The home heater is not great

I am not a cold weather person.  I hate the cold and the snow.  I didn’t even like the cold and snow when I was a kid.  I refused to go outside with the other kids.  I didn’t want to build snowmen, or have snowball fights.  I wanted to be warm and comfortable inside my house.  I preferred to see the cold and snow from the safe view of my home windows, while feeling the heat from our furnace.  When I graduated high school, I didn’t get into one of the college’s in the south, and I ended up where the weather is just like it is at home.  My first year was in a dorm, but then I got an apartment.  I got a part time job in a coffee shop, but it was necessary to get a roommate.  My roommate wasn’t working, but she was able to give up some of her college funds for the rent.  Unfortunately, we still had a hard time paying our rent, and there were many times we went without heating.  Our pipes froze because the furnace didn’t work, because we couldn’t afford the fuel.  We would wrap up in warm clothing, and we ended up making our own heat.  It became a cozy time for us, but we found out that neither of us liked the winter weather.  After graduation, I got a really good job, and great pay.  We have moved to a much warmer climate and we no longer have to worry about heating.  The air conditioning runs all the time, and we’ve not missed paying a HVAC bill in over a year.

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This is a fun place to hang out

When all of us decided to locate to the beach, we thought it would be a wonderful mess of whites and plus log buildings. The home that all of us could afford was not very luxurious, plus many people would use the word Shack. I never even dreamed about owning a shack, even though it is actually on the waterfront. All of the sand is beautifully white, but our entire Lodge is completely pathetic. Even though I talked about fixing it up, all of us never really do any repairs to the house. During the last couple of years, all of us have been adding to the value of the home. One of the biggest ways, was by adding a new heating plus A/C device. The new heating plus a A/C device is wonderful, plus it easily is control throughout different zones in the home. The A/C unit is absolutely wonderful, because it does a great job of cooling our entire building well. I had the cooling plan specifically designed, in order for it to be energy-efficient plus economically convenient. The entire heating plus A/C system is run off of solar power, with a tiny bit of back up electricity. It has made things much more comfortable, plus made the entire experience much more livable. My wife plus myself want to spend more time in the beach house, which has us vacationing more plus arguing much less. The heating + AC unit helps to keep the entire house at a moderate temperature. This really helps along the beach, as it can be much more humid than other places.

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Getting the AC on

Growing up in the northeast meant a lot of hot and humid, but short, summers.  There were also many bone chilling and snowy winters that really weren’t so short.   After I got my own home and found out about climate control, I no longer felt the need to always have a sweater available, regardless of the weather.  I have now moved to the south and I was in for a shock.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad shock, but a shock.  I now knew what HVAC stood for and I loved the fact that the H for heating, would no longer be a crucial part of my home comfort.  Moving to the southern space of the country was a shock, although not an unpleasant 1.  I finally l received what Heating, Ventilation plus A/C really stood for.   The heating space was no longer crucial.  It cools  of in the winter, but you only need sweaters, occasionally, and not coats.  The ventilation is mostly our ceiling fans.  Although it may be warm outside, if it isn’t too humid, the fans can really do a marvelous job of cooling the rooms.  It’s cool how, as long as the ceiling fans are in all of the rooms, it’s like a small central air conditioning system.  If it is really humid out, we do need to use the air conditioner, and it is a necessity for the south.  It is a true necessity when the summer arrives and it gets hot and humid ninety percent of the time.  But, as long as the humidity is low, the ceiling fans are an economical approach to dealing with the heat.

