I’m happy the heater didn’t quit

I have a boiler installed in my basement, and it supplies heat to baseboard heaters located throughout the house. It has been operating in my house since before moved in over 30 years ago.  Although the boiler is really ancient, it operates quietly and keeps the house effectively and uniformly warm regardless how cold it gets outside in the winter months. On top of that, the boiler is clean, and totally dependable. I am lucky to have never needed to call for a repair or replacement of the heating system. I went ahead and enrolled in a maintenance program with a nearby HVAC company, where they send a technician to inspect, clean, and troubleshoot my heating equipment every fall. I am doing this in the hopes that I can keep this ancient boiler running in tip top shape for as long as possible. I am very proud of its performance and I certainly don’t wish to replace it. Unfortunately, the boiler is so old that it can be very difficult to find replacement parts. So if it breaks at all, I will likely have to purchase a brand new heating system. The manufacturer of the boiler is no longer in business, so I’m not so sure how old the heater is.. The boiler had been installed in my house prior to when I moved in. My HVAC technician estimates that it is around sixty years old, and he has never seen one run so well. They certainly don’t make things like they used to! The boiler not only heats my house, it also provides warm water for the house and heat for the backyard swimming pool. It literally operates year round and never fails. My boiler may still be running long after I’m gone!air conditioning system

Poor ventilation

My cousins were visiting us for their vacation this week. My husband and I decided it would be nice to take everyone out to a local seafood joint and pay for dinner.  This place always has the freshest seafood and daily offers. My husband and I have been there a few times before, and we have always had a marvelous dinner. Since my cousins are from the middle of nowhere United States, they hardly get to enjoy fresh caught seafood. We were excited to have a wonderful family dinner together. We called ahead to ask about our party of 10, though the place doesn’t guarantee a reservation. We arrived together on time, but the place was packed and our table was not ready. We walked to the bar to grab one or two drinks, and we noticed how warm it felt inside. I asked the hostess to modify the thermostat setting to cool the place off a bit, but she said that the temperature was already set on the air conditioner to 66 degrees. Our table was located over by the patio, so the temperature didn’t bother us as much out there. Then all of a sudden, a warm, fishy smell started blowing over towards the patio. I asked for a manager because the smell was so bad and inquired what might done about the situation. He told us that this ventilation system wasn’t working right now, and the air conditioner needed to get fixed. He offered my family a few bottles of wine and two appetizers, but it didn’t help the awful smells and the poor ventilation. We ended up leaving before ordering dinner, because the atmosphere was horrible. We won’t go there again until they solve the ventilation problems.

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Heating and air equipment is very essential

We have literally no ventilation in our garage. I hadn’t noticed this was an issue until we held a party in there for Super Bowl Sunday. We brought the couches and the big screen TV in the garage and ordered wings and pizza and all of our friends brought beer and other drinks. Everything was going really well and by team was winning. It was a cold, wintery day outside, and we didn’t plan to open the door to the garage because there’s no heating system. Since most of my friends were smoking cigars, the whole garage was inundated with smoke. We had no choice but to open the big door to the garage since the room lacked ventilation. The two windows in the garage weren’t built to be opened. It was freezing cold with the garage door ajar even a crack.The cold was relentless and all of my friends had to get their winter coats and huddle together while shivering. If we just had a tiny amount of ventilation here in the garage, we could possibly add heating or air conditioning in there and make it a fun place to hang out in the winter and summer months. That is one of the problems we encounter when using the garage for parties. A lack of heating, cooling, and ventilation makes it just so uncomfortable.  It is the one place in the house where we can drink and smoke, but then we have to suffer through the problems that go with the garage. I don’t think my friends will be coming over here to watch the game again.

