Keeping our home fresh

There is nobody that is quite like you–I’ve always told people that it is always best to be yourself–so you should embrace that! What’s the fun in trying to be like other people? Not to mention, people can usually tell when you are being fake with them. You shouldn’t try so difficult to impress people, even when it comes to someone you want to date, but if you stay together for a long while, they’re going to see the real you eventually anyway, so just be the real you always! I’ve always been a bit of a cleaning nut; I always want everything to be perfect. That’s just how I am. If I tried to take it easy on the cleaning as well as everything, I would absolutely go crazy. This is why I have invested in nice things to keep it especially clean in my beach house like a genuinely lavish UV whole-home air purifier. That whole-home air purifier works wonders on the air quality. Up to 3 times a day, I find myself vacuuming. I was always myself when I first met my partner. She thought it was interesting that I loved to clean so much. For my birthday, she bought me 1 of those robot vacuum cleaners, as well as I never used it. That I never wanted to use the present she got for me made her a bit sat, but I had to explain that I didn’t want some robot doing the work for me. I just loved to clean myself. For me, cleaning is therapeutic. She eventually came to understand that as well as appreciated me for our honesty. I could have been fake as well as said I loved the gift, but I did not like it… Later on, she told me that 1 of my greatest qualities that she loved about me was the fact that I was incredibly honest. One day she surprised me with a new smart climate control unit. I love this present, now I can control everything remotely as well as save a lot of money on our energy bills!

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We are getting along just great

I haven’t typically been the most social person–as a matter of fact I’ve typically been a bit of a loner. Yet one day a few months ago, I went to the bar just to have a few drinks plus get out of my townhouse for a little bit… I was having some concerns with my Heating plus Air Conditioning component and I got to talking to the bartender about it. I let him think how plus wondered if he knew of an enjoyable Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier who could solve my problem. I figured it would be a good thing to ask because the air quality in the bar was good plus the climate control system seemed to job great. He told me that one of his favorite Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals was at the pool table in the bar at that very moment. I looked over plus there were a bunch of men laughing plus having a enjoyable time shooting some pool. I decided to go talk to the guy plus asked him if he would be willing to have a look at our Heating plus Air Conditioning system. He said if I joined them all in drinking plus shooting some pool then he would. I figured it couldn’t hurt. As it turned out, everyone had an enjoyable time plus I even ordered everybody a few drinks also. I had these men laughing like crazy,  yet I never considered myself to be a very funny guy. It was unusual because I didn’t even think like I was that funny, even though I started laughing with everybody. The following day, the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional came over to my townhouse plus had a look at the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. He replaced some parts, cleaned out the component plus before I knew it, our Heating plus Air Conditioning was certainly working great. He invited me to come out for more pool plus drinks plus I was in. Both of us have become really enjoyable friends.

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The heater and a/c in the shop

I recently started actually working at a local paint store. My family seems to think that working in a store that sells nothing however paint would be a horrible as well as genuinely boring job. However, it is not as boring as they may think–that goes for both the fantastic as well as the bad. On the fantastic side of things, you get to meet a lot of various people, then from the normal homeowner wanting to do a DYI paint job, to the professionals who buy bulk amounts of paint for the jobs they have to do! I recently had a genuinely interesting painter come through. It was a professional who worked for a company; he was say there was a job he recently did where the customer’s home had the worst heating as well as cooling system, plus the worst air quality. He was describing how the indoor air pollen levels in this beach home he was painting made both him as well as the workers sick when they left! After he told me about this, I was giving him some ideas on what to suggest to this family when he goes back next month to finish the job. I had told him to begin with saying they should call their local heating as well as cooling corporation to inquire about an air cleaner. Another plan was to have their Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C ducts cleaned as well as tested. The heating as well as cooling idea air ducts can get pretty dirty, plus they can create  poor air quality. Of course, there’s replacing the entire heating as well as cooling idea all together. The professional painter promised that he will be mentioning it to them when he goes back.