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My beach house is a very cool place

If I would tell you that I have a home that is located on the beach, you would probably think of a very nice mental picture. Perhaps the building would be made of sticks, or sit next to the white sand. I only call my home that, because the word Shack Is Not Great. Most people will not brag about a shack, I even if it’s waterfront property. My own home is actually pathetic, even if it is on the Beach area. I decided to raise the value of my property, my installing a heating in addition to air conditioning system last year. I only spend a few weeks at the summer house, but the heat in addition to humidity can often be tremendous. The A/C plan was going to make the place a lot nicer, and addition too much more comfortable. It worked out entirely well, because the A/C system help to make the entire Place more comfortable. The holidays were absolutely wonderful, in addition to the fact that the summer was a blast. When I came back a couple of weeks ago, I realized that someone had stolen our AC system right out of the window. I had never thought about someone breaking into my home, as it was situated right on the beach. Now that I had a small AC window unit, someone came by and decided to boost it from my property. I was very upset about putting all of that money out for a brand new Heating in addition to AC plan, in addition to seeing it missing that morning.air duct

Portable AC at the beach house

When I tell you that I own a cabin on the beach, you probably have a mental picture of a nice, small little building made of logs sitting on the edge of some white sand. The truth is that I only call it a cabin because I don’t like the word “shack.” No one brags about owning a shack, do they? It is right on the water, and the sand actually is white, but the cabin itself is sort of pathetic. Every year I say I’m going to fix it up, and every year I don’t fix it up. But last year was different, last year I raised the property value by installing an air conditioner. I only spend 3 months a year there, but the heat is tremendous so the AC unit wasn’t to make the place nicer, just more comfortable for me. And it really worked, having even a small portable cooling system really made the place a lot more comfortable, and enhanced my vacation. Of course when I came back this summer I found that someone had broken in and stolen the air conditioner. Never before had anyone ever broken into my shack, but never before had I left anything as valuable as an AC unit laying around. Fortunately I did have enough money in my savings to drive to the nearest big box store and purchase a new, and even smaller, portable AC unit. But this year I will be smarter, and not leave it here when I go home, I now understand that air conditioning is a very hot commodity around here.

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I couldn’t be happier

If you’re not a fan of riding horses, then there’s no way we could be friends. I require all of my friends to come horseback riding with me. The exception of course, would be to my true best, closest friends, which are really the horses on our property. Some folks believe that a dog is man’s best friend. However, I disagree. Horses actually have the most expressive, soulful eyes. When looking at them, you actually feel like you’re connecting on a deeper level. The best part about them, is that they’re always there to listen and never reprimand you. We just had the HVAC system in our home replaced plus extended. Now, the heating plus cooling features connect out into the horse stable. I had the stables custom designed, plus noticed that Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C was all that was lacking. The temperature drops below freezing during the cooler months, so a heating system was the right choice for the horses. Nobody wants their good friends to go without heat, right? I held a job within the professional field of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C maintenance a few years ago. Because of this, I was able to train our stable-boy on the correct HVAC maintenance. Now, he comes and checks on the stables biweekly for everything, which includes the good air quality. This isn’t just about temperature, but also the humidity levels. I just want our horses to enjoy the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C like I do!

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Taking care of the HVAC technology

When I first became a homeowner, I really had no idea just how much and how significant regular maintenance was. I had hardly ever mowed a lawn, unclogged a sink, or replaced an HVAC filter. I didn’t know that it was necessary to remove and clean the aerators in the faucets, clean out our clogged gutters, or worry about energy waste. The first full 12 months, I was troubled and spent needless money. I was completely shocked how high my monthly utility bills were. I finally began checking online for information and guidance. Fortunately, there is a lot of advice and tutorials available. I figured out how to interchange the filter on my furnace in addition to the air conditioner, how to service this type of water heater, and followed suggestions on weatherproofing. I also found a nearby HVAC contractor with great customer reviews and signed up for a service plan. The HVAC contractor offers two service calls a year to inspect and optimize the performance of the central heating and cooling equipment. This regular maintenance not just fulfills the requirements of my needed service coverage, but also protects against costly malfunctions. The technician meticulously cleans all the components, removing the buildup of dust, mold, dander, pollen as well as other airborne contaminants. A clean HVAC system benefits greatly from maximum airflow, which reduces energy usage and improves overall indoor air quality. If there is any sign of wear and tear, the HVAC technician repairs or replaces these components, and because of this, the HVAC system soon operates more reliably and will last a greater time. Now that we take better care of all this heating and cooling equipment, my monthly bills are noticeably cheaper and my home is far more comfortable.

