a week. I thought that seemed anything but peaceful. I like having real water, and toilet near by, HVAC system as well a bed. But Thomas was desperate to undertake it and pleased with me to join with him. So I hiked up those awful mountains with my intense gear. I chose not to pack too much as it was, for I did not want to include sixty pounds of gear. Essentials were key to the trip. I had planned food, water and doable bedding for the trip. But, quickly I realized we forgot an more dire item. I never thought to bring a type of a heating system. Thomas and I were awful at making a fire. It took us several days of failing to lastly get fire going well. Those three days with no fire or furnace were frigid and bitter. We both froze our butts off every night. Even when we got fire to a basic status, we were cold. Thomas said there are portable heating systems that a lot of people bring camping, so why didn’t we do that? We spent most of our survival mission sharing how we wished we had a convenient heating system. Would it be real camping to savor a space heater on a survival mission? Thomas and I got to the stage that we did not care one bit if it counted as it or possibly not. We both agree that if we ever attempt this insanity again we are bringing better tents, nicer clothes and multiple heaters. Freezing on the mountainside was just horrible. I never want to try that accomplishment again.thermostat

A window fan would have done wonders

It is a surprise to some that I have never owned an air conditioner before. A lot of people discover this totally weird, but my friend and I live way up north. Our climate does not get all that heated. We have several weeks out of the year that get to get around 70-80 degrees. So A/C is absolutely not a realistic priority. Who would want to buy central air conditioning for just two months? We really focus totally on heating systems here. I have always lived with more than one heater in my house. Currently I have acquired three heating systems. I have a gas heater in the kitchen area that automatically turns on when kitchen gets to be intensely cold. I then have a gas fireplace within the living quarters. The fireplace comes with a electric startup, but runs altogether on gas. Then the upstairs has an old heater system connected for the chimney. The heater is insanely old and small. It is actually nice to have though in the event that the power goes out. We lose both our downstairs heating systems since they need electricity to function. The upstairs heater is then all you’ll find. I have three heating systems, and not one air conditioner. I get by employing window fans and uprights. I only need them for mostly two months, and the fans work well. My sister is trying to get me to at least contemplate a window A/C. But even more weird is that I don’t use air conditioning. It makes me an individual and smart since it happens to be not a necessary home cost or need.

air conditioning 

Scheduling service for my air conditioner

My longtime friend Jack and I moved from the northern frigid weather to the south. We always wanted to abandon the bitter cold weather up north and enjoy the pure heat down south. I was incredibly fed up with using my furnace basically for the most part of the year. Jack’s consistent bouts of illness were connected to constantly being cold. It was our goal to be working online jobs so that we could move and have it not be a big problem. When we showed up down south we chose a home on the beach. We are so thankful the rent is fairly cheap because the place had no HVAC which we thought wasn’t an issue. The landlord told us upfront that was the main explanation for the low cost. Originally, Jack and were both on the same page  that heating and cooling was overrated. We are northerns and handle the bitter cold temps with ease, so what’s the problem. The winter time down south did not worry us. We did not even need to buy a space heater. The southerners did not understand what real cold ended up being to us. What really brought us shock is what Jack and I thought of the summer. We did not expect the kind of heat in our new climate. We were disappointed that we would have to buy our first air conditioning portable unit. We had never owned or rented an A/C product. We did not know even learn how to do basic cooling down ideas. We had to decide to start small with each getting window cooling devices. It makes our place manageable, but Jack and I agree that eventually we must get central air conditioning for this home. How wonderful to be too hot for once. We have never had to embrace this issue before.home comfort