Hotel incident

I’ve never been in a situation like the one I had to deal with last weekend. Several months ago, I booked a hotel in a small coastal town that I like to visit on occasion. I was excited to have a chance to get away for a few days because my job had been driving me crazy. When I arrive to the hotel, I learned that I had booked the last room and that they were completely full for the weekend. This was good news to me. However, when I got to my room I realized that the air conditioner was not working. There was a huge wet spot in the sitting area because the A/C had been leaking. I was frustrated because I knew that there were not many decent options in the area to spend the night. I immediately called the front desk to see if there was anything they could do to fix the cooling system. They sent a mechanic up promptly, and he assured me that he would be able to have it working in about an hour. To pass the time and give him space, I decided to go ahead and grab something to eat. When I return from having lunch, I found that the A/C was in full working order, and the hotel had even given me a reduced rate for having to deal with the situation. I felt much better about staying there knowing that I would be saving money and that I would be able to sleep in the cool air. My weekend was perfect from then on out and I did not have any other problems.

AC equipment

Set up new craft room with custom temperature control

I’m a bit of a crafting fiend. I learned these skills from my mom, who was always sewing and decorating around the house, and also turned a profit putting these skills to work for other people. She sold things at craft fairs and later had her own window treatment business, for which she sewed fancy custom drapes for rich folks. Since early childhood I have also had the creativity bug and love to take raw materials into finished products. The only trouble is, many of the supplies I tend to use require precise temperatures for proper results. I live in a hot and humid environment, and there are a multitude of crafting adhesives, dyes, and stains that do not set properly unless they are cool and dry. That’s why I’ve set up my own personalized craft room with distinct temperature control and dehumidifying units. I can set the room to be any particular temperature I desire, per the instructions on the back of the supplies I’m using, and the thermostat will immediately kick into gear to modify the furnace and AC as needed. I generally need the air conditioning to be running for my products, but every so often one will work better with an extra dose of heat. I’ve also set up two dehumidifying units in the craft room to reduce the moisture in the air and help my products to dry faster and smoother. Though it took some legwork, overall, these minor HVAC investments were easily planned and funded, and my crafts have never come to fruition faster or looked better.

ductless HVAC

Air filters too big

When our air filters needed to be changed, I realized that we were completely out. We normally buy a box of six at once, but I had forgotten until we were completely out. That meant that someone would need to make a trip to the local appliance store, in order to pick up a box of air filters. We swap our air filters every month, because it really maintains a clean and healthy indoor environment. My son and daughter both have allergies, and it helps to change the air filters frequently. We have a dog named Toby, and he is a medium haired dog. He doesn’t shed very much, but there is still debris in the air. We use a special type of air filter that is made for homes with pets. Most people can’t even tell that we have a dog, unless he is in the room with them. I had to send my son to the hardware store, because my husband was out of town on business. I gave him the old air filter, so that he would be certain to get the right size. I gave him my credit card, and a list of other things that we needed from the hardware store. When he finally arrived home about an hour later, he was carrying a bag. I asked him where the air filters were, and he had a strange look on his face. He had completely forgotten to buy the air filters, and only bought the other items on the list. He had to drive all the way back to the store, just to get the air filters.

air conditioning filters

The necessity of air

I have been trying to teach my son how to swim. I learned how to swim at a very young age, and I would like for him to learn as well. He absolutely loves to be in the water, and it scares me to have him in the water that much if he does not know how to swim properly. The biggest challenge that he has is that he does not understand the concept of holding your breath under the water. He leaves his mouth wide open and then drinks a mouthful of water each time before coming above the water again. I have tried to show him that he needed air, but he does not understand the importance of air yet. Have you ever stopped to think about how important air is? I love air conditioning, and the joy that it brings. I love heat, and the warmth that it brings on a cold winter evening. Without air, there is no heat, and there is no air conditioning. One time, I was stuck on an elevator for almost four hours. There was no functioning air conditioning on the elevator, and I began to get lightheaded. At that moment, it became very clear to me that air was important. Not only was I sweating from the lack of air conditioning, but I was starting to have a hard time breathing. Thankfully, I was finally rescued from my predicament, and I was brought back into the air conditioning and better overall air quality. I have not given up on my son’s swimming yet, but he is going to have to receive a lesson on air before we continue any further.

cooling specialist 

Replacing a filter

For the last several weeks, my car has smelled very poorly. I have taken it to the car wash, bought various types of air fresheners, and checked for a dead animal under the seat. Still, I can not seem to be able to get rid of the smell. It is a very musty smell, and it reminds me of a pair of gym socks after a long game of basketball. When I had a friend of mine riding in the car last week, he thought that the air conditioning system might be the cause of my smell. I did my research online to see if air conditioning systems could be responsible for a weird smell, and I discovered that it was a frequent problem with A/C systems in vehicles. Apparently, there is a cabin air filter located under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle, and it requires maintenance every three to six months. A friend of mine said that most people never replace the air filter until it causes a smell or some other problem. He said that maintaining a good A/C system in the car required regular maintenance of that air filter. I finally bought a new air filter, and I even installed it myself. When I took out the old air filter, it was very easy to see why my air conditioning system was producing such bad air. The air filter was so clogged that it would have been impossible for the A/C fan to pull in clean air. Thankfully, my car is smelling much better now, and my air conditioning system is running well.

