Father is crazy about heating

My pops is making us crazy! One is steadily complaining that he is cold, even though we live in the south as well as it being springtime. I know he is older, but he has taken this elderly bit to a new level. When he walks by the thermostat he adjust the temperature to somewhere within the eighties. Everyone is trying to keep an eye on the thermostat because he will not leave it alone. But they are quick and we usually notice when the house is hot and stuffy. We truly should be saving money right now as the temperature outside is mostly excellent. Most people have their windows open and fans turned up. This is all may well take to keep the dwelling comfortable. Instead my dad freaks out if the front door is cracked open ands walks around saying he is freezing and the bunch of us are the crazy ones. For Christmas we bought dad a small portable heater, designed for his room. Our Winter this year was very mild and most days were inside the seventies, but my dad insisted that since it was technically winter, we will need to have the heat on. So the portable heater was suppose to fix everyone’s problems, he could warm his room, while the rest of the people were allowed to live with a comfortable indoor temperature. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Now my dad runs together his portable heater in is room and his central unit with the heat blasting, most all the time. MY mom about had a heart attack when she got the enormous electric bill in the mail!

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Looked at wife differently after furnace repair

I do believe I might have made a major mistake… I thought I just married in excess of of my wildest dreams. She was gentle and soft spoken, never made a fuss over stuff and agreed with most all sorts of things I said. I am with the Army, so I’ve met women globally, but I met this special female during basic training and she stole my heart straightaway. I married her six months later. We just went on a glorious honeymoon in Hawaii, life is suppose to remain good, but I woke up this morning to a cranky newlywed wife. She is from the Southern area, unfortunately I am stationed in an exceedingly northern city right now, and I do not think she bargained for this kind of cold. It doesn’t help that our temporary house the Army has given us does not have a decent heating unit. I have the thermostat set as high as it will go and emergency heat isn’t any better. My wife is entirely dressed, shivering beneath the quilts. I have sent for an HVAC repairman, but the weather is severe, and they are booked up for several days. My beautiful bride has grown irritable from the cold. She snaps at me as if I caused the snow, or I purposely broke the heating apparatus. Where did that sweet, southern belle go? Is this what marriage is like when things are tough? No one explained HVAC comfort would play such a role to a woman. Let’s hope the HVAC technician shows soon, or I may be divorced before I understand what it is like to be married.

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We are all hoping to be warm

I’m confused as to why we chose the coldest week in the year to go camping, but we did. It seemed like it would definitely be a great adventure, right until it wasn’t. We had filled up all our supplies, and got all our winter gear together. The camper was set up to the truck and everything was set, so away we made our way to the planned adventure ahead. My spouse and I both loved the outdoors, and are very good snowboarders. We also love to snowshoe, and cross country ski. We had such high hopes and great plans for the week, but unfortunately things started to go downhill pretty quickly when we took a bad turn and wounded up about twenty miles away from our destination. Of course we started bickering about whose fault it was, but once things were figured out, we arrived at the campsite which had been reserved by the bathrooms. It was noisy smelled really bad. We were stuck here for the night, so we tried to make the best of things. Once we got ready for bed we realized that the propane for the heater had run out, and we would be without heat until the next day. Who doesn’t double check the propane for any heater? The heating unit in the camper is pretty easy to work, and there’s not very much reason for it not to be operating. To warm up, I spent a little while in the bathrooms where the furnace was blasting. Thankfully, we had enough clothing and blankets to keep us warm in the evening, however still this was not the great adventure I’d planned on.

