Turning up the air conditioning unit

Temperature control is overrated I think. When I was a boy, instead of air conditioning we had a large assortment of electric fans in our house. Our car had forty-five air conditioning, which meant you had your four windows down and then drove forty five miles per hour. I know everybody nowadays has a central heating and air conditioning system in their home which costs them so much on their utility bill that they must have two people in the home working just to afford that. I have a good HVAC system around my house, complete with an indoor air handler and a patio condenser or heat pump as a general rule people know it as. Usually I prefer to just open the windows in the summertime and put on some warm clothing inside the winter when I can. I set the temperature right on my smart thermostat nice and low in the summertime when I have relatives stay at my house sometimes. I want them to be comfortable, but as soon as they simply are gone I throw open the windows and turn the A/C off just to save on my utility bill for the month. Going one year I had to stay over and we happened to have a day trip and I forgot to turn up the A/C temperature once we were gone. But not to worry at all, I just took out my mobile and logged into my smart thermostat and turned the air conditioning temperature up thus it wouldn’t waste any energy while I was gone. I guess you can actually say I am rather cheap but I like to use the word “frugal” as it has a better sound to it

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Central heating equipment tips

I may possibly have a friend who has a row of solar power systems directly in his backyard. He says they generate enough power to run his central heating and his air conditioning system in his home. I was a bit skeptical about that so he gave me a tour of his system too. She has an A/C air handler in the hallway and then a heat pump in the back, just like what you would expect from an HVAC heating and cooling system. I thought such a system would use a lot of electricity that she would have to use the normal utility source running it. But she said the HVAC contractor assured her that she could generate enough power with the solar panels to run the entire home, including the HVAC system. I was there when her HVAC provider came by to so a complete tune up on the A/C and heating unit. He brought a brand new smart thermostat with him along while we talked to him where he installed it. He said the smart thermostat will allow my neighbor to control his A/C and heat with a remote via his mobile or laptop computer. I joked with him and said someday you will encounter a button in your car that you can use to access your HVAC thermostat even. I am kind of old fashioned and I prefer a simple thermostat that just has a temperature control and an on and off switch right there. If I had a good thermostat, I would have to take a course at an HVAC trade school just to discover how to use it for myself! I am glad my neighbor will use his solar panels to run his home heating and air conditioning system but it truly is way too high tech for me to even think about.

Sometimes it’s hot and cold

I spent my childhood years at the local mall. It was the main hangout for everyone that I knew. Even if you had no intention to buy anything it was a great location to walk around and research the various stores. I used to go there a lot and would go to the food court with a hot mug of coffee or visit the bookstore to evaluate the new releases that were coming out. I could spend all day long there with no real objective, just walking around until something caught my eye. There was a great sized arcade, plenty of top quality clothing outlets, and a wide selection of other shops. I’d sometimes run across people I knew there and we’d chat for a bit before going our separate ways. It was a great place in the community. However, the temperature of the building always bothered me much. From one side of the mall to the other it was like entering a fully different climate, and the temperature within the stores wasn’t any better it seemed. I’m not sure if it was as a result of a big problem with the HVAC system, or if the HVAC equipment was controlled by someone who didn’t understand what they were doing with it. The mall was never set at a comfortable temperature for me. Small sections might have been just right, but the building was either way too hot or too cold. A heating and cooling atmosphere was totally bizarre. I wish the mall had HVAC zone control during the daytime so that the temperature may just be monitored and changed throughout a building like that. Each store must also have control of its own thermostat to keep things comfortable for its potential customers. While I loved the mall, I think the only reason it got away with this poor temperature control was because there seemed to be nowhere else for people to go to enjoy themselves.