lea temperature control 

Fixing the climate control

My partner and I decided to build my house in a quiet area. It is deep in a wooded area far from a proper road. I’ve got a gorgeous view and virtually no neighbors. I am not bothered by traffic sounds or family members visiting unannounced. My driveway is difficult to find because it is simply a dirt road leading through the trees. The house is just far enough that it may not be seen from the road. Even though I invite people to my house, they often cannot find that. For the most part, I am fine with this. It is just a problem when I here is a package delivered or services conducted. Just last July, I was having some hassle with my air conditioner and contacted an area HVAC company to schedule some repair. I provided very precise directions to my house and even tied a yellow bandana to my mailbox. The day of the appointment, I waited and waited for the air conditioner repairman to arrive. Your dog finally called me, exasperated, and confessed that he’d been driving around in need of my driveway. I explained the directions just once, and the HVAC technician promised to be at my door within the hour. An hour later, this individual called me back. He was still driving around, hopelessly displaced. His shift had now ended, and he needed to reschedule the visit for the next day. My house is overheated and smelled, and I was not happy. The next day, I waited with the road for my HVAC specialist. When I saw the HVAC truck, I waved him down.

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Feeling nice and warm

We put our two boys in hockey skates the minute they could walk without falling down. They both played on the local high school hockey club, and also belonged to various travel teams. Between practices, games, and tournaments, we spent a large number of our time either in the car or at the ice rink. The boys played hockey anytime, and no matter what the outside weather was doing, the rink had been always freezing cold. Whether it was winter or summer, I knew that I wanted to bring my winter coat, long pants, and a blanket with me. The metal bleachers at that ice rink were always extremely cold and uncomfortable. Situated above the bleachers were large radiant heaters that glowed red. These radiant heaters looked extremely hot but provided very little heat. Although I typically made an effort to sit directly in front of the heater, I never actually felt warm. I always wished that the rink would install some type of heating directly into the bleachers. I’ve got heated seats in my car, so this should not be impossible. I also have radiant heated floors with my house that are fantastic. When I stand on the heated floors around my house, my entire body has the feeling of nice warmth. I realize that for the integrity of the ice, it is necessary to hold the ice rink at a very cold temperature. However, a radiant system can be zone controlled, so it won’t interfere with ice conditions. Installing radiant heating with the ice rink is probably costly, but it would certainly make the fans convenient.

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Overly warm temperatures

It was another freezing cold day in the place I live, a day that is best done indoors with a well-run heater, a book and a blanket. However, I spent most of the day outdoors, where I was definitely not relaxing! For dinner, I went to the my husband’s family’s house for food. His sister and his family were in town, so we all met at the parents’ house. I have to be over there at least once a week! They hardly ever use air conditioning, unless it is quite hot outside, and they will have their heater running in the wintertime. While I try my hardest to remain understanding, by the time I’m able to slip away out of their residence, I vow to myself to preserve my heating and cooling system at a realistic level. It was actually pretty comfortable when I went over, today! I could not feel the oppressive heat of their furnace. This was so good! My excitement was tarnished; however, because almost immediately after we ate, Mom turned to Dad, asking him to light a fire with the fireplace because it was “way too cold in here. ” He immediately agreed and went off to make the fireplace. Within an hour, the house was back to being a sweat locker. The central heating might have running well, but it certainly didn’t need to be in use. Moving forward, I hope my husband can do something to make them realize lowering the temperature on the AC unit is all that is needed to make things more comfortable inside. Modern technology is much more effective than crazy fires inside.

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Fixing our HVAC system

Thanks to my job, I’m required to relocate a lot. I’ve grown accustomed to stays in airports, long car rides, vacationing in hotels, and staying up late nights. There’s many sacrifices you have to make when you live that sort of “on the go” lifestyle, but it’s also sort of freeing because you get to see and experience a lot of new things. One of the major drawbacks to my career would be the temperature factor, because I invest so much time in both the extreme north and extreme south, I need to have a wardrobe to suit all temperatures and climates. On top of that the HVAC systems in hotels and airports vary so greatly and they are quite unpredictable. Sometimes I’ll need to stop and add or take off layers when moving through terminals include the airport because of inconsistent heating. I’ll sometimes get on a plane wearing a wool sweater and overcoat and get off wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts due to the destination I’m now in. These extreme temperature shifts can wreak havoc onto your body and can often end up in persisting sickness, so I make sure to take both a heating pad and several refreezable ice packs with people wherever I travel. If the hotel I’m staying in has a malfunctioning or broken air conditioning unit within my room, I can always cool myself down with the ice packs I brought, or if their heater is broken I have ways to stay warm still. Its things like this that really remind you how important HVAC systems are to your daily comfort, without these couple of small tricks my trips across the country would become much more troublesome.