HVAC upgrade

Washing the HVAC

My partner has a job as a house cleaner; she works for this small local supplier that cleans people’s houses. From what she tells me, the work is really interesting, even if a little gross at times. Through a days travel, she meets all kinds of people. My partner cleans things from the easiest chores, to total disgusting filth in condominiums that have been trashed by the previous renters. The 1 thing she gets to experience is the unusual kinds of heating plus cooling people have in their homes. One hour she could be in a condo cleaning the location with the most appealing air quality, heating or a/c. The next hour she could be in an old rental house with the most terrible almost sick smelling plus feeling air quality with horrible heating or a/c. One day while cleaning 1 overpriced condo with her job team, my partner found out about something called radiant heated floors. She was told by the condo owner that the whole system of radiant heated floors are simply controlled from your official thermostat as part of the heating plus cooling system. The condo owner said they come in handy for heating the condo in the chilly winters. Not only that, but they save you tons on your energy bills. She also told me that it has something to do with running hot water pipes under the floors. To be honest, it sounds as though it makes a big mess, plus its really complicated! My partner’s job is really interesting, to say the least! I guess both of us would never be able to afford something fancy like these radiant heated floors she found out about.

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HVAC technology in the resort

Recently, my bestie as well as I had won a trip to what was supposed to be this legitimately over the top holiday resort! How my bestie and I won this was legitimately unusual… The two of us were passing by a diner to eat at while on a road trip the other month. Then because we ended up being the 69th clients, my bestie and I won this holiday vacation! What are the odds of that happening? So, of course my bestie and I were beyond thrilled by our luck, as well as accepted the prize. Now that she and I just got back from this holiday resort, I have to admit it was legitimately awful! Not the mountain itself, that was wonderful. The problem was the resort had totally no heating or cooling system legitimately working! It is getting pretty chilly outside, as well as heating is needed this time of year. Despite this, the heating system was not legitimately working in the resort! My bestie and I ended up having to go out as well as buy a few portable section heating systems at a store near the resort. With these HVAC units, my bestie and I could be warm as well as relax in the evening hours while we were getting our rest. The section heating systems my bestie and I bought did entirely warm up the hotel room throughout our stay at this resort, however it was otherwise legitimately not good. I constantly get allergies for some reason when having to be around as well as rely on section heating systems to heat a place. I’m not so exhausting with portable A/Cs in the Summertime weeks, but, portable heating systems legitimately flare up my allergies! My bestie I had an ok time; it was a free trip at least! However without heating, it made it a real task to like ourselves. But as my bestie pointed out, you get what you pay for in the end!

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The electric heater is having issues

My husband and I spend our winters in the south. We had spent most of our lives up north and just couldn’t handle the snow and low temperatures of winter anymore. As soon as we were able to, we bought a house down south to spend the winter months. The usual plan is to go a few days after Christmas, and we stay through March. Our house up north is much older to the point that it comes without any central heating. Instead, there is a fireplace that’s powered by a gas fireplace and a ventless heater in the kitchen. I absolutely adore the fireplace. It’s so safe and energy efficient. The ventless kitchen heater is another story. I am honestly afraid of it. It requires a lot of maintenance, and I constantly worry that it’s going to start some kind of fire. When we leave for the winter, my husband and I make sure the fireplace is set to low, and the heater is completely shut off. As secure as that makes me feel, I always feel better asking my mom to drop in on the house while we’re gone. All I ask is that she checks up on the house once a week to flush the toilets and water the plants. Of course, she takes it upon herself to do much more than that. She goes to the house every day and insists on turning the kitchen heater on so the pipes don’t freeze. I tell her time and time again not to, and tell her how we’re worried about its hazardous potential. She never listens, so I think I might completely disable it this year. That way she doesn’t toy with it at all. I know she keeps running it without changing the filters.  

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A good HVAC repair plan

I’ve come a pretty long way in my life; recently I bought a house and moved my kids into it. I was talking with my parents about being a homeowner and they really congratulated me for the achievement. We also got plenty of yard space for the girls to run around and we also had a nice little swing set in the back. My children especially loved swinging away on the swingset. My father was telling us all about how we have to be responsible with my newer home. He said the most important thing was the Heating and Air Conditioning plan upkeep. He was telling me how I should try to enroll in a Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance plan which would cover all the essential Heating and Air Conditioning upkeep. And I wasn’t sure that I wanted to sign into some sort of contract like that one, but my dad insisted it was the best way to save currency plus increase the life of my Heating and A/C system. I figured he was right about it since he has been a homeowner for so long. He assured me that I’d end up thanking him one day soon, because my utility bills would be lower and I would always have peace of mind knowing I could get through the serious weather season without worrying about the Heating and Air Conditioning unit having problems. I did have to admit, I didn’t want to have to worry about something like that, especially since I have my girls in the house. He told me this story about how a winter when he was a newer homeowner and his Heating and Air Conditioning broke down. He ended up having to pay for emergency repairs. It was a cost he swore he would never have to pay again.

