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Nothing is more shocking to one’s system than stepping into a shower and being greeted with ice cold water. After living in a certain home or apartment, we learn how long it takes for the water to heat up before we step in. What happens if the water doesn’t heat up? Why is the water cold? What could have gone wrong with my hot water tank? Is it an electrical issue? Is it a gas issue? Did one of the components on the hot water tank fail? What the heck do I do?

I immediately logged onto the Internet and searched for local plumbers and hot water tanks. I had several to choose from, including a few 24-hour plumbers. Being open 24-hours doesn’t mean they are available 24-hours. I found a plumber to come to my home and check out the hot water issue, in a relatively short period of time.

The plumber did all his various tests. He checked for hot water at the kitchen and bathroom sinks. He checked for hot water in the showers. He even checked the dishwasher and washing machine to make sure that there was no hot water in any of those locations. Once he narrowed it down to definitely being a hot water tank issue, he started to troubleshoot the tank itself.

In the end, we got off lucky. The plumber found an issue with one of the heating elements. It was a much cheaper fix than having to replace the entire hot water tank. The plumber was quick, courteous, and cleaned up behind themselves. Other than the ice-cold shower first thing in the morning, it was a good experience.

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Letting the air conditioner blast

Growing up, I had a hot tub at my house. My dad wanted it because he plays a lot of hockey and he liked to use it after games in the middle of the winter. My brother and I were stoked just because, well, we had a hot tub! We used it all the time. And whenever I visit my parents, I still go in it as much as I can. Overall, it was a great investment. But during the summer when we were little, my friends and I still used to use the hot tub! Even when it was extremely hot outside, I have no idea why. Maybe because it was the only body of water nearby, we did not have a pool or a lake or anything, and we used to see who could stand to sit in it the longest. Looking back, this was probably insanely dangerous and I definitely would not advise it to anyone. Anyways, we would always put the air conditioning inside on full blast for when we came back in. It was the best relief to get out of the scorching hot tub under the sun and just sit in front of the air conditioning that was blasting on us. If we did not have this air conditioning treatment after using the hot tub in the middle of the summer, it probably would have been much more dangerous than it already was. But, you know, kids. Thankfully, we did have a wonderfully air conditioned home to sit in and plenty of water to drink once we got out of the hot tub!

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The newest in plumbing

I recently took a road trip for work.  Most of the time, the travel people book us into mid-range hotels when we travel, but on this occasion, the travel agents went all out.  The room we were assigned had all the perks of a high-priced hotel, plus one I wasn’t sure about.  In the bathroom I found the standard sink, shower, toilet, and complimentary toiletries.  What I didn’t recognize was the control panel mounted to the side of the toilet.  What?  A remote control for a television or stereo system?  A heated toilet seat?  No; it was the remote control for the bidet that was built into the toilet seat!

I was nervous about the bidet.  That control had so many options!  One adjusted the temperature of the water; another adjusted the spray pressure of the water; another even adjusted the position of the cleaning nozzle!  This bidet also had controls for a seat warmer, seat massager, and a warm-air drying feature for when you were finished.  Who knew that there were so many ways to pamper your “bottom” on the toilet seat!

I experimented with the different controls before placing my posterior in the firing zone.  After a few minutes of experimenting with the settings I took it for a trial run.  I wanted to be ready for the future when I answered nature’s call.  I must say, it was rather refreshing.  I wonder if the feature saves on toilet paper over a period of time.  I might have to look into installing one of these in my own bathroom in the future.

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Cleaning the plumbing system

During preparations for renovations at my home, the local code enforcement office informed me that if I was going to replace my toilet, I had to install a new “low-flow” toilet, as mandated by the federal government.  In 994, the federal government decided that all toilets would function on 1.6 gallons of water or less.  My old toilet used almost 7 gallons per flush.  I wondered how they thought that 1.6 gallons was going to be as effective.  First they had directed the kind of shower head I had to use and now it was my toilet!  I had managed to find an acceptable low-flow shower head that was as good as the old one, but I wondered if I would be able to do the same with a toilet.

We have all walked down the aisles of out local home improvement stores and seen the variety of sizes, styles, and colors, but how was I to know if the insides had changed as well?  All I knew was that the toilet fills with water, you flush it, and the yucky stuff goes bye-bye.  Before I told my contractor which kind of toilet I was interested in, I needed to do my research and get professional advice.