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Using a remote control

I truly believe one life’s greatest blessings is having  a friend who owns a beach house, especially when they are so kind like our friend, Don. The beach is one of my most favorite places in the world and Don has offered his beach for us to be able to use many occasions. Absolutely nothing like walking out of the back door and be standing right on the ocean sand, or waking up in the morning hearing the waves crash up against the rocks on the shore. Last weekend, I was out there with several friends who were visiting us from up north. We spent our day lying on the beach, and in the evening pitched a campfire. It was wonderful, except that once I went to bed, I couldn’t get the air conditioner to stop running, and it was making my room icy cold. They have a ductless mini-split air conditioning system, which can be great because the temperature in each bedroom are usually set individually. It’s especially nice if you find yourself always having house guests, because each guest can be comfortable in their room. The air conditioner is set which has a remote control but I’m not sure why I couldn’t get the remote to work; the air conditioner merely kept running. I snuggled beneath the blankets as best I could but it still felt really cold. After some time, I finally got up and went to go sleep sofa, which wasn’t so bad as I could hear the ocean a lot of better. In the morning, Don explained that the remote to this air conditioner just needed new battery packs and I could’ve adjusted the thermostat myself if only I knew this.

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We’re trying to fix our home

Have a super day! Have a super day! Do you ever just get over hearing people say that? I also say it to people all the time, but today, I’m just in a really bad mood. Things went downhill the minute I got out of bed and stepped in some puddle of puke. It seems my pet wasn’t feeling too well and decided to leave a little present inside my bedside. My day wasn’t starting out as the best. I got ready for work, grabbed my coffee and headed out the threshold only to find that my car had a set tire. At this point, I’m confident that I should have just turned around and returned to bed. Luckily, my neighbor helped me change the tire. I was a little late for work, but I quickly begin to see that my manager was in a particularly bad mood. He was angry that I was late, and was pitching a fit about the HVAC system being down all over again. It was hotter than blazes in the office, and this was not helping his mood whatsoever. I told him that I’d personally call the HVAC technician and make an attempt to get our problem resolved quickly. I calmly made the video call, and the receptionist said that she would have our HVAC technician out within the hour. Then, she said, “Have a nice day! ”. And I idea, “Really, lady? ” If a person knew how my day was going, you wouldn’t even see saying that to me.

HVAC fix 

All I wanted was a decent heating and air unit

It dawned on me last night, when reading my daughters their bedtime story, that the lessons in fairytales are not useful at all. How will they ever succeed if they think that a prince will solve all of their issues? I wonder if the princes in storybooks are educated or have good jobs? How easy can it be to live in a castle? They must require a lot of repairs. Without any skills, how could a prince make sure they had what they needed? Castles don’t even have sufficient heating and cooling systems. Ductwork and stonewalls don’t mix. Heat would never stay inside anyway because they aren’t efficient. Castles need glass in the windows to make sure air doesn’t leak, but they’re so old that they never have it. It takes a lot of work to keep a fireplace going, and that would be their only option. They would probably both have to chop wood to stay ahead of schedule. That’s no job for a princess. They would be out in the woods for hours each day trying to find the best logs to burn. I imagine my daughters would be left to clean all of the smoke from the fireplace too. I want my daughters to have the best, and that includes an education, good job, and a great home. They deserve climate controlled temperature. With a thermostat, they can change the temperature with the click of a button. All princesses need an HVAC system. Maybe I should begin writing stories for them instead. I think mine would be much more practical.


The weather has finally warmed up

Three years ago, my husband and I installed a gas fireplace in our home. It is in the center of our living room so everyone can enjoy it. My kids enjoy playing board games there when it gets cold, and we like to host dinner parties with our friends during the winter. Often times, my husband will stand near the hearth to get warm and chat with everyone. He is not always so thoughtful, though, because he always makes a mess when he does. He starts talking and usually drops crumbs everywhere. He has even been known to leave snack wrappers lying around. One time, he spilled an entire cup of tea there. It wiped off of the hearth, but there was a bad stain that I couldn’t get out of the carpet. I probably tried four different cleaning products before I found one that worked. I later realized that there was also coffee all over the glass in the fireplace too. It was so hot that I couldn’t wipe it off without burning myself. I knew we would have to shut it off for me to clean it. It snowed a lot outside, so I was reluctant to cut it off. Another night, my husband broke a glass candle that had been sitting on the mantle. When it fell, it left a mark in the hearth, and I was pretty upset about it. I confronted my husband and demanded that he clean the fireplace as soon as possible. When the temperatures outside got a little higher, he deep cleaned the fireplace, and, thankfully, he stopped snacking around it.

