My old farm house is beautiful

When my little brother thought he’d want to spend the summer on my horse farm, I was overjoyed. We always need an additional set of capable hands, and at eighteen he’s strong and energetic for the job. I let him know about the volume of work that comes with working a horse farm, nonetheless he seemed willing. His mother (my mom too) recently called me to lecture about his safety. I told her the hard work would more than pay what it cost for food and board, and I was also planning on paying him an hourly wage. She wanted to bring me up to speed about his recently bad allergies, and impressed upon me that getting my entire HVAC system serviced may be worth it. She was really upset about the air conditioning spreading mold spores and other allergens all over my little brother as he was sleeping. I truly never had my heating and cooling ducts cleaned out before, so I decided to make her happy and have them deeply cleaned; I figured that this might even reduce MY allergies. I schedule the area HVAC company to come look into my vents, and they turned up promptly on the farm. They provided a long quote based on the number of hot and cold vents inside the house, and I thought the value was reasonable due to the care they offered and the way they were ensuring my old farm house would be clean and airborne allergen free. They even gave me added security about the purchase, because they would personally come out to do another round of service should my brother be miserable.

HVAC maintenance plan 

Putting up the insulation

I bought my very first home earlier this year. It’s really large and so superior to living in an apartment unit. Who knew that living independently and not dealing with a neighbor directly above you would be such a great improvement. My first order of business was bringing the entire HVAC system up to date. It was a solid foundation, but I knew it needed to be modernized for me to be happy. I bought a digital thermostat equipped with zone control functions in order to get total control over the air temperature all around my new property. The HVAC tech that the  company sent for the installation was a really great guy who had each of the skills necessary for good customer service. He showed me how all the buttons worked, then making it cozily warm inside the living room and perfectly cold inside the dining room. I was so excited about this technology I couldn’t keep myself together; I hugged him as that HVAC unit continued to regulate the environment around all us. He then explained a few more tips on how to improve the insulation in my home, and suggested I replace some old windows. It’s advisable to hold in as much heat in as you possibly can, since there is no point in getting an impressive new furnace and air conditioner if all the air slip right out and wreak havoc on the thermostats programming. I’m glad the HVAC technician who they sent out to my house that day was so attentive and helpful; he answered every question adequately and demonstrated much grace.

HVAC equipment 

What a great A/C system

I’m a substitute teacher, but what I am about to discuss is a struggle for a lot of teachers, and students. All schools are set in place with some HVAC method that’s supposed to control the climate of the school in addition to each classroom individually. I have however never found this to get the case in any school we have ever worked in and I’ve worked in many schools. Each classroom is almost always equipped with a thermostat and yet, these thermostats have been programmed in a way that doesn’t allow staff to adjust the temperature of the classroom. Most of this amounts in my experience being trapped in a room that I’m literally not allowed to leave, just sweating bullets and hoping I don’t sweat to death. This is not acceptable and affects my ability to teach properly and students to sit and learn properly. Most of these schools do not even possess any sort of air conditioning facilities for their classroom, which I find in these modern time pretty absurd. I think the reason they lack A/C units and prohibit staff from modifying the climate control systems is because of financial reasons, but can you really put a price on a cushy stable learning environment? I do not think so and I don’t believe that parents would either. It would pleasant to walk into a hot classroom and actually be able to do something about it. Instead, I’m forced to endure these condition and grow embarrassed by my perspiration as the time passes.

central A/C 

These air handlers work really well

As a substitute teacher, I am often in a different schools on a regular basis to examine how different colleges operate. There seems to be a trend that is very much present throughout schools regardless involving grade level or district. This trend is an area of concern to me and really should be for everyone; I speak of the climate control systems in these schools. There seems to be no semblance of standardization between the HVAC units used in in schools, some still have old boilers, and some have the most modern air handlers. Despite the fact that they all having different HVAC systems, they somehow all perform badly, or are used ineffectively. Often, I’ll be in a class sweating through my shirt or freezing to death. What I can’t grasp is how administrators of schools pour money into upgrades, but yet still neglect the climate influence? An environment like this greatly affects the teaching and learning of students and teachers are. If teachers and students are distracted in their atmosphere, students are more unlikely that to retain information and teachers are more likely to fail in conveying it. In such modern times, we have so many options for heating and cooling our facilities and there’s really no valid excuses. Greed is the obvious cause for this absurd practice as all they want to do is save money on heating and cooling bills so just to purchase more luxurious things. I plan to keep fighting to change this careless HVAC trend.

