My furnace needs a quick repair

After funding a furnace repair, I learned how to cope with my HVAC maintenance needs. I didn’t wish to pay another big bill, so I called an HVAC company to get suggestions about how to maintain my system. The owner told me he wished more families would change their air conditioner filter regularly. He told me whenever the furnace or air conditioner possessed a clogged filter, the amount of air that could get in was restricted. When the air conditioner or furnace contains a limited amount of air to work with, either of them could malfunction and cost a ton of money to repair. He also said I needed to do a visual inspection of my air conditioner before I turned it on in the spring. He said most calls he gets for air conditioners are because debris gets into the air conditioner unit and it causes lots of damage. After telling him about the HVAC system issues I not long ago had, he suggested I become a member of an HVAC maintenance plan or even HVAC service plan. He informed me those plans would help with my HVAC maintenance expense. He said those plans would save me money if I ever needed to have a furnace or air conditioner repaired. After thinking about how much money I just spent on my furnace repair, I was happy to enroll in both. I’m taking my HVAC maintenance way more seriously now.


Performing quality HVAC service

I got happy to stay at my grandparents’ house on my vacation. I hadn’t been to my hometown in several years because of work and other commitments. I arrived for my week visit and was surprised at how cold their residence was. I remembered their house to be a warm house. I asked my grandma about it and she said there was something wrong with their furnace. I went into the basement and looked around. It seemed to be working but I didn’t understand he noise it was making. Firstly I checked the air filter and it was stopped up. I bought new air filter systems and told my grandma I was changing it. I thought the furnace would heat the house better after. It did but the furnace still seemed to be struggling. I finally called the area HVAC company and they showed up quickly because they knew my grandparents were elderly. When an HVAC technician arrived, my grandpa said he didn’t understand what was wrong with the central heater. After an inspection, the HVAC technician said there were loose belts and other issues with the furnace. He said the biggest concern is they’d neglected to get an HVAC tune-up in quite a while. I didn’t like them not having their furnace serviced. I asked the HVAC technician to make the necessary repairs and perform an HVAC tune-up at my charge. Before he left, I asked to sign my grandparents up in an HVAC maintenance plan and send the bill for me. He agreed with my request and said he’d do the same thing for his grandparents. With the furnace repaired, I was in a position to fully enjoy being with them for my vacation.

heating and air conditioning 

My new heater needs to be installed

I was the initial of my parents’ kids to venture to college and buy a property without their help. I didn’t expect them to become used to my rants about my mortgage and the need to replace my HVAC system. Right after I bought my residence, I started having problems with my HVAC system. The furnace wasn’t getting the house as warm as I wanted. The air conditioner struggled to start and stay on. I was overwhelmed with thinking of paying for HVAC installation and my mortgage, car and student loans. I had the money around my bank account but a cutting edge HVAC installation would have taken the bulk of it. Instead of allowing everyone to worry, my dad called the exact same HVAC company he used to get a consultation. One day while I was at work, my parents met the HVAC technician for the consultation. He told my parents my furnace and air conditioning unit must be replaced. I never knew they discussed it and arranged of having my entire HVAC system upgraded. The weekend the HVAC installation was meant to happen, I was home when my parents drove up. They were there to purchase the services and watch my face when I realized what they’d done. I was stunned to watch my brand new furnace and air conditioner be installed. I didn’t figure out what to say to my parents except thank them for this HVAC installation. When the HVAC technician asked if I wanted to register for their HVAC service approach, I didn’t hesitate. I registered and told my parents I’d personally keep my HVAC system within good repair.