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Modern HVAC equipment works great

My brother, Jim, and I flip houses together. We look in inexpensive neighborhoods around town to find great deals. We are usually able to find cheap places because they are in need of some serious upgrades. We work well together because we both know a lot about home renovations and construction. In the past, we have even lived in the homes that we bought to save money while working. It has been a fun job, and I think we will continue doing it for years to come. We always replace old lighting, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Jim has become masterful at the plumbing work, and I know a good deal about electrical jobs. WE both agree that it is best to have a professional work on our HVAC system. It has always been in our best interest to buy houses that already have good heating and cooling systems. Issues with furnaces, air conditioners, and other heating and cooling systems tend to lead to costly repairs and may even put people’s health at risk. We have a good friend who works as an HVAC technician, so we always have him do inspections before we decide to buy a place. If a  unit only needs a little work, it doesn’t take long to get it back to maximum to efficiency and capacity. We are wary, though, if a unit needs complete replacement. It can sometimes work out because a new heating and cooling system is attractive to buyers. I always appreciate having an HVAC system we can depend on, especially if we are going to be living in the place for a while.

heating equipment 

Electric heating systems

A week ago, a movie I had been waiting for a very long time to see finally came out. Certainly, I was first person in line to see it on opening night! I was over the moon! I had waited nearly 6 years for the release of this documentary, and nothing was going to take away from my enjoyment of it. I was all geared up. I had my ticket, my salted popcorn, and a rather large drink. All I needed now was a superb seat. I was fortunately the first person in the theater, and got the pick the seat I wanted. As i sat down, much to my chagrin, I discovered that the air quality and temperature in the darkened theatre was much too cold for me! This could not be allowed to happen! I angrily marched right back to that ticket taker and demanded that the cashier go and change the thermostat. We needed that furnace on for a little while so we could get the air quality a little bit of warmth. He called for the on-site manager, and he informed me an HVAC service provider was on the way. The manager had already tried to fiddle with the thermostat earlier, but the central heating system simply would work properly. I sadly returned to my very cold seat. The air quality was chilling, but even so there was no way I was going to miss any part of this film. I cuddled up with my coat, and hoped for the HVAC service provider to get rapid results. It worked, and it worked fast, because soon the air quality got nice and warm. The HVAC service provider identified the source of the problem with that central heating system and fixed up like new. The furnace was now running nicely. I could tell, because warm air was falling down over me from the air vents and ductwork.

climate control 

The air quality is brutally cold

Last weekend several of my friends were looking to do something new and different. We knew each other since we had been young kids, so we had already done everything our area had to offer! After a few slow hours of brainstorming, we couldn’t all decide on a fun new activity. That’s when I remembered all the fun we used to have as children whenever we went bowling, so I suggested we make try that out again. Everyone agreed! So we got in my friend’s truck and drove to the nearest bowling alley, and we waited patiently to get a lane. While we were hanging around waiting in line, we could not help but to notice how cold that the air was getting. The air quality was wicked cold! There was a lot of old ductwork in the ceiling right above where everyone was waiting, and the massive vent was pouring ice cold air all over everyone. “Maybe the HVAC system had been broken, ” we all said quietly to each other. We finally got to the head of the line, and asked the clerk why the air conditioning was so cold. He told us an A/C technician was en route. The manager had tried to fix the thermostat himself, but nothing helped to make the air quality better. He thought perhaps that AC unit was broken. We got our lane and our shoes, and began to throw balls. The freezing quality of the air really made it quite uncomfortable. The A/C technician thankfully showed up a few minutes later, & got to work seeking to fix the problems of the heating and cooling system. He found the issue’s cause quickly. The cooling system needed to be upgraded. That’s why the quality of air was so frigid. The A/C technician wasn’t able to replace the air conditioning that night, so he and the manager had to make an appointment for the subsequent morning.

cooling system