Our utility bills are out of control

My monthly utility bill is outrageous, because I can never remember to switch it off when I leave the house to go on business trips. I take a business trip at least three times a month, and sometimes they can go for a week each. I consistently leave my temperature control on and the air conditioning system is pushing out cool air. I’m ultimately paying money to keep  my empty house cool. However recently, a coworker told me about a smart temperature control, which could relieve me from the outrageous monthly bill rates that I kept getting. After discussing it, I really want a smart temperature control. I’m the most forgetful person, especially when it comes to switching off lights and other electrical things. With a smart temperature control, I could easily switch off my HVAC equipment from my cellphone. If I’m going to be away on business for a crucial amount of time, then I can turn everything off at any time. If I want to come home to a specific temperature, I can set my HVAC system through my cellphone or computer before I arrive. Even when I’m sitting at home, if I don’t want to get out of bed to make a change, then I can simply adjust it right where I’m at. I find it most charming because it will save me energy. Most importantly, it will save me money each month. I would benefit most from a smart zone controlled system because it can be accessed from miles away.

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My home is way too cool

The main reason my utility bill costs me a fortune every single month, is because I’m a very forgetful person. I leave my HVAC system running when I’m not home. I leave for business trips at least twice a month, and I always forget to turn it off. This means that my air conditioning is constantly pouring into my home. I’m paying much more money to deliver air conditioning into an empty house. Just recently, I had a friend tell me about smart control units. They said that it would definitely keep my extravagant utility bill rates down. I don’t think I’d mind having a smart control unit. I’m one of the most forgetful people, especially when it comes to turning off lights and other devices that run on electricity. With a smart control system, I could actually turn it off from my computer or cell phone. I could even do this away from my home. If I go away for business and want to come home to a cool house, then I can turn my AC on through my cell phone. I can turn the Heating and A/C equipment on plus set it to whatever temperature I desire. If I’m ever at home and too lazy to get up, I can adjust the temperature right where I’m at. I find it most beautiful because it saves money and energy. I would definitely benefit most from a zone control system because I could access it from miles away.

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This appointment came up so fast

Our electricity bill is rising each and every month, all because my wife and I can never remember to switch off our HVAC system when we leave our apartment. The two of us travel a lot on business trips. Sometimes these trips can last weeks, several times a month. We are all the time leaving our thermostat running, so the air conditioning is always blasting through the apartment. We’re paying a ton of money to keep our apartment cool, even when we’re not there to enjoy it. Recently, one of my wife’s co workers informed her about smart thermostats. They told her that it would relieve us of the expensive monthly bills that we keep receiving. I really wouldn’t mind installing a smart thermostat. We’re super forgetful when it comes to turning off lights plus other things that run the electricity. With the smart thermostat, my wife and I could turn everything off from our cell phones, even if we’re not at home. The two of us can make any adjustments we want. If we want our home to be cool when we arrive after a long time away, we can do it! Either of us can switch the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C unit to whatever temperature we want. If either of us are at home plus don’t feel like getting out of bed, we can change it. I find this zone control to be ideal because it saves energy plus money. My wife and I would benefit most from it because we can access it from miles away.

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Getting the house nice and cool

Our electricity bill is costing us a fortune every single month, all because we never remember to switch our HVAC system off before leaving the house. My husband and I usually spend time away from home on corporation trips. Sometimes, they can last an entire week or even an entire month. We always leave our thermostat on plus the air conditioner is constantly blasting through the vents. We’re paying money to deliver a/c to an empty house. Recently, one of our co workers informed us about smart thermostats, which could relieve us from our awful monthly utility bills. The two of us wouldn’t mind having a smart thermostat. We’re very forgetful people, especially when it comes to turning off lights plus other things that use electricity. With a smart thermostat, we can actually turn it off from our computer or cell phones, even if we’re away! When we arrive home from a long trip, we like to have the house cool, so we’d be able to set the temperature to whatever we please. From our phones, we can turn the Heating plus Air Conditioning component on or off, plus set it to whatever temperature we desire. Even when we’re at home, plus we don’t feel like getting out of bed, we can still reset the thermostat. My husband and I find this zone control most appealing because it saves energy plus saves us more money. We would really benefit most from it, because the two of us can access it from miles away.

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Electric bills

The main reason for my electricity bill costing a fortune every month is because I can never remember to turn it off when I leave to go on business trips. I am usually away on a business trip for an entire week  two times out of the month. I always leave the thermostat on and the A/C is constantly blasting. I am paying money to provide air conditioning for an empty house. Just recently, my co worker informed me about smart thermostats that would relieve me of the expensive monthly bill rates that I keep getting.  I wouldn’t mind having a smart thermostat. I am always forgetful when it comes to turning off lights and other things that run the electricity. With the a smart thermostat, I can easily turn it off from my phone if I am going to be away from my home for a substantial amount of time. Even when I am away, I may want my house to be at a good temperature by the time I get home. With my phone, I can turn the HVAC unit on and set it to whatever temperature I want. Even when I am at home, if I don’t feel like getting out of bed then I can easily adjust it right where I am at. I find it most appealing because it saves energy and most importantly, it saves money. I would benefit most from it because I can access it from miles away.