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I should stay inside

School breaks were when my family and I would take small vacations as a child. Most of the time these vacations were to theme park destinations, and I preferred them too! Nothing else can compare with the feeling of excitement you get when growing the steep incline of a good roller coaster, or the rush you acquire when going downhill right after. We’d always wake up early to venture to the park before it opened, so we would be the first people in the park, and stay out until it was almost time for everything to close completely. We were able to get a lot done in the day in such a manner, but we had a lot of time on our feet out within the heat. Some days when this took more on the toll on us, we’d go and watch the shows multiple times just so we could have a seat to sit down and relax for a bit. It was a lot better when the shows were indoors and had air conditioning to cool us off. We’d also redo the rides that were indoor attractions so that we’d be in the air conditioning while waiting within the line too. The cool air through the air conditioning was a big relief and helped us to make it through the day within the hot park. When we visited over the winter break from school, these rides were equally just the thing for the heating they offered in the event the air conditioner was switched over for a furnace due to weather changes. Despite the weather in the park, the indoor attractions remained at a comfortable temperature for guests. At some point in my well being I’d like to call on one of the amusement parks that will be completely indoors. They’re an amazing idea for comfort of the many guests.

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Wow, it’s so cold

I was unemployed for a few months. I had a terrible time looking for a job as a storage facility manager. I was making a really great wage at my last job that I was being too picky. If your local food manufacturer brought me in for an interview and offered me their employment, I quickly accepted. I was really behind on a bunch of bills and on the edge of losing my home too. I’d have to start making some revenue somehow. One thing the employer did not tell me was that I would be managing a warehouse which had been in a huge refrigeration unit to keep the food cold. This warehouse was below zero daily. I could see why they were having such difficult time filling the  job title. When my lunch hour would come around each day, I would scurry out so that I could get into my vehicle and crank in the heating system for the next hour or so. I could feel my joints screaming in agony with the cold temperatures inside the stockroom. I inquired with my supervisor if I could get transferred to another area in the company, but she said I needed to be employed there for at least 6 months before I could truthfully transfer to do anything else. I could not afford to give up this job right then, so I ought to stick it out. At least I had an advanced HVAC system back at my home which could heat me up immediately after getting home. But now I am considering installing a programmable thermostat so I can arrive home to some sort of warm and cozy temperatures.

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I’m worried about my boiler

I find that people hardly ever have a boiler system in their home anymore, I will assure you it still comes around though. My house in particular was one of these such houses these days. It still is an effective HVAC method considered it is a little bit dated and not optimal with regard to residential housing I would say. But that’s life right? You merely have to take the hand you’re dealt sometimes and we were dealt this one. We had really no experience in these sorts of things heating and cooling, so we just accepted that and had a boiler and kept it in the house. It worked quite well most of the time that is really all one need from an HVAC system right? Well having both of us grown up with furnaces we knew not much about boilers especially the part where you are supposed to have them inspected in each year. So we made an error there to have a boiler that’s as old as ours maybe it should have been inspected. We never had it checked in the time that we had it. So everything was fine under the assumption that it was like a furnace in that you call an HVAC repairman when something went wrong if it ever did. Who knew that whenever things go wrong they can go so terribly wrong for you with a boiler. Luckily we were not home when the incident happened to our house. To make a long story short the pressure valve malfunctioned on our boiler and the pressure built up until it reached it maximum and it exploded. Our house was gone and all I can say is thankfully not a soul was injured and we have homeowners insurance for the house.


The air ducts are leaking

A faucet is apparently not the only thing that can be leaky in your house. I once was extremely naive. I guess it was because I was a brand new homeowner. I admit I bought my home on a whim and I should have done more research before investing in a home like this one. I probably had no business buying anything yet. I could have just stayed in this apartment. At least I have my parents to guide me. They know what trouble I am having with this house. When I first moved in the house, the faucets were all leaking. I was not sure why or who to phone about this. Thankfully, my dad helped me with everything that he could. A bigger and more intense problem arose though a little down the line. Something was leaking but it was not my faucets at all. It was my air ducts. Apparently, there was a small hole in one of the central ventilation ducts. I only know this for the reason that HVAC technician I hired explained this to me. Thankfully, he was very helpful and repaired the leaky air ducts inside my home for me. Unfortunately, his help failed to come at a small price to pay. I asked my dad at the start to help solve my HVAC problem but he could not figure out what was wrong. I had no other choice but to call somebody who had been an expert on all items heating, cooling and ventilation. He sure did know very well what he was talking about though. The air was not coming through the air ducts with the leak but now it is and I am much more comfortable staying in my house.

