House needs more heating

Five years ago, we moved up north plus purchased what was almost the dwelling of our dreams. To us, it looked similar to an mansion home, but it was a 125 year seasoned dwelling that had been added onto over the years. The additional rooms included a sizable conservatory room, a family room, a bath plus a room that we would use as a living room, saving the formal residing room for when we had parties. There was no central air-conditioning, but multiple window units kept the dwelling comfortably cool during the relatively short warm months. The heating plan was an electric furnace but no ducts or registers had been installed in the additions. Since we planned to use all the rooms, they absolutely had to be heated. We planned to use the sizable glass-windowed conservatory as both a porch where we would eat some of our meals plus a modified plant house for the sizable collection of plants, so we absolutely wanted a reliable heat source. We called in an HVAC specialist to deliver us some advice on the best system, plus he advocated a ductless mini-split plan for the unheated room. The units were small and required no air duct upgrade.  Also, each room could be controlled independently from the rest of the house. This was wonderful news because we could then keep the conservatory at a considerably higher temperature than the other rooms. After installing the system, the HVAC serviceman inspected plus did maintenance on the furnace. He told us it appeared to be about fifteen years old plus absolutely would not last through another winter. He also said there were multiple cutting edge advancements in heating so we are looking forward to this furnace giving out so that we can examine the possibilities.

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Business and controlling the temperature

Last year, I was offered a promotion at the supplier where I have worked for the past five years as a motivational speaker. I was nervous about accepting the new promotion because even with the pay was higher than my yearly salary, the task required that I travel all over the country for numerous weeks of every month. Finally, the higher pay, plus a substantial travel allowance, convinced me to accept the position. I live in a sizzling plus humid southern area so our first month trip just happened to be in the middle of a warm season. To save money, I had turned off the cooling system when I left. When I opened the front door upon my return, the inside temperature was 90 degrees almost like walking into a sauna. There was also an overpowering horrid smell. This odor got even worse when I turned the air-conditioning on and it smelled as if mildew was blasting out of the air vents from the duct system. I emailed my boss to report on the trip plus told him about how awful my apartment felt as well as smelled. He then advocated that I have a “smart thermostat” installed plus said the supplier would help with the cost. I had an HVAC expert come out the next day available. With my smart thermostat, I am in control of the temperature inside my apartment while I’m away.  I use my cellphone to adjust the thermostat for day plus evening time temperatures. The best part is my yearly utility bills are the same as they were before I got the promotion all the time, no matter how often I am gone. Plus, my apartment is delightfully nice when I get back apartment from our travels.

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hiking and AC after

My favorite pastime is hiking the mountain trails.  Whenever I get a free weekend, I make my way out of town, and I go hiking.  Sometimes I go with friends and other times it is just me and nature, but I always enjoy my hikes.  The peace, quiet and fresh air, is really good for a person, and it is also excellent exercise.  I decided to go hiking yesterday, and I hadn’t realized it was supposed to be nearly one hundred degrees.  I still would have gone, but I wasn’t prepared for the simmering heat.  Within minutes my friends I were drenched in sweat and becoming tired.  By the time we reached the summit of the mountain, came back down, and got back to my car, my legs were jelly.  I can’t begin to tell you how good the air conditioning felt when I got into my car.  I had the doors and the windows open until the AC kicked in and the car able to be sat in, because it was so hot inside.  The sweat instantly began to cool the skin of our overheated bodies, and we were comfortable the entire way home.  I don’t know if I could handle these hiking trips if I didn’t have the comfort of the air conditioning for my ride home.  My body would probably combust without the cooling system, because the inside of the car was well over one hundred forty degrees, because of the sun beating on it all day.  Having the air conditioning for the ride home is great.

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Remote control heater

I don’t look forward to coming home, when winter arrives.  I know most people think I’m crazy, because all they want to do is get home and relax with a beer and the TV.  Not me: I don’t even want to get out of the car and walk into the house.  It seems to take forever to get my home warm, when I get there.  In an effort to save energy and money, I turn my thermostat way down before I leave for the day, and then I turn the heating system up when I get home.  I’m lucky to have a really good HVAC system in my car, because I get so cold, that I need to run the heat on high, all the way home.  Sometimes I remove my shoes, and I can feel the heater blowing directly onto my toes.  When I get home, it sometimes take as much as half an hour for the house to get warm.  This means that I stay in my coat, gloves and hat, and I quickly grab my sweat pants that I keep by the door, and I put them on too.  My neighbor was talking about a new system that he had installed.  He said that he can now control his thermostat from anywhere where he has WiFi signal.  He uses his iPhone and he is able to adjust the temperature on the thermostat, so his home is super toasty by the time he gets home.  He no longer sits and waits for his furnace to start heating up the home.  I am now considering get a smart thermostat for my HVAC system, because waiting for the furnace to start heating is the worse part of my coming home.

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Wanting AC during the hike

My family live in a big, fast pace city. It is warm here during the warm season time, what with everyone, buildings plus pavement, it feels like there is no escape. However, that is exactly what I need occasionally: an escape. I am not entirely a town person, I only live here for work. So, on most weekends, I have to get out of here. Luckily, the town is surrounded by mountains which remind me of home, plus I appreciate hiking. Running is such a fantastic way to get your mind on something else. I went hiking last weekend plus it was really, too hot, however even though the hikes are a bit cooler because the two of us are in the mountains, it is still almost 85 degrees plus humid. My friends plus I took a bus out to this hike location, plus the two of us took it back into the town as well. Fortunately, the bus was air conditioner. I cannot describe the feeling of stepping into that refreshing, air conditioned breeze after a whole day of hiking up plus down that large mountain. My skin felt like it had been in a heating system it was so hot, plus the feel of air conditioner on it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had in a long time. I did not even want to fall asleep because I did not want to miss out on the air conditioner. Eventually though, I did fall asleep, truly peacefully because for the first time in awhile I got to sleep in air conditioner!

