HVAC to the Rescue

Growing up in the city was a lot of fun… The summers were the greatest; playing in the nearby  water, climbing big trees and, best of all, no school to worry about, then unlike my parents who soon got tired of having us around all of the time, the people I was with and I wished Summer would never end.  But then I had to go plus everything changed, then life in the city was complicated plus certainly, certainly warm. My siblings plus I greatly missed running outside but I hated the heat.After a few weeks of this torture, my dad wisely chose to have an Heating plus Air Conditioning component put in place. The crew of us had never experienced living in an air-conditioned area before, plus it genuinely felt great. The crew of us enjoyed having that wonderfully cool, conditioned air all around us as the people I was with and I read, played checkers, or watched television, then with this air conditioning system, the people I was with and I could rest safely plus comfortably, separate from having to crack the windows at evening. Then the day came when our air-conditioner busted. Dad did his best however nothing would make it work.  How we all missed our air conditioning! For hours we were positively baking… So Dad called up our Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal supplier. The  servicemans responded in record time. They were certainly great about it, abruptly doing the repairs necessary to get our Heating plus Air Conditioning component working again.

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Salon prepared with AC

I’m a lady who appreciates being pampered. I have a standing appointment at my local salon each week.  It is my reward for working all week and I spend almost three hours there each Saturday morning.   Let’s face it,all women, would do the same if they could. I love the attention that I get while I am there.  I know that I am paying for that attention, but I feel it is totally worth it. My salon located just a few miles away from my house but,  trust me it is worth the drive. When I’m there I get a facial and have my eyebrows waxed. I’m lucky to receive amazing treatment and I am relieved knowing that the staff and stylists at my salon honestly love their customers. Some salons are not like this.  They have rude staff and unsafe conditions.  There are some that even use unhealthy and unclean practices that cause illnesses.  I feel very lucky to have found a place that is none of this.  You can tell that they take pride in their business because they have invested heavily into the building itself too.  They recently upgraded the HVAC system to include a state of the art air purification system. They said that they wanted to ensure that the air quality for their staff and clients was as clean as possible.  Salons do everything from acrylic nails to perms, to hair colorants.  All of these can add unhealthy chemicals to the air and smell very bad if not filtered out. I would highly recommend my salon to anyone.  

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our cook had a AC issues

Recently, I was promoted to head cook in a fancy upscale restaurant inside of a big city. Let me tell you, I have worked in the worst of kitchens having to work my way up to the best and classiest of kitchens that I am working in today. So, imagine my surprise when I finally got to my dream job to find their kitchen lacked a decent air conditioning system! I had been bamboozled! For what this restaurant charges for the food, how could they possibly not afford a high powered upscaled HVAC system within their kitchen! The kitchen is an important part of a restaurant! It is so incredibly hot most of the time that to not have increased powered air conditioning unit is insane at the least! We were dying! Many of us even tried to repair the air vents on our own, we fiddled nightly with the thermostat and we relentlessly begged out boss to send out an HVAC provider to assess our system or to an upgrade installment as soon as possible for the sanity and health at all its kitchen staff! Thankfully our boss finally agreed. The root of the problem was clogged air vents. The vents were clogged with kitchen grease. They changed all of them out, cleaned the system thoroughly and when you get all the maintenance had become completed we were finally living in air conditioning bliss! The owner apologized and promised to keep the system cleaned and operational from now on!

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How the AC changes on planes

I realized that I might find a downside to travel. I love to travel. I have had the opportunity travel around since I was a young child since my dad was a sailor in the navy. He travelled all around the globe, but we were always nearby for we were a very good close knit family. But, sadly, I am learning there is always a downside to everything in life. I found this one when it comes to air travel. Airplanes are an environment that just filters back over the air vents, that’s why I rarely used the vent over my seat. I just have such a weak resistant system and can’t handle constantly battling the bad air and germs from the other sick passengers. The strangest thing to me is that I know it’s not real air conditioning, but I am always feeling so cold on the plane. I am not sure what that’s about. One trip it seemed unusually bad and I felt like I was choking on the terrible air quality. I asked the flight attendant what the challenge was and she had said that our previous flight crew left the airport prior to an HVAC maintenance team getting involved to change the air filter. So, it was worse than it should have been, as the vents were disgusting along with the air quality was even poorer compared to regularly serviced airplane HVAC systems. All I kept thinking was that I was going to catch my death with one of these contaminated air vents. Usually air conditioning kills germs and lately I’ve really been starting to wonder why it’s not possible to possess a very basic air conditioner on an aircraft. It would solve several problems.

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Fire started in air ducts

I live in an modern home complex that is right on the main highway in our town. I have lived in the building for a very long time. So, two years ago my husband and I decided that we would buy the unit. It was a hard decision to make, however overall I thought it was worth the money to finally own our own home. Since I decided to buy the unit, everything has worked perfectly. I knew the modern home was reliable because I lived there for many years before purchasing. But, the other day something awful happened. I had just gotten home from my job plus and was resting on the couch before I was going to make food. All of the sudden I started to smell smoke. I looked around plus saw black smoke coming out of our HVAC vents. I immediately thought there might be an electrical fire in our air vents. I got genuinely scared and so I called the fire department so they could come out immediately to put out the fire. They arrived plus put out the fire and the next day I had to called our local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company to come to tell me the cost of fixing our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C unit. She came out and told me the unit could not be fixed because it had too much damage and it really needed to be replaced. I was so angry that soon after I bought this unit I would have to buy another Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan plus have all our duct job replaced. Luckily the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company has a repayment plan, so now I will be able to afford the work.

