Central air conditioning in the classroom

Test taking has always made me really nervous. Every time I had to take a standardized test in grade school I’d personally freak out for days at a time, worried I would forget most of the information once I picked up my pencil to start the test. Unfortunately I haven’t found one way to shake this fear, and it still affects me as a twenty-something college student. Normally I just have to upload essays for my major online, which I can do at home and don’t freak out about at all. I was expecting exactly the same for this semester but to my dismay, one of my classes has several exams scheduled throughout the entire semester. The first two exams went okay since I studied for days before hand, got a good night’s sleep, and had a filling breakfast on the day of the test. I did the same during the day of the third test, the difference for this exam was that air conditioner had broken in the building where my classroom is located. It was at the end in the spring semester, so things had really started to heat up outside and the classroom felt like an over. I could barely pay attention or keep myself calm, much less concentrate on the test. I was a sweaty mess and began guessing random answers in order to get done with the exam and leave the building at once. I didn’t do well to the test, but I think for certain I will do much better next time should the air conditioning in the college is fixed.

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My first date was too hot

A while back I went on a blind date build by my best friend. I don’t like online dating and I’m not much of a bar person so I thought giving this a try wouldn’t hurt, plus I believe in my friend’s judgement. I haven’t been on a date in a while so I spent a lot of time getting ready, wanting to look good for my possible match. We met up for a movie theater in town, and I was pleasantly surprised! He was a nice fellow, and even cuter than my friend described, so I hoped that the date would go well. The movie we saw was good, but the air conditioner was broken within the movie theater while we were there. While this may not tone that bad, it made the complete building feel like an oven. I started sweating as soon as we got in our seats and about five minutes into the movie I felt sweat fall off my forehead. This was definitely not the primary date look I was thinking of, so I was pretty ashamed. I noticed that not only had my makeup began to sweat off, but my dress was showing sweat stains also. I was so upset that date had become a disaster as a result of faulty air conditioner. It turns out though, my date was pretty tired too, so I didn’t believe it turned out bad and we had a very good laugh about it. We’re even now dating, but we don’t begin visiting that movie theater any time soon!

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Having a good time at the city council

Did some of you out there happen to view last night’s City Council meeting relating to the local cable access channel? It was spinning out of control! You may have heard that among the list of charges Aldermen has been accused of inappropriate behavior with teenagers. You know, taking them with him on business trips that happens to be paid for by the location? Everyone agrees that this behavior looks very bad. Well, last night, over 350 citizens came to the meeting to address the Mayor directly. They were demanding an investigation into this suspicious behavior. They are infuriated that their tax dollars appeared to be used to pay for underage partying. Having so many people inside the small conference room at the Hall caused it to heat up more than usual. The body heat from the accusers was a large part of the problem. So was the “hot air” appearing to come out of the Mayor’s mouth! Plus, the bright lights utilized by the TV crew were warm too. You could see the sweat on everyone’s faces, and large wet stains from sweat on the shirts and pants. A buddy of mine was there and said some people almost fainted from the warmth. Local government officials should listen to my advice. They could have asked my cousin’s HVAC company to give them an estimate on installing an exciting new, powerful heat pump. It can properly regulate the climate with City Hall. Then they may not have had this problem. Some sort of heat pump would handle either heating and cooling the building, and achieve this very efficiently. It would save the taxpayers money on the city’s energy bills.

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This is quality service

I’ve always looked at my father for advice about cars, because he has always steered me in the right direction. Although he isn’t a car mechanic ny trade, he has had enough practical experience, to point most people in the right direction. Choosing the right car repair shop and parts is a hard choice. I just invested in my first car, and it was a used car. I was really proud to pay for the truck all on my own. The paint was rusting away in some places, so my dad suggested we look into an auto body detailing shop. He helped me find a top-rated auto body shop online, and showed me where to find the best and most honest honest customer reviews. I wound up finding a great shop with good prices, and my car looked brand new. My dad was also truly helpful when I needed to find an HVAC company. My central heater started acting strangely, and it didn’t respond well to any thermostat settings. I called my father, and he suggested that I use the same research process. I went online, and found several local HVAC companies. After choosing the right company to use, I gave them a call.  I wound up deciding on an HVAC company that offered competitive rates, and high levels of certification on every employee. The HVAC company was able to repair my furnace for an affordable price, and even set me up for an HVAC maintenance plan. My dad was really impressed that I found a great HVAC company, and didn’t lose my furnace!

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Have you looked into new hotels?

Whenever you travel, it’s always better to find nice places to stay. I do a great deal of research before we leave,  so I can try and find the best places. I look online, in addition to checking all the reviews for each of the hotels. I want to find something that is nice and clean, and especially in a good part of town. I also look to see if they are remodeling or have remodeled, within the last few years. The best thing about lately remodeled, or new hotels, is they typically have fantastic air conditioning and heating systems. The systems are usually controlled by individual room thermostats, that keep each room the perfect temperature for you and your loved ones. Older hotels still have the wall units installed. They are difficult to control the temperature with, because the knobs are sensitive. You adjust the heating and cooling system like you would in the car. I’ve discovered that oftentimes, these systems are inefficient at making the environment comfortable. When I stay in a place with this sort of system, I usually wake up a lot during the night time, feeling either freezing or burning. When using the newer more high tech systems, it’s easy to pick the temperature I want, and the heater or air conditioner comes on when necessary, to keep the bedroom my ideal temperature. There is no wasted night of sleep, spent on adjusting the temperature control. Now if I could just get my wife to agree on the temperature. We tend to disagree about what is comfortable.

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Take care of that unit!