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Holiday HVAC was a problem

I will never forget Christmas Eve last year; Both of us got a ton of snow where I live, which is normal because I live in the northeast. It is always cold, especially in December right in the dead of Winter, however up here, it is Winter for about 5 months of the year,cold plus snowy, you can’t live here if you don’t like the Winter season, because it is so long. I appreciate Winter, but these bitter cold mornings I could do without. However on Christmas Eve last year, the two of us got an extreme Winter storm. It was awful, plus the two of us were snowed in for a week, the worst part of it was that it knocked out the power in the whole town. Plus the two of us had no heat all for a week. It was below zero outside plus the two of us were entirely cold, plus the two of us couldn’t go anywhere because the snow was so terrible the two of us couldn’t drive, luckily, the two of us have a fireplace in our house, and my nextdoor neighbors came over to join us while  the two of us all sat around the fire because there was no heat in anyone’s house! It wasn’t a complication with any of our Heating plus A/C systems, it was solely because of this total freak storm! So that night was a pretty lame Christmas Eve but oh well, at least the two of us remember it! Thankfully, the two of us have a fireplace in our house that the two of us were all able to stay warm by. My other neighbors had to sleep wearing wool everything plus Winter coats! It was crazy, plus I’m glad the two of us were all okay!


Enough with the humidity

I feel as though I am trapped in a bubble. We have never experienced the type of summer weather that we are having this year and I dread even getting my utility bill. Though our temperature has only been in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s, our humidity level for the past three weeks has been over 95%. We don’t have central air because we live in a region where our summers are normally mild and our winters are very long. Having a quality heat source is much more important than having air conditioning. We did break down and go buy two portable units and have one upstairs in our bedroom and one downstairs. I have them set to dehumidifier more than I do to cool because I can’t stand the dampness in my house.  I worry because we have them running every night, all night long, and even during the daytime when we’re going to be home. Since we never had to do this before, I can’t imagine how high my electric bill will be.  We did make sure that the units we purchased of good quality and I know that will help,  but we are used to having minimal gas and electric bills during the summer. We normally don’t need to turn the air on, as we normally have the windows open. We are only about halfway through the summer season but at this point I find myself anticipating the arrival of fall. I can’t wait for cooler days and crisper nights where I can just sleep with the window open and enjoy the cool air without having the constant noise of the air conditioner blowing on me. Most people think I’m crazy for wishing the summer away but I’ve just had enough of it this year. heat and AC

Energy bills are through the roof

There have been many advertisements lately reminding homeowners to have their HVAC system serviced before the heat of summer arrives. I can honestly say that those ads irritate me to no end.  The reason for this is that we made the decision to try and make it through the summer without using our air conditioner.  Our utility bills were so high over the winter that we need a break to save up for future bills.  By not using our air conditioning, hopefully we can do this before we need to use the heat again.  When I talked to my dad about it the other day, he said that he wanted to take a look at the attic.  All of the ductwork was up there and he thought that we may have a problem with leakage.  This would cause our heat and air to go right through the roof along with the energy bills.   The house we own is over 50 years old so it couldn’t hurt to at least look at it.  Upon inspection there were areas in the attic where the insulation was very thin.  It just breaks down over time and needs to be redone.  Without proper insulation, the HVAC system struggles to keep up with the temperature settings.  This causes wear and tear on the system and outrageous utility bills.  My dad offered to purchase the new insulation and help me put it in.  It was a two day project but at least we now know that if we do decide to use the HVAC system during the hottest days of summer, it won’t cause too much stress on the wallet.

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I’m very discouraged

I have been trying to discourage my mother from getting me an air conditioner. My mother has the idea that AC is the perfect gift. You can buy a window air conditioner just about anywhere. She loves her AC and uses it every night. It seems like a thoughtful and great gift. My mother has given so many air conditioners for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. My birthday is coming up and I am living in fear that I am going to get AC. I really hate air conditioning. The smell of the cooling system is super gross. It always seems to get me a headache. Also AC dries out your air quality. I already experience dry skin and itchy eyes. Adding a cooling system that will dry out my air quality would be horrible. I then would have to purchase a humidifier and I don’t want to. I also would not use the cooling system. I prefer to be a little warm. AC is never required in my home. Sometimes I turn on a fan at night, but usually I like to be a bit heated. The warm air feels good and then I can just lay on top of my bed. If I had an air conditioner, I would never turn it on. I have told this to my mother again and again. But, I noticed her looking at my window. She seemed to be measuring it. I am living in total fear that I will be unwrapping a large air conditioner unit in just a few short days.

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Older heaters

My girlfriend Megan and I are moving to the south in a month. We want to move as little as possible and then just buy new once we get there. So currently I am trying to sell what we don’t need. Anything else, I throw on the curb for people to take. It is amazing what junk people will take from my trash. An old Christmas tree, an ironing board and a broken stereo all were picked out of my trash. It makes me wonder if I could have sold them. I debated endlessly about these three space heaters that I owned. The space heaters were junk. One actually worked decent, but sparked when plugged in. One caught on fire before and is a little charred. The third one had a melted plug and I don’t believe it worked. I debated on trying to sell the heating systems, but then decided they were too busted. I threw them away and within an hour I thought the heaters were going to cause a fight. I had two people outside my house arguing over the space heaters and who got to take them home. Now these aren’t the classiest of people. So fighting over heating systems is typical behavior. However, I was shocked by how angry they both got at one another. Space heaters are a hot commodity in my area I guess. Now I am thinking that I should have tried selling them. At least these two guys were interested. Maybe I could have gotten a few bucks and prevented a fight.

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