The professional at the home improvement store plumbing section told me about low-flow toilets, high efficiency toilets, and even dual flush toilets, which flush differently for liquids and solids.  All the models had pros and cons and various price points.  The overall theme was about saving water, which is an important consideration in a house full of people.  In the end, pun intended, I had my plumbing contractor install what he thought was best.

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We’re happy about our plumbing


I  recently had an issue that had never happened to me before.  I was in the bathroom at home, brushing my teeth, while I waited for the shower water to get hot.  I noticed that the toilet was gurgling and making burping noises.  I had dealt with clogged toilets before, but that was after having used the toilet.  In this case, I had not used the toilet, and it was still making weird noises.  I turned off the shower and decided to investigate.

My first instinct was to flush the toilet.  That was also my first mistake.  Instead of the water going down, it rose in the bowl instead.  I grabbed a plunger, but that only seemed to make the situation worse.  As I plunged the toilet to try to get the water to go down,, the water and sewage started to come up out of the shower drain.  My second instinct was just a bad as the first.  I turned on the shower to try and wash the sewage down the drain, but it just continued to fill up the shower pan with more water and sewage.  Without thinking, I grabbed the plunger and tried to plunge the shower drain.  This caused problems in the toilet again.

         At this point, I set down the plunger and stepped out of the bathroom.  I reached for the phone and Googled plumbing services in my area.  The 14 nearest plumbers popped up on a map, along with their contact numbers.  I began calling to find one that could come immediately, not two days later.  I reached one who made an emergency call,  He identified the problem, finding blockage in the main drain that caused everything to back up into the house. Luckily, the was able to clear the blockage and return my life to normal,after, of course, I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom.

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The summertime is great

Today, I finished my last day of teaching for the school year. While I do not particularly like teaching, I am really sad. Sure, my students are great and I will miss them, but there is something I will miss more. The air conditioned building. You see, where I live, it is unbearably hot during the summer. It hurts to breathe the air sometimes, it is so hot. It is absolutely miserable and I spend my days covered in sweat without air conditioning. Unfortunately, my apartment does not have air conditioning, which makes sleeping in it at night absolutely atrocious. At least with teaching, I got to come to an air conditioned building each and every day. Of course I was hit with a heat wave as soon as I left at the end of the day, but for those eight hours I was in heaven. To not have an air conditioner during these long hot days of summer is going to be absolutely terrible, and I do not really know what to do. I will simply have to suffer through it, because I cannot afford to put a single air conditioner in my apartment, not even in my room! While I have a fan, I would love to have central air conditioning with my HVAC system. Unfortunately, we only have heat in this building, which only comes in useful for about two months out of the entire year where I live. It is awful to sleep like this and I am already looking for another apartment with air conditioning!furnace filter

Renovating my bathroom

When Jimmy and I first bought our home, Jimmy and I were happy with the sizable yard, two-car garage, larger front porch and spacious home office.  Jimmy and I didn’t not fully understand the setbacks of having well water until after we’d got in.  After about a week of living with hard water, I wanted to get rid of the house.  The water was so gross with calcium, rust and magnesium, that it caused problems with everything it was near.  Hard water is not wonderful for getting soap and detergent to rinse or dissolve, leaves behind water stains and soap scum, and clogs the pipes.  I was always washing the tubs, sinks and toilets with severe chemicals.  The drains in the tub and sink, and also the toilet, frequently stopped, and calling a professional plumber gets extravagant.  Due to the hard water, it creates a scale buildup inside the pipes and appliances, it reduces the frequency and lifespan of the water heater, hurts washing machines, and makes using a dishwasher hard.  My dishes and glasses would come out of the dishwasher looking far ickier than when they went it, and I’d end up rewashing them.  Also, our whole family was easily unhappy with our hair, skin and clothes.  Washing our hair in hard water made it look static filled, guess sticky and get frizzy.  Our skin became easily dry and scratchy, and our linens turned orange and felt hard.  When we’d finally had it, I consulted with a professional plumber.  She recommended that Jimmy and I install a water softener to improve the cleanliness and condition of our water.


