I want to go somewhere new

My partner and I live in the northeast part of the U.S and winter is a bare nightmare. The temperature starts to drop outside in early September and by October, we have the furnace running. We keep the furnace running until it gets warmer around April, unless of course we experience a blizzard on Easter. In the past we’ve had several inches of snow on Mother’s Day. When we are deep in winter, the temperature often dips below zero; last year it dropped as low as 20 below zero. The snow piles up so high that I want to shovel to find my email. Because I’m worried the weight in the snow will collapse my once again deck, I shovel that too. I also shovel a path with the dog, and I hate every minute of computer. I don’t like dressing up in hundreds of sweaters under a thick coat, wearing boots, a hat and scarf, along with gloves to stay warm. My heating bills are so high from running the furnace nonstop and it makes the inside air very dry and stuffy. Due to the dry air, I’ve installed a home humidifier to alleviate our problems with nosebleeds, chapped lips, dry skin, frizzy hair, and lingering coughs. My dream is to move south, to a warm area where I’ll never have to run my furnace again and I can burn my warm coat and dance in the flames!  Then I could sell my four-wheel-drive truck, buy a scooter, and run my air conditioner all year, not my furnace.  air-conditioner-service-plan

Problems with my heater

However the winter weather in my area is typically very severe, last winter was worse than normal. The leaves over the trees changed color and slipped in early September. By the bottom of the month, we were already waking up to frost on the ground and seeing a few snowflakes in daytime. By the middle of the following month, the outside temperature was below freezing and several inches of snow already built up. It continued to turn colder and snow harder with the next several months. Because the cold temperature set in so early, I did not manage to complete my regular fall maintenance around our property. My barbecue grill never got set aside, we didn’t get the pool area properly covered, and I do not ever think I contacted my HVAC technician. I seek to schedule annual maintenance for this furnace sometime before the end of October. Not too long ago, I was already running that furnace nonstop at maximum capacity by that period. The furnace operated steadily for seven straight months. In March, just when I was hoping the next month would warm up, we got hit with a really, nasty snowstorm. Several feet of snow fell within a couple of hours, and the temperature plunged to twelve degrees. Despite the efforts from the snowplow, the wind kept blowing snow all over the road and our area ended up being under a travel ban. I was extremely worried that my furnace would fail. My friends and family were definitely snowed in, without any possibility of driving to some sort of hotel, and no way to obtain an HVAC technician. I had no idea how you would survive if the heater suddenly quit. I regretted not having the heating system professionally serviced during the fall. Fortunately, the furnace was reliable and kept us all warm.

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I don’t really like this A/C system

While I was in college, I had very little bit of money. My loans only covered the price tag on tuition, and left me to handle my living expenses. I hasn’t been expecting the high price associated with books, rent, and bills. Despite the fact that I took a part-time job, I had trouble keeping up with just how bills I had. My car was old and constantly wanting repair. As an art individual, I was continually forced to buy costly supplies. While I managed to locate a very small, cheap apartment, the utilities quickly added up. I made a conscious effort to trim costs in each and every way possible. I only drove my car when I really needed to, and lived on a grocery bill of crackers and ramen noodles. Made sure I took extremely short showers, was careful to never leave a light on, also only did laundry when I absolutely must. Because my HVAC unit was very large expense, I was especially careful at my use of the heating and cooling system. I went without air conditioning. It didn’t really make a difference how overheated or muggy my apartment felt, I opened the windows and hoped to find cool air. The air conditioner was a substantial and unnecessary draw of electricity that I couldn’t afford. Sometimes, I’d go sit in the coffee shop and sip ice water just so that I could feel the air conditioning. When winter came, I had no choice but to turn on the furnace. I set the thermostat as far down as possible, and bundled up in multiple sweaters to remain toasty. I would study at the coffee shop and drink hot coffee so that I could warm up.hvac-repair

