Thermostats and their settings

It is usually challenging to try to choose a great heating and cooling upgrade. For many homeowners it is altogether too hard to feel overwhelmed with the different options that you can buy today. Whenever a homeowner precipitates to my heating and cooling company wondering what the appropriate heating and cooling upgrade is with regard to their home, I tend to be sure that their home is assessed properly and that they are given an appropriate estimate for almost any potential HVAC upgrades. A quaint little family came into the shop just a few days ago. They had questions as to how to upgrade their heat pump and air conditioning system. They said that the equipment was somewhat outdated and they wanted to increase the all around efficiency. I went up to the house and took a glance at their heating and cooling accessories. I suggested that we easily upgrade their existing HVAC system by having a more modern two-stage setup. Using a two-stage HVAC system, the compressor operates based on the home’s heat pump or air conditioning system and actually features a pair of separate pumps. There’s a high stage and a low cycle of operation and the HVAC system will adjust the two stages based on thermostat adjustments. I was happy to share the statistic that with the majority of two stage heating and cooling systems, roughly eighty percent of the cooling needs of a home can be adequately dealt with using the low setting alone. That essentially equates to an incredibly efficient HVAC system! The family was eager to buy a great two-stage HVAC system improvement after our consultation.whole home comfort

I am happy with my heat pump

Not long ago I had the pleasure of helping a sexy young couple figure out the foremost energy efficient way to heat and cool their home. Best of all, these adjustments to their current heating and cooling system would definitely be more cost effective in the future too! This young couple came to me as a result of my employment at the local area heating and cooling corporation just last week. They were rather upset, as they had been noticing hot along with cool spots throughout their innovative new home. I asked them questions about their current heating and cooling system and they also told me that they had just purchased their house. Apparently that meant that they did not know very much about it in any respect. I had some spare time to kill, so I got in my truck and headed back to their place to do an assessment in of the home’s HVAC system. It ended up that the HVAC system was over two decades old, far past its prime. I recommended that the couple consider getting brand new heating and cooling system for their home. I also suggested they consider installing zone controlled heating and cooling alongside this new HVAC system. With the zone control HVAC they would have multiple thermostats linked to their HVAC system at home. These thermostats would ensure them of the fact that areas that needed cooling would receive it, and areas that didn’t would not. The young couple loved this idea and hired me to help them figure out the best HVAC investments for their budget. I was thrilled to have the chance to help this couple out because I remember owning my first home. HVAC products

What are all those noises?

I have invariably been the type of person who would rather try to fix something if it’s a problem. My husband, nevertheless, would prefer to ignore the matter altogether and throw out whatever it is that’s causing an issue. Recently, my husband and I actually butted heads quite a bit when it came to the old HVAC system inside our house. The HVAC system was experiencing various problems, and my husband said we cannot agree when it emerged that we had to replace or repair the system. We did not know anything about HVAC systems so calling a more experienced HVAC technician down at our local heating and cooling corporation for professional advice on the issue was a great idea. I was in favor of asking the HVAC technician to go ahead and fix whatever the issues ended up being. My husband insisted that we replace the entire heating and cooling system altogether. We waited with bated breath for any report from the heating and cooling technician. Unfortunately for me, my husband was right in this case. The HVAC system was nearly thirty years old and, according to the HVAC tech, it was really a miracle that it had not broken down long ago. It had been making a lot of noise and our heating and cooling bills have been through the roof in recent  months. Even though I thought the matters could be solved by having a quick HVAC repair I had not taken the age of the system into account. My husband and I must put our differences aside and put our heads together and agree to select a brand new HVAC system.

