Love controlling the HVAC

There are many different things that I could easily say about my home. I undoubtedly appreciate having my home. There are many things about my home that I consider to be comfortable. I labor from condo, so it isn’t parative and necessary that I am comfortable during the day. One of the things to keep me very comfortable as the heating and A/C system. The heating and A/C system helps me to be able to control the comfort from within my home. I happen to have Central Heating and Cooling capabilities, which helps slow everything throughout the home. Both of us can use our temperature control to adjust the temperature warmer or cooler, depending on how both of us feel. Both of us control in order to adjust the heating and A/C system. Both of us also use the temperature control device to adjust the fan speed and level of humidity in our home. Both of us absolutely love our heating and A/C system, plus it is extremely convenient to be able to have such a nice temperature control also. To make our condo a bit cooler during the summer season, both of us always adjust the temperature control a bit. When we are in the summer season, both of us like to have our temperature control unit set to 72 degrees. That seems to be the most comfortable of all temperatures during the summer days. I would suggest that everyone get a great temperature control device, because it really makes a difference in your home.

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Glad to have HVAC

It is barely the first week of September, and I walked out on my porch and wished for a jacket.  It was so unusually raw that I swore we were going to have snow instead of rain.  Of course, I knew a lot differently, however my aging bones didn’t know it.  I used to laugh when my  mom would start crying about how frigid it was, and now I know what she is talking about.  It seems the older I get, it isn’t that it is that much colder, it’s just that the cooler air definitely bothers me more.  For anyone who has hurtful arthritis, it is a genuine painful condition.  I’ll put on my warmest jacket, and relax with the nice furnace blowing on my back.  Without my heater, I can barely walk.  I’m not ancient, although I have an extreme case of spinal stenosis from  my arthritis.  My husband has installed air vents into the wall, so when I am absolutely working in our office, the heat is blowing over my little shoulders and back and I don’t hurt too much.  In the summer season, I like the heat blowing on my back, although I still need the air conditioning.  Without the air conditioner, I find it troublesome to breathe.  The spinal stenosis causes my muscles to tighten up, and it affects my ribs, which makes my breathing difficult.  Without the decent  air conditioning, the air is truly heavy and way more difficult to breathe any of it in.  I know someday, I will be tragically housebound, however my husband has made sure our heating, ventilation, and A/C is perfect just  for me.  Maybe I am getting a tad bit older, although I still work like a teenager, as long as my heating, ventilation, and A/C are absolutely working well.

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What the furnace does to our air

I love the smell of the fresh air in the summertime, when it is truly warm plus dry, plus you have no need at all to worry about the smell of stale and gross air.  I live where the summertime is mostly cool plus damp.  The humidity  levels can climb as high as the temperature.  The Wintertime can also become extremely humid, plus even though the temperatures may be sub chilly, it is still grossly sticky plus uncomfortable outside.  I’ve often been out shoveling all kinds of snow, plus you can recognize the air crystallizing right on your skin.  It almost feels like tiny frozen bugs are clinging directly to your skin, plus you start to get itchy, plus periodically sweat.  Have you ever begun to sweat bad when it was just fifteen degrees?  My husband will often lay down  in the basement plus run the good old dehumidifier.  It seems tremendously odd, because the gas furnace is running always plus here the two of us are, in the middle of the frigid Wintertime, plus in need of a working  dehumidifier.  One would guess that the heat from the gas furnace would simply dry out the air, however not with the high levels of humidity the two of us endure.  I have already switched on the climate control just to simply engage the dehumidifier upstairs.  The air can become  amazingly comfortable once the humidity is all gone, plus the two of us are no longer perspiring one bit.  The air doesn’t even feel you are wearing it any more, plus the gas furnace can keep us toasty and warm.  I may appreciate the smell of a nice warm summertime afternoon, as long as I can have our amazing little dehumidifier.  I don’t appreciate the serious heat, plus I entirely would rather have a warm gas furnace running in order for us to leave all of the humidity behind.   


