Moving to solar power

I’m a pretty environmentally friendly person; I believe in conserving as much water and energy as possible, and try not to be wasteful with my food or lifestyle. There are plenty of easy things to do to help our climate, like turning off lights when you aren’t in the room or at home, taking short showers on a limited number of days per week, and walking instead of taking the car on short trips. However, some things aren’t so easy for me. I truly struggle not to use my HVAC system. I know that it’s extremely energy inefficient to use air conditioning or central heating as often as I want to, and I feel immensely guilty every time I touch the thermostat; however, I can’t stand being uncomfortable in my own home, and I like having temperature control at my fingertips. That’s why I started looking into alternative energy sources, and landed upon solar power as the most reasonable option on the market currently. Solar panels have gotten much more affordable in recent years, and they can power your entire HVAC system, or even your whole house! The only caveat is that you need to have direct sunlight in order for the solar panels to collect enough energy on any given day. This isn’t a problem in most suburban settings, but in older neighborhoods with tall trees it can be hard to get enough juice to run your HVAC often. I’m lucky to have a big sunny patch in my yard, so I’ll be switching to solar panel power for my current heating and cooling system as soon as possible!

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Put the grill by the AC

On my spouse’s 32nd birthday, I easily wracked my brain to figure out what sort of present would be appropriate. He was the type of person that buys most of the things that he wants, rather than being patient, plus waiting for Christmas. I was quite certain that he had most of the things necessary, plus possibly all of the things that he could ever want. I had come up with a very creative idea which included getting him a charcoal grill. I have one of the girl for quite some time, though the thought of being in the heat Phil’s myself plus others with revulsion. My spouse has easily mentioned grilling Outdoors on numerous amount of times, so I decided to purchase a single. He was undoubtedly excited about the new gas grill. He insisted easily that we should make a marinade for our chicken, plus try out the girl that day. I easily left my spot next to the air conditioning system, in order to make up the marinade. There was no air conditioning outside, plus I was on happy to be outdoors in this heat. I knew that buying a girl would mean sacrificing the air conditioning, but I wasn’t prepared for the heat plus humidity. There must be a way to get some air conditioning outside on our gazebo, so that the two of us can easily Grill in complete comfort. We easily enjoyed our Chicken Plus steaks, plus watch the sunset over the patio. It was a beautiful evening even though there was no A/C.

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Feel the library HVAC is against me

I have been looking forward to my annual Barnes plus Noble afternoon. I undoubtedly love the library, but I find myself Bound for numerous hours. On the afternoon after school, I decided to load up my backpack plus a light sweater. It’s almost always very chilly in the Barnes + Noble, because they keep their air conditioning system set very low. I instantaneously moved over towards a secluded Corner, plus found a wonderful spot. I loaded a few magazines plus books, plus decided to spend numerous hours sitting there reading. Unfortunately, the Barnes plus Nobles HVAC equipment must have not been working well. I observed the Ice Cold Air Conditioning being conspicuously absent. I could barely hear any air conditioning from the air vents, which were easily situated just a few yards from my small reading Nook. I tried ignoring the climate control problem, but the heat was far too much to handle. I talked to someone at the desk about the HVAC problem, plus someone told myself plus others that the air conditioning component was not working properly. The HVAC system would not be fixed on the same day, so I was terribly irritated to be without air conditioning for the day. I decided to come back a few days later, in order to enjoy my reading time with the proper kind of cold Icy air that I love. I wish there was more than one book store in our town, because it would be great to have another place to go to read where they have a great cold air conditioning system.

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Tour bus air conditioning

Nation-wide politics make odd bedfellows. To be honest with you, I never quite understood everything that that expression meant. And then this I got a job driving a bus for a political campaign, and I got a wholly new perspective on politics, and how our belief systems work. So yes, politics can make strange bedfellows in the manner that people can agree on one idea yet disagree on some other idea. But also, the world of politics might put people together and cause them to share a space so they can see how alike we all are. That’s what happened when the air conditioner in the bus broke down. I don’t wish to name any specific groups here, but let’s just say that i belong to one political party, and I was driving for another political party in the event the tour bus A/C conked on us. We still had 100 miles to drive that day, but without a cooling system everyone aboard was starting to sweat. People began to lose their temper, and a lot of people even started yelling from me, as if I had broken the air conditioner myself. I’m sure not a mechanic, nor some sort of HVAC repair technician, I merely drive a bus, so I’d no answers for them. Rather than arguing back with them, I took out my cellular and made a few phone calls. I couldn’t repair the AC but I had produced an idea of how to hold them cool. One pit stop later the bus had three portable mini split ductless Air conditioning units in the back to keep them all cool til the next move.

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Different types of heating and AC

From a very young age, I always was fascinated with anthropology, and over the years I’ve turned that curiosity into a career. First of all, I don’t find anthropology boring. It’s the learning of human behavior, civilization, and culture in the the millennia. Anthropology links history with personality along with the little things that make everyday life living. For example, in college I did a research paper on the different ways people build their homes in different parts of the world. Everyone needs comfort, but depending on the environment shapes how you deal with these things. In particular, I was excited about temperature control, and how various cultures regulate heating and cooling. There are only a small percentage of home worldwide that have an HVAC heating and cooling system. Like a central cooling system for a domicile is only common for some and through parts of Europe. In other places, it is difficult to acquire, if possible to find in any way! The central furnace is far more common than an air conditioner, but even so there are more homes in the world built around a fireplace than an electrical, or even gas or petrol powered, heater. In millions of homes, a central hearth or fireplace may be the only source of heat designed for survival or cooking, and the fire is kept going year-round. And when it comes to cooling systems, the most used on the earth is the wind. With certainly no AC, homes are constructed in such a way to maximize the winds, together with natural shade, to keep cool as best they’re able to.

