HVAC is the only old thing

I went to several different universities, but only one can take all the credit for my graduation.  I schooled at a private university up north, actually living in a castle built by a wealthy businessman for him as well as his family. For the most part, the house is still all original. The stone work, the landscaping, flooring and let’s not forget, the Heating & A/C system. It is probably the oldest piece of equipment in this house and it’s the worst! Everything else can be very cool when it’s kept original.  My peers and I would have difficulty trying to learn something in class while having to deal with an antiquated heating method from the mid 1930’s.  The steam radiators in the classrooms had no middle ground and we always knew something was going to happen one day. They were either off or spewing  steam similar to a steam engine.  Because of the heat and steam, any of us unlucky enough to be close to it could hardly concentrate in class.  We would always be fanning ourselves and were paranoid about getting burned. When classes are full, inevitably there will be a couple suckers who come in late and have no option but to be seated by the angry, old radiators. This equipment was neither OSHA safe or environmentally friendly. It was always a complete mystery to us what the thermostat was set to.  By wintertime, the radiators make those classrooms so hot we had to open the windows wide to eliminate some steam and let in some fresh air. It may be 22 degrees outside but in those classrooms it could read it as 76 degrees. I left my history class early one afternoon with a terrible burn on my left arm from the radiators. I arrived late that afternoon, just after lunch and as I stretched in the seat to crack my back, my arm whacked the radiator leaving a bad burn that required attention.  But that’s just the price we pay for a higher education, I guess.

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Enjoying the summer morning

I can still recall the incredible smell of fresh cookies at my grandma’s house on Saturday mornings. It was a sort of ritual during the summers so many years ago. Every Friday night my parents would drop my brother and me off at our grandparents’ house and we would stay until Saturday afternoon. Grandma would always make the cookies because, for one, she had a need to constantly bake and cook for us kids, but also because it was an effective way of getting us out of bed. She did not want us to miss out on the beauty of summer mornings out in the country. After we both had a cookie and milk, we would always go outside. Their house didn’t have air conditioning and they would close all the windows at night to prevent burglary, so the indoor air quality usually wasn’t the best, except of course for the aroma of those cookies! The HVAC system that we had back at our parents’ house was always on and there was never a moment without A/C in the summer. Naturally, my brother and I were used to this, so we gravitated toward the air quality outside, as cool mornings in the country are about as fresh as is possible. In the winter, the fireplace would always be roaring when we’d come to visit. I almost preferred this to our furnace at home, since you had something pretty to look at while getting warmed up. However, the fireplace was a real treat since winter visits were only once or twice a year.


Types of heaters to be around

I haven’t lost a lot of people in my life. My grandmother was the closest in all of my family to have died, but that was expected and a blessing, as it brought an end to the pain she had been in for so many years. I addressed that grief long before she actually left us. I found out last night that my brother had been killed in an auto accident, the only one in a car of five people. I shook when I read through the message and with article. He had hit a barrier wall while he was trying to adjust the car’s air conditioning. The room got very cold, and I asked my roommate to turn on the heater. Thankfully, she didn’t ask questions. I just needed during that moment to feel warm, but I knew it would be awhile before that might happen again. No matter what the thermostat was set to I was cold. I could be seated near a heater, a furnace, or those scalding cast radiators that gave students third degree burns inside my last school. There is no warmth on earth for me. Before the tears came, I laughed. I remember receiving his messages or calls and giving him extra time over the phone for his ‘good behavior.’ I remember how cold the air conditioning always was in our house and how we would go outside to get some sunshine together.. I remember knitting outside in the sun with him, there was no thought of the A/C, only fans where the porch was at. At the gym, he wanted a head ring for his sweat, so he made one by hand while the others played basketball. He was doing so good the last time that I saw him. I don’t understand the cruelty of this world sometimes.

