Bakery HVAC

My beloved spouse runs and works in her very own bakery. She’s amazing at the job and makes the most delicious food. I cannot ever say enough good things about her fresh artisan bread. Honestly, I think that this bread is probably what the angels eat every single day. My spouse has a few employees under her wing, and most of them are really intelligent, capable people. They also make delicious food. There’s one employee, however, who seems to be one croissant short of a Baker’s dozen. This employee insists on monkeying around with the heating and cooling settings in the bakery. I know that my spouse is grateful that this employee just handles stock and the cash register instead of anything important, like cupcakes. The adjustments that this employee has made to the thermostat in the bakery have been ludicrous. Once, this employee adjusted the thermostat so that the heating system came on in the middle of July. He claimed that he was too cold and that he could not believe no one else was freezing along with him. On another occasion, he adjusted the thermostat so that the air conditioning froze out most of the customers during the middle of the winter. The first time he adjusted the thermostat in this way, my spouse thought that he had made a mistake. The second time, it was a bit ridiculous. I encouraged my spouse to fire this employee, but she told me that she could not do so simply because he made poor heating and cooling decisions. She did compromise by forbidding him to touch the thermostat in the future.

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. Library comfort

Life as a graduate student is never easy. I often find myself running from class to work, back to class, and then over to my second job in order to stay afloat. Please don’t even talk to me about finding time to study. I am pretty sure that I study the most on the weekend when I’m not working, but I also often catch myself lurking around in the library right when it opens. Usually, there are not very many other people in the library at that time except for the employees. Often, this means that it is extremely easy for me to find a little quiet nook in which to study and do some research for class. This early morning library time is also nice because it seems to be the time of day when the library is most comfortable. Once mid-morning rolls around, often students ask the employees at the library to adjust the thermostat. Students have varying needs when it comes to comfortable heating and cooling, and of course the library cannot please everyone. I find that the thermostat in the library is set at the most comfortable level for me early in the morning. When I have popped into the library at other times throughout the day, I have found it very difficult to stay and study due to the overactive heating system or too much air conditioning, depending on the day. I am glad that my second job is at the coffee shop across the street instead of at the library. I would hate to have to adjust the thermostat constantly throughout the day.


Too expensive HVAC unit

I’m always jealous when I go to my friend’s house because he has the perfect HVAC system!  I always tell my parents that we should get one like that.  My father always says it’s too expensive and that we just could not afford an upgrade like that.  I’m always defeated but always dream about that wonderful HVAC system.  I know that seems strange but it would make my life so much better.  I could study easier without being too hot or too cold.  It would never feel so humid and sticky in the summertime or dry in the winter.  I don’t even feel like the air is clean enough.  When I’m at my friend’s house sometimes I just never want to leave because it’s so nice.  One day I decided that I would call an HVAC company to see how much new systems would cost.  I was happy to find that they are very affordable with many different payment plan options.  They could work with you to find what fits your budget.  I told my father about all the options and even told him about some new features like rapid heating and cooling!  He couldn’t believe they have something like that but also said it was probably too expensive.  He was surprised when I told him about the affordable payment plans they had.  He then decided to call up the HVAC Company and before I knew it, we finally had a new HVAC system!  It was a dream come true.  My father is especially happy because it fits his budget perfectly!

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Saving on air conditioning costs in the summer

Did you know that cooling your home in the summer for most people accounts for half or more of the electric bill? There are ways to cut down these costs and save you money! First of all, make sure to clean your outdoor unit. Cleaning that clogged out unit can save you between 5-15 percent in energy costs alone. You want your unit to operate at maximum efficiency for less energy usage. If your air conditioner is old and lacking in efficiency, it’s always wise to invest in a new unit. The savings in energy will certainly put more money back in your pocket! It’s always good to cut back a little on A/C usage by adjusting your thermostat. Just changing it by a few degrees can save you a great deal in energy costs. It’s always a good idea to use fans to help lower air conditioning usage. Fans can cost around 1/60th less in energy than the typical air conditioner. Using both at the same time can save you a great deal when you are able to cut down on A/C usage. You definitely should have a programmable thermostat as you don’t want to forget to turn the A/C off when you’re not using it. You should turn off the air conditioner at night and even open some windows and let that cool air come in! Did you know that the A/C works a lot harder to cool down sunny rooms? It’s a great idea to invest in blinds for shade. A sunny room acts like a greenhouse causing for a warmer room temperature. It’s also a good idea to place plants in front of the windows to absorb that sunlight and allow for a cooler room. During the summertime it’s a good move to cook outdoors, have a BBQ! Cooking in the kitchen raises that temperature and ultimately makes your air conditioner work harder. When you want to save money and you can’t take the heat, don’t cook in the kitchen!

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Hate all of winter and heating maintenance

I do not enjoy watching football, going skiing, ice skating or snowboarding. I hate driving in the in the hazardous conditions and I find shoveling snow to be quite tedious. Plus my skin dries out very easily, and I find the holiday season to be extremely stressful. So as you can imagine I have never been a fan of the winter months. I hate being cold so I keep the heater cranked up at all times. Then as a result the air in my apartment gets all dried out. My skin becomes tender and cracked, I have to apply lotion constantly. I talked to my landlord about the issue and he offered no insight since the heater was functioning just fine. I finally called the local HVAC company for advice. I was advised to pair my current HVAC unit with a humidifier during the winter months. They said that replenishing the air with the moisture my heating system was taking out would help ease off of the issues I had been experiencing winter after winter. They were right! I am even starting to dislike winter a little less now that I can at least escape its harshness in my own home.I have passed this advice on to several of my neighbors who have been struggling with the same issue. When I finally move on from this tony old apartment, I hope to purchase a home that has a higher quality HVAC system. I would like to have a system that is able to hear adequately without dehydrating the air so dramatically. I know there is all sorts of new technology available, and many knowledgeable HVAC technicians to help guide me when the time comes.