I decided to turn my heater on

As soon as cold weather arrives, I make sure to close and lock all  inside windows. I check for any possible cracks or outside exposure that could allow outside air in. I add caulk and weatherproofing to counteract my heated air from dripping outside. It is like living inside a closed tupperware container for about seven months out of the year. The cost of keeping a warm home is indeed expensive that I do everything possible to counteract energy waste. I try to avoid starting up the furnace as long as possible. I not only prefer to save money on heating costs, but I like having those windows open and letting in oxygen. Once the furnace is sprinting, we breathe the same stale air month after month. The air gets extremely dried up and stuffy, and there’s very small opportunity to spend time out of doors. When the outside temperature can be twenty below zero, it’s never refreshing. The cold is downright scary. To get fresh environment, I need to bundle myself in multiple layers and make certain I have no exposed face. I usually have a knitted scarf wrapped over my nose. I actually absolutely hate that first morning, when I start up the furnace for the year. I don’t like the feel it gives within the heated air or the scent of burning hair and mud. It’s discouraging to face that I won’t feel the sunshine on my skin until June. I’ll be stuck paying large heating bills, and be forced to rely on my furnace for living. Despite the fact that the furnace dries out  my air, costs a lot to function, and blows dust all on the place, I can’t live free of it.

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I’m pretty happy about my geothermal heat pump

It took my spouse and i over a year to establish our new house. We wanted to get every detail right. Organizing the general contractor, HVAC contractor, electrician, and plumber was a test. Unfortunately, there were lots associated with delays and setbacks, but that project is finally nearing finalization. One of our biggest concerns was the type of HVAC system to install. Due to the weather extremes in our vicinity, we were looking for a system designed to combine heating and cooling capability. With the high cost of energy, we also hoped to implement an energy efficient HVAC unit. After a substantial amount of research and debate, we settled to use a geothermal heat pump for your new home. A geothermal heat pump is known by the Environmental Protection Agency being the most environmentally responsible choice for temperature control. This version of system draws from the renewal power source found underground, which eliminates our burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. Because the power source underground is completely cost-free, the system can heat and cool the common home for around three hundred dollars annually. The loop system is completely hidden underground and is to last around fifty years. The actual heat pump is installed at home and protected from the parts. It can be expected to last around 20 years. Although the purchase price and installing of a geothermal system is quite high, we can expect to get better the initial investment within a few years. We can even enjoy quiet and safe operation, effective humidity control, and ideal indoor temperatures throughout every season.

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Ductless HVAC products are the best

Last year, I decided we needed more liveable space in our house. My pair of daughters were sharing a room, and that was turning into a disaster. They continually fought about closet space, stole clothes away from another, and kept each other awake during the nighttime. The best option was to convert our enclosed sunporch to a bedroom. I added insulation with the walls, replaced windows, and included electrical plugs. The biggest challenge was figuring out a way to heat and cool the house. The sunporch is exposed on the afternoon sun in the summertime, making it extremely hot and additionally sticky. In the winter, it gets hit with tremendous amount of wind, getting the room super cold. In the rest of the house, I have a forced oxygen HVAC system that handles year round temperature. The furnace and air conditioner make use of duct work, which does not extend to the sunporch. Trying to install a duct system in the porch would have been a major mess and expense. Ductwork also takes up a substantial amount of space, and the room had been a little small. With no perception of how to heat or condition my daughter’s new bedroom, We asked my local HVAC building contractor for suggestions. He immediately recommended a ductless heat pump, which might combine heating and cooling capability into a very compact unit. We are in possession of a small outdoor compressor that links to the indoor component through a tiny hole through the exterior wall. The indoor unit is mounted on top of the wall and controlled using a wireless remote. The ductless heating pump is exceptionally quiet, powerful, and energy efficient.

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Furnace service information

Four years ago, I was forced to replace the furnace at my home. It was a really expensive and disruptive project, but essential. The old furnace had end up clogged with dust and became too hot. This resulted in a crack inside the heat exchanger, which posed a real safety hazard. The heat exchanger defends against carbon monoxide and various combustion byproducts entering breathing surroundings. When the new furnace was first installed, I was extremely happy with it. My house was a great deal warmer, and the temperature in the rooms was more consistent. The heating system operated very softly, filtered my indoor air, and made an important difference in my monthly  bills. While the old furnace was an individual stage unit with an 80% AFUE report, the new model feature variable-speed technology and a 98% AFUE rating. I will need to have taken the time to read the owner’s manual. I should have heard my HVAC contractor, who installed the device, when he recommended that I purchase a maintenance plan. Since I’d never had the old central unit heater serviced, and it ran reliably for over two decades, I didn’t bother with maintenance to our new furnace. After four  years, I noticed that my new furnace was not  performing as it should, anymore. Despite running a lot longer and more often than usual, the heating system failed to create perfect temperatures. My house was chilly on really cold nights, and there were cold spots throughout the house. My energy bills were also much higher than normal. I should have called my HVAC contractor at once, but I waited until our furnace malfunctioned. That’s when I learned that I was not included in the manufacturer’s warranty, because I had failed to get the furnace inspected every year.energy-saving-tips