Fall is upon us,  meaning winter is about to rear its ugly head. The fall season has me preparing my house for the cold season ahead. I am mulching my herb beds, cleaning up my garden to ready it for spring, and readying my pipes for any freezing weather. There are so many things to tend to, in order to prepare the home for the coldest months of the year. One of the many important activities during the autumn, is having the HVAC service team come out, and do a tune-up on the heating and cooling system. We have a contract with our local HVAC service. They come two times per year to perform scheduled maintenance. They have a number of things they do each time. They start with visual checks of all of the major components of the system. They check the air filters, with the UV light to look for leaks and tears. They clean the HVAC unit inside and outside. They check the wiring and the ductwork also. The last thing they do, is run the heat and the air conditioner, to make sure they are both blowing hot or chilly air. The best thing about making use of this regular service, is the assurance I get knowing if they are any minor problems, they get caught right away. Occasionally, when the technician is inspecting our heating and cooling system, they find a problem with the unit. These problems have always ended up being minor things. If these issues had gone unnoticed they may have caused major problems during the winter. Thankfully, fixing minor issues is usually relatively inexpensive.

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Problems with the heater

For many years of my life, I was lucky to avoid the harsh winters. I spent my youth in the South, where we had hot and humid conditions most of the time, instead of cold, frigid conditions. Months of cold climatic conditions, meant highs in the upper forties and an occasional day below freezing. In the more than fifteen years that I lived in the South, we only had snow during one year. When I got married to my husband. we moved north and I then had to see real winter for the first real time in my life. I am not a fan of cold weather. We had frequent snow, and lots of frigid days. The worst part of cold weather, was using the heater constantly. We used the heater starting in September sometimes, going right into March and sometimes later. The heater can be a real blessing, but it can also certainly be a real pain. The heating system inside our house, always dried out the environment. Everything was charged with static, from the hot dry air. The other problem was our heater was old, and hardly ever worked properly. Having a heater that died often, was a major problem. I already hated the cold weather, but having no heater, made me truly loathe and detest it even more. We were renting our house, so if there was heating problems, we needed to call our rental company, and wait for someone else to call the HVAC repair company. This meant we had to wait sometimes 24 hours, before the furnace could be repaired. hvac-parts

Nobody goes without climate control

When you travel the world, you see a great many things. I’ve lived in many different parts of the world, and I have seen many different ways that people use to heat and cool their homes. You see different cultures of people. They dress differently, speak differently and live differently. A lot of people live in grand, robust homes, whilst some live in little more compared to desolate shacks. Some places, families stay scattered across acres of farmland. In some places, everyone has air conditioning in their homes but no heating systems. Still, in other parts of the world, people have heaters but virtually no air conditioners. In some parts of this world, they have neither heating or cooling systems. I am always amazed at exactly how families manage to warm or cool the homes sufficiently, without using modern appliances like air conditioners, furnace, heaters, or oscillating fans. Some folks without air conditioning, open the windows daily, allowing the cool air to circulate the house, and then in turn, cooling the home. Places without electricity use fire or wood burning stoves to heat their property. These differences around the world are so strange in my opinion. I cannot imagine living as a few people do. They find ways to get along with the simplest of systems, while we struggle without our heating and cooling systems. After some for the heating and cooling methods I have seen, I’m very grateful for my outdated, but working heat pump. It is not the most high-tech piece of equipment, but it works just fine for me.

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HVAC and the severe weather

Some months can be wonderful, and I never, ever complain about the weather. I love when that takes place. Then, there are other times, where I often complain every day. This year it feels like I spent an awful amount of time complaining about the ridiculous heat and rain. Usually, I love the summer, but this year we had so much rain, that I never had to water the yard or garden. The rain has also made the normally hot summer seem excessively hot because of the humidity.  Now I’m complaining concerning weather, because we have a hurricane coming. It’s bound to bring in more rain and wind than we are used to. They say to be ready to lose power for a few days or possibly even a week if it’s bad enough. Losing power stinks because the food goes bad inside the refrigerator, plus the lights don’t work, and there is no internet or TV. The worst of the problems without electricity, is that the air conditioner doesn’t work now. Mother nature is still heating the outside like a frying pan, and it can get uncomfortably hot. The heat, when combined with the superior humidity, is downright awful!. I always long for the air conditioner in the aftermath of a summer storm. The air conditioner produces a nice coolness you really enjoy after all that trash clean up. We clear fallen trees and limbs, and rid the yard of other debris. Sorry to say, I do not know anyone with a large enough generator to run their entire HVAC system, along with the home. commercial-hvac

I want a warm home

Most folks really enjoy fuzzy and fluffy things. It seems like a sanctioned trait, inherent to people. There is some sort of comfort taken from it. Perhaps it truly is an ancient survival instinct to like furs, to always keep warm, and gain comfort in that feeling. Whatever that pleasantness is that people receive from fuzzy things, my brain somehow lacks that trait. In fact, I am repulsed by the softness. When I was younger my parents thought I ended up being a difficult person or just wanted to be different. However, I can say my repulsion to fuzziness can be described as a real thing. All of my dresses are starched, stiff, and rough. When I built my house many moons ago, the climate control system was necessary, because every floor is made of wood. Not having any carpet, heating was so important. I happen to live in a colder climate, so keeping the home warm, with a furnace of great efficiency is a real must. The way my house is laid out, it lent itself well to a hydronic heating system, where hot water is pushed through pipes within the floorboards. Many other HVAC configurations could have done the trick, but I thought that one was most convenient. Air conditioning on the flipside isn’t as crucial in my position. My house has excellent tree-cover, and so the indoor air quality during summer months is automatically cool and soothing. I have engaged the A/C maybe 3 or 4 times total since I have have moved into the place. This was on very warm days when climate control was a must.

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