I’d really like to install a new air conditioner

I actually absolutely love our new house. The scenery is stunning, and the home is unbelievably spacious. Imagine my surprise the moment, a few weeks ago, I came home from a long day at work and the house was hot and stuffy. I viewed the thermostat on the wall plus it said my home was 80 degrees, yet it was supposed to be cooled to a comfortable 65. Immediately, I walked to the next air conditioning vent and placed my hand of what should have been a cold metal register; all I experienced was warmth. There was no air flow from the air conditioning vent. Immediately I put off the thermostat and restarted, hoping it was just a small glitch in the system, nonetheless nothing happened. My next move was to call a neighborhood HVAC business for a check and possible repair. The HVAC technician came to the house and looked over a air conditioning unit and, unfortunately, it was time to replace the general system. Frustrated and concerned over what has to be a large, unexpected expense, the HVAC technician invited me to visit to the office and sit down while using the knowledgeable staff to discuss options. I was amazed by how caring any office staff was, as they understood I had a budget but still needed a new system. A staff member walked me through the options and explained the positives and negatives of each one, keeping my budget in your mind. Finally, I selected a new HVAC system for my home that fit my budget and some days later the helpful HVAC technician returned to the house and applied my new HVAC unit fast and efficiently. I cannot supply enough praise to my nearby HVAC team!

air conditioner service 

You have to service your heater

I always remember hearing my mother and grandmother complaining around menopause. I remember thinking it couldn’t really be as bad as they were saying. That hot flashes might be easily fixed by kicking the covers and just going back to seep. Recently, I have learned I was wrong. I started experiencing menopause last month. I state this with complete certainty, because I started having extreme hot flashes around that period. I started by simply wearing lighter pajamas to bed. When this didn’t work, I started sleeping with a ceiling fan on. When the ceiling fan started giving my husband a stuffy nose, we had to generate another solution. We started tapping the thermostat the air conditioner down a few degrees during the night, but noticed a substantial spike in our electricity bills. We decided to call our HVAC provider and get our air conditioner serviced to make sure it would run efficiently whenever it had to work overtime during the night time. The HVAC technician told us we only had to have the ducts cleaned and this was a fairly simple, quick procedure. He came back with his HVAC maintenance applications, the most noticeable of which was a long hose with a brush on the end. It looked like the vacuum hose attachment I never use. The HVAC technician used that hose to clean out every one of the ducts in the house. The whole operation took just a couple hours, and afterwards our air conditioner ran well. Our house also felt cleaner without many of the dust in our ducts limiting airflow.

indoor air quality 

Getting a warranty on my heating and cooling

I’m not one of those people who never worries about product warranties. Warranty? No, thank you. Reading an owner’s manual? Not really my own thing. The only exception I make is for my heating and air conditioning system. I didn’t get to this conclusion easily, though. I had to learn my lesson the hard way and endure issues with my central heating and cooling system before reaching it. Last year was slightly hotter than usual. Normally, I can get by with no really running my air conditioner for the majority of the year, but this past year I ran it a wide range of day from noon until about 4 within the afternoon. That seemed to become the hottest time of the day for me personally. I would turn the air conditioner on, and turn it off while I started cooking dinner. Because I’d never really used the air conditioner before, I never really gave any thought to the thing. In fact, I barely knew ways to turn the air conditioner on. When I started having problems with my HVAC unit 4 weeks into using it daily, I didn’t know how to proceed. I called the number listed over the HVAC unit and requested service, thinking it would be covered under a warranty. After all, I have never used the air conditioner just before. Obviously, I hadn’t caused the problem. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In order for my air conditioner to be protected under warranty, I had to have it cleaned and serviced annually. Because I had never accomplished this before, it had to come out of pocket to have the HVAC technician make the repairs to my air conditioner.

air conditioning repair 

This power outage is giving me problems

Losing power during a thunderstorm is nothing new in our area. This past week, however, was a complete nightmare. There was a bad storm that came through your city and knocked down so many trees and power lines the whole town was out. It took 3 days for line crews to restore service to everyone. It was during this time that my husband and I began to regret not investing in a whole house generator.  Our local HVAC dealer had started carrying them about a year ago but my husband said it was not worth the money.  I agreed for the most part because it was rare that the power was out for more that a few hours and the cost was quite high to have one installed.  Of course, after this past experience, we are both starting to rethink this option. Our HVAC system, hot water tank, and appliances all run on electricity.  We access to all of them and the situation was very uncomfortable. My husband went out to the store to get some water in bottles while I sat at home and worried about what would happen next. The house was terribly cold because it was late fall and the temperatures were in the upper 30’s. Perhaps my husband would stop at the local hardware store to see if they had a portable generator and a space heater.  Then, at the very least, we could have some sort of heat source. I knew that was wishful thinking; everyone would want a generator now that the power was out. They would probably be overpriced if you were able to locate one. My husband is the frugal type, so he wouldn’t get one anyway. I just hoped that we would not freeze. I layered blankets on this couch and cuddled up, waiting for the heating system to switch on again. Unfortunately, I had to await for three whole days.furnace tune-up

