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I feel like the worst “pet parent” in the world right now.  I have always told my children that pets are a responsibility and that they depend on them for everything from safety to food and water. I wish I would have taken my own advice because now, my cat is in the vet’s office after suffering a heat stroke. This happened because of an oversight on my part as I was rushing around yesterday to get ready for an overnight trip.  I woke up, the house seemed chilly so I turned up the heat.  I set it at 84 degrees, I know that is high but my intent was to turn it back down once the chill was off the house. Well, I go busy and completely forgot.  I filled the cat’s water bowl before I left but because of the heat, she must have drank it all within an hour or so.  Now, she was locked in a house without any water and the temperature was very warm.  When I got home I found her lying on the floor in distress so I rushed her to the vet. I did turn down the heat before I left but that wasn’t going to help my poor kitty at that moment. Rushing to get things done usually results in mistakes, but this one could have cost my cat it’s life.  I am contacting my HVAC dealer to install Smart Thermostats so that I can log into my HVAC system and check it from wherever I am. Thankfully, the cat will recover after getting fluids. I am sure the vet bill and the high electric bill will remind me again that I need to be more careful.  

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My neighbor called the other day to say that he was going to be traveling out of town for a day or two and asked me to check in on his cat.  I said I had no problem doing that and ask for all of the instructions on feeding and such and wish him well on his trip. Is normally very careful about covering all the details before he leaves so I was surprised when I went over in the evening and found that his house was freezing cold. He had forgotten to turn on the heat so I turned it on before I left not realizing that he had it set to 80 degrees. When I arrive the next morning to check things out I found the cat lying miserably on the cool tile in the kitchen. The house felt like a sauna and the cat’s water dish was completely empty.  I felt terrible that I had let him go all night in the heat without realizing it.  I quickly adjusted the thermostat down to 68 degrees and opened a couple of windows to cool the house off quickly. The cat looked relieved to have some fresh air and jumped up onto the window sill. I put some ice water in his dish before I left.  When my neighbor returned I told him what had happened and suggested that he get a programmable thermostat installed so that he could set it up ahead of time. He agreed to give the HVAC dealer a call.

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I’m constantly worried that something is going to go wrong.  I don’t know why I have this feeling because throughout my life things have gone pretty smoothly. Take my job for instance, I have several deadlines that I need to meet throughout the week and starting on Monday I’m worried that I won’t make it by Friday. I always do so I try to tell myself not to worry.  I also worry that while I’m away from home something dreadful might happen so I constantly check and recheck everything before I leave the house. I must have really been distracted last week because one day I got up and the house was cold so I turned on the heat. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem because I have a habit of turning it back down before I leave for work and I forgot to do so on that day. By the time I got home that day my apartment was up to 82 degrees.  I immediately ran into the spare room where I have a pet guinea pig in a cage and found that he was almost passed out with exhaustion.  I quickly turned the heat off and open the windows to let in the cool air outside.  I then refill his water bottle and gave him a cool bath in the sink to help revive him.  I felt so bad for having him suffer through the day like that with no way to turn down the heat.  I contacted my HVAC dealer in town to see about purchasing a programmable thermostat that I could check on my phone throughout the day. This will avoid any future instances because even if I was at work I could have just the temperature in the in my house if I forgot to do so before I left. This technology is perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle or who travels and needs to adjust the temperature up or down while not at home.

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I don’t blame anyone but myself

I’m the type a person who is very careful and worrisome. I really can’t say that me being worrisome is the best of all of my qualities, but I find that honestly, a lot of times being worried and under a stress does make me expect more from my myself. Take jobs for a good example. Everyone of them, no matter what it is, has it’s own level of stress. Deadlines are exactly what makes me people do what they need to do and on time. But switching up gears here, my worry for my pet is exactly what made me quickly find that something was up with him. My gerbil was suffering from heat exhaustion and sadly, I am one to blame. I live alone in an apartment near my campus and when leaving for class one cool summer day, I had forgot to turn off the heating. It was a bit cold when I opened the window to do a temperature check, so I turned on the heating while I got dressed before leaving. Such a stupid mistake I made when I left without double checking everything like I normally do. I came home from class to a gerbil that was panting and barely moving in his cage. I immediately turned on my cooling and every fan in the place! I also took a spray bottle of water and sprayed a mist on my pet as submerging him in water would probably cause an even more serious injury. After some time, he was finally back up, though still exhausted, and moving around a little. The entire time I was praying that he would be okay and that I would never made such a mistake like this again!

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The HVAC equipment at the mall

I had the most bizarre experience the other day. I was shopping at the local mall when all of a sudden the air conditioner system shut down! Can you believe that? I honestly was not able to. It might seem strange, but for a little while, I hardly noticed that there was anything wrong. Then, I overheard some store employees discussing a predicament related to the heating and cooling unit. At first, I thought that they might just be talking about the air conditioner system of someone’s house. Then, I came to the realization how horribly stuffy and humid the store had become! I went right up to those store employees and inquired if there had really been at least one strange, massive meltdown with relation to the air cooling system. Originally, I could not believe the idea. The mall was such a favorite location, and many people went to the stores there. However, it has been confirmed that the employees had find out about the HVAC issue from their particular supervisors. They confessed that the air conditioning system had indeed suffered from attaining some sort of major malfunction. Well, that certainly put a cramp inside my back! Due to the continuous rise of uncomfortable heating, I was forced to cease shopping and leave the supermarket. I hope that they find a certified A/C repair professional over there swiftly in order to rectify the situation. I can hardly think that their business will be booming while the air conditioning unit is out of order. I also feel bad for the employees there because they are stuck without any kind of HVAC system until the air conditioning issue is fixed!

