Upgrading my A/C system

The old central cooling system in my home was called a single-stage unit, meaning that the fan was either on in full speed or not on at all. The sudden blasts of really cold air created temperature swings that were really annoying. Plus, it was a huge a waste of energy to have the equipment powering on and off, and running only at maximum speed. When I complained about this and the high summer electric bills, my HVAC business provider recommended I select a variable speed air handler for my home. I could improve the operation of my air conditioner without the need to replace the entire system. Although the upgrade was pricey, the reduction of my monthly electric costs quickly recovered the purchase price. There are numerous benefits for installing a variable speed air handler. For one thing, my air conditioner is now quiet. An air conditioner is the loudest when it’s turning off or on, or running from max speeds. My variable speed air handler avoids all of this, and since it runs continuously at lower rates, it provides superior filtration and dehumidification for the entire home. My house is cleaner and healthier now. It is also significantly less difficult to maintain ideal temperatures, for that reason the conditioned air is delivered gradually throughout the house. Along with having the adaptable speed air handler installed, I upgraded to a zoned air system. The air handler makes this possible by delivering the suitable amount of air to each zone in our home. These improvements in my home comfort were handled by my HVAC service technician in one day. There was no major mess or renovation, and it has definitely saved significant amounts of money on bills and provided superior cooling during summertime.

cooling system 

Trying to stay cooler

Quite possibly my favorite sandwich shop around town is one that I often visit while coming home from work. I am a vegan, and finding restaurants that offer foods I like is difficult. The sandwich shop has loads of meatless varieties, and it’s very cheap and good. Plus, it’s a quick stop on my way home, so it’s easy. I usually call before arrival, pick up food, and take it home to devour. Last week, I had my husband with me and we were super hungry. We opted to eat inside the restaurant for once. We intend to do that again. The service was downright terrible. It took us ages to obtain seating, and then the waitress appeared to forget all about us. It took us more than two hours to get some of our food, eat it, and finally receive the check. We were not only annoyed by the slow service, but we nearly froze. It’s the midst of January, and the heating system should have blasting out heat on high. The in the temperature outside was in the teens,  and every time the entry opened, it let in frigid, outside air. I’m not confident the heating system was even operating correctly. I noticed that there were a good number of heating supply vents located in the ceiling, but I certainly couldn’t feel any heat provided by them. The employees were all dressed in short sleeve polo shirts and seemed comfy. They were running around and in very close proximity to the ovens, so they were clearly nice and warm. The patrons, however, were all wearing their heavy winter coats and shivering.

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My furnace is so dirty

A few winters ago, I constantly had a massive headache. I always got plenty of sleep and exercised each day. I took vitamins each morning and ate lots of oranges, but nothing seemed relieved the pain. I often woke up to a splitting headache, and generally felt quite terrible. It was a much longer, colder winter with the outside temperature most often in the teens. I spent a bundle on energy bills because I had the furnace running constantly. The snow made for excellent skiing conditions, but with a horrible windchill, and I was trapped indoors most of the time. I freelance write from home, so I don’t have any reason to go out often. I occasionally run errands, get the paper everyday, and frequently need to shovel the sidewalks. I noticed that when I spent any length of time outside, I felt better quickly. It wasn’t until spring arrived, when I opened the windows, that the headaches vanished. That’s when I figured the cause of my headaches was the propane gas heater. After hiring an HVAC technician to service my propane heating equipment, he said the inner workings were clogged with dust particles. Every time the furnace kicked in, it was polluting the air in my home. The furnace maintenance not only eliminated the contaminants inside system, it ensured superior air flow throughout the house. Now that winter is near, I’ve noticed my home is far more comfortable and definitely cleaner. The heating bills are significantly less, and I am no longer battling constant headaches. I have now enrolled in a yearly maintenance plan with my own HVAC contractor, which includes inspection and cleaning.

