Sorry for the thermostat

We are expecting our second child. Living in the same house with a pregnant gal can be very interesting. While in bed the other day, my wife woke up in the middle of the night and asked me to go to the store to get her some ice cream. Who wakes up randomly to eat ice cream? Honestly, I cannot even understand the way that it feels to be pregnant or what goes through a pregnant person’s mind. Another interesting thing that happens often is her reaction to the air conditioning. One minute, she will be sitting there complaining about how hot it is. The next, she will be talking about how cold the room has become, and then she will ask me to get her a blanket. The process repeats itself at random. I feel sorry for the thermostat in our house. It is probably extremely confused, as it gets changed almost hourly. In fact, I cannot even tell for myself anymore whether I am hot or cool. I am really hoping that this baby is born before my wife breaks our HVAC system. I aint sure how much more it can take before I have to call an HVAC repair man. Now that I think about it, I would prefer to make the midnight ice cream runs to the store, as opposed to these crazy temperature changes. The fact that I usually get ice cream for myself makes it a very easy choice between the two. I guess my diet is the real one suffering in all of this!

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Glad with how the a/c is working

Our friends had asked us to reserve the park in our neighborhood. Their son was about to have his first birthday, and they thought that the park would be a great place to have the party. I contacted our neighborhood representative, but she told me that the park had already been reserved for the day. When I told my friend that the park wasn’t available, they asked if they could do the party in our house instead. They said that there was no way the air conditioning in their place could handle a big party. My wife begged me to tell them we couldn’t do it, but I have a problem turning people down. I set my air conditioning really low before the party started, as I knew they had invited over one hundred people to the party. We have a brick house, so our air conditioning unit works really well in the home. The insulation that the bricks provide make it easy for the cool air to stay inside. The party went pretty well, and everyone was pleased with how cool the air in our house was. It was a very warm day outside, so our friends were glad that the park did not work out. I was happy to help them, and I was really happy to see that our air conditioning unit could handle having so many people in the house. My only two complaints are that our friends did not help us clean up after the party was over, and that my air conditioning bill was over four hundred dollars for that month. It was not my party, but I can still cry if I want to!

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The warehouse system needs heating and cooling

The supplier I work for recently expanded their operations, and it was needed to build a large warehouse to store inventory. It was my job to oversee the construction of this warehouse, and make sure it perfectly suited what was needed. From the outside, a warehouse is a fairly basic structure. But, due to the inventory which would be stored inside the building, temperature and climate control were both a major priority. We’re located in a place which experiences extreme winter cold and brutal summer heat and humidity. This warehouse needs to remain at a steady, cool temperature, with no extra moisture. Plus, saving energy and keeping temperature control costs at a minimum is important. So I needed to figure out a heating and cooling system which would match the requirements of the building’s size, the inventory stored within, and the activities performed in the warehouse. I also needed to think about our bottom line and minimizing energy consumption. Knowing absolutely nothing about how to design a commercial heating and cooling system, I found a local HVAC dealer who specializes in industrial installation. Because of the need to continually open the loading doors for delivery trucks and the potential for energy waste, the heating and cooling company recommended a Return Air system. I never heard of this before. The Return Air system takes the inside air, heats or cool it, and returns the air to the inside. The HVAC system uses very little outside air during the winter to provide warm air to the warehouse. It needs less energy to maintain a good warm temperature. Not to mention, the fan is pretty quiet, making it less aggravating for our work crews and not as distracting!

