I am a bit sad

One of my favorite places to eat in town really disappointed me last night. The place is under new management, and I am think that the new manager is not as dedicated to quality as the last one. When I arrived for dinner last evening, I realized that the dining area was a bit overheated. The waitress let me know that the HVAC unit had malfunctions and that was the reason why it felt so uncomfortable. I am suspicious that the new manager neglected to have the cooling system serviced, and that’s what resulted in  the system breaking down. I thought I would be able to endure the meal, but I decided to leave before my meal even arrived. I couldn’t put up with the high temperature.  I complained to a staff member as I exited. The maintenance of an HVAC system should be prioritized at an eating establishment. It’s ridiculous to expect paying customers to dine in a room that is hot and sticky feeling. I was truly aggravated by  the entire experience. I usually enjoy the time spent  at that particular eating establishment, and they typically serve great food. I don’t know if I will be return there again. They really need to optimize the performance of the HVAC system if they want to remain open  and profitable for a long time. They will see a decline in business and ratings if they are not keeping their building at a comfortable temperature.  I wish the old manager had not left. She understood the need for a pleasant atmosphere. HVAC settings

Restaurant blues

One of my favorite restaurants in town really let me down last night. They are under new management, and I am afraid that the new manager is not as in tune with the place as the last one. When I arrived for dinner last night, I realized that the dining area was warmer than usual. The waitress informed me that the HVAC unit was broken and that was the reason why it was uncomfortable. My guess is that the new manager neglected having the cooling system taken care of, and that’s what led to the system breaking down. I thought I would be able to make it through dinner, but I decided to leave before my meal came. I couldn’t take the temperatures, and I complained to a staff member on the way out. The maintenance of an HVAC system really needs to be prioritized at a restaurant. It’s unfair to expect paying customers to dine in a room that is overheated. I was very disappointed in the entire experience. I usually enjoy myself at the restaurant, and they always serve great food. I don’t think I will be returning there for a while, though. They really need to get their act together if they want to be in business for a long time. My guess is that their profits are going to go down because they are not maintaining their building very well. I wish the old manager would return. He understood the importance of these things. An air conditioner cannot be neglected at a place where customers are constantly in and out.heating and cooling

This school is so great

The classrooms at my college are always too hot to ever be comfortable. I think that the college is intending to save money by not allowing the air conditioner to run, which causes it to be hard to focus during lectures. The classrooms do not have their own thermostats, which means the deans are deciding what to set the temperatures at. I do not think this is fair by any means. I pay a small fortune in tuition to attend college, and I should be able to sit through a lecture without dripping sweat. I have filed many complaints, but I haven’t received any responses regarding the air conditioners at my college. I don’t know what else to do at this point because I don’t have any connections to be able to talk to someone who may be able to remedy the situation. I know there are students and teachers of mine have complained for the A/C situation as well, so I know I’m not the only person who is frustrated. An HVAC system is an essential appliance in any building, and I think that the administration should stop trying to cut corners by flipping it off. I know that everyone has to be making a strong effort to scale back on their energy use, but allowing students to overheat in classrooms is not the optimal way to go about doing this. Maybe I should write a letter to that editor or school newspaper. This is a way to have my concerns heard and maybe trigger some other complaints that would cause the people running the school to handle the situation.air conditioning

This is what I didn’t consider

My friend and I enjoy going out on the town. We often frequent the neighborhood nightclubs and bars. We all love to dance and have a great time meeting new people! We enjoy ourselves. Last weekend, my friends and I found ourselves at a new nightclub several blocks away from our normal shindig. The nightclub was well maintained and a chic hedge. The drinks were had steep prices as well as the lighting made the place seem fancy. My friends and I expected the spot to cater to rather top of the range clientele. I ended up developing a nice relationship with the bartender, and uncovered the facts of the bar’s entrancing lure. Surprisingly, the owners of the tavern had the brilliant idea to invest in a top-quality heating and cooling system. Not only did they just do it– implement zone controlled heating together with cooling, they also had smart thermostats installed from each zoned out area. The smart thermostats could adapt very well. The nightclub was kept very comfortable, yet cost effective in terms within the regular heating and cooling fees. According to the knowledgeable bartenders, the heating and cooling system ended up performing better than other HVAC upgrades. Also, I learned that they had a good dehumidifier installed. I had never realized the value of a good dehumidifier. It’s needed everywhere, whether in you home, restaurant or nightclub.

HVAC company 

the best heater

A quality website for your business is an important asset that shouldn’t be underestimated. We live in an age of technology where people search online for the answers they want so if your HVAC business website is not updated and easy to operate then you will definitely lose a customer or two. I want to share with other business owners what I recently just had to find out the hard way. In a small town where we all know each other, I didn’t think it was necessary to have a website for my HVAC business that contained information beyond the basics. I was sadly mistaken! At the time, I had an undergrad student interning for me who was able to evaluate the statistics of the website and found that people were moving on when they couldn’t find what they were looking for. He suggested we add a direct chat line in addition to remodeling that page. He said people today don’t want to have phone conversations and just simply want a fast answer anonymously as fast as possible. After adding this feature, I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made for my company! People would ask the difference between radiant home heating and central heating systems and other questions about air conditioning with increased knowledge than I would’ve ever had so it was obvious they were searching online  for these terms. I was so thankful for him configuring our new page with very quality HVAC definitions, comparisons and terms so customers wanted to stay and interact.heat pump

