A Job You Hate Better Have Good A/C

Is there anybody in the world who likes their job? I am sure there are people who do, but I am not one of them. I have never that a job that I liked for more than a three or four years at the most. After about three years, I get sick of the people. There are always workplace squabbles and constant drama. The job I have now is a giant pain in the neck. I work for two different people, neither of which knows how to supervise people. They are two women and they are aggravating and think they know everything. I am supposed to be their assistant, but trying to get them to actually provide work for me to do is like pulling a tooth from a tiger. Well, I am so fed up with it, but unfortunately, there is not much work in my city, or anywhere nearby really, so I am stuck there even though I would love to leave and never go back. I almost did the other day when there was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The air conditioning broke down in the building. We have always hat issues with the HVAC in that building, but we have never been completely without air conditioning. Let me tell you, it was miserable. Without air conditioning, people get mean and nasty. And I already hate being there, even on a good day, so a broken a/c is definitely not the way to spend the workday. When we called the HVAC service guy, he just couldn’t get there until the next day. I ended up taking leave time to get out of the building with no air conditioning so I wouldn’t scream at anyone.

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My Son Wants to be a HVAC Professional

Last month, my son who is about to start his senior year of high school texted both me and his dad and asked to have a family meeting. Oh boy, was I worried. We are the one’s who call the family meetings, not our son. I really was afraid that he hat done something terrible and was going to be arrested or something! He looked a bit anxious, too, which didn’t help matters. BUt I was worried for nothing and so was he. All he wanted to tell us was that he wanted to become an HVAC service and installation professional. His high school is starting a new HVAC program for the students, and it is in cooperation with the HVAC program at the technical center as well as a local HVAC company. Boy was I ever relieved! He was asking our permission to take the HVAC classes during his last year of high school, and then finish the HVAC program at the tech school after graduation. He hat a little material to back himself up, too. He hat details about the costs of the HVAC program of study as opposed to the cost of college. In fact, since he hat good grades, he would qualify for 75% tuition break in the HVAC program. Essentially, he would be all done with school in one year, would be able to sit for the HVAC certification test, and then have a steady, good paying job. I couldn’t argue with that! I am proud of him and can’t wait for him to have to come over and fix our air conditioner someday!

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Air filter problems

I was so angry with my son over this past weekend. I have grounded him for an entire month, and I took everything except his bed out of his room. Our A/C system stopped working, and I didn’t have any idea what was wrong. We routinely change our air filters, and our system wasn’t very old. I contacted our A/C provider, and waited for them to send us a technician. My wife and I were the only people home, so we were both very miserable. Without any A/C, the house heated up very quickly. Thankfully it was only spring, because it would have been a disaster in the summer. When the A/C repair guy arrive to our home, the first thing he did was look at our system. There wasn’t anything lodged inside of the outdoor unit. That was a good thing. In fact, the A/C technician told us that our outdoor unit was in fabulous shape. When the A/C technician went to our indoor unit, he pulled out our air filter. The air filter was covered in two inches of grime and dust. The A/C technician asked me about the last time that the air filter was changed. It is the responsibility of my son to change the air filter, and he had told me that he was taking care of it. I knew that wasn’t the case, because the air filter looked absolutely terrible. I think the A/C technician for his help, and he cleaned everything out of our A/C unit. By the time the technician had left our home, the unit was running very well once again. When my son arrived home, we had a long talk about the air filters.

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HVAC repair guy retiring

My roommate and I have been using the same HVAC repair guy for the past two years. We rent an old house, and we are responsible for all of the repairs to the interior appliances. It isn’t usually too much, but we have had a lot of problems with the HVAC system in the last year. We’ve gotten pretty close with our HVAC repair guy, because he has easily been out to our home at least four times in the past 6 months. We always have problems with the A/C system in the summer, but it has been particularly humid this past year. The humidity has been wreaking havoc on the HVAC system. My roommate and I just found out that our HVAC repair guy is going to be retiring, and we will be needing to find another technician. I’m not very happy about trying to find a new HVAC repair guy. I know this guy very well, and she has always done us right. He is very knowledgeable and handy, and seems to know exactly what he is doing. It might take a few different HVAC repair guys, before we find one as nice as Bill. I will be sad to see our HVAC repair guy retire, but we are going to be giving him a send-off with a great party. We already ordered a keg of beer, and the A/C system is working. We’re going to have a great party at the house, and send him back down to the South in style. I’m really gonna miss that guy!

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Train Travel and Sleeping Cars

I have been travelling abroad for many years leading pilgrimages for young adults. I simply love the adventure of exploring and then being able to take others on those same explorations for the first time watching them open up to a world experience. For the most part, I love everything about these experiences, except for the inevitable sleeping cars in the night trains. You see, we travel by plane, but once in the country we take sleeping car trains to save time in the middle of the night while getting to longer destinations. Normally this is an awesome idea, but for those like myself who are inclined to have panic attacks in small spaces it doesn’t work so well. The air conditioning is supposed to be the key to making these small sleeping quarters agreeable with six people to a car. Yet, it is a hard balance. Some cars the air conditioning literally freezes you out and you feel like you are in an icebox. Other times I have been these cars where the air conditioning barely even works and all you take is the horrible stench from six sleeping people through the poorly maintained air vents and filters it ends up ruining your experience. Honestly, I prefer to just get a seat in the regular car and sit up sleeping all night long. I am less inclined to be poorly affected by the air conditioning and even though I am sitting up, I can get a better night sleep. However you choose to look at it the bottom line is those air conditioners are simply germ fests waiting to attack you!