Odors with the furnace

I have forced air gas central heat, but when the heat kicked in a little earlier today, this horrid smell came from the downstairs duct plus the heated air. It smells like something simply died inside. It’s making me very upset. My roommates left the apartment because they couldn’t handle the smell at all. It only smells when the heat is pushing out of our vents, so I know it’s from there. I called the gas company in the case of a gas leak, but they didn’t detect a leak at any place. The smell lasted for a long hour and a half and then disappeared. I checked everywhere and can’t find any where where any animal may have gotten inside. The mesh blocking the many  ports is intact and I don’t smell anything coming from within the attic. I am pretty stumped in regards to what this temporary smell could have been completely coming from! I have a feeling it is from some sort of rotted animal but I am worried it would be some sort of dangerous pattern. I am terribly afraid to open up the heating vents in any bedroom. What if a black mold has my room in it’s grip at night and gets into my lungs?! I am not taking any of those chances. I think I will have to call up an HVAC company into the future out and put a camera into the ducts and get to the base of this stinky problem. My roommate doesn’t want to purchase an HVAC inspection, but I don’t think we even have a choice at this moment. I will have to do some strong convincing, or just do it myself.

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Not a great HVAC service date

‘Last month, I had some HVAC technician which I had hired from a Craigslist advertisement over to my home to install a new HVAC system that i had purchased recently online. He put in the mini split system really badly, and I later found out that he never pulled some sort of permit that was needed. I was new in this particular  town and didn’t know that it was necessary. So, fast forward a couple of long months and an inspector comes out to the house because someone nearby (I’m thinking my evil neighbor) reported to the local county that I was carrying out work on my home without a good permit. The inspector rings my doorbell and I make an effort to explain to him that I had no idea that I needed this exact permit to install a new HVAC system. He says he will waive the penalty if I would just pay the initial permit cost of $92 and pass a quick inspection. So, thinking that would be okay, I agree. About 45 minutes later he comes out and says that i failed the inspection altogether. So, not only must I pay the $92 fee, plus the added penalty, I also cannot use my HVAC system until I’ve had a licensed HVAC contractor come out and repair the different problems that the first person caused with the terrible install. He was not very good regarding this and he gave me a paper with a lengthy list of all the things that need to be fixed. I called a local HVAC company and they quoted me $800 in maintenance fees. Then, I’ll have to get a whole new inspection. This is just fantastic!

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Vacationing in air conditioning

When my wife and i planned to visit the area of Central America, we tried to find accommodations with decently  working A/C. We had visited this place several times in past times, so we knew that we may require a decently working A/C system. When i first graduated from college long ago, I spent 4 years here as a missionary. I stayed with a big family that did not have any type of A/C system, and I was tremendously miserable all summer time long. I knew that it would be vital, for my wife and I to be with an A/C system in our lodging or rental. I had to do an extensive internet search, in order to get some accommodations with central A/C. I finally found a little house to rent, and the ad showed brand-new Central A/C. We finally uncovered great accommodations, and we could easily get excited about our fun trip. We arrived 3 days ago, and we have been having a giant blast. The rental house is even more amazing than every one of the pictures had shown. It is located right on the outskirts of the the city, and the background can be described as an amazing lush tropical rainforest. The ad was absolutely correct, as their central A/C system works splendidly. My wife and I arranged the A/C system much too low, and it works well enough to cool the total home. Our bedroom has a pair of large bay windows, so you’ll discover a beautiful view of the forest from our awesome room. We still have 7 more days of the vacation left, and I am very happy to check out what else the country has for us to see.

