Moms special day

Now that my parents are both retired and moved down to the south where it is always warm, I don’t get to see them very much. When I am not too busy with work I try to go visit on their birthdays, and during Christmas season I always try to make it down to them. One day after talking with my parents on the phone, I decided that it would be a great idea for me to fly down to the south and surprise my mother on mother’s day. Luckily for my mom, this wasn’t even going to be the best part. I called down to the local HVAC heating and cooling company in their town and set up an appointment for them to get a brand new air conditioning unit! Every single time that I would talk to them on the phone I would hear my mom complain about how loud the a/c unit is, so she was in for a double surprise. Mother day finally came and the surprise went off perfectly thanks to my dad helping me plan and making sure that the HVAC company didn’t come over for the installation until my mom was out for the day. When she walked back into the house with me standing in front of her new a/c unit, I thought she was going to faint she looked so happy. I sure is great to be able to fly down to see the parents every once in a while, and it is even better when you can do something nice for them.

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Why is it so complicated

Due to my career I am always catching flights to head from one state to another pretty much all year round. When I was first offered this job a few years ago, it sounded like a gift from above. I was going to be able to travel, try food from all across the country, and get paid for it? It seemed too good to be true! Now that I am a bit older and wiser now, I look back on those days and want to kick myself for being so naive. Not only is life always travelling not very fun, it is downright miserable. The worst part in my opinion is the plane rides. It seems like it doesn’t matter if it is a nice company or a bad one, they all have terrible heating and cooling! I will catch a flight where the a/c is on the maximum setting for the entire trip, and then for no particular reason my connecting flight will be the literal opposite. I have even started to go so far as to email The company that I’ll be flying with to try and figure out what I will be dealing with on a flight, but there’s hardly ever works out the way I planned. my wife that I will be a good idea for me to bring a mini portable heating and Cooling unit along with me during my travels, but it has been more of a hassle then our blessing. I think that if my health keeps taking turns for the worst due to the effects of travelling that I might have to find another job, while least one where the temperature will at least be consistent!

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Time to leave my old house behind

My partner and I have just purchased a house halfway across the country, and that means that we are leaving this old and run down apartment behind. I call it old and run down, but in all reality I truly love the memories I have with this apartment. This apartment was  the very first place that my partner and I met, and it is where we spent the last five years working and starting our family. We now have 1 infants son, and we knew that it was time to find a bigger, and nicer place to raise our little boy. The house that we’re moving into is nothing less than outstanding. Not only is it in a great location, but it has all of the household perks you can wish for.  the thing that I am most looking forward to is the Radiant heated floors. We had to pay a local HVAC company near our new house pretty penny to install the flooring in the living room in the master bedroom, but I know it will be totally worth it once the snow starts falling and the temperature starts to drop. We even have a neat looking fireplace to give the house that cosy old school look. There’s plenty of space in the backyard for a son to play in once he gets older, and we are really looking forward to it. With that being said however, we really are going to miss this place, even the days when we had to wear coats inside when the heating unit was always breaking down on us. Even though  it is sad to close this chapter in life, we are both really looking forward to the next one!

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Leaving the nest

My daughter officially moved to college last week, and it has already been a very interesting transition to say the very least. My daughter and I are super close, and it is so sad that I won’t be able to see her and make her a home cooked meal every night. On top of that was also worried about the fact that her college is six hours away from home, because if something wrong happens I won’t be able to quickly stop by and help her. My fears came to reality when I received a call late at night to my daughter telling me that the heating and cooling unit in her apartment was making a loud screeching noise and wouldn’t stop. I suggested that she should simply make a call to the local HVAC heating and cooling business, but she said that they were all closed for the night. I have very little knowledge in HVAC repair, but I had picked a few things up over the years from my own HVAC repair guy. I went on to coach my daughter and her roomate via speakerphone on how to fix the heating and cooling unit. A little over an hour after my daughter had called me, we were finally able to get the heating and cooling unit back to running like normal. Apparently there was something small stuck deep down in the inner workings of the unit which led to the outrageous sound. I sure hope that the next four years aren’t as hectic as this past week has been, because I don’t think my old heart can take it!

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Hate the wintertime

I’ve always cared much for winter, but I don’t necessarily look towards the time. When I was a young lad, I always cared for going as well as plain near the snow. It didn’t especially matter the frosty times when people were Outdoors, because both of us knew that both of us would be able to come back to our place as well as Rest by that fireplace. Some of our friends homes were not equipped with a fireplace, but at least there was usually a great for heated air to float. 3 or numerous of us rested near that great as well as found perfect heat after cold days. I don’t guess many of those home still have the same heating grate. Seems my lungs would not tolerate this type of fireplace any longer. The heat element is smoking from the wood or easily to dry. It’s easy to get a humidifier, but then you’re worrying about the same types of things. My hubby as well as myself have considered a Southern move. Our largest question would be how distance the two of us could go. Those of us still wish for a four-season year. I guess that most people don’t mind heat problems as they are older, but the both of us would be just as happy to worry about our air conditioner instead of consistently worrying about our furnace. None of us wish to have a necessity for the air conditioner, but it would be great to enjoy some warm summer air without worrying about the elements in our area.

