It’s so hot and we have no air conditioning

Everyone knows that it is important to get exercise. I know this full well, but still, I hate exercise. I have always disliked it. I would much rather get and read a book or write an essay than throw a ball around or run around at the gym. But I’m also overweight. And now I’ve got arthritis. It has now become much more important that I get workouts, but now exercise hurts. I’ve discovered, though, the wonder of swimming. I have always enjoyed swimming regularly, from the time I was a youngster. So, now, I go visit the public pools to get this exercise. The thing I dislike regarding the public pools is the locker room system. The locker room always has water on the floor, and it is always so hot. I really think they ought to have air conditioning in the locker location. I understand why they don’t use air conditioning, but I would definitely prefer it. When I pay a visit to get dressed, my clothes stick to me because the lack of air conditioning makes it so hot in there. Some folks started to ask the parks department to put HVAC systems in the locker room, and we discovered that there actually is an existing HVAC system in place. All they would need to accomplish is to install the ductwork. That would make it even less expensive than we thought, and in my opinion there is simply no excuse to never have air conditioning now. Although, I have heard that some people prefer the room not have air conditioning since they are cold when they get out from the pool. Whether they install the ductwork and start using the air conditioning or not, I will still swim at the pool.

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A/C equipment can help you through the summer

For the first few years of my life, I lived in a northern state. I lived there with my family until I was about eight years old, but then my mother decided to move the whole family down to the south. It was about six years after my dad passed away, and she was fed up with paying huge fuel bills for our oil furnace and dealing with harsh winters with no husband to help her. So, we all moved south. It took a lot to get used to. Southerners exist at a much slower pace. They all have air conditioning but many do not have a furnace or fireplace. And everybody was very fond of saying y’all. As a young kid, I resented that. When we moved south, I discovered I had two close friends: lemonade and air conditioning. Even though I was quite young, I never got used to always being hot. I was always kind of a bookworm and was quite shy, so the extreme heat was another good reason to stay inside and read over the summer. I loved the air conditioning and prefer to soak up the cool air of the HVAC system than go out in the open and play with other young people. We lived in a development that had other kids, and we also had a pool, basketball courts, and playground accessories. But I preferred to spend my time within the mobile library that would drive by. I would choose books inside air conditioned comfort of that library van and go home to read and drink lemonade in the air conditioning, too.

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The air conditioner needs a repair

Several years ago, I began a new position in an office that I enjoy. At that same time, I met a colleague who is my same age and divorced, just like me. We are the only divorced people in the office, and we are a good decade older than the other ladies. Therefore, we became friends and I rely on her for advice when I need it. Recently, I was asking her about HVAC systems in her home. I was considering getting a new ductless mini split A/C, and I wanted a good HVAC provider. She recently needed to replace her HVAC unit and also will soon need to replace her old HVAC ductwork, as it has a leak. It was through her I learned about HVAC maintenance documents. I had never heard of such a concept before, but it is essentially a mini insurance plan for your HVAC system. If your air conditioning system requires a repair, you get certain rate reductions. Also, you get two free HVAC maintenance calls every year, one in the fall and another in the spring. During those HVAC maintenance calls, the HVAC specialist inspects your HVAC system and finds the problems. That way, they can be fixed before they turn into major HVAC repairs or replacements. In exchange for this particular service, the customer pays a yearly fee. In this case, it’s $199. When I get my new ductless air conditioning system, I am going to get the HVAC service agreement, as I think it is a nice deal.

Enjoying the air conditioning

When my family moved down to the Southeast, it was quite a change for us. I was no more than six or seven years old, so every new thing was a lot to get used to. I was smarter than everybody else in my class, so I was stuffed into the gifted program. I had never seen an alligator in my life and was scared to death of them. And I hadn’t had any access to a farmer’s market. But there was a great one right next to our home. It was enormous, and was covered by a roof structure with tarps serving as makeshift sides. Our state has a lot of agriculture. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, strawberries, and watermelon, just to name the biggest crop abundance. So, this made it possible to get fresh produce. It was at the farmer’s market where I discovered the joys of air conditioning in a place that wasn’t even technically inside.  In spite of this, they still had air conditioning. All places of business really need air conditioning when they are situated in the Southeast. It is too hot and muggy to expect individuals to shop without. No matter which kind of business you have, you need good indoor air quality and a cool setting on the thermostat. One farmer even informed me he loved to come by the market just to enjoy the A/C. He worked outside for hours on end, so the ceiling fans and HVAC were a welcome relief to him. I’ve moved out now, but I still have fond memories in the air conditioning in the gigantic farmer’s market.

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Temperature control you can rely on

My dad is of Irish heritage, so I have always wanted to go to Ireland to see where his side of the family originated from. Finally, the day came to pass. I left the air conditioning in my house and got into my car with air conditioning. I went into the airport which was chilly because of the air conditioning. I got on a plane that bragged of high indoor air quality. The plane touched down in Ireland, and I walked within the airport only to discover that there was no air conditioning or heater. I couldn’t even believe there would be a public building without a great HVAC system constantly running. I looked around while wondering why the temperature seemed so perfect, and then I finally saw. They had the windows open! I didn’t need the sweater I had been wearing all day to combat the air conditioning in every other spot I had been. It was such a unique pleasure to enjoy the fresh air – air that had not gone through air filters and ductwork and come streaming into my face, supposedly at the best temperature. I didn’t say anything about it to the shuttle driver who took me to my hotel. We arrived at the inn in about forty minutes, because slow speeds were needed to travel the dirt roads that went with the hilly terrain. I looked out the window the entire time and could not believe how beautiful and green almost everything was. When we arrived within the inn, a lovely innkeeper greeted me and presented me with keys to my room – which had no air conditioning.