heat and A/C 

These vents could use a cleaning

One at a time, I went through each HVAC provider with my city. Though there were many which had been picked up quickly discarded, as it was clear there was an inability to help fix my HVAC troubles. Every time one of these HVAC providers sent a technician to fix an issue, one would arrive and quickly have to move on because of the company’s lack of knowledge. The first time I did this, I had trouble with my thermostat. No matter what setting I put my thermostat, cold air would still blow through the ducts, even during the winter! When it gets cold in this city, my apartment turns icy and frigid, making it unbearable to even stay there. One time, I called a company to send out a technician to fix my HVAC problem. When this technician came, she explained what was going wrong and adjusted my thermostat. Finally hot air was blowing through my air ducts, which I thought was amazing at first. After believing the issue was fixed, I found a week later when trying to turn the heat off, it would still be blowing through the vents. This went on for some time and I swear I’d went through just about every HVAC provider in hopes to have my problems fixed. I have gone through every single one, that is, except for that last HVAC company, and let’s just say i have not saved the perfect for last. I’m not positive, but we will see what they will do.HVAC system

Summer seasons and air conditioning

I knew a couple that lived at the top of a hill in an old fashioned farm loft that was built over more than one hundred years ago, the farm loft is easily transfixed to the eye, however it lacks the modern conveniences of newer houses, and because the couple, and their pig who thinks he is a sheepdog, are getting older, their adult children were worried about them being so isolated and alone and in such an outdated house if anything happened to them. They were especially upset about the fact that the outdated farm loft did not have satisfactory Heating, Ventilation and A/C system in the least. The gas furnace was quite outdated and the only air conditioner they had for summer season time was a window air conditioner unit that seemed good enough. But older people do not tolerate heat and cold extremes and younger people do better. That is simply a fact! So the folks’ kids tried tiresomely to convince them to transfer into the town into a newer loft with modern air conditioner and heating and attractive granite countertops further in town. The elderly couple wanted nothing to do with that idea, even if it meant getting modern Heating, Ventilation and A/C systems and more comfort, the elderly farmers did not want to move. They wanted to stay in their farm loft independently where they could take their pig to the county fairs and let him heard sheep love a dog. They were willing to put up without having air conditioning in the heat just fine.  Their kids were not willing for that in any way. Finally giving up trying to convince them and they instead went out and obtained them a whole modern Heating, Ventilation and A/C system and had the Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider go out and complete the Heating, Ventilation and A/C installation. Everyone was finally happy.

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A new house might change my life

I have old school  friends who are real estate agents for our small town. I am jealous of them when I see their snazzy lifestyles; They make twice the money I do and  they totally make their own hours. They are able to on great occasion offer up their kids any university and attend all kinds of social events with them when they ask. Their job hard, I know that. I am not saying that they don’t work at it. I just prefer the fact that they are not stuck in an tiny stinky office all afternoon long as I am. I believe they are fortunate in this, so one afternoon recently I decided I wanted to look into buying a summer house. I called my friends to simply ask him what kinds of things I should be careful about; He gave us a list yet the main urgent thing on it was HVAC. He said that inspectors consistently look at the HVAC systems however never make a large enough deal out of them. Well, he said to focus on air conditioning system since it is a really large deal. If the air conditioning system plan in a house is seasoned  and breaking down it is going to cost a lot to run it. If the air conditioning system is as old, it is not going to be energy efficient at all. If the a/c is seasoned it is genuinely going to need HVAC repairs regularly; All these accurate thoughts about the HVAC plan are important. He recommends that if an HVAC plan is more than twelve years old, customers should ask the sellers for a new HVAC plan to be installed instantly on purchase. At least they can and should offer a credit to the customer to help with cost of the purchase of a new HVAC plan and then the HVAC replacement.

