Drying the hair with AC

My friend’s plus myself happened to be the type of people who are morning people. Everyone of us don’t even need to set an alarm, because the sounds of the birds chirping at 6 a.m. is enough to wake us. I love the morning, because it is very quiet plus subdued. It is my favorite time of the day, and the time when I choose to shower. Unfortunately, I have extremely long hair, which takes an awful long time to drive. This is one of the biggest reasons why I turn on the air conditioning unit in the morning when I get up. Even when the weather does not require an air conditioning unit, I still use the air conditioning system as a way to help my hair dry. As I shower in the bathroom, the humidity Plus moisture makes it impossible to dry my hair quickly. With the air conditioning system set in the 60s, there is hardly any humidity in the house. Having the air conditioner running helps me to get ready in the morning. I have realized a significant increase in my power bills each month, but as long as I am staying dry plus cool, then I’m bound to spend some extra money on my monthly utility bills. There are so many different added benefits of our air conditioning system, that it makes sense to run it all year long. My friend plus myself absolutely love having our temperature control unit, because it is a smart system. Our temperature control unit can easily tell our air conditioning system when to shut on + off.

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Scrapping parts of my HVAC

I live in a primarily quiet neighborhood downtown. On any given day you can walk down the street and say hi to all of your neighbors or enjoy a quiet evening sitting on the porch. The  other night are quiet calm was disrupted by the blaring sound of a burglar alarm in a vacant building on the next block over.  Just a few minutes later, I could see the multiple police cars surrounding the building trying to see if it was a false alarm or something really happened. After a quick inspection they realize that someone had in fact been in the building and taken some of the items.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and it looked like the only thing they were after was the copper piping in the basement and the HVAC unit that sat outside.  Removing copper piping from old buildings has become quite a target for would-be thieves because they can turn it in for big money at scrap yards. Thankfully the building’s owner had good insurance because once the police report was filed there wasn’t much else if they could do. They just told him that they would let him know if they had any leads and suggested that he install security cameras along with the alarm system. The owner was lucky and was able to claim all that was lost and even upgrade the HVAC system to a newer model which will save him money in the long run. He had already planned on adding security cameras and all of these features would help him to rent the  building out for a new shop owner.

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Heater when I am online

I make an acceptable salary, but like to find ways to make extra cash on the side. I’m super lucky to have landed freelance jobs by writing online. I like that I don’t ever have to sacrifice my social life or compromise my integrity doing so. For most of these jobs, I just write for other people, editing documents plus proofreading various articles. It’s a consuming job to say the least, but I enjoy it. However, there’s one thing I don’t enjoy. When I have to write for several hours in a row, I get really chilly. After editing for several people, I find myself turning up the heat plus relocating to an air vent. Using my central heat resolves the problem, but I end up covering myself in blankets to compensate. Recently, I’ve discovered the power of electric space heaters! They have solved my problem really well. I’ve been purchasing different space heaters ever since. So far, I’ve purchased two and they sit in my office while I’m working. The tiny space heaters do an amazing job at warming my immediate workspace, plus my central heating unit isn’t needed to run so hard. I feel a lot better when I’m not wasting a ton of energy heating my entire home when I only need the heat in my office. The modification has made my job much more enjoyable, plus my energy costs are far more satisfactory. I only wish that I’d discovered the power of space heaters quicker.

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Open windows and HVAC device

My wife and I never wanted to live on the ground level of an apartment building. We find it seriously creepy to imagine random people walking past our windows plus looking directly into our living space. It gives us this odd sensation that we’re being watched, which goes hand in hand with our fear of intruders or robbers. That’s why it was difficult for us to set aside our discomfort plus sensitivity and just move into our new apartment building. However, everything about this area is great. The apartment is ridiculously cheap, has plenty of room for us, plus the central heating plus air conditioner system seems to be reasonably new. We had no other option because the price was ideal. However, our discomfort with being on the ground level means that we can never leave our windows open for fear of intruders or robbers. We rely 100% on our Heating plus A/C system for air flow. We also found out that the laundry room being directly next door makes our apartment’s indoor temperature wildly fluctuate. Most of the day, we’re running over to adjust the temperature control to compensate for the lack of fresh air flowing. We suddenly found out that our central heating plus cooling unit was inefficient. We’re powering on our AC plus furnace all day long. We knew that this apartment building was less than ideal, however we didn’t foresee the added expense of operating our ineffective Heating plus A/C unit. As it turns out, operating this old heating plus cooling system is way more extravagant than just living in a different apartment.

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How to avoid hefty HVAC bills

I have always been guilty of procrastinating.  I tend to put things off and usually end up paying the price for it later on. This was the case last month when I realize that the HVAC unit at my house was leaking and causing problems in my basement.  I should have contacted my dealer right away and had a technician come out to look at it but instead I put it off hoping it would just stop. By the time I realize that wasn’t going to happen and contacted an HVAC technician the system was in need of major repairs.  I was sick to our stomach when he told me this because I knew that the cost was going to be high. In the past,  I have been told that I should consider having routine inspections done to prevent these problems but I did not take his advice.  I figured that I would save money but I was wrong. If I had contacted them when the problem first started he could have  possibly  repaired it before it got so bad. Now, I have been left with a hefty repair bill, and it has all but drained my savings account. It took this really expensive break down for me to better understand that I should maintain my appliances instead of waiting on them to break down completely. I am always careful to share this experience with my friends and family in hopes that they will avoid the same situation that I was in.  I have even recommended my HVAC dealer to many of the people that I know because they have an annual maintenance program that is quite affordable.