air filter

Thermostat malfunctioned and heat was stuck ON

I’m a pretty cold person, to be sure. There’s rarely a time that I don’t feel disproportionately cold, compared to my peers in any given situation or environment. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my body, but it seems to be incapable of correct temperature regulation on its own. I’m constantly covered in sweatshirts and blankets, even when it’s 80 degrees or warmer. That’s why I was so shocked on the day that I actually felt too warm in my home. It was the middle of winter, so I was predisposed to being freezing cold, as it was. I had the heat on, with the thermostat set at a comfortable 75 degrees, when I realized that it seemed to be getting hotter and hotter. At first it felt really nice, and I was extremely comfortable and happy as I did my chores and worked online, but soon it surpassed the point of being pleasant. I went over and checked on the temperature control unit, but everything seemed appropriate. The temperature set point and readout matched and everything was in line, yet the temperature continued to climb. I turned off the heat and waited for it to cool down, but the furnace never stopped running. Soon I was drenched in sweat and was actually going outside to cool down in the 10 degree tundra, returning inside when I was covered in ice. It wasn’t until the next day that my HVAC repairman made it out and diagnosed a malfunctioning thermostat. I’m back to being cold, but at least I’m not being roasted alive.

heating business

Spent a fortune repairing old HVAC

I guess I must be a pretty stubborn human being. I mean, I can see it myself, but sometimes I get external reminders about just how truly bullheaded I can be. For instance, my bank account lately has been providing great evidence that I just can’t let things go. I have an unfortunate malady that has been continually costing me for the past year or so, and I just can’t give up on it. My HVAC system at home has been a disaster since I first acquired it when I moved into my new house. The HVAC set up was about 10 or 15 years old and it had been put through some wear, to be sure, but I was told that it should run for another 10 years or so without big issues. I was pretty set on that estimate, and became quite incensed the first time that the heating and cooling system stopped functioning. I fiddled with my thermostat as well as the air conditioner itself, but wasn’t able to make the AC unit function properly again. I begrudgingly called out the nearest heating and cooling repair company, and they spent two hours banging around outside before my air conditioning kicked back into gear. This story repeated itself 4-5 times over the past year; every time there was finally a call to the HVAC company for a professional to come tinker with my equipment. I know I need to give up on this HVAC system and buy a new one altogether, but I simply can’t give up on this!


Heater prep for Winter

I always get nervous around September, because I absolutely detest the winter cold season. The cold always would make me feel sick to my core, and I prefer my house to be comfy and comfortable. I constantly make sure my heating system will work nicely during the winter season coming. My heating system is always tuned up during the month of October. My HVAC business will contact me at the end of September usually, in order to set up an appointment for my heating tune-up. My HVAC business is incredibly friendly and accredited. They always arrive when they say they will, and I have never had problems with my heating system. I enjoy the new heating system installed around four seasons ago, and I continue to manage it properly. Every single winter, I will call the heating maintenance service because I never envy being left out in the cold. When I was a child, our heating system would often break down part way through the winter night. There was never any means to get it fixed until the morning, so we often spent nights freezing in the covers together. I’m sure this is about the same reason that I always make certain to have my heating system in top-notch condition. I can often remember not having the capacity to sleep, because the air out in the open was freezing cold in my lungs. As a person of legal age, I make sure this variety of situation will never occur on my watch. My heating system is constantly prepared to take a beating through the winter season. I am just as dedicated to it as it is only natural system working well, too.

being here

Better HVAC equipment

Our company recently built an alternative office building for its workers. I am feeling excited about the move to the new office building, because it has a cutting edge HVAC system installed. Our old office is quite ancient in all appliances, and the HVAC system was barely working in any respect. The biggest problem is the wintertime season and cold weather, because we are typically bombarded by ice and snow. Our winter season normally lasts about six solid months, and we endure icy, cold conditions throughout. It isn’t unusual for the winter temps to stay below the teens, or even below zero during the morning hours scarily. The new office building is supposed to experience a top-notch HVAC system, complete with completely new gas furnaces we never had. The gas furnace is situated in the basement of the office, and will be used to keep everyone warm during the bitter winter season. The new office building shall be completed in three weeks and I am anxiously awaiting the site of my new office now. Each within the Executive offices are supposed to now be fully equipped with brand new company chairs and desks. I am equally looking forward to this, because my chair doesn’t even go up and down any longer for months. We have been needing this for two long years and the building to become completed. The final construction has been completed and this is the last month, and now we are just waiting for every one of the final touches to transfer over. With the completely new HVAC system running, the indoor atmosphere will be superb. The indoor air quality in our old office was always bad, so we are all ready for our new building to be finalized for the move.


Using heated floor repairs

This month I’ve spent more hours in home repair stores than any other time in my life, I can remember. I can’t declare when I have frequented the lumber, water system, and hardware sections of major home stores just like Lowes and Home Depot until some ages ago. In preparation for a major life move with my husband, we started scoping out the cheapest options for our housing needs, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the interior options which exist for modern homes today. For instance, I now know about radiant floor heating, and I can’t wait to set up it throughout our new house. My entire life I’ve just experienced traditional furnaces and fireplaces as reasons for heating our home, and I thought that worked quite effectively to maintain a house’s heat even during subarctic winters. I had zero idea, however, that there was one way to heat your house through these type of floorboards! It turns out that you have flooring tiles, usually laminates, including heated wires inside as well. You install the floors in whatever rooms you need, and can adjust the temperature with incredible efficiency and accuracy by a programmed thermostat, just as you normally would. The digital temperature control comes with setting very specific temperatures along with the utmost control for your budget. There is also less energy involved if you aren’t transporting hot air from a central location to satellite positions throughout your entire home. I can’t wait until we could eventually tackle another project in addition to this install of radiant heated flooring solar panels into our kitchen, dining location, and both bathrooms; thank god for frequenting home repair stores to provide options!

air quality