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Heading to the front desk

When my niece graduated high school, the family got together and we had a grand celebration for her.  We rented the venue, and hired the caterer.  I had found the venue for them, and I was assured that there would be air conditioning available.  My sister took care of all of the preparation for her daughter, and I graciously accepted the job of tending to the needs of the caterer and the venue.  We were so proud of her, and I was even more proud when she announced that she had plans to join the navy.  She had taken nursing courses in school, and they were going to get her the license she needed to be a registered nurse.  I arrived at the venue on the day of the party.  It was so hot outside that I couldn’t wait to get into the air conditioning.  The owner had opened the door for me, turned the AC unit on, and left.  I walked in and I began to shiver.  I knew I had asked for air conditioning, but I didn’t want refrigeration.  I looked for the thermostat, hoping to be able to make it a bit less cool, but it was under a lock box.  I found the emergency number he had given me, and I called his home.  His wife said that it would be a while until he could get to me, but she promised he would be to the venue before the guests started to arrive.  He showed up an hour before showtime and he reset the temperature, apologizing for not looking at the thermostat setting before he left.  The place was perfectly air conditioned and everyone had a perfectly good time.

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More HVAC options

As I moved to a larger town, there have been several advantages at once with regard to services and conveniences. I found that as I needed work done for my house, whether it was yard work, plumbing, or air conditioner related, there was a bigger pool of companies available. Just like when choosing a new home, it is extremely important to shop around for good service. It is a fairly new house we moved into, and my electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing were all redone a year before we moved in. My concerns primarily for getting a new air conditioning company was with regard to maintenance reasons. I always tried to set up annual appointments as a pre-emptive strike against larger and much more costly repairs. Minor cleaning and maintenance I usually handle myself, like cleaning or replacing the A/C filters, but anything more complex than that requires that I call in a specialist. We live with all of the seasons, and for each, the heating and cooling system has to be primed and prepped. If it wasn’t for sump pumps in spring, my basement may be constantly flooded. So, I spent a few mornings calling around to see what the neighborhood A/C service providers had to offer. After many mornings of caffeine and bathroom breaks, I found myself a perfect A/C maintenance company, one that offered not just a seasonal prep, but one that, like me, cared about finding any issues or breakdowns before they become a costly repair. I enrolled in an A/C assistance plan that entitled me to service within 12 hours of the phone call. This is very important when inside those cold winters or warm summers.

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The reception desk is so cold

When my son graduated from college, we went all out on his party.  We invited the entire family and all of his and our friends.  We were so proud because he was the first in our family to not just graduate from college, but to go to law school.  He had already been accepted to an uppity college in the east and he would be leaving in a couple of weeks.  It was mid June and we wanted to get a nice place that was well air conditioned and that could seat about a hundred people.  The venue we had decided on, was really reasonable.  They offered full catering and clean up, as well as bringing their own linens and dinnerware.  We needed only to decorate.  I almost lost it when I got to the venue.  I had said I wanted air conditioning turned on, but I didn’t expect sub zero temperatures.  I looked around the room and tried to find the thermostat.  When I finally found it, it was in a lock box.  Luckily, there was a note on the bulletin board that had a number to call if we needed something.  I told them my dilemma and how I needed air conditioning, but we didn’t need to be frozen, and the owner promised to be there shortly.  When he arrived, he tried to adjust the thermostat, and then he had to do something else to the thermostat to keep it where he had set it.  I’m glad he was there so quickly, because the guests would be arriving and I am anxious to start celebrating, because I for one, will always remember this party.

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HVAC is everything to me

I never knew how dependent I had become on my air conditioning system until I took a week-long camping trip with my good friend from work. He had been asking me to go out with him for awhile, so I finally broke down and agreed to go camping and hiking with him. As a frequent outdoorsman, he was well equipped for any trip. I, on the other hand, had possibly not been camping in years. I had a tough time sleeping at night because my body was used to enjoying my air conditioner while I sleep. While staying in the nature, there was no method to stay cool, and I barely slept all evening. I realize that I should have predicted this, but I really assumed I still had some adaptability left in me. Living with no air conditioner unit has become hard for me personally. By the end of the trip, I was extremely spent, and I don’t know if I will ever be capable of going back for more than a day or two. Although I saw some wonderful views and made some great memories, I was relieved to be back in my climate-managed home. To me, there is no better experience than being able to adjust the temperature of a location simply by pressing a button on a screen. The first thing I did when I came home was turn the air conditioning unit down to  68 degrees. Then, I kicked back in the couch. I don’t think I will take my air conditioning system for granted anymore. This trip really opened these eyes to how lucky I am to enjoy a good A/C system.