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Summer Clean Up

This summer vacation I wanted to get a better job, something a little more professional since I would be applying to colleges next year. So, I found a local vacation rental company in town and thought that sounded like a great place to work. We are the ones that rent people all of those amazing beach houses every year. I was hoping it was going to be more administrative work, but it turned out to be way more hands on than that! Boy, did I ever get this job wrong. I was dealing with customer service alright. I never heard so many people feel so entitled and complain for what they should have, didn’t have and wanted in their rental units. But the worst of it all was I didn’t realize that I was going to have be a part of the clean up! I thought they hired maid services, it turns out that we high schoolers were the maid service. Not only were we cleaning the houses, but there were instructions to change out all of the air filters within all of the air vents. The owner didn’t want to spend another dime on an actual HVAC technician to come and service the air conditioning units, so he researched how we could do it on our own! From the looks of so many of these houses and vents, it was clear no one kept to the guidelines of no pets or no smoking for the filters were disgusting. I think this was the worst summer job I have had to date! And when it was all over I just never wanted to see or think about another air conditioner again!

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HVAC Technician Internship

I graduated high school a couple of years ago and my parents would not get off my back to do something with my life. I hated school, I was really bad at it and didn’t want to go back in any form. I am not a bum, I wanted to support myself, I just didn’t know how yet. Now, after two years of living at home, my parents finally gave me an ultimatum to getting some type of career or moving out. A friend of mine in the same position had been working as an HVAC apprentice and really swore by it. He said I should give it a try as it pays really well and always steady work since people live by their air conditioning and heating systems. I went down and talked to his boss who was the owner of the HVAC company. He actually made air conditioning and heating sound interesting and I was intrigued! I decided to give it a try and shadowed him for a week learning how to change and deep clean air filters, install entire heating and air conditioning systems, which I have to say was a lot easier than once thought. I was most surprised by the number of air conditioning and heating gadgets that now exist from Zone Control to Radiant Floor Heating and the number of different apps they have through one’s cell phone. This was really now simple business anymore and I was very impressed! You can now call me an official apprentice for the local heating and air conditioning company. Needless to say my parents were thrilled!


Summer Family Reunion

This summer we had a huge family reunion of enormous proportions. My mom and dad both come from really large families, which makes any kind of reunion a huge ordeal. We always have to rent a couple of houses at the beach just to try and have everyone together. Even then most of the kids are all on the floor and some even camp out on the beach or in the yard. When you have that many people together in one house, it is nearly impossible to keep everyone content with their needs. We have ceiling fans throughout both houses, but with that many people an air conditioning system was a must, for it was so hot! We had it set a minimum level so as to not run it down or overpower it with unrealistic cool temperatures. But, it seemed like every time someone walked by the thermostat, they would lower it to their preference. It was an accident waiting to happen and I was getting really worried for this was a rental! The air seemed cool enough, but you just couldn’t please everyone. Finally, I called the landlord and asked for suggestion on the additional air conditioning. He knew the number of people in the house up front, but he agreed we needed another solution for he didn’t want us to break the HVAC cooling system either. He suggested we rent some window box air conditioning units to help bring the cool air down. It seemed crazy that we needed to much power for air conditioning. Honestly, I just felt like people should suck it up!


The heater vents in the same position

There are a lot of things to learn the moment you start owning your first home. The majority don’t realize how many little things can break or stop working, and when it happens they don’t know the direction to go. I bought my first home during the summer, so my first problem to fix was that most of the windows were painted shut. I had to pry the windows open to get fresh air in the house. When the first winter emerged, I had a new problem to fix. The forced air heating was only working in certain rooms, and I needed to figure out why. I tried adjusting the heating vents and make sure they are all open. Many of the heating vents were stuck in a shut position, so those needed to be opened up with tools. Now each of the heating vents are open, but there is still no heat coming from the vents in some rooms. The restroom is way too hot, as well as the master bedroom is way too cold. The heating vents in the dining room are pumping tons of hot air while the vents in the kitchen remain cold. Finally, I found the problem with my heating system. There are dampers on the heating ducts to help control airflow in several places within the home. The dampers may be turned to an open or even closed position, depending on which rooms need awfully heat. My neighbor is an HVAC technician so he came to the site inspect the dampers on your heating ducts. In my claim, the previous homeowners had moved the damper positions to get warmer air in the rooms they used most. My neighbor quickly found the dampers and adjusted them therefore, the heating vents were more flowy. I’m glad I learned that so next time I can adjust the dampers on my own.

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No air conditioning for my interview

I am a nervous sweater and there is nothing I can do about it. I have tried better deodorant, special wick away sweat attire and taking cold showers before a big day. It does not help. I know that when something big is about to happen, I am going to sweat a lot. I had to interview at an office job at this company that love. I wanted the job so bad and for my interview to go well. I did everything I could to prepare and fight my nervous sweat issue. I wore a white dress shirt, cranked the AC in my car before and took calming breaths prior to my interview. When I arrived I was feeling optimistic. The waiting area had some sort of ductless mini split air conditioner set-up. The cooling system was blowing cold air directly onto me. It was so great to not be overheated. I was actually a bit cold and feeling relieved that i did not have any armpit stains yet. When I got into my interview, I had to go into another room. That room did not have a ductless AC unit. There was no air conditioning within the room. It only had the people interviewing me and a chair. I immediately started getting restless and freaking out. I sweated buckets during that interview. By the end of it I was so irritated. Who would do that to people they are interviewing? They need to have AC blowing to supply a sense of comfort for nervous people like me. I know I am not the only one of the interview candidates that dreaded the lack of air conditioning.

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