Wearing a suit

I love to dress up for formal events. I have a closet filled with mostly suits and ties, and I am regularly looking to add to my collection. I have over fifteen different suits to choose from each day, and I probably spend more time in the morning matching my suit and my tie than my wife does putting on her makeup. I work at a place that requires a suit and tie on most days, and I try to have enough clothing to allow several weeks between trips to the dry cleaners. One challenge to wearing a suit to work everyday is that a lack of proper air conditioning makes for a very long day at work. Wearing the suit coat and having a tie choked around your neck definitely causes the body temperature to go up, and this must be offset by an air conditioning unit blowing cold temperatures. The challenge that we face in the office is that the ladies are always cold, as they are not layered as much as we are. This leads to our own version of office wars, where we constantly fight for control of the thermostat. Ultimately, one of two events must occur. Either the ladies will need to start bringing jackets to work to keep themselves warm, or the men will have to change to a more casual work attire to allow for the thermostat to be set higher. I am hoping for the former event to occur, as I do not wish to have to replace my closet with a whole new set of clothes. I suppose that I could continue wearing the formal attire regardless of the decision made regarding the air conditioning system.

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Dogs in the yard-

I live in extremely hot area of the country, and I am constantly having to consider how comfortable my dogs are. I have two dogs, and they stay indoors most of the time. They much prefer to be outside in my yard running around, but I know that they would overheat if I left them out there for too long during the summer. During the hot months, I leave them inside because I can turn on the air conditioner and know that they will be okay. The only problem with this is that a lot of dog hair accumulates in my house. I had to add on an air purifier to my HVAC system a couple of years ago to help address this issue. Since then, things have gotten better. However, I still have to make sure that my HVAC stays in good working order so that I do not leave them in a house that is too hot. I feel that this would be cruel and I do not want to cause them to suffer. I treat my dogs like kids, and I know that having an air conditioner is something that they absolutely need. When winter comes and things cool off a bit, I sometimes leave them out in my yard during the day, and they really love this time. However, these days are rare because winters are short here and the cold weather does not stick around for very long. Maybe one day I will move to somewhere with a colder climate so that they can spend more time running around like dogs should.

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Office A/C battles-

I think that some people are more considerate than others when dealing with a thermostat. For example, I work in an office with about twelve other people. We are all very different, and while some of us like to keep the air conditioner running all of the time, others get cold easily and would prefer to use the heater. I know that this is a common issue that co-workers have to deal with, but we all try to meet each other halfway by running the air conditioner only when it is absolutely needed. I am grateful that my coworkers think this way because I have not always worked in places where this was the case. At my last job, I worked with four other people, and they refused to run the A/C even when I was sweating bullets at my desk. I thought this was beyond inconsiderate because I had no way to keep cool other than opening a window. This would only go so far in the middle of summer when it was 90 degrees outside. If it were up to me, all offices would have zone controlled air conditioners. This would allow everyone to adjust their office to the exact temperature that they would like. This may be something of an expensive investment up front, but I am absolutely sure that it would keep employees much happier in their jobs. Who knows, maybe it would even cut the employee turnover rates down for the businesses who choose to make the installation. I think someone should research this to see if there’s any truth in it.

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Hotel palace

My husband Frank and I are on our way to our vacation at a 5 star hotel.  We are so excited to be able to even afford such a locale for our 2 week vacation.  This hotel is in all the best travel magazines.  The plane ride to get to our hotel took only a few hours and we arrived on time.  The photos of this hotel looked like a palace.  Gigantic staircases and huge ceilings with beautiful chandeliers everywhere.   After meeting the concierge, I will say that the customer service is out of this world.   We spent our first night at the hotel after a light dinner in the room.  A few hours after sundown,  I could not keep from shivering, so I called down to the concierge and asked them to help with the very well working air conditioner.  The thermostat was set way too low and I needed it to be warmer.  Why go to a fancy hotel only to freeze?  The concierge sent someone up to help me with the thermostat.  It was just too smart and I was not but I know when an air conditioner is needed and when an air conditioner is not needed.  Our room also had a fireplace in the corner that helped me to stop shivering until the hotel employee could get here.  The fireplace was very large and well stocked with wood.  Not long after my phone call to the front desk, the young man from the concierge desk arrived with a key to unlock the freeze on the air conditioner and I was finally able to warm up next to the very romantic fireplace.

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Favorite restaurant

I stopped into my favorite restaurant this afternoon for lunch.  They have my regular bolognese all-you-can-eat special on Wednesdays every week.  It’s only at lunchtime though, not at dinner so I go early.  But since I am off work on Wednesdays, that schedule works perfectly for me.  I live only a few blocks from here, so I have learned to watch for these excellent dining specials to take advantage of them as often as I can and when it comes to all-you-can-eat, I try to eat it all!  So I am sure you could see my confusion and disappointment as soon as I walked in and saw workmen walking around and the environment was extremely hot and I felt uncomfortable immediately.  I had inadvertently walked in on a closed day for the restaurant.  I inquired as soon as I saw the chef who recognized me immediately and he explained to me that they had to close for the day because their air conditioner had stopped working at last night’s dining hour and they are now working with the licensed HVAC provider to get his restaurant cool as soon as possible.  The HVAC technicians are tracing back lines, replacing some broken parts and he is basically having an unscheduled HVAC repair going on right now.  He had been having trouble with the thermostat these last few months and his indoor air quality has not been what it should be, so he is having to deal with this now to get his restaurant air conditioned and cool again. While the HVAC technicians are onsite, they will go ahead and clean the air filters and the air ducts and possibly seal any tears in the air ducts while here today.  After his apology, I went to McDonald’s but warned him that I’d be back next week for my all-you-can-eat bolognese.

