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My wife and I purposely chose the house that we live in, because it was in a neighborhood that had no solicitor signs up. Our previous neighborhood was terrible, because it was right next to an old church. The people from the church used to come into our neighborhood every single weekend, and try to get people to join their church services. Since my wife happens to work third shift, we always make sure to put a no solicitors sign on our front door. My wife was sleeping today, when the doorbell started to ring at 2 in the afternoon. I was really angry when I answered the door, and started to yell until I saw a much older lady. She looked very disheveled, and I could tell that she was seriously overheated. She was not there selling anything, but she had some religious plants with her. I told her that I wasn’t interested in hearing anything about the church services, but that I would be happy to let her into my home so that she could enjoy our A/C system for a few moments. She readily accepted the offer, plus told me that it had been a very rough day. She sat in the living room and enjoyed the A/C for a few minutes, while also sipping on a cold Coke I had gotten her from the refrigerator. After enjoying the A/C for 20 minutes, she left without even mentioning the church one time. I was glad that I had gone out of my way to help, and she allowed me to help her.

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Cleaning my air conditioner

The people I was with as well as myself have trouble with many solicitors in our neighborhood. Despite the fact that there are numerous signs at both entrances, we still have to put a no soliciting sign on the front of our door. The people I was with as well as myself don’t have any problem with children who come by in our neighborhood looking for us to help with fundraisers. The problem is with all of the other people who knock on the door five times each day. This weekend was extremely hot, and we were not lacking for solicitors outside of our door. There was one person who came knocking, as well as they wanted to talk about religious things. I could tell that he was perspiring immensely, in addition to the fact that I felt he should get out of the heat for a few minutes. I offered to let him come inside, so that he could enjoy our HVAC system for a few moments. He quickly accepted the invitation, even after I told him that I did not want to talk about our good Lord. The people I was with as well as myself provided this man with a cold beverage, while we all sat in the living room and enjoyed the cold A/C. The man commented about our wonderful HVAC system, as well as how chilly it was in side of the house. When the man finished his beer, he politely let himself out the front door as well as didn’t say another word about trying to solicit.

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Quality heating and air systems

Once in awhile, I get aggravated with people selling door-to-door items in my neighborhood. My wife in addition to myself put up a sign, which explicitly reads and large capital letters no soliciting. Both of us still have many people who come to our door, which aggravates me to no end. It’s fine when it happens to be a young child who is selling something for a fundraiser, but I can’t stand when I have people in the neighborhood trying to sell me home repairs. This past week the weather was in the mid-90s, in addition to the fact that the heat in addition to humidity were terrible. Our own home was having trouble staying cool, in addition to the fact that it was a very warm Outdoors. A woman came knocking on my door, in addition to the fact that it looked like she was going to talk to me about something religious. I was in no mood, but felt a little bit bad about the fact that it was very warm outside. She easily look like she was about to experience a heat stroke, so I decided to offer her a cold drink in the house. The woman immediately commented on our heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C system. She said that it was very cool inside, in addition to thank me for a cold drink. We sat in the living room for 15 or 20 minutes, while she cooled down in addition to enjoyed her drink. When she was finally cool enough, she thanked me for my hospitality and left.

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Quality HVAC products

Every so often, both of us have people who try to solicit items to myself plus others. Even though I placed a sign on the door that says no soliciting, I still end up with people knocking on the door. I had hoped that the no soliciting sign would work, but there are easily still some people trying to sell me items. It’s okay when it happens to be kids from the neighbors selling Girl Scout cookies or candy for fundraisers, but I absolutely hate when people knock on our door because they are trying to sell windows or air conditioning. Last weekend was extremely boiling outside, plus it happened to be around the mid-90s. There was a woman door-to-door, who was trying to sell something religious. I felt bad, because she seemed to be perspiring in the Relentless Heat. When I open the door to yell at the person, I instead offer to have them come in side out of the Heat. She smiled, while walking in the door. She talked about my own air conditioning system, plus how well it seem to be working. I explained that my partner plus myself have regular maintenance done on our heating plus air conditioning system. The two of us suffer from terrible allergies, plus the heating plus air conditioning system has an air purifier installed also. I was glad that the woman did not try to sell me anything when she was in the door, because I was only trying to be nice by taking her out of the heated atmosphere

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I’m very excited about this quality HVAC system

Every now and then I get people coming to my door trying to sell me things. I actually decided to put a sign on my door that reads, “No Soliciting.” The funny thing is, even though I put that sign there, people are still coming to my door still trying to sell stuff. I usually don’t mind if it’s girl scout cookies or boy scouts trying to sell popcorn and candy for fund raisers. I can support causes like that. One day it was especially hot outside. I believe it was in the mid 90’s. There was this guy out there going door to door talking about something religious. It seemed that he was dying in the heat and I really felt bad. I told him he could come inside to get out of heat for a bit if he wanted. He smiled and accepted my invitation. I offered him an ice cold drink. He was complimenting my A/C system, saying it was probably the nicest air conditioning he has ever been in. He remarked how fresh the air was. That’s when I told him I had a top of the line air purifier that worked with my HVAC system. I also explained how I feel it’s important to keep up with all the proper maintenance needs of the HVAC system. I have allergies and I really need to breathe clean air for my health. I make sure to use the highest quality air filters as well. I thought it was kind of funny because we went from being on a religious topic to talking about HVAC systems. He was saying that he really wanted to upgrade to a system as nice as mine and was asking if I would give him the contact information for the HVAC company that I use. I gladly gave him the info and soon he was on his way back into the blistering heat.