furnace tune-up 

Doing some maintenance on the HVAC unit

All throughout America there are lots of differences. You will see various topographies and geographies made up of large, ice-peaked mountains; rolling, green prairies; lively, noisy forests; windswept, dune-covered beaches, crystal, clear waters, gaping, chasm-like canyons, and loads of others too numerous to record. One of the most striking differences we will notice, though, is the big difference in temperatures. The upper states certainly become freezing cold through the winter months, but the lower areas generally don’t get as chilled. These differences can be super important, not only when picking out specific things like vacations or where to raise a family, but on the upkeep of our heating and cooling systems too. In the upper states, it is vital to assure your furnace is working at an optimal level before the cold months. A neighborhood HVAC technician should be contacted to check on your heating system to make sure nothing needs to be fixed. The last thing you want is a non-working furnace in the middle of a cold spell. You also want to be sure your air conditioner is working right in preparation for the warmer months, as it can surely get steamy up there as well! In the lower states, though, your thoughts should be more on the air conditioning units. Please be sure to have the cooling system thoroughly checked consistently. It can get stupendously hot in many areas of America, and without proper air conditioning you can put yourself at risk for different heat-related health concerns, especially if you are up in years. So, no matter where you lay down your head to rest, be sure to have your HVAC system maintained regularly to ensure you enjoy comfortable environments year-round.

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Looking at my furnace

If there is one thing I deal with on a frigid morning, it’s putting my feet down onto a cold floor first thing after stumbling out of bed. Slippers don’t help that much, because my cat is at all times kidnapping them from me and also leaving them in places just he knows. I’m still missing four slippers from times past. Just the other day I recently found one buried under my garden plants! This year I’m seriously thinking about installing heated floors in my house to help with my discomfort. What a great feeling it could be to wake up to a heated floor every day. I called a local HVAC provider a while back to come out to my house to give me an estimate on what much it would put me out, and the price was very acceptable! When he was here, I had him examine my furnace too. It have been acting weird lately and wasn’t heating my home properly. He inspected everything and it was discovered that my whole heating and cooling system was broken! Luckily, in my situation I called when I did, because the following few weeks were supposed to be frozen. He sent over an HVAC technician the next morning and he repaired everything with an amazing level of professionalism. Our furnace was made like new, my little house was warm, and I was one step nearer to putting those heated floors in. After the amazing service I managed to get from my local HVAC provider, I would most certainly be calling them soon to manage the rest of my heating and cooling necessities!

heated flooring installation 

Reducing a heater’s workload

My skin is very delicate, and it causes me lots of different problems. I can only use laundry detergent and soaps that are hypo-allergenic. I can’t wear any type of perfume, and I need to be very careful with the any makeup I use. Even certain fabrics and jewelry can cause me to develop an ugly and itchy rash. In the winter, I apply lotion to my skin four times a day to combat symptoms of eczema in addition to psoriasis. In the area where I live, the cold weather starts in late October and sometimes lasts until the middle of May. When I am forced to over-work my furnace for seven months of the year, it causes the air in my house to get very dry. A lack of proper humidity can be extremely problematic. It makes my home much colder, which leads to raised thermostat settings and higher yearly energy bills. It can cause damage to wood furnishings, because the lumber dries out, cracks, and chips. The dry air sucks water from everything it touches, which include my skin and hair. I get dry, itchy skin and irritated symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Although I’ve tried a variety of solutions, it is very hard to get rid of the results of insufficient humidity. About a couple of years ago, I finally installed a recommended whole-home humidifier, and it’s made an awesome difference. My home is a lot more comfortable, my skin is much better, and I’m saving a big chunk of change. The humidifier adds necessary moisture to the air, maintaining good relative wetness, which makes the house much warmer. I have had the opportunity to turn down the thermostat, and reduce the running time of the furnace.


This is why I like heated flooring

When we could finally spend the money on our dream home, we meditated on  the sort of HVAC system to install. There are plenty of choices to pick from, and we didn’t want to make a hasty decision. In our neck of the woods, the heating system is extremely important. Our temperatures are usually cold, and it often dips well below zero. We don’t need a cooling system where we’re from! Our summers are very short, only lasting two months, and oftentimes it’s cool and rainy. My spouse and i chose to install a boiler down in our basement for a hydronic heat system. There are a number of amazing advantages to hydronic heating. For instance, water boils faster and more efficiently than forced air. It is tremendously cleaner, avoiding the dispersal of dust as well as other airborne germs into our air. Also, the heat is introduced into our indoor environment slowly, rather than forced in. It provides a more delicate heat that hovers near the floor. This aspect allows for much lower thermostat settings and it also lowers our monthly heating bills, thereby putting some extra money in our pockets.. In the greater part of the house, we have lower, baseboard heaters installed, particularly in the bedrooms, near the floor. We also have radiant flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. If you don’t know, radiant flooring is concealed right below floor level, so it takes up zero space in the room. We also have chosen to put the radiant pipes underneath our garage, below the outdoor walkways, and under the crushed stone driveway. We never have to shovel snow again from our walkways and driveway. The boiler supplies all of our heat for the whole system, and also gives us hot water on demand.