We need a more comfortable space

I work in a tiny cubicle, in a huge office building, and I absolutely despise it. For eight hours a daytime, five days a week, I sit at a plain desk, in an uncomfortable office chair, with no view. If I want to see out a window, I’m forced to take a break. None of the windows inside the building open. The entire facility is temperature controlled on a single thermostat. I don’t have access to a thermostat, so I am forced to put up with whatever temperature is deemed appropriate for the outside weather. I rarely am happy with the indoor temperature. I think the office is too hot in the winter, and too cold in the summer. Starting as early as October, the furnace kicks on and blasts a significant amount of heat all day. Sometimes, we a warm few days in October, and there’s no reason to use our heating unit. With the furnace operating at full blast on a warm day, the office feels like a sauna. The air gets really dry, and I usually get nose bleeds. On April Fools Day, the HVAC system goes to air conditioning, and we freeze to death. Even if there is a winter blizzard happening outside, the air conditioner is blowing cold air in my office building. We usually have condensation running down the our inner windows. I keep a coat in my desk in order to stay warm. Although the other employees and I often complain about the management of the HVAC unit, nothing will change.

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Heating and air inside the log cabin

After living in small, cheap apartments for nearly decade, my husband and I finally made a decision to build our dream home. We spent an endless period of time pouring over designs for various kinds of homes. We looked at many styles; from two-story Victorian houses to sprawling ranch homes. Ultimately, my husband and I both felt that a log cabin suited us best. We are both happier outdoors, and we enjoy hunting, fishing, and hiking. We had purchased a plot of land that was mainly forest land which included a small clearing for the house. With a giant pond out back, and huge fir and pine trees all around, the log cabin was the ideal choice. In the area we live, the winter season could be very long, and the weather is usually brutally cold. The summer season will likely be short, and air conditioning isn’t needed. Our priority was to find an effective, reliable, and energy-efficient heating system that can handle subzero temperatures. Since much of our cabin was rather small, we really didn’t just want to give up any space to install a whole duct system. After significant debate, we finally settled with a boiler system. This has been a superb decision, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The boiler is located within the basement and provides hot water and heating throughout our cabin. Hidden beneath hardwood floors are a number of looping pipes that carry boiling water to create radiant heat. The heating system itself takes up no space in any of our rooms, is perfectly silent, wonderfully clean, and super energy efficient. Because of the radiant surfaces, I walk barefoot through the house on the coldest winter nights, and am perfectly warm and comfortable.temperature-control

I’m enjoying how the heater works

All my children play hockey for their high school, and for travel teams. Because of that, I’m at the rink just about every day of the week, more or less all year round. I very much enjoy hockey, and I love watching my kids play. I strive to attend every practice and each game, and often travel to Saturday and Sunday tournaments in other areas. I really don’t, however, like being frosty. In order to maintain optimal ice conditions, the rinks are constantly freezing cold. During the winter, at least I’m prepared for the cold weather. In the summer, I’m forced to pack other clothes to bundle up in once I reach the rink. I always carry an afghan to wrap up in. Sitting on metal bleachers, in the freezing cold, for hours each time, is an awful experience. The rinks usually have an overhead electric heater installed above the bleachers. They glow red and appear to be very hot. The heaters don’t help much, but I always try sitting under them. I always hope that I’ll feel a tiny amount of heat. I’m sure it would be expensive, but I think that all rinks should install heated seats. I have heated seats inside my vehicle, and it is the best thing ever. Sitting on that amazingly warm cushion makes me feel perfectly warm and comfy. An effective heating system would likely improve my overall enjoyment of the game. Currently, I huddle inside my blanket, wrap my hands round a cup of cocoa, and freeze.

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