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The heater dries out the air conditions

Living in the northeast, we adore the fall season, and the outside air temperature is between fifty and seventy degrees, and the humidity drops considerably from the hot season temperatures. The night temperatures make for good sleeping conditions, especially if you leave your bedroom window open. The trees which are laid in the area are bursting with leaves, and the leaves turn colors to breathtaking golds, purples and greens. But by October, the afternoons and mornings are much cooler and most of the leaves have fallen. Thermostat settings are flipped from cooling system to heating, which ultimately lowers the humidity levels of the inside air, then within a few weeks, our skin starts getting dry, requiring weekly applications of skin cream. But when March rolls around, that dry air leads to dry lungs and static shocks. All of these are indicators that it’s time to bring the humidifier up from the basement, fill it with water, change its filter, as well as plug it in. We put it our bedroom, and the dry leads to dry coughing while we try to sleep. The hassle bringing up the humidifier and the cost of the air filters made us look into having a furnace humidifier installed, but our local HVAC company gave us many reasons to make the buy as well as replace the furnace humidifier, and it would save on our energy costs, since the humid air feels warmer than it is. This would let us to set the thermostat at a lower temperature for the cooler weeks, they told us that by lowering the thermostat by just 3 degrees, we’d save up to several percent on our energy bill. We were convinced! We got the replacement going right then and there!

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I want the a/c on for the wedding

My sister wanted to have her wedding at my dad’s house, and on the day of the wedding, my dad’s air conditioning system broke down! It was a hot afternoon, so everyone was gonna want to go inside for some cooling relief from the air conditioning! When my father called up the local HVAC company, they couldn’t send out a heating and cooling specialist until the following day which would be too late! I told my dad I would take care of the HVAC maintenance and so he let me. I grabbed my tools that I had in the trunk of my truck and got to work. It took a lot of messing around with the HVAC unit, then after an hour before the wedding was to start, I got the air conditioner working! I was so happy and the air conditioner worked even through the reception. My mom and dad were happy with my work until the following afternoon when the air conditioner broke again. When my father finally had an HVAC specialist over, he said I genuinely did a number on the HVAC unit. My dad was quite disappointed since I obviously didn’t do a nice job. I had to point out that I saved my sister’s wedding. If it wasn’t for my temporary fix, the wedding would have been ruined! My father agreed that I did have a point, and he was thankful that I was able to repair the unit for that afternoon! He can’t be mad since there were no other possibilities at the time, and not a single other person could have done what I did!

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Really should invest in good a/c filters

From one homeowner to another, I gotta tell you all that I really recommend keeping your air conditioning properly tested! The most important appliance in your house is your HVAC system. If you don’t keep up with it, you will absolutely be in trouble. I found this out the hard way, and this is why I feel the need to tell people! I had issues with replacing the air filters. They always recommended changing the air filters every month. I thought that seemed a bit extreme, so I didn’t take it seriously. I let the air filters go up to 2 months without replacing them! I then seen that this was a huge mistake! It really killed our air quality in the worst way! Not to mention, our electric bills were high because our HVAC unit working overtime. When I called our local heating and cooling company and had an HVAC contractor over to check out the unit, the filter was the main problem. Since I had a clogged air filter, it was causing all the problems! Ever since then, I have always changed our air filters right on time! I have also seen that not getting regular HVAC maintenance is a big mistake. I can’t tell you how bad it is to go without air conditioning in the middle of the summer! Not to mention, trying to get your air conditioning fixed when it’s hot out! You’ll find yourself waiting days or sometimes weeks to get it fixed, when you could have had it tested before the Summer season began! Ever since that time, I always make sure to have our air conditioning checked out before the summer, and our furnace checked out before the winter!

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Money savings with heated floors

My partner and I are building our dream home but we can’t agree on heating. We live on the Mason-Dixon Line. I am from further north and I want heated flooring. It seems so convenient. I grew up with noisy, dusty furnaces and always wanted heated floors. There is no better time than now while we build, to put  the heating elements in. My partner on the other hand feels that radiant floors are too overpriced and he wants to go with an all-in-one HVAC system.He says we don’t need floor heating this far south but although his system would cost less money during the build I know that the heated floor system would save us money in the long term. They use a lot less energy not to mention the convenience of it. We are doing all the floors in the new home in wood. I can just imagine getting out of bed on a cool Winter morning and stepping onto the nice warm floor. And there would be no heat gradients. Heated floors work so much more evenly and quietly than more traditional heating units. I’ve already talked to the construction manager. He says we can put either gas furnace in our new home although he needs to know ASAP so he can hire the right heating specialist to do the install. I wonder if it would be cheaper if I called a few HVAC companies myself and got some prices. Perhaps if it wasn’t that much more money  my partner would relent and give me the heated floors I want. He might not know it yet but we are getting heated floors in our new home.