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Mowing the lawn, getting overheated, and then the air conditioner malfunctions

I remember mowing the lawn once when it was well over 90 degrees and it was very humid outside. I was trying to hurry up, yet my body didn’t want to go at all.  I started to feel like I was burning up and I was very dizzy. I remember my parents saying to hurry up and go inside to get cool. At the moment, that sounded like a good idea, so I went in the house and turned the fan and air conditioning on. I went to the couch and laid down.  I had never felt so hot in my life.  I was overheating, like a car engine.  My head was spinning and I was so dizzy I couldn’t even stand. I laid down and never felt so refreshed in my life. However, I noticed that the air conditioner was getting to cold and ice was forming in the vent.  Water was dripping everywhere, forming big puddles on the carpet. Shortly afterwards, my parents came in and I told them what was going on with the air conditioning. Eventually, my parents had to run to the store and get a new air conditioner as the current one we had was starting to die. I was still resting and very hot since now only the fan worked. My head was spinning and I could not even sleep.  My parents shortly afterwards came back with a new air conditioner and now the air conditioning turned on and didn’t get to cold to form ice.  I felt so refreshed and never felt so good in my life and even the air was a lot better.

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College Classrooms Heating

I go to school in the midwest where the winters are enough to have you give up on college rather than brave the cold temperatures. The thought of leaving your warm cozy bed is simply painful. But, there is a flipside to this theory that is equally insane. While it is so cold outside, it is actually a hot sauna wherever you go on campus! It’s like they are trying to make up for the difference in temperature when actually they are causing more problems. I am not kidding. I have had more colds this first term in college than my whole life. My body just cannot adjust from going back and forth from extreme heat and then extreme cold. I honestly fall asleep in class because they keep that darn thermostat set so high on the heat. Everyone has complained about it to the main office, but they still won’t do anything about it. I told my professor that I was worried about failing the course all because I can’t deal with their ridiculous HVAC temperatures. Apparently, he looked into the problem, since he was struggling teaching in the heat as well. He found out that the thermostat controls are actually controlled through a smart app in a totally different office building! They aren’t even aware how hot it feels, they are simply going by the numbers they are seeing on the thermostat through their smart app! So, we all wrote a letter, including multiple professors, to the administration in hopes that they would remedy this problem sooner and later before they lose their entire student body!

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Rarely using a heater

Growing up in the South was a charming experience in its own ways. However, the weather was rarely agreeable. You could make due during the horrendous summer heat, but consistent temperatures over a hundred degrees was enough to make you beg for the Winter. Needless to say, you’d be able to spend about an hour or two outside before you ran inside to cool off. Fortunately, my parents paid good money to have the best AC system at the time, which spared us a lot of grief during the hot months. Since our Winters didn’t last very long, my parents rarely kicked the heating systems on. We didn’t mind, since the cold weather lasted just enough for us to enjoy the break from the heat. I would spend my days inside when I knew the outdoor heat would be too much to handle. The feeling of cool air flowing through my vents was far more relaxing than fighting with the heat and humidity outside. We were lucky to have such a great air conditioning system because many of them are expensive to not only install but to continuously run. Luckily my parents were able to find ways to save on our monthly heating and cooling bills. My parents, thrifty as could be, used the money they saved from cutting off the heat over those cold months to pay for AC technicians that ensured our cold air would be blowing.  All in all, I was glad to grow up in a house that stayed comfortable during the summer.

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Today’s Technology

I am shocked at how much technology has changed over my lifetime. There are so many new inventions and it seems like every day something new is introduced to the market. This is good in some ways, but in other ways it can be a struggle. For example, there are a ton of new types of HVAC systems available for installation. There used to be only a couple options when I was growing up and not many people had air conditioners. Now, there are joint air conditioning and heating systems along with several user friendly systems. They have made HVAC systems so simple to use nowadays and they can essentially be controlled from wherever you are. I have tried my hardest to stay on top of the latest technology and decided to upgrade my own HVAC system in my house. It was quite a struggle trying to choose exactly which heating and cooling system I would use. I needed to figure out what system would run the most efficiently and cheapest. Now that there are more green options to heating and cooling, I was able to consider things like heated flooring and geothermal systems. With my budget and lack of knowledge of the latest and greatest, I decided the best option for me was to install zone control heating and cooling with a smart thermostat. So far, I have learned a lot about my zone control system,  but I am sure it won’t take long for something new and trendy to flood the heating and cooling market.

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College Confessions

The best time of my life was in college. I had some of the best experiences and made some really good friends. There were only a few times while I was in college that I was miserable. I hated taking exams and working on projects with groups. I lived on campus, so I had roommates throughout my college career. The only problem I had with this was with our thermostat. We lived in an apartment with three separate rooms, but one thermostat to control the heating and cooling. It was impossible to keep everyone happy with the temperatures in the rooms but I think I had it worst. When I was living in my own house, we had zone control heating and cooling. This way, we could each change our own room temperatures if we needed more or less heat and A/C. When I moved into my apartments in college, I had a hard time adjusting to the basic, single HVAC unit. I had to compromise with my roommates about the heating and cooling settings. My roommates controlled the heating and cooling for most of the time, until they left for classes and I would change the thermostat. I would turn the heat down and open the windows in the middle of winter so I could feel comfortable when they were gone. As soon as they were done with class, I was sure to turn the heat back up before they returned so that there were no complaints.  Luckily, they never noticed my changing of the heat and cooling thermostat settings throughout college.