Buying dream house

I am so excited, because my husband and I are buying my dream house. Literally. I have this repeated dream, in which we’re located at a beautiful house on a nice piece of property, and although the conditions of the dream are constantly changing, the home is always exactly the same. I might be there with my husband or my family, or just some random acquaintances, even, but the exposed beams of the house are always identical. The other thing that I always note, is that the house has zone controlled heating installed. I know that’s a really strange thing to dream about, but I’m always uncomfortable indoors when I’m trying to share the thermostat with another party. I feel like it’s extremely difficult to find just the right temperature setting for more than two people, and I’d like my guests to always be comfortable with my air conditions when they visit. That’s why the modernized thermostat, complete with a touch pad monitor, always makes it into my REM cycle. I find myself adjusting each guest room to the exact specifications of my visitors, and they can decide how much or how little air conditioning and central heating they would like. I can’t wait to do this in real life, and I think it will really impress everyone who stops by when they get to customize their own thermostat. I hope we can find a home equipped with zone controlled heating and cooling sooner rather than later, because I can’t wait much longer to experience that level of luxury, either!

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Air cleaner

With the blooming of flowers and trees on my street, I have discovered a newfound hatred for my allergies. My allergy symptoms were so horrible this year that I ended up seeking another solution in addition to simply taking my allergy medication. I knew that there had to be a way to keep some of my main allergens out of the air in my home. I contacted my local heating and cooling company to find out more. In doing so, I was told about the miracle of air purification systems! I learned that air cleaners can actually operate totally independently from an HVAC system, but they can also work together with the system. I was excited to discover that my brand new air cleaner would be working constantly to remove airborne contaminants like mold and spores, bacteria, random smells, smoke, and particulates like dust and dirt from the air in my home. Most importantly to me, the air cleaner would go ahead and remove pollen and other airborne allergens from the air around me! It was tough to decide between a UV air cleaner and an air cleaner that would replace my standard furnace filter, but I ultimately picked the air purification system that would replace the filter in my furnace. The HVAC technician advising me on this decision recommended this version of an air purification system because it turns out that they require a good deal less maintenance. That type of air purification system can keep the heating and cooling units in my  home cleaner as well, which in turns increases the HVAC equipment’s longevity as well as efficiency overall.

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Advantages of the boiler

I woke up the other day and just knew that it was going to be a stressful morning. I went downstairs to realize that my husband had drank all of the coffee before leaving for work. He had not made a second pot for me. I went to take a shower, and the hot water didn’t work. I didn’t have any coffee, so I didn’t realize that the lack of hot water meant a problem with the boiler until after my freezing cold shower. By that time, I was awake enough to go ahead and call my local heating and cooling company. Luckily for me, they had a heating and cooling technician available to come over to my house and take a look at the boiler malfunction. When the HVAC tech arrived, she immediately was able to assess that the boiler was compromised. It was an older unit, and apparently it was just its day to kick off. The HVAC technician was really knowledgeable and was successfully able to help me figure out what type of new boiler I needed to invest in. She helped me select a boiler that would provide my home with greater energy efficiency as well as much better comfort. Because my old boiler was quite outdated, the HVAC technician assured me that a new unit would come with higher safety qualifications as well. She also told me that there would be a lifetime workmanship warranty on the boiler installation. The day turned out alright, and it was all thanks to that skilled heating and cooling technician!

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Ductwork cleaning is a problem

Ductwork really is a pain for any homeowner to deal with. Most older homes are not necessarily fitted with air ducts, and I think it’s better that way. The ductwork in homes is never great. For starters, ductwork installation is a total mess, especially if you suffer from asthma and also allergies. This is because ductwork installation requires a HVAC technician to rip open your walls and ceilings. Dust goes flying absolutely everywhere, polluting your indoor air quality. That ultimately means that you are more likely to help you suffer an asthma attack. And who cleans it up? Sometimes HVAC businesses don’t even clean up after the demolition job is done. Even if they pick up big chunks of debris, then you’re left with the dust all over the carpets and hardwood surfaces. That’s a mess. The ductwork set up is also usually super hard on the framework, too. Most homes cannot handle the installation. Even if you manage to put the air ducts up, it isn’t the end of the story. The air ducts require a lot of maintenance by a HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractor has to perform ductwork cleaning on them. You don’t realize that you can clean the HVAC ducts each and every year. But dust, mold and even small animals can get right into your ducts. Then when that HVAC system turns on, you’ve got polluted indoor air quality. The air ducts have more than just dirt issues, too. They are able to get holes in them and make your monthly bills skyrocket. The treated air is literally flying away. Ductwork sealing sometimes even gives more cracks and tears too since the ducts are so fragile.