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Not sharing the thermostat settings

I serious dislike my roommates as well as experiences that will not lately change any mind a single bet. I was laboring some overtime a few weeks ago as well as wanted to come modern home as well as find some rest. You would easily think sharing this apartment together would have us with roommates that would accommodate our plans. My own roommate doesn’t seem to believe that way. I could easily hear some rock is from my car. It seemed to be snowing, yet the windows were completely open. I walked into a building to find 25 people dancing, drinking, as well as carrying a huge party on. It was tepid indoors the home, as well as the heat was hitting me right near my face. I view the thermostat as well as decided you sent it to a comfortable temperature. There was so much body heat. The indoor temperatures were completely unbearable. I adjusted the thermostat easily as well as a single person yelled because she was feeling Frosty as well as wanted to adjust that again. I immediately slept that hand away as well as said this was my own modern place as well as the temperature control unit was my own to change. I didn’t want to hear her modern threats as well as I didn’t want to hear anyone complain. Noah single ever asked about these problems, as well as my roommate was a problematic guest in my place. That’s when the decision had to be made to get rid of that roommate as well as all of those troubles.

climate control

Learning more with a/c

When you reside on a farm, life can be a challenge.  My kids as well as I would get up early in the morning as well as go out to the garden to weed as well as water the vegetable plants.  The people I was with and I tried to get it taken care of before the sunshine was high in the sky as well as it would be so warm you could hardly breathe.  After the lot of us got our morning chores done, the lot of us would go into the household. It was consistently cool as well as comfortable in our old farmhouse.  The people I was with and I would pull the shades down to block out the solar heating of the sun, turn on the AC device for some air movement, as well as I would get started with their lessons.  I basically homeschooled my children, for the first four years of their schooling. It seemed to be the norm in our particular farming community. I knew legitimately few people who had formal schooling for their children until they were in at least the 4th grade.  This was when the schools finally changed as well as there was bussing for the children. The people I was with and I had air conditioning in our household, which made their lessons, a little less tiring for the children. The people I was with and I had a relaxed atmosphere because I added a ton of play into their studies.  If they had gone to the elementary school, they likely would have had to walk every morning as well as there wasn’t any air conditioning in the least. I don’t really know for certain if they would have learned nearly as well. My homeschool plan had them prepared to go directly into the 6th grade as well as they all easily graduated with honors.  I savor to believe it was my excellent teaching. I guess it was the air conditioned environment that had them learn incredibly well.

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Caring for the dorm room

I was listening to my own daughter lament how impossible their dorm mother happened to be & I had to laugh about it.  She wouldn’t let them turn down the temperature on the temperature control & they weren’t getting nearly enough A/C to be comfortable.  I told her she was spoiled & she was there to learn not to party. That’s when she told me I sounded pretty much just like Mrs. Brecht. I remembered the name easily enough, but I couldn’t place from where, & then it hit me.  Mrs. Brecht was the name of my dorm mother, but I was positive she was too ancient to still be there. I came to realize she entirely would have only been about sixty now, since she was only in her forties when I graduated from college.  I recall how I thanked her for not stopping the party & she just gave me a look. She said she had no clue what I was talking about, but I could see the smile. Now, I recalled how after the party, the temperature control was finally a bit lower & we had a bit more A/C working in the dorm rooms.  I started talking to Mrs. Brecht whenever I would see her. I found out that she was doing the task while her mother was gone. She was just doing the same as her her mother did when she was in the dorm. She entirely could understand how we felt, although she felt that being strict the first couple weeks & then letting up a bit, would be the best way to keep control.  The A/C device was just to get us to conserve a bit, because they had a budget to keep up with.

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The added vent

When my wifey plus I purchased our house, the two of us noticed a different anomaly in the residing room. It looked something like a terrible patch job on the wall, plus the two of us covered it up with a picture frame. Years went by, plus my wifey plus I never thought about the patch job until recently. The two of us were going to repaint the residing room plus add a wall border, but since the two of us were repainting plus spackling anyways, the two of us made the decision to make the patch job look a great deal better. When my wifey removed the drywall, the two of us found something totally strange. Behind that lopsided piece of drywall was an extra vent to our Heating plus A/C device. My wifey plus I were totally shocked. All this time, the two of us never knew there was an additional air vent in our residing room. I honestly don’t understand why someone decided to place drywall over the air vent. It seems sort of like a crazy plan to me. My wifey plus I decided to contact a Heating plus A/C device supplier to check out the air vent. They investigated the residing room, plus they discovered that the air vent was fastened to our household heating plus air conditioner. When the Heating plus A/C supplier saw the piece of drywall, he was entirely surprised as well. It seemed incredibly odd that someone decided to cover the HVAC duct, even if they were trying to redirect air to a different room. Now that my wifey plus I have an additional air vent in the residing room, the two of us will actually have a lot better airflow. I am thrilled to see if it will make a difference in the dead heat of the summer months.

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Reference for a friend

One of my friends will constantly ask myself and others to get them a task. I pretty much always say no, because I am aware that my friends are not exactly the most reliable people in the world. I’m the only lady with a full-time task, plus I’m also the only lady with a steady income. One of my friends is constantly on the couch in our apartment. It’s constantly been that way, plus I’ve accepted this as my personal responsibility. When friends have asked for a task, I usually say no… The other week, one of our best friends asked myself and others to find him anything, then he found out that his lady was pregnant, plus she undoubtedly wanted to find a good task to be prepared for the situation. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, before I finally went to my boss. I asked him if we actually had any positions for someone separate from any HVAC device experience. My boss asked if Chad was a great guy, plus I vouched for his integrity. I undoubtedly wished for Chad to clean up his act plus get a good task finally. My boss hired Chad to labor in our warehouse. The warehouse has all of the items that our HVAC device supplier uses from day to day! Even though it’s not a skilled position exactly, Chad still receives a pretty nice hourly wage, medical plus dental benefits, plus paid time off as well. When Chad found out that I got him a task at my HVAC device supplier, he was so happy. I do not know for certain if he will last for a long time, despite the fact that he easily seems excited to be working with me. Chad plus I even reside pretty close to each other, so I will be able to drive him to our HVAC device task each day.

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