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Puppies need some quality heating

Tell me a single thing on earth that is more adorable than puppies. Whatever you just named, you are wrong. Puppies might be god’s greatest gift to this earth – well, following the sun, fresh water, plus breathable air, if you want to be technical. But seriously, what makes people happier than a bundle full of playful puppies? Nothing. That’s why I’ve volunteered to be a puppy foster for the local pet shelter in town. Whenever a pregnant dog arrives at the shelter, they send her my way to be comfortable and relaxed. I take care of her and the puppies for many weeks after delivery and then I find them all homes. It’s so fulfilling and I feel great about how I’m spending my time. The only thing  it is costing me a lot on my monthly electric bills since the puppies are so delicate, they require overhead heat lamps to keep them warm for the first few weeks of life. The heat lamps give off a brilliant red glow and a ton of radiant heat which feels really nice if you catch a chill. The only concern is it’s the middle of the summer season here. Those heat lamps don’t use up ton of energy to operate however my A/C unit sure does. Since the heat lamps are in operation all day they really do contribute a lot of extra heat to the environment which increases the temperature of the indoor air. My thermostat picks up on the indoor temperature increase and signals the A/C unit to do something about it. Thanks to these pups, our A/C unit has been cycling on and off regularly for weeks and our energy bill has been through the woof.

heating set up

Not happy with our HVAC in the hotel

I have been in a lot of hotels over the years, and it seems that they all have the same kind of HVAC unit.  They are located under the windows, and they are all poor at circulating the heating and air conditioning throughout the rooms.  It seems like whenever I travel, I end up with the worst HVAC unit the hotel has, in my room. A couple of years back, we were excited to be travelling with some friends who owned a hot air balloon.  We were going to be able to fly 14000 feet above the air, in the balloon. We were both anxious and excited. When we got to our destination, we had a couple of days on our own, before the hot air balloon festival.  We had planned a couple of days of sightseeing, and we wanted to get a hotel room. There were some wonderfully named restaurants, and their menu sounded as good as the names. The hotel we stayed out was really outdated, and we expected to have a HVAC system in the room that would match the hotel.  Last time we had been in a motel like this, the HVAC didn’t work at all, and when they went to change the air filter, it was full of mold. When we got into the hotel, we couldn’t find the HVAC system in the room. We even opened the curtains all of the way, thinking that it was hid on the side of wall.  We were surprised to find out that there was central heating and air conditioning in this old hotel. All we had was a thermostat, and we quickly set it at sixty-five. We figured we weren’t paying the actual HVAC bill, so we took advantage of it.

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Sealing tight the air ducts

I was working at a small restaurant that wasn’t far from I lived.  Weekends were always hectic, and there was standing room only from opening til close.  There was a bar for people to wait, and I often saw people, three deep, having a drink while they waited to be seated.  I always worked in the greeting area, or as a food server. I had been there a couple of months when a health inspector came in one evening, and he shut down our restaurant.  A couple of men had come in and they were given a seat in the front room. All of a sudden they were getting louder and the manager went to see what was happening. One of them showed a badge that looked like he was a health inspector.  He said he saw movement in the air vent and it looked like a mouse. He said he saw it scurry through, a couple of times, and dust had trickled out of the air vent and down onto his plate. We immediately shut down the restaurant, even though the manager knew that it was impossible.  Just a couple of days earlier, the health inspector had inspected all of the HVAC air ducts and the ductwork, and declared them clean and free of any sign of rodents or insects. After they left, the owner called the HVAC inspector who came in and said he couldn’t find any signs of any animals having been in the air vents.  The Health Inspection department issued a written apology to the restaurant and it ran in the newspaper for a full week.

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