I’m happy that my house is nice and cool

My friends think that I am crazy when I say that I hate the summer. I live along the east coast and our summers can be unbearable.  Thankfully it is not like this all year around, but for around half the year, I cannot stand it. Thankfully, our HVAC technician suggested we install a new system just last year.  This is definitely the best thing about my house. The air conditioner keeps me cool and comfortable everyday. Without that, I would be suffering and sweaty all the time. This happens enough when I am required to go outside shopping. I do have some errands that I simply can not avoid so I am forced out into the heat. My car is in the garage so it is slightly cooler than the outdoor temperature.  I get in, turn on the AC and drive to my destination.  Most stores are climate controlled as well so the struggle is getting from the car into the building without feeling like I am frying. Even if I am outside for just a few seconds I get sweaty. My make-up will begin to run and my hair will start to frizz. I am a total mess from the time I get to where I’m going. This is why I tend not to go out much during the heat of the day. I do my trips to market late at night when the temperatures have dropped a few degrees and the humidity tends to be a little less. There have been times when I have had my groceries delivered so that you can stay in my cool air conditioned house instead of venturing outside at all!

central A/C

This poor woman is pregnant and has no air conditioning

My family and I recently bought a home in the south. We relocated from a northern region where snow, ice, and freezing temperatures were a normal part of life. I was more than happy to leave this lifestyle behind and never use a snowblower again. I was,however,  unprepared for the heat. The heat and humidity are unlike anything I could have imagined. It feels like we are literally baking in an oven whenever i try to take my kids for the park. The worst part about this crazy heat is that my wife is pregnant with our third child. She can’t even leave our house because she is overcome by the heat. Fortunately, our home has a superb HVAC system. It maintains a cool indoor temperature no matter how high the outside temperature gets. We have a multi split ductless HVAC which means that each area can be set to a different temperature. My wife has her very own personal thermostat to control the area that she is in. I can not imagine being in her condition with all of this heat.  She is due in about a month and she just seems to be more uncomfortable each day. The only time she agrees to leave the  air conditioning is during a nighttime, and even then she’s complaining about the temperature until she is home in the cool air. I hope the heat lets up soon and we all get some relief. Sometimes, I find myself even longing for the winter up north.  Then I recall the frigid months of living indoors and I am thankful for the warmer weather.

central air 

I’m finally feeling like my home is safe

My kid just had his second birthday. True to the idea of the terrible twos, he is always wanting to get into trouble. He finds ways to get in trouble far and wide across the house. Sometimes he draws on the walls or grabs food from the refrigerator, sometimes he puts things in his mouth Most recently, however, he has got discovered our HVAC system. He has made the thermostat his private toy. We had no idea that it was happening, and really I am not surprised. One night, my husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary and hired a babysitter to watch over the boy. We needed a break for just one night, I’m sure you can understand. Dinner was pretty good, but of course all we could think about was the many bad things our son may just be doing at home. When we returned home, however, we found the babysitter asleep and our kid fast asleep in his crib. However, the furnace was clearly working overtime. It was hot and dry throughout the house. When we got to the thermostat, we saw that the temperature was set all the way to the highest setting. We set the thermostat to somewhat of a more reasonable temperature, woke up and paid our babysitter, and found our son fast asleep. He must have escaped right after being put to bed, and he probably ran to  play with the thermostat. After he got bored, he probably returned to his crib thinking that he got away with it. I suppose we will have to keep tabs on the thermostat setting for a while.  HVAC