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Saving money with HVAC service

I easily love to save as much money as possible. I am absolutely conscious of turning our lights off when I am at home and turning the thermostat up. I also buy store brand food and shop at second hand stores for our clothing. Prior to the start of this month, I had quite a bit of money saved up. I was hoping to take a trip with that cash. Unfortunately, in February, our central heating started malfunctioning, and, to our horror, I had to replace our entire Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I had to use all of the money I had saved up, and I was mortified. I tried so hard to be financially responsible, and now our reward was a broken Heating & Air Conditioning unit! The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman recommended me that most of the complication was really that I had not gotten proper Heating & Air Conditioning tune-ups. She suggested that I get an Heating & Air Conditioning service plan. It was more money than I wanted to spend every month, but honestly, I felt as though it was a nice investment. With the Heating & Air Conditioning service plan, I am not able to put as much money in savings every month, but at least I was confident that I would not have to buy an entire Heating & Air Conditioning unit out of the little bit of savings that I had! I hope someday that I will have a job that pays enough that I do not have to worry about these issues. Until then, I will struggle through and try to make our small income stretch to cover all of our expenses, Heating & Air Conditioning service program included!

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Made me want to turn the thermostat down

It has rained this entire month. Our area desperately needed rain, it is true, but after several nights  of rain, I am so fatigued of rain! The sidewalks are flooded, our hair regularly looks gross, and I track mud everywhere. I have to wear ugly rainboots or deal with soggy, sticky feet all day. I have to plan our activities around whether or not there is a serious downpour outside or not. The other frustrating thing about the rain is that I cannot seem to get comfy, no matter how often I change our indoor thermostat. When I have just come in from outside, I am chilly and wet from all of the rain, but if I turn on the heaters, I get too hot. If I just try to deal with the dampness, then I shiver for the next few hours until I heat up. When I stay inside, all the humidity in the air makes me want to turn my thermostat down, so the A/C improves the air quality. Unfortunately, the A/C  makes me too chilled, and then the whole vicious cycle begins again. To be honest, I am really greatly over-thinking this whole rain issue. I easily should just get over it and try to just keep the thermostat at its normal temperature settings. I assume there is a silver lining to this cloud: I know that our Heating & Air Conditioning program and thermostat is working really well! I have had no issues at all getting the Heating & Air Conditioning to run as it should, and it has dealt with our indecision as best as it can!


Pregnant friend

My best friend is currently pregnant! This is an odd experience for me because she is the first of my close friends to be expecting a baby. She is going to be having a boy in just a few short weeks, and I am so excited for her and her husband! My friend is due at the end of summer, which means she needs to make it during the hottest part of the year. That part, I do not envy at all. Right before her baby shower, I decided to take her to get her nails done and do some shopping. I knew that she had mentioned having to turn her thermostat down because she was getting so hot during the day, so I made sure to have my air conditioning blasting in my car whenever she got in. She was very appreciative of the air conditioning! When we reached the nail salon and got settled in, I realized that something was wrong. It was very warm, and I could not feel the air conditioning at all. I noticed that there was an HVAC company truck pulled up in front of the building, and I asked the salon worker if they were having trouble with their HVAC unit. She said that they were, and they were hoping that it was just an issue with the thermostat, so it could be fixed quickly. I asked my friend if she wanted to stay, and she said that she did not want to risk being so long without air conditioning. I agreed with her, and we left to go to the mall. I felt bad for leaving the nail salon, and I hope that they were able to get their HVAC unit fixed quickly!

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Breakup problems

My sister is an extremely dramatic person who falls in and out of love almost constantly. This is not my personality, but her behavior would not bother me so much if she were not so dramatic about it. She could be dating a guy for two weeks, but if she breaks up with him, she goes through the whole cycle of misery: sobbing dramatically, calling in to work, eating copious amounts of potato chips and ice cream, etc. Last week, she asked me to come to her house so she could commiserate with me. I agreed, and when I arrived, I was horrified! The house was extremely cold, and the air conditioning was going full blast. The thermostat was turned down to 62 degrees! In the middle of the floor was my sister, curled up in a heavy blanket in front of a space heater and crying hysterically. Her makeup was running down her face, and she looked quite pitiful. Her apartment was absolutely filthy! There was a thick layer of dust over everything, and dishes, clothes, and food lay in disorganized piles. I shook my head. This was typical. I had seen all of this before, specifically, two months ago, when she had broken up with the last guy. The thing that worried me was the dust! It looked like the sign of either dirty ductwork or old air filters. I went to her HVAC unit and checked the air filters. They were definitely old, but not too dirty. That meant it had to be the ductwork. I called an HVAC company up to ask them to clean out her ductwork. Everything else, I could fix.


Selling the house and installing new HVAC equipment

My husband and I have been trying to sell our house for quite some time now. We have put it on the market. We have raised and lowered the price on it so many times. We have had potential buyers, however they always fell through. Our real estate agent told us there was one thing left we could do. At first it had sounded a bit silly to us. However, we tried it. She told us that we could try installing new pieces of HVAC equipment into the home. We thought if we were going to do this we were going to go big. We started with radiant flooring. We thought about who wouldn’t be interested in that. It is such a cool feature to have when it is cold outside. I feel as if heated floors are not a common thing among homes yet these days. So, getting radiant flooring for the home might attract a lot of different people to our home. The other thing we had installed is zone control technology. We thought this was interesting because it would certainly allow people to control the temperature in different areas of their home. We thought this could be a selling point for larger families who wanted to move in. Sometimes it is hard to all agree on a good temperature in the home. With the use of zone control heating and cooling, families would no longer have to worry about that challenge. We will put the home back on the market again. We hope that this time, the response rate for it will be different.

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