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No heating/air in the tents

I made a snap decision to take an environmental science class in school. The professor assigned to the class is pretty easy from what I heard, so I absolutely decided to take this certain class. Since the class is an easy elective, I’m hoping to boost my grade point average up with a really Easy A. I just discovered that we will have to spend some time out inside the swampy sections of town. The swamp”vacation” is going to be for extra credit, but most people have chosen to go. All of us will be sleeping in tents through the time there, and there is absolutely no HVAC system there. This is tremendously important, because the outdoor weather is unbelievably warm and humid around this time. Our class is going to be cleaning around the river spot, so we will be spending most of our days outdoors. Since the tents do not come with any sort of HVAC system cooling us off, we will all be out in the nasty elements for that time. Half of the time it happens to be supposed to rain, and the other half it should be extremely humid and hot. Without any form of HVAC system, it will be very hard to sleep well. I am consistently turning the A/C down inside my own apartment, so that I may well sleep slightly better. With no A/C and also ventilation system, it’s going to become extremely difficult to get any sleep within the night hours. Some of my college friends have discussed not taking part in the trip, but I don’t desire to lose out on the opportunity for this extra credit. It’s going to be a miserable time for us all, but at least we will be free from all of our classes.

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Library Temperatures

Back when I was in college, I spent a ton of time in the library.  Now that I think about it, I probably spent more time in the campus library than I did in my apartment that was only a short walk away.  The program I was in was extremely difficult, which lead to many long nights with study groups and notecards.  My only complaint that I had about the library was that they could never get the HVAC system to the right settings.  I was either sweating because they didn’t have the air conditioning up high enough, or I was freezing cold and bringing a blanket with me to the library.  The whole HVAC system for the library was on one setting.  Which made the private rooms that I already checked out were the coldest in the summer and hottest in the winter.  I couldn’t win.  I never understood why they didn’t have smart thermostats throughout the building.  That would have really made things more tolerable for everyone.  If I had the ability to rent my private study room, and have my very own smart thermostat to set to whatever temperature I desired on that particular day would have been amazing.  I think it would have helped me be more productive because I wouldn’t have had to worry about what the temperature of the library was going to be day to day.  Things changed my senior year, however.  They finally were able to at least regulate the temperature of the different floors of the library.  Which made things better, especially for the ground floor which was always cold, and the top floor which was always hot.

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New HVAC Purchase

In recent months, I have been thinking about purchasing a new HVAC system.  The one that came with our house when we purchased it is pretty outdated, and we are basically just waiting for it to break down.  It’s a big decision, as well as a large investment for us, however if our HVAC unit stops working before we make the decision, we will be forced to purchase a new one anyways.  My husband and I have been in contact with our local HVAC service company to get some information about what our potential options might be.  I was surprised by the number of options we actually had.  We definitely want the most energy efficient unit we can buy.  We also have been thinking we want a smart thermostat, so that we can have different temperatures in various rooms around our house.  My husband and I can never agree on a comfortable temperature, so this seems like it may be the only solution.  We also have been told we probably need to get new ductwork installed.  Ours is extremely old and there are certainly new and more efficient ways to orient it.  Currently, we spend a lot of money on our HVAC keeping it running. So, after it’s all said and done, we will probably be saving money month to month by not having to pay for constant HVAC services to fix our old unit.  No matter what HVAC unit we decide to purchase, we know for a fact that we will be making that purchase sooner rather than later.

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Renting Homes the Way to Go

I have been renting my entire life since I left home at eighteen. I love everything about it, especially the variety of homes and apartments I get to experience over and over. I am convinced it is the way to go. I simply love the responsibility that renting takes off of myself. I have enough worries on a day to day basis. Now, when something breaks down, I just call the landlord! Last summer we had the most insane heat wave come through the city. At the time I was lucky enough to be living in a house that had a full central heating and cooling system. I really never had to use the air conditioning unit before as our area never gets that hot. The heater on the other hand I used very often. That said, the landlord was pretty good about taking care of the basic maintenance. He would come by and change out the air filters and deep clean the vents. He would always monitor the house’s ductwork and took excellent care of the HVAC. I knew we had a good situation when we first arrived. But, our HVAC just didn’t know how to handle the heat wave that came through this summer. We went to turn on the air conditioning to the loudest screeching noise you could imagine followed by a big boom. A few minutes later there was only hot air blowing out of the vents. We called him and explained what had happened. He knew right away this was out of his league. He called the local HVAC provider who came out with him to check out the unit. Within one hour it was all repaired and we had nice cold air. No extra money, stress or worry. Renting is the way to go!

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