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We try the best we can to protect the children’s innocence. Of course we must be mindful about what we say, but lately I’ve been more concerned with keeping that magic and imagination running strong for their minds. This kind of thought hopefully might carry on into adulthood in just a way that they can pass it on to their children. I think my parents did a superb job with me when I was a child, perhaps even to a point of getting it to seem easier than it honestly is. My son was recently curious about Santa Claus, and I dug myself into a hole. As his questions persisted, I suddenly found myself introducing the idea of a secret HVAC system that was built into Santa’s sleigh to help him stay warm while he’s out delivering presents. This climate control system needed a source of energy. As my son quickly countered, the heater could not be functioning on anything really but reindeer power. HVAC systems don’t run themselves, he continued, so how could santa’s sleigh have working climate control? Well, I didn’t expect his five-year-old mind would bring it that far. That the heater may be powered by magic also wasn’t adequate to my utilitarian son,so I concluded that the HVAC system was driven by small wires running to through to Rudolf’s nose. We left it at the heating system on Santa’s sleigh was indeed a good heater, just not in a regular sort of way. I honestly hope he forgets this particular story.

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I need some special tools

Recently, I have been working at figuring out the easiest methods to cut costs in my life. One big thing I realized is when I distinguish between comfort foods and actual sensible food, and then make a serious effort to stick more to the healthy stuff, I end up spending way less. Another thing I have already been doing is making sure only one light is on at all times in my house. At first, it was a bit of a nuisance constantly having to walk back to a far away room where I realized I left a light on, but once you get used to it, it’s nice to work out the savings on the energy bill. Last month, I figured HVAC maintenance may be something that I might show myself how to do. That way, instead of requiring heating and cooling professionals to come in twice yearly to do the expensive maintenance, I could keep my climate control system in check on my own. Well, I was able to find a few books on HVAC upkeep, but it turns out that many specialized tools are involved. Unfortunately, in the heating and cooling realm, there are no cheats for a portion of the bigger tasks involved in HVAC preservation. However, something you can learn to manage yourself is swapping out the filters when they get too full of dirt. This will save some money down the road, and it may have you feeling more linked to your climate control system than ever. In any case, the lesson here is that HVAC maintenance is just too important to try to be cheap with.

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Picking out our next HVAC unit

I do not think I have ever been as happy as I am this coming year. I am not sure of the reason, but it seems like nearly everybody was just expecting this to remain the worst year ever. Not too long ago though, everything has been going just right for me. For the very first time in years I am not driving in anything secondhand, my house is looking as nice as any house can, I have a wonderful and loving husband, and even the weather has been lovely and gentle. Ironically, it has not been very long since my spouse and I decided to start saving for a new HVAC system. We realize now that an upgrade was actually needed a few years back, but the HVAC system that he and I had then was just starting to act up. Naturally, we hoped that maybe some heating and cooling maintenance was all that was necessary to get things back in order. Unfortunately, the HVAC repair service in town was unable to tell us the source of our problems. Somehow, the thermostat just stopped communicating with all of its other units. Regardless, the main point was that the HVAC was fried. My husband and I discussed it and decided a complete replacement was the way to go. The timing was perfect, as our jobs were treating us very well financially, so new heating and cooling equipment was easily affordable. I don’t think money makes happiness, but it can buy a new HVAC system, which inevitably results in happiness.

the air conditioner installation went well

Whenever it feels everyone has turned against me, I know that I can always depend upon my cousin to be supportive. For some reason, we have always had a really serious bond. When we were little, we got together at least one time a week, which was interesting because my father and my uncle didn’t really get on. Somehow though, we refused to follow in their footsteps and would meet up at the park or at the library. Nowadays, we still get together weekly, but we don’t need to sneak around anymore like we were accustomed to. Anytime one of us incorporates a project we’re working on, we help the other person out. Her cabin has been a continuous one, and the HVAC installation was done last month. Putting it in such a way almost seems like a professional was called upon to do the setup, but the two of us actually did the whole thing by ourselves! The heating and cooling system for the cabin is a lot more straight-forward than an HVAC system that is standard in an actual house. It was really just a few separate components. The heater can be described as a small, electric-powered, energy efficient unit. Since the winters here are on the gentler side, a big furnace really isn’t necessary. On the other hand though, we had to get a larger air conditioner. Since it’s only three rooms, no air ducts were required for distribution of the A/C. The installation did take up most of the day, but now we have a good recreational cabin complete with heating and cooling!ductless mini split

Air handlers really work

I work from this modest brick building in much of our downtown area. There is nothing really especially great about it, but I do like it a lot anyways. When I look out there through my window, I can see the capitol building with the flags waving in the wind. My boss works within the capitol building frequently, as do four other people in our office, and our building is within walking distance of the capitol. The single thing I thought was weird at the beginning was that the HVAC unit is on top. I have never seen it located there before. When I was a teacher, the HVAC units were in HVAC rooms which had been designed just for the A/C handlers. In the house, the HVAC unit is in the grass. Anyway, not to long ago, we needed an HVAC restored. When we arrived at that office one morning, the building was so hot, we couldn’t even believe that it was the same place. Since the building is actually brick, it does hold heat and the cold very certainly. Once it is cool inside our building, it stays cool. When it’s hot, it stays scorching. So, we had to immediately call in the HVAC repair team from our favorite heating and cooling company. They came out right away, and when I looked through the window, I saw them climbing a ladder up the side of our building. I thought they had really lost their minds, but it was then when I learned that the HVAC unit is on the roof.

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