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I’m having big air duct issues

I just experienced a rather unusual challenge last week. I was cleaning my dwelling and it occurred to me I had not had my ductwork cleaned in a rather long time. I called an HVAC company to ask about the current rate for some ductwork cleaning. It turned out that the cost was reasonable but over my budget. I decided to take the duty at hand and tackle it on my own. I did some research online and learned what it would take to completely clean my own ductwork. Then, I managed to get to work. I covered my supply registers with some paper towels in an effort to prevent dust from getting up into the room. Then, I adjusted my thermostat so the fan was on. The fan would help move loose dust particles along. I insured that my air conditioner filter was in place then I began to loosen up the dust all on the ductwork. I walked along my own unfinished basement whacking any exposed air duct I could get to in order to loosen the dust. After that, I cleaned the supply registers using the vacuum and swept out the return air registers. Then came the part I suspected might be tricky. I went up to my thermostat and shut off the fan. I used the breaker panel to disconnect my furnace. I had to take the panels off of the front of my furnace to obtain access to the return air boot in addition to blower compartment. I swept up the dust that had built up in that room. It was so dirty! We wound down my ductwork maintaining extravaganza by cleaning the air conditioner fan. After all of that work, I replaced the furnace filter. I was proud of handling the project on my own!residential comfort

My air quality is ruined

I am in the course of remodeling my kitchen. I’ve already knocked down the old walls, and I’m getting ready to put up the new drywall and finish them. While the remodel is going as planned, I’m having a hard time coping with the dust. My whole kitchen is covered in dust, and I noticed that I forgot to plug the vents for my ducts. The buildup of dust in those ducts is already pretty heavy, so I’m dealing with a sweaty house instead of cranking on the AC and watching all the dust fly around the house. I can deal with a hot house, but I sure wish I thought to cover the vents. The air quality of my home is terrible now as it is, since there’s no AC running to at least circulate air. Then again, if I turn it on, all of that dust will be pushed out around the house – my bedroom, the bathroom, and other rooms will get a dose of dust. After mulling it over, I figured the best route to take is to call an HVAC technician out when it’s time for me to call the job done, so I can have him clean out the ducts before turning the AC back on.

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The air conditioner is missing

My next door neighbor is Pete. He and his family only recently relocated here. These are very nice people. After moving into that old, spooky house on the corner, Pete and his wife and kids started doing a lot of renovations. They were very hard working people, and managed to make the place look better in only a few months. He even installed an outdoor security system with hidden surveillance cameras, just to be safe. That turned out to be a really smart move, because the very next week, his AC unit went missing. No one could understand how someone could just walk away with that gigantic piece of equipment. We were certain you would need a forklift to pick it up. How could something like that just vanish? But it was gone! With the footage from the surveillance camera,  the police solved the mystery of the vanishing air conditioner.

I asked them why they didn’t just check the video cameras? Turning to each other, with looks of surprise, then to me, they asked what video cameras? That’s when I went from being the suspect, to being the hero. I told the cops that Pete had installed a CCTV security system in his house. He had that place wired like a top secrete secured government agency. I guess he had forgotten all about it when he walked out this morning when he found his AC compressor gone. Anyway, after watching the video, they saw that it had been four, hulking big guys with a box truck, who had snuck into the yard late at night. They had worked together in perfect silence to lift the heavy HVAC unit and quietly carry it out of the yard. The police were able to trace the tags on the truck to a known HVAC fencing ring. Pete got his AC back, the bad guys went to jail, and now I am the hero of the neighborhood.

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There are so many dander problems here

What I do for a living is custom paint jobs. I can do designs on any car or truck, which is great for small companies looking to market their stuff. My talent is unparalleled in this town, and everyone can recognize my work. I make good money doing this and it’s a passion. So what’s the rub? The problem is that my little shop gets a substantial amount of fumes. The spray paint fumes are toxic, and I usually end the day with a massive headache. I bought a few fans, placing them near windows to push the fumes out, and even invested in a real AC system for the garage space. Fortunately, there is a thing called an air purifier. The air purification system is set up right inside an AC system. The air purifier means to clean the air by removing dust, dander and odors to boot. It’s an efficient, inexpensive solution to the fumes! I ordered the purifier online to cut a few more dollars in cost out of the equation, and I should be able to install it myself when it arrives. I’m excited to see how well it works, and possibly fix these terrible headaches for good!