Here is how you can fix your plumbing

When my girlfriend and I were looking to buy a house,  we searched for a property in a good neighborhood.  We hoped for a sizeable yard with no close neighbors and lots of privacy.  We were looking for features such as a full basement, two-car garage,  two bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.  We found the house currently live in and were happy with  the spacious rooms, high ceilings, and enclosed back porch.  We liked that there were woods all around the house a gorgeous view from  the back yard.  It didn’t bother us that the house was not handled by  city water.  Since we had always lived in apartments  with city water, we no knowledge of problems caused by hard well water.  Within a few weeks after we moved in, but, we became all too familiar with  the many problems caused by hard  water.  The water at our house is entirely contaminated with high levels of calcium, lime, and rust.  This means that our smelly water ruins everything it touches. We have a dishwasher, but don’t use it, because the dishes come out stained orange and  dirty.  We would  need to wash the dishes again.  The dishwasher is  covered in a buildup of sediment that is difficult to scrub away.  The household washing machine and water tank never last as long as they should due  to corrosion.  I have dealt with a ruptured water tank and flooded  basement numerous times.  I replace the aerators on all of the faucets every six months.  The various sinks, toilets, and tubs are terribly stained.  The hard water is also a problem for mine and my girlfriend’s  skin, teeth, hair, and laundry.  The sheets, towels, and clothing is always stained orange.  We can’t use bleach, because it reacts with the water and only  makes the stains worse.  plumbing

Hard water is an issue

When my husband and I went house shopping, we hunted for a property in the right location.  We were searching for a place with a sizeable yard and no close neighbors.  We hoped for lots of privacy. We really looked for things like a full basement, covered garage, 3 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.  We ended up choosing the house that he and  I currently live in because of the spacious rooms, high ceilings, and large back porch.  We were delighted that there was a thick forest surrounding the house and a big pond in the back yard.  It didn’t worry us that the house was not served by  city water.  Since we had always rented an apartment with city water, he and I had never been faced with the problems of hard, well water.  Not longer after my husband  and I settled in, however, we got up close and personal with the setbacks of hard water.  The water supply at our house is overrun with contaminants such as calcium, lime, and rust.  The hard water ruins everything it comes into contact with.  I don’t bother with  a dishwasher, because the dishes just come out stained and dirty.  Then, I need to be rewash them.  The dishwasher accumulates a great deal of sediment that is not easily removed.  The household water tank fails to last more than six years because of extensive corrosion.  I often am confronted with a ruptured tank which leads to flooding in the basement.  I scrub or upgrade the aerators in the faucets every few months.  My kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, tubs and surrounds are consistently stained.  The hard water also is a problem for my family’s skin, teeth, hair, and the condition of our laundry.  White sheets, towels, and clothing become stained orange.  Using bleach isn’t an option, because it reacts with the water.  plumbing tune-up

The new plumbing system is the key to success

When my fiance and I were house shopping, we searched for a property in a good location.  Both of us were looking for a sizeable yard with no close neighbors and plenty of privacy.  He and I  prioritized such options as a full basement, 2-car garage, three bedrooms and a minimum of two bathrooms.  We selected the house we currently live in because of the large bedrooms, high ceilings, and huge front porch.  We were so happy that there was forest surrounding the house and a gorgeous pond situated in the back yard.  It didn’t worry us that the house was not connected to town water.  In the past, we had always rented an apartment with town water, we had never dealt with the problems of well water.  Not long after we moved in, we became well acquainted with the repercussions of having hard water.  The water supply at our house is riddled with contaminants such as calcium, lime,  and rust.  Due to this, our water causes problems with everything it touches.  I can’t run a dishwasher, because the dishes end up stained, dirty and usually need to be rewashed.  The dishwasher quickly experiences a buildup of sediment that is tough to scrub away.  My water tank does not last more than five to six years due to  severe corrosion.  I often am faced with a ruptured tank as well as flooding in the basement.  I clean or replace the aerators in the faucets regularly.  The sinks, toilets, and tub get horribly stained.  The hard water also affects my family’s skin, teeth, hair, and our clothing and linens.  laundry.  White sheets, towels, and clothing turns an ugly orange.  I can’t even use bleach, because it reacts horribly with the water.