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Let’s make sure the house isn’t too hot

I’ve had the exact same job for the past several years, I’m a line cook at this local restaurant where I’m living. I love everything about my work, cooking, handling food, interacting with those I work with. Overall it’s an awesome work environment to be part of, but just like all jobs it has its fluctuations at times. Of course we get busy during the lunch and dinner rushes, although that doesn’t bother me a whole lot. What really bothers me is that during those busy times I find myself running around frantically trying to keep the restaurant’s service flowing smoothly, during this time I work up quite a good sweat. During the winter the heater turned up inside kitchen, that combined with both the oven heat and having to constantly run around keeps me fairly warm in the cold winters. However, during the summers the air conditioner there that is currently installed isn’t nearly enough to be able to overpower the outdoor temperatures, all the ovens, and the heat I generate from running between the two. I’ve talked to my boss repeatedly about installing new HVAC devices but he says that I’m being dramatic and it’s not really that bad. Meanwhile he sits in his office, away from the ovens, with two box fans blowing cool air on him as he does some paperwork. I checked into portable air conditioners and fans we’re able to purchase for the kitchen and have talked to many of the other cooks about possibly investing in some equipment to keep the kitchen reasonably cool. Since then we have started saving for some portable units, hopefully by the time summer time starts we’ll have enough to actually get something since the air conditioner just isn’t cutting it.air quality

I know that I need a repair

It seems like my HVAC system at the house is on its last leg. The air handler runs all day but the A/C isn’t cooling my home at all. I called up my HVAC guy and he suggested I get rid of the air filter and look up through the cooling coils to see if the unit is icy. That happened to the unit once before and it had been because I was low on my refrigerant. It seems my cooling coils have sprung a leak somewhere are losing refrigerant. My HVAC contractor filled my coolant all the way up but now it’s just one or two months later and I have the same problem once again. I guess I’ll either require my HVAC contractor find the leak and patch it or I’ll need a new HVAC system all together. I’m not big on fixing things, normally I’d rather replace than repair. But I know an HVAC system will cost me an arm and a leg so I’m not too excited about that for sure. On the other hand, if I have my technician discover the leak in my cooling coils and patch it, it is probably just a matter of time before it starts leaking somewhere else and we are back to square one. If I get a new HVAC system it is going to be more efficient than my current HVAC system. That will save me some money on my bills. I guess I’ll just cut my losses and call my HVAC guy to come out and replace my HVAC system. I hope it doesn’t cost me too much.

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Temperature settings in the OR

Sweat beaded on my brow then fell, trailing down my cheek. I prompted the nurse for my scalpel as the air conditioning kicked on inside the surgery room. The surgery would probably be successful, of course. After all, I was a trained surgeon with many years of experience under my belt. In my care, many patients who may well not have had fighting chances were given the second shots that they deserved in life. This is something I have become incredibly proud of, and I could truthfully not have done it without many helpful factors in my life. In the surgery living room, many small matters are life or death. The people and elements traveling in and out of my surgery room directly affect the surgery at hand whether they intend to or not. Competent nurses and assistants are essential beyond most people’s comprehension, and trustworthy tools can certainly make or break a successful surgical procedure. Beyond everything, the environment inside the surgery room is required to be perfect. That is exactly why the hospital has invested in the most effective HVAC system that money can provide. Not only has the hospital made their investment in the centralized heating and cooling system, but they’ve also made investments into the HVAC warranty that ensures that repairs happen regularly. All of this is in the interest of the patients and the lives that we all work so hard to protect. The HVAC system is important throughout a medical facility, and especially in the surgery treatment room.  It is so effective that without it I might have lost several patients. My team is grateful for this HVAC system every day.

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