heated flooring 

The winter and northern weather

I recall some time ago I worked for this firm in the south east who had six offices covering three continents. I would travel to these various offices with frequency, but one trip excels among the rest. It was March and my assignment was to travel to the Canadian office on a somewhat (less than 34 hours) turn around. Our normal hotel was bought solid so we had to select a different venue on the other end of town.

The problem began when this northern city experienced an unexpected heat wave, causing temperatures to increase to the eighties. It seems the “older” hotel we were residing in had a somewhat antiquated HVAC system. Heat was on and could not be switched off without going through a surprisingly long, drawn out process. It was hot! And a heating and cooling system professional couldn’t be procured by the hotel employees.

It seems the heating and cooling system (heat and air conditioning) can’t be changed from heat to air conditioning as this sort of system worked through water pipes designed to carry hot or cold water within the HVAC system depending on what season it was and whether heating or air conditioning ended up being required. The issue [apparently] was that our air conditioning portion of the system was not able to be turned on until the heating portion was powered down. A seemingly long, drawn out process requiring the services associated with an HVAC technician; of which, as previously mentioned, none were available. It was indeed a sizzling winter within the great white north! At least for the several  days I had the privilege of enduring.heating and cooling

I don’t know why there are so many options

This past fall, I was a little short on money, and I didn’t have my furnace professionally serviced. My furnace was about eight years old, and it had never given me any problems. Unfortunately, that winter was especially long, extremely cold, and snowy. The temperature dropped all the way to twenty-six below zero and stayed there for two full weeks. My furnace ran nonstop, at maximum capacity, and it had trouble keeping up with the demand. In early January, in the midst of a terrible blizzard, my furnace suddenly stopped working altogether. I had to invoke emergency service from my HVAC contractor, and because it was a Sunday, I paid overtime fees. Things got even worse when my HVAC technician informed me that the furnace had overheated. Probably because I had not had it professionally cleaned in the fall, the inner workings ended up clogged with dust and debris. The buildup of contaminants had restricted ventilation, causing the furnace to run for longer cycles, and in the long run overheat. The overheating caused a crack in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is super important given it separates the breathing air from the combustion byproducts. It prevents carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from entering the home. Replacing a heat exchanger costs are above the cost of buying a whole new furnace. In the middle of that snowstorm, I needed to hurry up and buy a new furnace and installation. There was no time for us to research or price shop. I also needed pay extra to get my HVAC contractor to put the furnace in immediately. If I had invested in regular maintenance for my furnace in the fall, I could have avoided a massive expense and aggravation.

I’m happy about quality heaters

I actually absolutely loathe winter, and I dread it on an annual basis. I live in a section that gets hit by very severely cold months, and the season seems to go on and last forever. The outside temperatures can drop down to well less than zero, and hover there for weeks at any given time. It might snow every day until the drifts are about eight feet high. We get such huge icicles hanging from the roof, that they are undeniably dangerous. There is little choice but to huddle inside along with the furnace blasting. I love the warmth and sunshine of the summer season. I don’t even mind those cooler temperatures of fall. I try and pretend that winter will for no reason arrive. Instead of turning to the furnace, I dress in an array of layers. Eventually, however, my house gets so dreadfully cold I am forced to start up the furnace. When I first set the thermostat, the furnace smells bad and introduces a substantial amount of dust into the house. In the winter, the indoor air turns extremely dry. I get static shock off of literally everything I touch, and my hair turns frizzy. I apply lotion twice per day, but my skin gets extraordinarily dry. I deal with itchy eyes, chapped lips, frequent coughing, and even occasional bloody noses. I wish that i could open the window and let in some fresh air. Instead, I need to tighten up my house wherever possible to prevent energy waste and reduce the workload of the furnace. There’s no access to fresh air and spending at any time outdoors is absolute torture. I only venture out when I have to shovel the driveway. And then if it wasn’t for bundling up in a made of wool coat, hat, gloves, and hefty boots, I would literally freeze to death.

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