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Musical AC

In preparation for my daughter’s birthday I bought us tickets to the current musical at the nearby working arts center. The tickets were extremely pricey, but we were both excited to see this particular show. Since it was the start of July, the outside temperature was about 90 degrees. We both wore light dresses for the performance. The long drive to the theater took nearly three hours, and the air conditioner in my vehicle was immediately malfunctioning. We tried driving with the windows down, but there seems to be simply no way to get comfortable. We were both quite sweaty by the time we finally arrived. Since most people already parked, we needed to hike several blocks in the warm weather to the venue. We were wanting to get in there, drink some liquid, and cool down. Right away, the air conditioning in the theater felt absolutely wonderful. However, within a few moments, both my daughter and I had begun to shake and shiver. Since the venue is enormous and was filled to capacity with audience members, I was surprised that their air conditioning managed to achieve these frigid temperatures. I could not locate any air supply vents, and yet it was like the cold air was coming from every direction. I spent the entire performance shivering and wishing for any layers. It was impossible to appreciate the musical with the overuse of the air conditioning. I can’t start to imagine how much it was costing them to keep such a lower temperature. Maybe, if the management would optimize the thermostat, they could also lower the cost of tickets. I will be nervous to buy tickets in the future after how uncomfortable my daughter and I were the entire time.

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The cooling choices

I have been diligently planning on building my own home for several years now. For the past decade, I’ve been saving money and looking for the perfect plot of land to lay the foundation. A few months back, I managed to find five acres at a great price. The land is lovely, with excellent views. With the land picked out, I’ll be looking at plans and trying to consider exactly how I want the house built. Ideally, the house will be small with just enough room for me and a few guests. After it’s decided in regards to what kind of materials and type of floor plan to use, I’ll start picking out appliances. I know that I want the best HVAC system that money can buy, because I care more than most about how reliable my air conditioning system is. In the past, I’ve dealt with air conditioners that are not very dependable, and that’s something I don’t want to worry about when I need it. Something else I’d consider having installed is radiant flooring, as it would make the Winter weather much more enjoyable. I’d be able to create a perfectly warm space anytime, just by pushing heat through the floorboards. It cuts energy costs too, and I sure wouldn’t mind if my power bill was lower during the cold season. Sure, these aren’t the most exhilarating decisions to make, but they’re critical to determine the comfort level of my dream home. I’ve waited too long to settle, and I want to make sure everything is exactly how I want it. I’m all too excited to finish construction and move into my home, but I think the decisions, especially regarding climate control, are going to heavily affect how much I like being inside my dream home.

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Tent with full ac

Personally, I think hotels are overrated, as I’ll take camping over staying inside any day. Anytime my friends or family plan a trip, I’ll make an attempt to convince them of the perks and rewards of a backyard escape. Being outdoors with nothing but my tent and a few tools is my idea of a real vacation from reality. Usually I have a hard time convincing others to come along with me, but that doesn’t keep me from going my own way. People have a hard time getting by without modern devices, I know, but this shouldn’t keep them from a challenge like going a night outside! I’ll admit though, I’m not a major fan of sleeping without an air conditioner given how we’re used to having the cool air, but it’s something I can live without… for a few days. We’ve all become too dependent on our HVAC systems, which keep us from exploring the wild outdoors all around us. I usually say that when I’m trying to convince my friends to come camping with me, since it sometimes works, but other times people simply tell me they’d rather be comfortable in their homes or at a hotel. Someone ought to invent a cheap tent which has a full air conditioning system, as it would beat the excuses people love to throw at me to avoid camping. Everyone should have respect for nature, but creating such respect requires people to spend time outdoors. This is something that I feel strongly about, so I’m willing to be a strong advocate for pushing people out of their comfort zones. Air conditioning aside, I’m going to go camping as frequently as possible and I would love to bring other people along with me who can learn to appreciate nature in its glory.

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