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Hot nights

Sometimes summers are unbearably hot, but usually, during the night time, you can get some respite from the heat when the earth cools down. But sometimes during the summers, the night times are not much cooler than the day times, and that respite does not exist. Where I live, summer nights can get to that degree fairly often, and it’s very important that you have good air conditioning at home, or else you could end up with heat stroke. My poor elderly neighbor lives alone, and I heard that one time, while she was asleep during the middle of the night, the air conditioning broke. The temperature rose steadily throughout the night until the morning, and she woke up to an overheated house and an overheated self. She had to be hospitalized for heat stroke. Well, my air conditioner broke this past spring, and I don’t want to be caught in the same situation. It’s bad enough that I don’t have the best HVAC unit, but now that the air conditioner is broken, it’s like I don’t have an HVAC unit at all. I had better contact my heating and cooling provider right away so that I can get a technician to my home to fix this immediately. These hot summer nights can be brutal if you are not careful, and I intend to be as careful as I can with my HVAC unit. I think that if I can get the HVAC provider on the line, I would be able to get an HVAC technician in my home within a week. Hopefully by then, I won’t have to be hospitalized for heat stroke!heating and air

Installing a brand hew heater

When I bought my house, it did not come with any sort of heating and cooling unit. I knew that this was bad. Where I live, the winters get very cold, and the summers are not exactly temperate as they can get very hot. When the weather gets bad, the best thing to combat it is a good HVAC system. After all, you can only beat the heat so many different ways, and a space heater in the cold weather will only get you so far. So it has been a long time coming, but I finally purchased a heating and cooling unit for my house. I contacted my local HVAC provider and told them all about what I needed in an HVAC system and also what sort of house it was to be installed in. Though it was a little hard to work out some of the details, and though purchasing it was a little expensive, I got through all the steps okay. When the time finally came to install it, I knew I was in for a hard time. Ideally, the HVAC unit had to be hooked up to the ductwork in the house so that it could be connected to each room and heat and cool each room with efficiency. The only problem was, there was no ductwork in my house. The house was built in the late 18th century after all. I don’t think that HVAC systems even existed back then. I knew I was in for a hard time, but I was determined to get that heating and cooling system installed in my home.

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It’s really rough weather

A few days ago, we got hit with an unexpected snow storm. Though we live in the Northern part of the United States, it’s almost May, so springtime is here and usually the severely cold weather has long been gone by now. Unfortunately for me and my family, our furnace broke towards the end of the Winter. I had planned on calling an HVAC service provider and either having the old furnace repaired or replaced before the severe weather hit us again. This latest cold snap and freak snow storm was not part of the plan. we’ve a small portable heater trying to warm up our home, and it’s not doing a very good job. I’ve me entire family huddled in the living room, with blankets tacked up around the doorways, to try to hold in the heat. I hope we don’t lose electricity with all of the heavy snow, or we’re in big trouble! I knew the HVAC repair was going to be costly, but I think this broken furnace is going to cost me more than I planned on. I called our HVAC company, trying to get them to send out someone for an emergency repair. They only had one emergency service HVAC technician willing to come out in this storm and he is booked up for the next two days. I regret not having this furnace serviced annually now because this insufficiently maintained HVAC equipment is sitting broken, instead of keeping my family warm like it should. This is a hard lesson to learn.air quality products

Rainy days

I am the maintenance man for a mobile home park. The job consist mostly of simple home repair most days. I’ve leaky faucets and clogged toilets on a regular basis. This week however, every day has been an HVAC repair day. Normally I wouldn’t have any problem fixing HVAC equipment, I actually have become quite adept at tuning these old central heating and air conditioning units. I also think we could use an upgrade, but as long as I can repair them, I know management isn’t going to got the bill for new units. The problem with HVAC repair at the moment is the cold rain has not stop pouring for over a week now. It has been a steady drizzle because it’s the month of April right now and it always rains in April here. The cold weather accompanied the rain is unusual though. I find I’m out fixing HVACs in the rain for the fifth day straight. The heaters in these old central heating and air conditioning units need an annual servicing, but the funds are not there right now. Which leaves me out in the cold all season trying to keep the patrons warm while I catch my death of cold or flu. I wonder who is going to fix the HVAC equipment then?

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Enjoying the breeze

My boyfriend and I went to see a potential apartment yesterday. The place was forty-five minutes away from us, and we had an appointment around three in the afternoon. We wanted to make sure we could get to our appointment on time, so we made sure we gave ourselves plenty of time to drive to the potential apartment location. We didn’t account for the amount of time we would spend there talking to the landlord. By the time we finally left the apartment, we were starving and we still had to get to our appointment. We thought we would have time to grab a quick lunch at a nearby diner, though, so we stopped and went in for a bite to eat. We were quickly seated and eagerly grabbed the menus to figure out what we wanted to eat. I ordered a salad and my boyfriend got a pasta dish. I took off my coat and my boyfriend and I started talking about the apartment we had just visited. Before long, I realized I was shivering with cold. I felt a draft of cool air, but I thought it must be coming from the door of the diner. Surely the place wouldn’t have their air conditioning system on in the middle of winter! When our waiter returned, I asked if there was any way he could turn the thermostat up. I was really desperate for any type of heating system at point. I had even put my coat back on. He told me he could definitely adjust the thermostat. I’m glad the heating situation was resolved quickly. The food in diner was as good as their service!

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