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AC equipment

I’ve been through quite a lot of trying times as an adult. I’ve dealt with more vehicle breakdowns than I can count on both hands, as well as I’ve dealt with the worst kind of break-ups that left me in bed for afternoons at a time, unwilling to even get up as well as eat something before kneeling back down as well as staring at the ceiling. In spite of all these awful experiences, there is a single experience I’ve dealt with while in adulthood that I have no interest in reliving again! That experience was when my property’s a/c broke down on me in the dead-center of the summer months. Southern weather is inherently warm, however the summers here are just plain brutal! Worst of all, the breakdown happened right when my landlord had left town for roughly 2 weeks for a family vacation. The number he left me for any emergency repairs led to a disconnected landline, so I had to suffer for 2 weeks with no a/c equipment whatsoever! My only escape was to stay at my task for as long as I could while in the day, as well as instantaneously open all the windows as soon as I came back to my property to air out the place. I tried everything to create makeshift a/cs for my property. I even placed buckets of ice from the freezer in front of stationary fans, just to see if they would help to cool down the house even a little. When my landlord finally came back into town, he made up for my suffering by having a Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C equipment professional come as well as make all vital repairs to the a/c the same day. He paid emergency visit rates, just to ensure I would have air conditioning in my home again! Say what you will about landlords, however at least he knew what to do to acquire my trust.

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our house heating and air repairs

One thing that’s regularly tripped me up about DIY property repairs is the process of cleaning and maintaining your own heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment… I’ve easily read countless articles online about how “anybody can do it”, and that the entire system can easily be cleaned and tested with a little expertise. I guess “little” is the keyword here, because I wouldn’t use that word to describe the substantial training and certification that all Heating and A/C professionals are required to undergo! I still remember studying one article about how to perform a complete heating equipment inspection, all by yourself. The article started with the writer saying that disassembling the heating equipment was simple once the power and gas line was entirely cut off. If you’ve never tried to cut the power to an appliance, or attempt to shut down the gas line for your stove or heating equipment, you better not do it! Make sure to leave this kind of work to a professional in the heating, ventilation, and A/C equipment industry, as toying with the circuit breakers can be devastating if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. Not to mention, even if you succeed in making sure you don’t shock yourself as you remove the exterior of the heating equipment, the firebox inside the heating system can seriously burn you if the system was just up and running! If the sizzling interior doesn’t end up burning you, the actual burners that generate heat could burn you also. I really can’t stress this enough – if you’re hesitant to perform your own heating or air conditioning equipment repairs, just hire a pro to take care of the procedure. Your bills will pale in comparison to what you’ll pay in hospital bills after you damage yourself trying to handle it on your own!

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Choices in the heating field

I like to think that I’m a health conscious person… I run more than seven miles a week, lift weights four days a week, plus my diet is quite healthy… As far as diet plus exercise go, I’m truly one of the healthier people you’d meet! However, the healthy habits stop at how I treat my own body. I live in an overcrowded apartment complex in the city, plus the only form of air conditioning equipment I have comes from a window A/C component mounted at the front of my apartment. For heat, I don’t have a fireplace, furnace or boiler, although I do have a very small radiator that might as well not be hooked up! It’s extremely difficult to get through a freezing Winter in this apartment, as I’ve been tempted to start a bonfire in my dining room just to acquire some heating! Of course, that would destroy the already terrible air quality I have in my apartment. To be fair, that’s mainly due to the air pollution surrounding myself and others in the downtown district, however the property management could absolutely stand to take a couple of steps to improve the air quality in this place. For one, having an UV air purifier in each apartment would easily improve the quality of the air! UV air purifiers are fantastic at cleansing the air of odor-causing pollutants & bacteria that can easily spread illness. If the property supervisors don’t want to install a UV air purifier in each unit, then I might have to invest in one myself. I’ll just have to make sure I take it with me when it’s time to get out of this place!

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