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The air conditioner needed a repair

My spouse and I have a couple of friends who are really interested in community movie theater. They actually just so happen to run the theater club inside our town. For some reason, my wife and I let these friends talk both of us into auditioning for and participating in a modern play the community theater group conducted. I had never been in any kind of play before, and my husband had only briefly participated in a play in college. We ended up performing inside an unusual little show and having a substantial amount of fun with the rest of the cast throughout the course of the rehearsal process. Unfortunately, on our opening night, I have to let you know that we were both extremely worried. This nervousness was strengthened by the knowledge that the air conditioning system in the theater had gone out the night before. Throughout the pre-show arrangements, we had a heating and cooling repair lady tinkering around with the heating and cooling system. The entire ensemble was stressed. I was mostly worried that this A/C system failure would cause me to sweat right through my costume. I really hoped that the air conditioner system would be fixed before the time the performance began. I knew that I would be hot enough as a consequence of the heating effects of the bright stage lights! Fortunately, the cooling technician knew her way around an air conditioner system and was able to fix the issues before our curtain was drawn! We were all so grateful for the hard work that we gave her a free entry to the theater and had her bow with us in the final analysis of the show!

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Wishing for radiant floors

I have always dreamed about the home I might build one day. Ever since I have was a small child, I knew that I would want to incorporate certain features in a family house, if I ever had the opportunity to build my own. At this moment, as an adult, I finally have the chance to construct my very own house. I cannot wait to start out! I have hired an architect to help me design my ideal home. Additionally, I have also consulted a highly experienced heating and cooling technician so as to figure out how I might most cost effectively heat and cool my new home. There are so many options! I guess I’d not originally suspected that the heating and cooling industry was very complicated, but I was been dead wrong. I was grateful when my HVAC technician showed me an outline of the various aspects of an HVAC plan that might be right for my home. I found that a geothermal heat pump may be an extremely expensive investment, although it would pay for itself in the long run. Radiant heating was of course a dream to for the bathrooms, and I was thrilled to learn that it was also incredibly energy efficient in addition to cost effective. I eventually decided to choose a heating and cooling plan that was in the course of my budget. This allowed me to make creative choices with regard to the HVAC system without spending too much. I don’t know what I might have done without the expertise and patience of this great local heating and cooling specialist!

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Heating and cooling for traveling

My wife and I really love to travel. We have been to sixteen countries together since we got married 2 years ago, and we had visited extensively in college, even before we started dating. I love experiencing new aspects other cultures, and of course my wife and I both love food. Traveling is a great way to taste food from many different cultures around the world! We also enjoy learning about different ways of life. One thing that him and i always value when we arrive home, however, is something that a lot of people in this country tend to skip over. My wife and I both appreciate the main advantages of heating and air conditioning. In many countries across the world, the modern conveniences of heating or air conditioning aren’t necessarily available. Many cultures still use fires to keep warm in the colder seasons. Other regions of the world keep cool without the assistance of an electric air conditioning system. Here is the type of perspective that keeps my husband and me grateful for the home we have and the modern appliances which will make our lives easier. I believe that we, too, could live without any kind of HVAC. In fact, we have quite enjoyed our time with those of other cultures across the world, whether or not they get HVAC! However, we can now appreciate more fully a portion of the conveniences that we have that will allow us to live in coziness, no matter the season. In any event, hopefully we will be driving on the road again soon, traveling to a new perhaps the world together!

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The issues with campus heating

I come from a immense family, the oldest of five. So, when it was time for me to go to college, I couldn’t wait to get out. I got a full scholarship to a college that included all our living expenses. I didn’t guess anything of living in the dorm, I was just cheerful I didn’t have to share a room with two other people anymore! When I arrived to school, I got our dorm to find out I had 1 roommate, which I anticipated ,plus our room was located on the bottom floor. I liked the thought of being right off the street, not dealing with the hassle of elevators or stairs, it seemed perfect. It was off to an okay start, the rooms are kind of stuffy plus the central cooling component worked fairly well. I was cheerful we had portable fans for get the air circulating plus try to keep cool. I didn’t think anything of Wintertime until it arrived.  It was insanely frosty in our room! So, the boiler is in the basement of the dorm, whenever it kicked on we got heat for about 40 minutes as it all rose to the top floor! It never stayed warm in our room with people always in plus out of the front door, the cold air just filled the entire bottom floor. The boiler couldn’t keep up with our needs, plus it just rose to the top floor faster than we could warm up. Finally, we had to get portable electric furnaces that you could roll around in order to find any warmth possible. They worked wonderfully until our resident advisor found out plus pulled the plug.

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Vacation storm and cooling

I went on a holiday to visit our family in Thailand. I had married an American and I want our child to understand both sides of her heritage, every Summer we return to our family, so that she can stay connected to the number of cousins plus family members that I grew up with in Thailand. It is always an appealing vacation, but the adjustments of time changes, drastic temperature differences plus often serious weather will get the better of us while we are there, however they don’t invest in additional costs to living with any kind of extras like Air Conditioning or even portable window fans to cool down the temperature of their home. They only open the windows or simply relax outside for most of the day. The weather is really humid plus hot on a weekly basis, that after awhile I am wanting to gift them a Central Air Conditioning method so that I could find some sort of relief from the humidity plus heat! And if that wasn’t enough, the town was also known for their tsunami’s on a normal basis with the storms, while in some ways they bring relief from the humidity plus heat, they follow up with a huge amount of destruction to the homes of the area. The last 1 we had was so awful that our family needed to rebuild a great deal of their home. I took this moment to surprise them with an HVAC air cooling method from America plus told them I would take care of the upkeep. They were confused by it at first, but now their house is the most popular in the town where all the people wants to visit!

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