air conditioning repair 

Looking at all the internal parts

My neighbor Fred grew up playing the guitar with a bit of singing as music runs in his family; His mother was a lounge singer in the 50’s when being a lounge singer wasn’t the same as being a stripper. So, anyway, he is entirely great at singing and strumming. He mostly does cover songs in our local restaurants. He will sing at small bars, but occasionally restaurants. So, when he had a gig at a pizza place so my child could come, we went to grab a pie plus listen to Tim sing  away a dozen of light rock melodies, and when it was done, he noticed us there and came over to say thank you. He was so disgustingly hot and sweaty, but that is when I found out that singers need a/c badly. The restaurant had an HVAC system inside the main building,  however they had his mini stage set up on the patio where the only kind of a/c were several ceiling fans. All of us live in knowingly in a hot section of the country, yet I never imagined that sitting on a stool plus singing and strumming would cause someone to so desperately sweat and need efficient a/c. I guess that just goes to show you what I learned about ceiling fans along with a/c. I thought even less about music and singing until now. In Tim’s real life away from the musician life of having no a/c with entirely little pay, he is actually a real estate broker. I just happen to find it funny to think that one of the big things he tells people is to be sure to thoroughly check out the the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system before buying the house.

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I’m happy with the HVAC system we installed

Even though I live in the lower south of the country and I am not even close to an age where death is approaching, I can still look back at a time when not everyone had cooling system like mine, however having cooling system in your home is now commonplace. But serious,  even most exhausting over worked people have cooling system and heating in their houses.  Then that was not entirely true! I had an aunt, Aunt Bet, who lived in a simple modest CBS block home and area She and my cousins never put in central cooling system or even a couple of window a/c, instead they used fans to stay cool. That was not the reality of our house, but my mother purchased a home that had central cooling system already installed.  It was beautiful and so comfortable.  I cannot imagine living without climate control in this crazy weather age, even though I should also remember not to just take cooling system or any other amenities of modern life for granted. People nowadays are absolutely spoiled on everything they can buy. I know am absolutely spoiled but I do not have the most modern Heating and Air Conditioning technology either. My central a/c is about eleven years old. As well, since I rent our condo I am not likely to get a more modern updated Heating and Air Conditioning plan any time soon. I mean, why would the landlord decide to just take up that additional expense? Besides, I would rather have a much lower rent than have to spend money more because there is a smart control unit and Heating and Air Conditioning zone control. I am super happy with an easy a/c. I am the same way about our car. I am blissful with a simple basic used car that does not have every gadget in the world added onto it. That means there is less to break down.

HVAC unit

Finally heading back to the house

My better judgement was overruled, and my husband and I went ahead and purchased our dream house with a gas furnace. I was completely resistant to the gas furnace option, because I know it would be quite dangerous to have gas in the house. Our new home is connected to the main gas line through the underground bedroom, and we have a control panel that turns the gas on or off. When we first moved into our home, the gas control was old and worn. It had definitely seen better days, but it was sort of clean and we decided not to replace it. Several years had passed, and to be honest we just didn’t ever think about that old control panel. But then last December during a storm, my husband and I came home from work to find the air inside to be downright freezing cold. I knew the furnace must be broken, even though we never had any issues with the heating. My husband followed me over to the cellar in order to figure out what the problem may just be. When we opened the cellar door, the fumes of gas inside came out and almost knocked us out. We called the toxic control line, and then summoned the fire department. My husband reached out by phone to the local heating company and brought their attention to the problem. They informed the fire department they needed to to check on the gas valve. That old cranky gas valve was the real problem, as it had begun to corrode very badly. A small section had broken open and a lot of gas was coming from that break. We had to leave behind our residence while the company conducted many types of tests on the air. When we finally came back to the cozy old house, our heat was working, and also HVAC company had replaced the crusty old valve with a new shiny valve.

forced air heating