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Always hate the HVAC settings

There exists something rather upsetting about waiting rooms, don’t you think? It’s my joy to partake in people-watching, but whenever I’m confined in a waiting room, the people’s activity starts to freak me out. If I am confined at the doctor’s office, it is usually quite easy to tell why people are at the doctor’s office. If I am at the dentist’s office, I can easily discern who needs a tooth pulled and who is there for their regular checkup. I have started to begin thinking that I suspect that medical offices keep their waiting rooms deliberately uncomfortable. Never has a fellow waiting room resident met my eye while sitting inside the waiting room. On top of that, the books and magazines provided are always old and the heating and cooling system in every waiting room I’ve ever been confined to has been atrocious. I don’t know if the terrible heating and cooling settings are adjusted to those levels with a purpose. But I do know that the doctor’s office is always amazingly cold, as if the air conditioning runs throughout the course of the night. The dentist allows their waiting room to stay a little too warm. I tend to see patients wiping sweat from their brows while they wait as a consequence of the overwhelming heat from their particular furnace. I would be interested to be familiar with when these places last scheduled their HVAC equipment to be inspected. Perhaps their employees there are just familiar with the uncomfortable heating and cooling settings that they just can’t figure out that everyone else is either excessively sweating or freezing? Either way, it’s a fascinating topic. I just count myself grateful that eventually, I am able to go home as I abandon the ominous waiting rooms to enjoy truly great climate control.

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Central HVAC at my parent’s house

My parents live deep in the woods. They have a nice little residence situated in some extremely dense forest, and there’s not a single neighbor around for miles. They really enjoy their solitary lifestyle up there in the woods. My parents did not live in that cozy little residence when I was growing up. Instead, we had a house right in the city. They only moved out to the forest after I had completed high school and moved away to university. Whenever I come for a short trip to see them, I have to question the comfort levels of their lifestyle. I have a lot of questions about their lives, especially now that they are both much older. Are they keeping themselves warm enough over the wintertime? Are they cool and comfortable enough throughout the span of the summer? They always merely smile and wink at me. It just so happens that they enjoy a really stupendous heating and cooling system, and they are completely devoted to having that HVAC system inspected consistently. The heating system is not forced air, as people most often expect. Instead, they rely on radiant heating through all of the floors in their home. They also installed a wood burning stove to keep the living area toasty in the frigid winters in the deep forest. They also have a forced-air cool system, and they comment to  me that this A/C system is more than enough for their comfort needs. They do tend to go through milder summers in that area. It is my desire that someday, when I am able to return home, I will be able to live in such a wonderfully comfortable  dwelling with a top of the line HVAC system, as well!

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HVAC energy saving tips

I think I could do better when it comes to being more careful with our energy use. I am definitely not as careful as I would like to be when I am at home, and our utility bills suffer for it. When I had a good workplace and low rent this sort of thing did not feel as though it was that big of a deal, but when I lost our work just last year and had to take another job that had a bit less pay, I had to figure out how to lower our utility bills. I did some research online to find ways that I could attempt to save some money on our electric bill this warm season. Some of the methods that I found I knew already– for example, I guess that everyone has to know if you turn off your various lights and appliances that you are not using, you will save money on your electricity bill. That is something that seems like it should be pretty much common sense. What I did not guess about was changing our control unit settings as well as the specific type of control unit I am using. I enjoy our house to be pretty cool, so our a/c runs pretty often around the house. I do not enjoy to come back to a moderate house, even though I also do not want to leave our a/c running all day. I discovered ultimately that I could be using a smart control unit to solve this problem. A smart control unit is somewhat overpriced when compared with a traditional, old-fashioned control unit, but it actually saves a fantastic deal of money over a period of time. I can actually control our smart control unit with our smart phone, so I am able to easily go ahead and control the control unit remotely as well. These changes will greatly help me be quite a bit more energy efficient!