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A/C for business-

In my mind, air conditioners are crucial to running a business. I work in sales, and I would never be able to make a sale to a customer if I had to have them wait in a stuffy building. I think that neglecting the maintenance of an HVAC unit is the equivalent of pushing potential customers out the door. Just last week, I had a customer come to my office who was there for an hour and a half. It took us that long to go over paperwork and discuss the details of her plan. If she had had to sit in a room that was not air conditioned, she probably would have given up on the deal altogether. I know that I am not willing to be that uncomfortable when I am getting ready to spend a significant amount of money. My business keeps a full time maintenance technician on staff, and he is well-versed in what it takes to maintain a heating and cooling system. If ever we even suspect that our HVAC unit is having problems, he is always there to get to the bottom of the problem immediately. Without him, I think we would have to deal with some lengthy wait times, and this not a good problem to have in our line of work. I think all businesses should do something similar to make sure that their spaces stay in top shape. I imagine that those people who make sure that their air conditioners are always working well experience better business than those who do not.

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Engineering a new cooling system

If I had to go back to college, I would probably choose to major in engineering. I think that the field is so interesting, and there is definitely no shortage of jobs for someone with an engineering degree. One thing I am interested in is home technology. I have noticed lately that there are a number of ways that I could improve my house. One way to do so would be to revamp my HVAC system. I think that HVAC units take up entirely too much space. I would like to redesign heating and cooling systems so that they do not have to be connected to a lot of duct work. Instead, I would like to make something that was equally as powerful and efficient as a modern cooling system that was the size of, say, a small television set. I know that this might sound like an outrageous idea, but I have been thinking about it and sketching out ideas for a while. Maybe I will partner with someone who knows more about engineering so that they can see my idea through. I would love to be the person behind a new type of heating and cooling system that saves energy and cuts down on people’s utility bills. HVAC units can be extremely inefficient, and they waste a lot of energy. This is a major problem that I would love to try and help solve. I majored in business as a college student, so, perhaps, I could play a role in getting the patent and marketing the new type of technology. This would be an interesting challenge and a lot of fun for me.

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The beach house needs heating and air in zones

Last year we rented a beach for our yearly family get together, but this year, because of circumstance beyond our control, we didn’t get to go.  We have decided to just take our vacation a little late, and we are going to a ski resort.  We always love our get togethers because we don’t get to see  each other very often, now that we have all moved away from home.  We take the time to relax, and get reacquainted.  Even though the time of year has changed, I have still maintained the idea, that we need to make sure we have a cabin that has zone controlled HVAC.  The only argument that we have, during our vacation, is over the thermostat setting.  I like to have it cooler, and if my sister has to have it as cool as I like it, she is freezing to death.  Since we don’t share bedrooms, it would be much easier to have zone controlled HVAC.  She could set her thermostat at ninety if she wanted to, and I could have mine at sixty-five, and it wouldn’t bother either one of us.  Every bedroom in the cabin would have zone control HVAC and our own desired temperatures.  Only when we are cooking or going out to restaurants will we be stuck with the same temperatures.  Of course, the ski slopes are another issue, but we can dress however we are comfortable.  I do believe that my idea of zone control HVAC in the cabin will make our trip all the more pleasant, and I am looking forward to it.

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The cooling system as it shuts off

When I finally went to college, I didn’t expect perfection from a roommate, but I thought it may be fun.  We lived in a co-ed dorm, and maybe I was secretly hoping to have a roommate of the opposite sex, but I never dreamed of one who was opposite in every other way, but their sex.  I would have preferred to live off-campus, but the school mandated that all freshman students, lived in the dorms, so I wanted to have some fun.  Mom was happy, because she was afraid for my living alone, in a strange city.  The minute I met my roommate, I was wishing for this year to be over.  I had just walked in and turned on the air conditioner, and she walked in behind me, and turned the air conditioner off.  I thought that maybe she was cold, because she really wasn’t dressed for the fall weather, and since she was cute, I didn’t say much.  When she took advantage of my being a gentleman, and she turned the heater on every time she walked in, I became a little upset.  I don’t sleep well when it’s too warm, and she wanted it hot in there.  Her attitude was bordering on pure ignorance of anyone’s comfort but her own.  In spite of my dreams of being roommates with a cute girl, I couldn’t wait to get out of the dormitory and into my own apartment.  I soon found an apartment, and to my glee, I had two female roommates.  She doesn’t even glance my way, and I really don’t care.  Things have turned out for the better, anyway.

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HVAC concerns with husband and wife

My daughter called me this week from her house out on the west coast to tell me that she went in premature labor on Monday and had to visit the hospital. The ER doctors gave her some medications then sent her home that day with an order of complete bedrest. Of course, she was not happy with that arrangement at all since she’s been very active and independent, even throughout her pregnancy. She called two days later to tell me that everything was under control and that she was “tied to her bed” like she was supposed to be, but that she was having difficulty with her AC unit. She and her husband have very different tastes concerning the perfect house temperature. He likes the house to be cold, whereas my daughter prefers keeping the thermostat at 80 degrees. In the mornings, her husband gets up early and goes into their home office to work and she sleeps in until around nine. She feels okay until then, but as soon as she sticks her leg out from under the covers, she gets cold immediately and has to pull it back in. She absolutely hates being covered up always but she doesn’t like interrupting her husband while he works, so she simply stays put until he comes back with her breakfast at approximately 9:30. I suggested that she take a look at getting a smart thermostat in order to control the temperature from the comfort of her bed. She loved that suggestion, and said she was gonna look it up as soon as we hung up. She called me again yesterday to tell me that she loves her new thermostat and that it was the best idea ever.

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