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My A/C system does a great job

I performed around my school’s chorus throughout both general and middle school, but it wasn’t until secondary school that I began show choir. My curiosity about it began in middle school though, when the high school group came and to do a performance for the student body. Later that day my chorus teacher handed out flyers detailing how the students who were going into highschool next year could audition for it over the summer break, which I tried out for and was accepted. Learning the songs and routines was a lot harder than regular chorus, which only had simple hand motions or side steps, if there would be any choreography involved at all. I loved performing though, so the effort was worth it. When we performed, both the girls and boys had to wear heavy makeup so much of our facial features would ‘pop’ for the people in the rear of the auditorium, and the lights on stage were so hot that it was like being under a furnace. To help combat this, the air conditioner might possibly be turned up higher for us performers, but some of the people in the crowd would get too cold and speculate why the AC was kept so low. If they knew what it was eventually like to perform up on stage, they’d understand why the air conditioning was necessary. Without it we’d almost certainly get overly sweaty on stage, which would make the makeup run and may also cause someone to slip in a puddle of sweat. The glaring stage lights and movement in the routines helped to warm people up, but I hope the performances were so excellent that they thought it was worth it to endure the enhanced cooling.

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HVAC equipment and the winters

Even though my region does not have very cold winters, there are still a few things I like to do to prepare for the wintertime season. First of all, I unpack my sweaters, coats, and tights ahead of time. Then, I carefully inspect each one to guarantee it is in good condition. Next, I take all of my coats to the dry cleaners. This helps me to make sure that I will be prepared with the proper clothing the instant it gets cold. The next thing that I do is begin to save for Christmas presents for my acquaintances. This enables me to prepare early so I am able to afford all the presents. If I wait until later in the winter season, I panic and buy a bunch of random, expensive presents. I greatly love to plan ahead so that way I will get more thoughtful gifts. The last thing that I do is call my local HVAC company to do a tuneup on my HVAC unit. I know nothing about HVAC units, and to this day, I have no notion if heaters and furnaces are the same principle, or if my HVAC unit has a boiler, or even what some boiler is. All I know is that my HVAC unit needs a tuneup about every six a few months, once before summer and then before winter. I really do not want to be stuck without heating or air conditioning, so I enjoy being proactive and prepare for the seasons properly. These few elements are my simple preparation meant for winter!hvac-products

I feel like I’ve waited so long

A while back, my husband and I noticed that our conditioner was not running properly. It had never been a specially energy efficient or high tech unit, but it used to no less than keep us cool. Now, we could barely feel the cool air flowing out of your vents. My husband thought that our issue might be with the ductwork, which is an area that he is not proficient, so he called an HVAC company to obtain an appointment for someone to come out and repair the product. He got an appointment for the next day at two o’clock in the afternoon. He was working that day, so he asked if I could come home early to be there when the HVAC repairman arrived. I agreed. I arrived home at 1: 45, excited to have some extra time off of work. I planned to do some chores and start on dinner while the HVAC repairman was working. I got started on the laundry and had almost finished sweeping and mopping the kitchen and dining room, when I realized that this repairman still had not showed up! It was now almost 3:30. I was getting overheated from all of the cleaning. I decided to just keep working and hope he came along soon. I vacuumed the residence, dusted the furniture, polished tables, finished the laundry, deep cleaned the potty, and cleared the clutter off of our entry table. It ended up being now 4: 45, and he still had not arrived. By this time, I was exhausted and very overheated. I was about to quit and take a shower when the HVAC repairman arrived. I was so very happy see him, and even more pleased when he repaired our air conditioner!

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