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This climate control is fantastic

Everyone in our family has been trained to be a certified heating and A/C technician. My dad and his brother both own a heating and A/C repair company. It’s kind of in our veins, because our Granddad was one of the first people to ever work on designing an A/C system. It’s ingrained in my blood, even though some of my friends think this is a terrible idea. I happen to think I’ll make a decent heating and A/C worker, despite what anyone else has to say about it. I already happen to know a lot about heating and A/C technology, as most of the men in my house don’t talk about anything except heating and A/C related issues. I found a training program that I could enter right after high school, and it was last 18 months through college. The heating and A/C program was designed to give everyone of us a rudimentary knowledge of how everything works. The last 6 months of our training program would be on the job training, with one of the local heating and AC companies. When it came time for me to have the part of the program that was Hands-On, I ask my professor if I could go and work at one of my dad’s companies. The professional at my college was not happy with this idea, because she was afraid that we wouldn’t get the proper amount of training. Even after my dad talk to the college professor, she still wouldn’t budge on me working for someone else in the city.

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HVAC savings

I had finally got my own apartment, and I found that I was having a difficult time keeping the bills paid.  I considered getting a roommate, but I really didn’t want to give up my independence and my privacy.  I had to figure out some way to save money, and that meant that I had change the way I was doing things.  I had read that some of the easiest ways to save money was by changing the way I use the HVAC.  It was nothing for me to adjust the thermostat and end up with perfect air quality.  The one energy saving tip was to readjust the thermostat up a couple of degrees.  Whereas I had always had it at sixty-eight degrees, I only had to tweak the thermostat to seventy-two, and I would be able to save at least ten percent on my electric bill.  The first month, I saved almost fifty dollars.  I also read that I could save another fifteen percent if I were to turn off the HVAC when I went to work in the mornings.  It took a little while for the HVAC to come back up to the temperature I wanted, but I was still saving money.  Just by turning off the HVAC every day, not just saved me on my electric bill, but it also kept the HVAC running for a couple more year.  I’m hoping that I will have about a thousand dollars saved by next summer.  It would be really nice to have enough money to take my mom on that trip to Nashville for her birthday.

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My heating technician

A lot of people in my family work as heating as well as air conditioning service technicians. My dad owns his own heating as well as air conditioning business, which was handed down to him from our grandpa. My parents always talked about the two of us becoming certified heating as well as air conditioning professionals also. A lot of my friends thought that that shouldn’t be my intended profession, but it always seems like that was just the way that it would go. When I met with someone at the heating as well as air conditioning school, I was pretty excited to get started. I wanted the chance to have my grandad’s company someday, so I had to prove that I can handle being a good heating as well as air conditioning business owner. I absolutely all of the classes at the school, though the two of us couldn’t manage to make Straight A’s. I had problems with the professor at the heating as well as air conditioning program, because I felt that a few of the things were wrong. I had spent my entire life watching most of the men in my family work on heating as well as air conditioning systems. I knew a couple things about the trade, and it conflicted seriously with the ways we were being taught in our class. I thought about talking to my granddad about the heating as well as air conditioning school, but it seemed like all I was doing is complaining. The two of us will stick out our classes, until we can be out in the field and learn more

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AC in college

I started looking for colleges when I junior in high school.  Mom and dad was hoping that I would choose a college that was local, but I wanted to be free and move far away.  I sent most of my applications to colleges that were over a thousand miles away.  I got accepted to many colleges, but for the lack of funding, I decided on one that was within an hour from home.  I did however, refuse to live at my parents and I chose to live on campus.  I was so thrilled and excited to be living on campus and in the dormitory.  When I finally made my way to college and was moving into the dorm, I could smell odd smells.  I knew the air quality was horrible.  All of the dorms on that floor, had their AC regulated by one thermostat.    We had no control over our indoor air quality, and the possessor of the thermostat kept it set at seventy-five.   Our room was always overly warm, and there were nights when we barely slept because it was so warm in the room.  I found myself wondering at the wisdom of my decision to not live at home, and go to a school that was only minutes away instead of hours.  I suffered through that entire first year, not having any control over my heating and cool.  When I was home for the summer, I realized how nice the air conditioning was at home.  I also realized that I didn’t want to be so far away from home.  I decided to speak to my mom and dad about changing colleges, and moving home.  They were overjoyed.  My friends couldn’t figure out why I changed my mind, until I told them about the horrible HVAC situation.   

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Readjusting thermostat for mom

My mother walks with a cane. She uses it such as an extension of her own tricep / bicep. I’ve watched her yank things through the shelves. She will use it to help make her bed. She even used it to show off the air conditioner person. I walked into her residence, and felt that it is so hot. I should have feel the heat hit me like a wave, when I walked indoors. I thought there was something wrong while using air conditioner, and I went with the thermostat. I yelled for mom, who laid in her bed pretending to remain asleep. When I asked if she changed the setting on the HVAC thermostat, she told me this she hadn’t touched the thermostat. I begun to worry, thinking maybe there was something wrong while using programming. I called my heating and cooling tech and I told your ex what had happened, and he told me he could be over the next day. I was able to readjust the thermostat and also the setting stayed, so I really didn’t care about it. The next day, I came home from work, along with the thermostat had magically returned to be able to eighty degrees again. Once again, I had asked my mom she swears that she never touched the thermostat. I called the HVAC technical again, and he assured me which he would be there the next time around five, which was a comparable time I got home. As i walked up on the outdoor patio, I heard the heating and cooling specialist laughing hysterically, as he stood outside of the door. He shushed me and pointed at home. There was my mom, unaware that she had been watched, using her cane to reset the thermostat into the seventy where I usually kept it.

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