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There are many different options

So, recently, I found it pretty amusing as a seasoned traveler for my work to check on the stories coming from Europeans on their thoughts of Americans and their over entry to HVAC air conditioning units. In my distinctive line of work and travel, I hear endlessly of Americans complaining how Europe doesn’t have a sense of cooling needs in regards to the seasonal heat, for hotel after hotel purely contains little to no HVAC systems for their rooms. They seem to think they’ve already lost their minds when all of they use are standing fans or the mere opening associated with window. Well, now that I’ve got more European friends and peers through my work travel, it happens to be hysterical to hear them talk within the ‘crazy Americans’ who complain incessantly over their cooling needs! Europeans’ body temperature seems to be completely different than people in the USA. They find our 70 degrees air conditioning units to be quite freezing. That said it is amazing upon research to find that the country has the highest costs inside the nation for heating and air conditioning using more energy than other country! Studies do conclude, nonetheless, that the mortality drops within air conditioned homes and productivity rises in workplaces of people which have air conditioning. So, Maybe, you can say the argument can use either favor. Though, you can’t argue that Americans do spend way more of a fortune on HVAC versions and heating and cooling unit gadgets and devices they seem to think makes their lives easier and much more comfortable, as Europeans think it being more of a waste!

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I’m comfortable with the situation

I enjoy camping! I know I am one of the few people in my group of friends that do, but I just can’t find something I don’t like about it.  Honestly I am a pretty even keeled person in regards to temperatures. Often when you camp, it is up in that mountains where the weather tends to be pretty cool and a fire can be described as nice benefit to warm all the way up. But, this summer at the annual college reunion everyone decided they had to mix it up a bit and camp down in the beach. I didn’t think high of it until we arrived. My partner and I no idea that beaches might so hot and humid! Straightaway I knew I was set for some trouble. The tents just became a portable sauna when the temperatures rose so high. A fire didn’t seem so fun and cozy anymore mainly because just heated up the small section of people. I knew I hasn’t been going to survive if I didn’t obtain a solution. All of my friends’ seemed so at ease with the situation, I couldn’t believe the warm weather didn’t bother them. So, I chosen to run off to the local home store to see if I could get some portable fan with batteries at least, so I could get some sleep. To my surprise I recently found portable air conditioners run on power packs! I couldn’t believe it at first, so I asked the store clerk to acquire more information. Sure enough run they on batteries these little air conditioners could fantastic down your tent to a nice level, making sleeping manageable! My friends’ all thought I actually was crazy and I was perfectly fine with that now that I was crisp and cool at my nicely air conditioned solo tent!

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I am looking for a new apartment

I rent an apartment in an older building, and I’m perpetually frustrated with the landlord. Everything with the building is outdated and falls apart. The stovetop dumps smoke into the house, the fridge is warm, and the freezer is so cold that all of my food gets freezer-burn within an hour or two. Every water-based appliance is leaking all the time. The tub won’t drain properly and most of the windows won’t open, but all of these ills pale compared to the worst problem: the ancient HVAC system. Even though either the furnace or the air conditioner malfunctions every time I turn it on, the landlord refuses to address it. It doesn’t bother him that the inefficient HVAC equipment costs me a lot to run and won’t keep my apartment comfortable. I shiver uncontrollably within the winter, and am forced to wear my wool coat in the house. In the summer, the apartment is horrendously hot and sticky to the point that there’s often condensate running down the windows. Whenever the air conditioner or furnace dies on me, it takes the landlord a long time to schedule a repair with a HVAC contractor. He retains the mold of being cheap and inconsiderate by scheduling the repair during my work day, and he always hires the least expensive HVAC contractor to handle maintenance and repairs, instead of paying even more for a reputable company. The last HVAC “expert” showed up late, tracked mud on the floors and did nothing to fix my unit. What a jerk!

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