How did the model get so old

Do you know the tv show, ‘Home Improvement’? I feel like that show is the story of my life, with a Mr. Fix-it husband. He thinks that there isn’t anything he can’t fix but in reality, he can’t fix anything, unfortunately. It’s funny for awhile but then it eventually becomes a danger. In the basement of our old house, we also have an old boiler that is for heating the house. When we moved in during the summer, I didn’t realize what a pain it would be during the winter. We haven’t gotten heat because the pilot light won’t ever stay lit. We never have heat no matter how many times my husband tries to fix it and thinking of the danger he faces while tampering with fire and gas makes me worry. He is confident he can solve this issue himself and refuses to call the HVAC company everytime I ask him to. So, I got the clever idea to call the serviceman myself one day when my husband was playing golf. After lighting the boiler and explaining the problem, he highly recommended us to update to a newer model that’s much safer than the old one. We started saving for the new HVAC system once we got through the winter as my husband didn’t understand the contrast.

heater tune-up 

This is an efficient heater

I’m currently buying a small, older 800-square foot house. We don’t have any kids and aren’t planning on having any, so we don’t need a big house. The home sits on seven massive acres of beautiful pine tree forest. I’m very excited. It’s the perfect house for us, only 20 minutes from town.

Summers around here are hot, but it’ll be easy to cool off such a small house with a few window air conditioning units. The winters, however, can be cold, so a good furnace is needed. Unfortunately, during the inspection, we learned the furnace is leaking dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The sellers have decided to replace it before closing with a standard 80 percent efficient gas furnace.

How much extra it would cost to upgrade to a higher efficiency model, we asked, offering to pay the difference. Including installation, it could cost an additional $800 for a 95-percent efficient gas heater, they said. So, now I am considering this. The furnace should last at least 19 years, so forking over another $800 to make it more efficient would be worth it, but I’m not certain. I called an HVAC technician, and he recommended getting the better model. High-efficiency furnaces promote even temperature through the house, and offer greater comfort, which is well worth the $800, and also provides savings. I’m will call the sellers and tell them what we decide today.

temperature control 

This model will work for us

My organization is buying a foreclosed home near downtown. It’s only been on the market about a month, but it’s two stories and has over 3, 500 square feet, with a beautiful brick exterior. The only thing is it really needs a major upgrade to its HVAC system. It has heating radiators throughout, which are generally fine, but no air conditioning. It often gets over 90 degrees here in the summer, so air conditioning is essential.

My dad’s an engineer with a little bit of experience in HVAC, so he’s strongly advising me to replace the whole system with a conventional HVAC duct system, but I’m alarmed by the upfront costs, and the amount of space the ducts take up. I’m trying to avoid huge alterations to the interior of my home. I have been looking at ductless air conditioning systems, because even though they’re are a bit more expensive, I’d really like to simplify the installation process. I want to use the radiators for heating, and it won’t be difficult to learn how to maintain a heating system. Dad thinks a ductless air conditioner might not have be able to sufficiently cool the property, but I think newer models can do this fine. It’s amazing what new technology is available. We are meeting with several HVAC professionals this week before we make up your minds.

air conditioning unit 

3 generation cooling

My sister called the other day tell me that she had learned some new facts about our family. She has become obsessed with researching our ancestry and constantly tells me new information. Some of these things are interesting however most are meaningless to me because I prefer to live in the here and now. In my opinion if I never met the person then it is hard for me to make any form of connection to them as far as being family. My sister on the other hand likes to make connections and she thinks it’s really cool when she finds out that someone in our family had similar likes or a similar job to someone in present day. I did find it interesting with the fact she called about recently and it was about our dad’s business. Our father has worked for years as an HVAC technician and really loves his job and apparently it’s in his blood. After going back 3 Generations on our family tree my sister found that my grandfather as well as my great-grandfather also worked in the HVAC business of sorts. My dad had talked about his father, my grandfather, being an electrical engineer but apparently he worked at specifically in the field of developing modern-day HVAC systems.  I thought that was rather cool but then when she told me that our great-grandfather was actually an ice delivery man I thought that was funny. I know that’s not the same as an HVAC technician but the fact that had to do with keeping people and their things cool on hot summer days made the connection even easier. Who knows maybe my son or my sister’s son will carry on the same family tradition and become an HVAC technician.

HVAC dealership

Solar Hunt Cooldown

I was so upset with myself. I had totally forgotten about the solar eclipse that was happening the following monday. I tried to look everywhere I could think of to buy a single pair, but couldn’t find anywhere to get any. I finally found a place that was actually giving away free pairs, and I drove the hour long ride to get myself a pair. They were all out when I got there! I was so upset. It was only made worse by the fact that I didn’t have an air conditioner in my car. I was stuck in traffic for about an hour for the drive home. The whole time I was sweating profusely in my furnace like vehicle. I couldn’t wait to get home and rest in the coolness of my home’s HVAC system. I sat in my car with the windows wide open, wishing I had gotten my car’s air conditioner fixed the week before. I had the opportunity to do it, but I had decided against it. I didn’t drive that much, so the air conditioner in my vehicle was not a huge priority. I was paying for that bad cooling system decision badly today, that was a fact! I finally got home, tore off my sweaty t-shirt, and pumped my air conditioner up to full blast. I was never able to get a pair of solar eclipse grade glasses, but at least I was able to cool myself down with my home’s HVAC system. I still had a few more days to find some glasses, so hopefully I would be able to find a pair by then.