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Heater for our water

I wake up early every day to go the gym before I head to work. I go to the gym in the morning so I have evenings free to do whatever I want. I like having time to cook supper or hangout with our husband without feeling guilty about not going to the gym, and because I like to go to the gym everyday, my day routine is crucial. I try absolutely to keep on schedule so I am not late for work, however, the other day my routine went awry due to the HVAC system. This made me and my husband over an hour late for work. After my workout I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I waited for it to heat up for about a minute plus then hopped in, but the water was ice cold when I got in the shower. I screamed so loud I ended up waking up the husband. We had no luck figuring out the problem with the water heater and then soon realized our HVAC system wasn’t working either. I eventually had to call our local Heating plus A/C service man to come out to figure out the water heater. The Heating plus A/C worker took about 2 hours to get to our house to look at the problem. He looked at the water heater and gas furnace and realized it was a simple wiring issue. I was so distraught because the workers lack of punctuality made both of us over an hour late for our jobs. I hate being late!

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The mall AC

I adore shopping more than I love each and every activity. There is just something so awesome about finding that one perfect piece of clothing that makes you feel beautiful in every way. Today, more than ever before, people only shop online with convenience. But, personally, I just love going into a store and trying a shirt on in front of them, falling in love with it and then being able to take it home right away without looking ahead for it to come in the mail! The summer season always has the best sales wherever you travel, but I have to admit that the temperature is just so hot where I live that it usually is not as fun. I like to attempt to find indoor shopping places where I’m able to cool off with free air conditioning, since at my house I can only find the money for stationary fans. You would think portable AC box units were cost efficient, but I found quickly they are just the opposite when I tried choosing a used one and then using it for a summer. My utility bills flew off the roof! So, I love to leave this hot box of an apartment for a  lot more than free air conditioning. Sometimes I drive to the outdoor malls. While, I still cool off while in the stores with their air conditioning, I find facing going in and out of a building from constant hot to frosty ratio, that it messes with my body temperature and can more easily catch a cold when I don’t expect and no one wishes to be sick in the middle of summer heat and fun!

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Heating and air when I travel

There is nothing that can spoil a European event of a lifetime then the little stuff that turn into the most bothersome things. You save and keep your money imagining museums, restaurants and all kinds of sightseeing galore, but how often do you actually consider weather? I mean, I knew we planned to travel near the summertime so we wouldn’t be frigidly cold and may also enjoy so much of the outdoor nature which can be Europe, but we weren’t prepared for the crazy HVAC systems that the Europeans maintained or more correctly didn’t maintain. Being overheated seems like just an everyday bother which is quite possibly fine to accept over at this time there. Every hotel we stayed at had an HVAC system, but it was a gamble if it actually worked and blew cool air out from the vents. Most of the time it banged slightly, blew rotten air as in the event the air filters hadn’t been changed out in months, and when we called down to the front desk the clerks pretended to not speak English so they didn’t have to assist us! Most motels didn’t perhaps even consider cooling systems and might mock you, if you even asked. Our favorite activity soon became the tour bus because it was always air conditioned like ice as if it knew these silly Americans were complainers about the heat. Some of the museums were nicely air conditioned additionally, for they had to defend their art, but you would be surprised that the larger quantity of places simply rejected any good air conditioning or cooling system. After all, how hard is it to even have electric fans? This really shocked me!

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Doing Dishes in the Heat

As a mom, there are a million things to do before I can sit back and relax for the night. When I come home from work, I have to cook dinner, throw in some laundry, and make sure all of the kids are showered and in bed by their bedtimes. Then, I have to make sure that all the laundry is folded and the dishes are cleaned. We do not have a dishwasher, so I have to clean the dishes all by hand. In the summer, it is brutal doing all the dishes. Regardless of the weather, the kitchen heat is unbearable. We do not have an air conditioning system, so doing dishes in the heat is tiring. I slowly start to get delusional from lack of sleep and overheating in the kitchen. My husband tries to help where he can, but the only thing I really want him to do is install an air conditioner for me, even if it is just in the kitchen. It may sound ridiculous, but in between taking care of the kids, folding laundry and doing dishes, I break a sweat. If I could just spend my time doing the dishes with the comfort of an air conditioner, I might actually begin to relax when I clean up from dinner. As much as I hate to admit it, doing dishes for my family is tiring and if an air conditioner will relieve me of that, I would pay any amount to have one installed. Hopefully my husband keeps in mind how much I’d love an air conditioner for my birthday!

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Working on Furnace Units

Being a contract worker is not the best job. It is great to have time to yourself and schedule your own appointments, but other than that, it sucks. It is crazy to think that I have actually managed to keep my customers with all of the complaints they hear from me about my job working as an HVAC contractor. I spend hours on end working on furnaces and other heating equipment in all sorts of weather conditions. In the summertime, I sweat all day from the start to the finish. In the wintertime, I have to go out in the middle of snowstorms to work on people’s furnaces that quit on them in the midst of the freezing temperatures. Just last week, I had to go to an older womans house to clean a dead animal out of her heating vents. I mean, how much worse can it get? When I go on house calls, I spend as much time as I can working on a furnace until it simply gets too hot. I have to take a break, go outside to my HVAC service truck, and drink an ice water to cool down. By the time I get back to working on the furnace, I am already behind schedule. If I could give anyone some words of advice, it’d be not to go into the HVAC business. I have spent nearly twenty five years working on hot furnaces day in and day out and it is not something I would advise anyone to do, at any time in their life.

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