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Retiring with good temperature control

My sister and her husband planned for years to purchase a boat for travel once they retired. This is a luxury that most people do not have and she saved for years to be able to afford it. Their family only took small vacations and they were always very frugal with their money. She and her husband really love being out on the open water, fishing, and traveling to new ports. This will be a perfect way to spend their retirement years so long as they have the ability to take along some of the comforts of home. One of the things she talked about when it comes to their boat is the fact that she must have an HVAC system on board. Spending days out on the water, in the baking sun, they will need a way to escape the heat especially at night while they are sleeping. Many as opposed to have looked at beautiful cabin areas that accommodate both overnight sleep as well as family gatherings. Because technology has improved so much and HVAC systems are more compact they will be able to have all of the heat and air conditioning aboard the boat. With all new year left before they both retire, they have been actively looking for their dream boat for the past 3 months. I can’t wait to see the one that they finally purchased and to take my first ride with them. They both enjoy so many water based activities that I know that they’ll be happy for many years living aboard a boat. I’m sure they will have many stories to tell other adventures together and it is well deserved after working as hard as they have.

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Should have AC on the road

Have you ever planned what you thought was the perfect trip only to have everything go wrong? I decided to surprise  my husband with a road trip. I packed up a cooler with  all of his favorite foods, threw a picnic blanket and some towels into the back of the SUV, and told him I wanted to hit the road and just drive until we found someplace nice to hang out. It’s the sort of thing we used to do all the time, however now that we are older it doesn’t happen so much. He was thrilled when he got home and realized what I had planned. Because the car was already packed, we got off the next morning and headed out. The weather forecast was for partly cloudy with a high in the mid 80s but the morning started out nice and cool. As we drove down the road I decided that I wanted the air conditioner on but when my husband turned the knob only hot air came out of the vents. I really didn’t think much of it I just rolled the window down and stuck my hand out to feel the wind hitting it and enjoyed the rest of the ride. After spending hours at the beach and enjoying our picnic we got back in the car to head home only to realize that we still didn’t have any air conditioning to cool us off. The hot ride home certainly put a damper on are wonderful day together. My husband promised to make an appointment with the mechanic for the following week to get the air conditioner fixed so that we could head out on another trip very soon.

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The heater device is busted

I’ve had a few close calls in my life that could have gone terribly wrong. If not for small alterations in my plans, I could have been devastating and I could have been hurt or ended up in some sort of trouble. Fate as they call it, has interceded on my behalf on more than one occasion. For instance, last year we had a very long winter and it was truly miserable outside. , We had subzero temperatures for weeks on end, and it was painful to even walk outside. My furnace was running 24/7 and was still having trouble keeping up with the cold. It was hard on the HVAC system and my wallet. Then one day I awoke to find that the the furnace had stopped working completely at some point during the night. My apartment was very cold and I literally jumped out of bed, and ran to the thermostat. I couldn’t get the furnace to turn on at all, and I knew that I was in trouble. I called up the landlord who said that he would be onsite as soon as possible to examine the heater but he suggested that I go somewhere else for a few hours.  I called my girlfriend and headed to her place along with my dog so we would be warm while I waited. This is where fate stepped in, because had I not gotten out when I did, it could have been life threatening.  Apparently, with the unit shut off, there was a carbon monoxide leak.  I now have several detectors that I purchased at the local hardware store. You can never be too careful when it comes to gas leaks.

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lowering our energy bills

My fiance and I met our second year in university, The 2 of us have been completely inseparable for the whole time of our relationship. We have been together every waking moment together. We married each other after the two of us completed university, and the two of us are best friends, now… My fiance accepted a cool opening as the administrator for our local food bank… I seems to be a state job, so the pay is appealing, and she is given plenty of covered time off. I possess my own business. We own a little Heating and A/C repair business, which pays for every single monthly household bill, but every three months, the a/c at the food bank breaks down, and I am required to fix everything, but due to the two of us owning our entirely  own Heating and A/C repair place, it’s simple to have things done on time. I do not charge money to this food bank, since they are a not for profit business. Since my fiance is 1 of the top bosses, it is smart to do the repair at no cost. I never need to supply that Heating and A/C parts, then they spend funds for all of those parts that their Heating and A/C units need, and I do the repair for free. This last repair, I needed to offer some bad news. Their Heating and A/C unit was going to have to be replaced, and it was going to cost lots of cash Even after their defrayed costs, they still needed to hand over a few thousand peso for their new Heating and A/C system. The current Heating and A/C idea is planned to be installed next Friday, and I am not looking ahead to that job.

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Hooking up my HVAC system

My girlfriend and I started dating in our first year in school, The 2 of us had become completely joined during the first two days of our relationship. Both of us spent every single moment together. Both of us married after the the graduation at school, and her and I have been the greatest of friends since then! My girlfriend took a fabulous job as a administrator of a local food bank! That is a state position, so those benefits are elegant, and she receives plenty of covered time off. I bought our own business. I have a small Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair organization that pays for every bi-weekly household cost. Every couple of summers, this refrigeration device at her food bank goes crazy, and I am called down to repair everything, but because the people I work with and I have our undoubtedly own Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair organization, it’s quick to get things finished quickly. I do not charge anything at the food bank, since they are a non profit business. Because my wife is the top administrator, it appears smart to do the work at no extra payment. I never needed to offer the Heating, Ventilation & A/C parts, and that place will pay for every part that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C units need, and I perform the job for free. A previous time I was about to give some unfortunate news. The place’s entire Heating, Ventilation & A/C device was about to need to be maintained and repaired, and it had been going to cost tons of currency. Even after those defrayed costs, they still had to pay over a few thousand bucks for their current Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. Their current Heating, Ventilation & A/C system is going to be hooked up next weekend, and we are not looking forward to this work.

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