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cleaning and getting new AC

I truthfully detest cleaning, so in all honesty I tend to let all of that work pile up embarrassingly before I get to it. When I do get to it, though, I enjoy to knock all of my cleaning tasks out at once, cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. Yesterday, I decided to have a massive, long-overdue cleaning day. I was happy to finally get everything done, then my house had been sitting filthy for long enough! I decided that, with all of the heat I would generate by cleaning, I should probably go ahead and turn on our a/c for the first time this Spring. I had not used it since late October, and I then immediately remembered that I was due for an actual Heating and A/C tune-up, because this month was not supposed to be actually hot, it would be a truly excellent time to check our a/c and see if it was still in good working condition. I turned on the a/c this morning, and thankfully, although it did seem to sound a little cranky, it came right on and began cooling our house. Within a few moments, I noticed that there was this really weird sort of stink coming through the air vents. It was not terrible enough for me to turn the a/c off, but it definitely seemed to be noticeable! Even though our a/c was still finally working, I decided to go ahead and call an adequate local Heating and A/C corporation to come look at it. Most likely, our ductwork was in truly desperate need of cleaning. For all I knew, an animal or something could have gotten into some of the ductwork and ripped holes into it! I would enjoy to have the peace of mind that our a/c would function just about perfectly all year.

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Risks with a gas heater

My Mom as well as Dad got a new gas furnace for our house, and this happened when I was about twelve years old. I didn’t genuinely suppose that I really knew anything at all about home repairs, or even the furnace. My Mom as well as Dad seemed altogether genuinely happy to have a new furnace, but they argued for a couple of nights about the cost to have the new furnace installed. It did heat up our home genuinely well, and I remember that it was much more efficient than our previous heating system. We had always had to snuggle under piles of blankets before we went ahead and invested in this furnace. The winters in our area were freezing cold, and I remember hating winter because we were all so uncomfortable. All of that changed while I was in our first Wintertime with the new gas furnace. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, sometime in January, I was coming home early from college. I was already driving, so I went ahead and left on my own after my last class of the morning. When I got back to the house, I could smell the stink of gas in the air. I knew there was a problem, as well as I called our Mom at work. She told me to get right out of the house, as well as she was going to call the fire department. About fifteen minutes after that phone call, the fire department showed up as well as started inspecting the house. There had been a very serious gas leak that almost caused a fire. The fire department said if I hadn’t come home, the whole home could have been done for.

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Getting a HVAC cleaning for grandma

My dear old Grandma was coming to visit our fiance as well as I in the southeast. It was a genuinely big sort of deal, because our Grandma hardly ever deign to travel outside of her state. This would be a genuinely long trip of nearly a thousand miles. I am happy about this upcoming visit, as well as the two of us have been trying to make sure everything is perfect for her. My fiance purchased a new bed for our guest room, so that Gram has a comfortable place to relax. Both of us also purchased a small portable dehumidifier, because our Gram tends to get a bit stuffy and congested when it is too moist inside. We also went ahead and decided to have the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan tuned-up. Our Heating as well as Air Conditioning company came right over to the beach house as well as performed our yearly maintenance.  The Heating as well as Air Conditioning company went ahead and efficiently tested our mechanical as well as electrical components, while looking for any potential serious complications. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning company also cleaned our air ducting, as well as replaced the old and disgusting outdated filter with a new air filter. At this point, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company ensured that the two of us have plenty of refrigerant, as well as that all systems are working. This tune-up genuinely helped in the warm season, because I guess the cooling system plan runs quite a bit cleaner as well as more efficiently. I hope that our Gram will have a enjoyable time while she is here visiting, as well as hopefully she will start to visit us more frequently. I am happy about showing her a number of the exciting things we have to offer in this state.

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