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Desperate for some HVAC service

I’ve been working for the same company for approximately three years now. I really like my job, and I have worked my way into a top position. The new position included a pay raise and some more authority within the office. It’s actually a big responsibility, but I am enjoying the challenge. The other day, one of my employees came to me with a problem. He said that the front offices were not air-conditioned well enough. Although there are air vents in those offices, the air conditioning system blows hot air through those vents. I definitely understood his complaint because we have a warm region, and a faulty air conditioner unit can make life difficult. I wrote down his complaint and instantly sent a message to my director to inquire about having it repaired. By the next day, our maintenance staff had already come by to look into the air conditioning unit. After some hours, the maintenance technician had reached the bottom of the difficulty. The A/C ducts in the office were not cleaned in years, and lots of dust had accumulated. When the previous happens, air conditioning units have to do the job extra hard to cool a place. Soon, the A/C system will be cleaned out, and my employees will be happier. I think they were pleased with the reality that I listened to them and had the problem fixed. I enjoy being a good manager, and I hope that my staff members enjoy working for me. I think that good management skills tend to be important because they ensure that good employees will be pleased with their jobs and stay around a long time.

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AC for prank pulling

During college I worked being a waitress at a local cafe. I didn’t enjoy the job because I’m not a good with people. However, I needed some extra money to pay more for my gas and my weekend outings. The worst part of the job was working the night time shift. The restaurant always closed at 11:00 pm and I was given the task of cleaning things up after. There were times when customers would stick around, and I would become mad. I quickly learned a trick to resolve this. If customers were hanging past eleven o’clock, I might turn the air conditioner off. The space would quickly become warm due to the reason that cool air was no longer blowing out the air vents. As soon as this happened customers would set out and wonder what was going concerning the temperature. If they asked me why the A/C has not been running, I would simply tell them that we were closed. I know that this is a bit rude, and I hate feeling uncomfortable due to no air conditioner. I knew that when I didn’t do something, however, 100 % of our clients would linger around for a good half hour. When my manager caught wind of my HVAC system trickery, he wasn’t pleased with me. I was written up as soon as he walked in at eleven o’clock to see that the air conditioner had been powered off. I was eventually fired from that job. It turns out that one of the customer complained, and the business cannot afford the bad PR I was causing by messing with the cooling system.

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flipping a home with good HVAC equipment

A few months ago, I got tired of my job and thought about starting my own business. I partnered with a good buddy of mine to get started on a house-flipping company. I know the housing market, and he is an expert contractor. It was the fantastic fit. I am responsible for choosing the properties and handling the different business matters. My friend takes care of the renovations. He has worked as a builder as well as an HVAC technician, so we rarely have to reach out for help from a third-party. I’m absolutely grateful for him because he knows the way in which to prep an old house for an HVAC installation. After all of the duct work is ready, he handles the wiring and installs all the heating and cooling system on his own. He’s so skilled at this task, we save hefty amounts of money whenever we re-sell our properties. If it wasn’t for him, we would need to hire someone from an HVAC business, and the installation costs would then have to come out of our very own pockets. Something else he can do is inspect and restore pre-existing HVAC units. Heating and coolings systems are important appliances, and by ensuring our buyers that they are purchasing a home with a dependable system, we are able to help close on our business deals faster. Now, I adore my job because I’ve got freedom, flexibility, and my income has more than doubled since starting this venture. Our business is doing so well we are considering hiring new staff members and have even started looking at applications. This will allow us to expand and increase our profits even faster.

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